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Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Boyolali Regency, C. Java

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  • Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Boyolali Regency, C. Java


    Terjangkit Flu Burung, 250 Ekor Itik Dibakar
    Penulis : Kontributor Surakarta, M Wismabrata | Jumat, 15 Februari 2013 | 19:25 WIB

    Google translation:

    Bird Flu, 250 Tailed Ducks Burned
    Author: Contributors Surakarta, M Wismabrata | Friday, February 15, 2013 | 19:25 pm

    Boyolali, - A total of 250 ducks belonging Mujiman (69), a resident of Hamlet(Dukuh), Banyudono, Boyolali, burnt officers of Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry and Boyolali regency on Friday (15/02/2013), due to the bird flu virus.

    Previously, officers received reports of ducks that died suddenly in Hamlet areas, immediately conduct examinations and laboratory tests on samples of duck carcasses.

    "From the test rapid test turns positive ducks infected with bird flu. Having said that, as applicable, then we must destroy the affected ducks AI (Avian Influenza)," said Ida Nawaksari, Head of Animal Health and Husbandry Department Boyolali Veterine Friday.

    Meanwhile, the destruction of hundreds of ducks will be done by burning. Officers who carried out the extermination wear special clothing. While residents are required to move away from the location of extermination.

    First of all ducks slaughtered first, then collected in a hole as deep as five feet, and finally burned. After the officer was burned to the ground hoard.

    Mujiman was only able to let go even though he had suffered a loss. According to him, the price is 2.5 months old female ducks Rp 25,000 per head. Previous Mujiman has 500 head, but due to bird flu, now the remaining 250 individuals. "I hope the bird flu outbreak did not attack the rest of my ducks," he hoped.
    Farid Assifa

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    Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Boyolali Regency, C. Java


    Kena Flu Burung, Ratusan Itik di Banyudono Kembali Mati
    Nanin -
    Rabu, 13 Maret 2013 | 17:18 WIB

    Google translation:

    Got Bird Flu, Hundreds Dead Ducks in Banyudono Back
    Nanin -
    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | 17:18 pm

    Boyolali - Death ducks suspected of bird flu virus broke out in the Village area Jembungan, Banyudono, Boyolali. Hundreds of ducks die-owned Sulis (31) Dukuh Karangwetan, Jembungan, since last week. Before the dead ducks, common symptoms faced with a dead duck and AI positive Kuwiran region last month.

    Ducks belong Sulis who died to date totaling 125 tails of the total of 500 preserved duck tail. The death occurred after a dead duck was brought home from the pasture to the area of ​​the former rice harvest in District Nogosari. Grazing is done until the area Nogosari done to save fodder. It's just that, when reached at his home instead of ducks found dead.

    "Symptoms are similar to those in Kuwiran, which was then destroyed officer, ducks previously myopic, crooked, and Muser-Muser, then died the next day too many dead," said Sulis who claimed to bury a dead duck.

    Ironically, the dead duck already kembanyakan tertelur. When sold in a healthy condition, the ducks are sold Rp 55,000 / tail. However, due to the condition of livestock most sick, traders offered only Rp 26.000 / tail.

    On the other hand, Maryoto (51) suggested that other breeders cage sprayed disinfectant. The goal, to kill the disease in the cage and increased durability ducks. "I do as well as spraying my ducks died some time ago. Disinfectants can be obtained free of charge from the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries officers, "he said.

    Separately, Head Disnakan Boyolali, Dwi Priyatmoko admitted today that he is still waiting for AI vaccine dropping a new kind of government. That is done at this time limited to monitoring and spraying disinfectant...