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Indonesia: Suspected/Confirmed H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java

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  • Indonesia: Suspected/Confirmed H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


    Ratusan Itik Mati Mendadak, Diduga Flu Burung
    Sragen , Sabtu 9 Februari 2013 - 21:19

    Google translation:

    Hundreds of Ducks Sudden Death, Suspected Bird Flu
    Sragen, Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 21:19 - Hundreds of ducks in Hamlet and Hamlet Gumantar Karangtanjung, Village Pelemgadung, Karang Malang, Sragen died suddenly suspected bird flu virus in stages since three days ago. Once the ducks have been slaughtered citizens of heart rot. Office Sragen justify breeding and deaths allegedly caused by the bird flu virus.
    The farmers in duck production centers in Hamlet and Hamlet Gumantar Karangtanjung, Pelemgadung Village, District Karang Malang, Sragen now hit by unrest after more than two hundred ducks died suddenly belongs to the farmers since three days ago. Ducks that died showed symptoms of lethargy and remove the mucus from his mouth before he died. Every day dozens of ducks owned by the farmers certainly died suddenly and hit all duck farmers. As a result a number of ducks owned by the breeder cage empty lot, but before this tragedy happens every cage filled with tens to hundreds of ducks.

    A number of farmers assisted residents eventually slaughtered a duck to find the cause. After the results were astonishing to slaughter contained in ducks apparently had decayed condition. According to Heru's duck deaths occurred gradually over a week ago. Over this incident a number of farmers claiming a loss of tens of millions of dollars this case has been reported to the Office Breeders Sragen. Head of Animal Health Veterinary Nanik, confirmed the death of thousands of ducks that hit the village of Karang Malang Pelemgadung District and Rural District Cemeng Sambungmacan. Nanik expect citizens to report at any time if the death occurred in other areas like the citizens are also encouraged not to rush to bury him before the officer came and looked at the symptoms of disease. (Vishnu Trpranoto - Sragen)

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    Re: Indonesia: Suspected AI in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


    SERANGAN AI: Virus AI di Sragen Berpotensi Menular ke Manusia
    Senin, 11 Februari 2013 19:46 WIB | Dian Erika Nugraheny/JIBI/SOLOPOS |

    Google translation:

    ATTACK AI: AI virus in Sragen Potentially Contagious to Humans
    Monday, February 11, 2013 19:46 pm | Erika Dian Nugraheny / Jibi / Solopos

    SRAGEN - Center for Veterinary (BBVet) Wates expressed avian influenza (AI / AI) which attacked thousands of ducks in Sragen fall into the category of influenza virus type A. Virus stretcher can cause illness in humans and many other animal species.

    It was mentioned by staff Pathology BBVet, Budi Waluyo Priyono, after an infected duck carcass sampling of AI virus in Hamlet Karangjati, Pelemgadung Village, District Karangmalang, Monday (11/02/2013). He suggested that farmers and residents wary of AI virus transmission to humans.

    "Ducks or other birds are dying should not be slaughtered and then consumed. The process of slaughtering AI risk of transmitting the virus. When caring for ducks, farmers should wear a mask or footwear. After caring, hands and feet should be washed with soap, "he told reporters.

    He continued, since the beginning of the year until the case of the death of thousands of ducks in Sragen, there are no reports of suspect bird flu in Central Java. Meanwhile, to break the chain of distribution of AI virus in Sragen, BBVet suggest vaccination of ducks infected. Ensure all owned by breeder ducks infected with AI virus, are now infected with the virus. However, vaccination can only be done after all itikbenar completely healed.

    "AI virus vaccine specifically ducks are still being studied and can only be distributed approximately one to two months. In the meantime, farmers should be routinely sprayed disinfectant on cages of ducks and area duck sekitarnya.Peneguhan status cause of death is still awaiting the results of laboratory tests, "added Waluyo.

    Monday afternoon, the death of ducks in the village Pelemgadung increases. According to the Head of Animal Observation Penyalit, Wiratri Umi, a total of 50 ducks died since Monday morning until Monday afternoon. The duck is wholly Sariman, resident citizens of RT 006, Hamlet Karangjati.


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      Re: Indonesia: Suspected H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


      Ratusan Itik Mati di Sragen, Positif Idap Flu Burung
      Selasa, 12 Februari 2013 10:14

      Google translation:

      Hundreds Dead Ducks in Sragen, Idap Positive Bird Flu
      Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:14

      (Regional News - Java) Hundreds of ducks in the village Pelemgadung, Sragen, Central Java, was found dead suddenly on Monday (10/2) by the owner. Department Sragen farms come check also ensures that the herd ducks were positive for the bird flu virus.

      Based on the observation on Tuesday (12/02/2013), many farmers in duck production centers are now restless after hundreds of ducks they died suddenly since last 3 days. Before dying, the ducks showed symptoms of lethargy and remove mucus from the mouth and before long they were dead.

      So far, farmers can only take precautions by cleaning the cage and sprayed with post-death disifektan ducks it.

      While Dinkes Sragen-point examination of dead ducks with rapid test. From the results of their examination, it was concluded that the ducks were indeed positive for bird flu.



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        Re: Indonesia: Suspected/Confirmed H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


        Ratusan Itik Kembali Mati Terserang Flu Burung
        Sragen , Kamis 21 Februari 2013 - 21:05

        Google translation:

        Hundreds of Ducks Back Off Esophageal Bird Flu
        Sragen, Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 21:05 - Hundreds of villagers belonging ducks Pelemgadung, Kecamatang Karangmalang, Sragen back sudden death. A cattle rancher claimed Itiknya two-month-old suddenly drop dead en masse. This continues to happen every day. From the local Animal Husbandry Department study revealed 400 dead ducks tested positive for bird flu.
        Health Department to stop the spread of the virus Sragen hassles. The spread of bird flu virus spread in Sragen after infecting Gumantar in Hamlet, Hamlet Karangtanjung Pelemgadung village and sub-district Sambungmacan recently. Hundreds of ducks in Hamlet Wareg Pelemgadung village also died from bird flu. In one day the number of ducks that died reached 75 tails, ducks died suddenly and almost simultaneously, with the characteristics of eye cataracts and seizures. The farmers say they do not get a check from the Department of Animal Husbandry. They expect the government to intervene so that their loss is not increased.

        This makes trouble local Animal Husbandry Department, they continually strive to anticipate with spray disinfectant on a number of points that are considered vulnerable to bird flu. Kasi Department of Animal Husbandry, Umi ensure Avian influenza virus to infect humans yet. He said he is now regularly kept spraying in some areas so widespread death ducks did not return. (Vishnu Tripranoto - Sragen)


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          Re: Indonesia: Suspected/Confirmed H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


          DIDUGA AI: Ratusan Ekor Itik di Sragen Mati
          21 Februari 2013 | Ditulis Oleh: Dian Erika Nugraheny/JIBI/SOLOPOS |

          Google translation:
          SUSPECTED AI: Hundreds Dead Tailed Ducks in Sragen
          February 21, 2013 | Posted By: Erika Dian Nugraheny / Jibi / Solopos |

          SRAGEN - A total of 400 ducks in Hamlet Wareg, Pelemgadung Village, District Karangmalang dead straight since Friday (15/02/2013), last week. Hundreds of ducks are suspected of contracting avian influenza (AI / AI) of Hamlet Gumantar and Hamlet Karangtanjung.

          Met reporters at his home, Thursday (21/02/2013), the owner of 400 ducks, Joko Wiyoto, 46, said the ducks that died two months old. Before starting off in a row, he was herding ducks into the rice area in Hamlet Bantar, Thursday (14/02/2013) afternoon.
          Friday morning, residents found dozens RT 010 Itiknya lying dead in the cage.

          "The first three days, the death of duck tail-70 to 60 birds per day. The next day, until Thursday morning, dozens to tens of dead ducks. Before dying, white ducks eyes, his body trembling, difficulty walking and seizures, "he said.

          Currently, the number of ducks that are still owned Joko healthy living 100 individuals and have separate cages of ducks infected with AI virus. He had been spraying disinfectant to prevent transmission of the virus to healthy ducks. Joko suspect, AI virus from infected cattle Gumantar Hamlet and Hamlet Karangtanjung. Backyard of the house where he takes care of ducks and duck herding areas where rice is a watershed time Bantar once used to dispose of dead ducks Karangtanjung Hamlet.

          If the entire livestock Itiknya dead, Joko estimated losses Rp9 million. He added that his duck seedlings from Sukoharjo.

          "I did not buy directly into Sukoharjo, just got a shipment of seed suppliers duck," he said.

          Head of Animal Health Animal Observation (Keswan) Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Sragen, Umi Wiratri, along with other Keswan Field staff review the location of the death of ducks. On that occasion, Disnakkan provide disinfectant, masks and gloves to care for ducks. A review of the sampling location with dead ducks. According to Umi, it caused quite Hamlet Wareg AI virus infected areas of the two previous hamlet.


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            Re: Indonesia: Suspected/Confirmed H5N1 Avian influenza in duck deaths in Sragen, Central Java


            Tiga Kecamatan Dinyatakan Endemis Flu Burung
            Agung Widodo -
            Kamis, 14 Maret 2013 | 18:03 WIB

            Google translation:
            Stated District Three Endemic Bird Flu
            Agung Widodo -
            Thursday, March 14, 2013 | 18:03 pm

            Sragen - Three districts in Sragen declared endemic bird flu. The three districts that; District Karangmalang, Kedawung and Sambungmacan, that some time ago there was a bird flu that resulted in the death of thousands of ducks.

            Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakan) Sragen, Eka Rini Mumpuni said it with the District Health Office (DKK) Sragen antisi have taken to prevent it spreading to other areas.

            According to him, in addition to continued monitoring and prevention, Disnakkan Committed to dissemination to the public related to the spread of the bird flu virus. Deka explain bird flu virus that attacks the ducks and other poultry nearly similar. "Until now, it can still be controlled and transmitted to humans," he said when met reporters on the sidelines of the Office of Integrated Services for Poverty Reduction Unit (UPT-PK) Sragen recently.

            Eka added, based on the results of laboratory tests conducted Center for Veterinary (BBVet) Wates, Yogyakarta, with a sample of residents in the District of ducks belonging Karangmalang and Kedawung tested positive. It also continues to monitor the three districts with poultry owners urged to always spray desinvektan in cattle sheds.

            Meanwhile, Head of DKK Sragen, Dr. Joko Irnugroho revealed that since the death of duck found in the District of Karangmalang, Kedawung, and Sambungmacan it has deployed medical teams to carry out surveillance and monitoring of the condition of the local people.

            Joko confirmed, until now no residents who contracted the bird flu. However, it will continue to conduct a survey to detect the presence of people who are infected.

            "Where there are birds found dead suddenly, the command post was set up around the incubation period is complete. What is clear, jagan hold or direct contact with poultry that died suddenly unknown, "said Joko.