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Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed

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  • Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


    Ratusan Itik Mati, Diduga Terserang Flu Burung
    Selasa, 11 Desember 2012 16:42 wib wib

    Google translation:

    Hundreds of Dead Duck, Bird Flu Suspected Esophageal
    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 16:42 am pm

    KEDIRI-Hundreds of ducks owned by village residents moor, Kandat district, Kediri, East Java, died suddenly. Cattle suspected that the bird flu virus.

    To anticipate the spread of the disease, farmers simply spraying disinfectant and vaccinations, Tuesday (12/11/2012).

    Sawaji, a farmer, said that initially only a few ducks are dead. After a while, duck inside the enclosure also started a similar disease. No more day, the ducks that look like symptoms of lethargy and seizures was also dead.

    He added, in one day more than 10 ducks his death. The incident has been going on the past week. Residents worry about their birds affected by bird flu.

    Sub Kandat is one of the centers of duck farmers in Kediri. There are more than 14 farmers with a population of over 28 thousand ducks.

    Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Kediri, Apriati Dwiwin, said the last few days there have been reports of poultry deaths ducks suddenly.

    It also has to take blood samples for examination ducks Central Veterinary Research Yogyakarta, but until now unknown results.

    (Sindo TV / Afnan Subagio / TBN)

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    Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected


    Kasus Kematian Itik di Tulungagung Meluas
    Selasa, 11 Desember 2012 19:56 WIB

    Google translation:

    Ducks in Tulungagung Death Case Widens
    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 19:56 PM

    TULUNGAGUNG - MICOM: Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) Tulungagung regency, East Java, to identify the mysterious deaths of hundreds, even thousands of ducks in the area has been expanded in three districts.

    "We already had the case in three different villages of the three districts. Indeed, Bendo village has not been reported to us," said Head of Animal Health (Keswan) DVO Tulungagung, Mulyanto, Tuesday (11/12).

    Three villages are cases of ducks died suddenly, the village Pakisaji, District Kalidawir, Batangsaren Village, District and Village Kauman Kendal, District Gondang. Of the three villages of duck deaths in the thousands tails.

    "The case in the three villages we found three days ago and already thousands of dead ducks. As a first step we've done spraying disinfectant to kill viruses and other germs," ​​he said.

    Mulyanto detailing, in the village there is a 10.750 Pakisaji tailed duck population and 1,300 of them die, in the village of Batangsaren, there were 1450 head of duck populations and 400 individuals of whom died suddenly, while there are 3750 in the village of Kendal tail tailed duck population and 750 of them dead.

    "If in total in the three villages, to this day more than 2,500 ducks died suddenly. Yet of the total cases, we have never collected," he said.

    So far Husbandry Department has sent samples of the newly dead duck carcass to animal health laboratories, in Malang, East Java, but no results were out.

    "From the symptoms before death afian indeed very similar to influenza (AI) or bird flu. But we will not dare to conclude before any laboratory results," he said.

    Mulyanto explained earlier in the case of bird flu, the H5N1 virus could cripple other poultry such as chickens, but not impervious to duck.

    However, the current state is just the opposite, a virus that attacks the ducks are capable of making such a massive death but harmless to other poultry, such as chickens.

    "We found the chickens that live near pupolasi ducks were attacked, but they do not take pain. I suspect, there are variants of other viruses that are deadly to ducks, which is known immune to bird flu," he said. (Ant/OL-9


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      Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected

      also please see these threads:

      Indonesia: Poultry Assoc. says large duck die-off 250,000+ in Java due to H5N1 in imported ducks

      Indonesia, Central Java: ducks and chickens infected with bird flu H5N1

      New type of bird flu virus found in Indonesia - Clade 2.3.2
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        Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected


        Rabu, 12 Desember 2012 | 10:27 WIB
        2.500 Itik Mati Mendadak di 3 Desa di Tulungagung

        Google translation:

        Wednesday, December 12, 2012 | 10:27 pm
        2500 Dead Ducks suddenly in 3 Villages in Tulungagung

        TEMPO.CO, Tulungagung - The spread of bird flu virus that attacks the unexpected ducks extends into Tulungagung District. In this place thousands of ducks perished in an instant due to the deadly virus attack.

        Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Tulungagung, Mulyanto, said so far the case of sudden death of ducks has reached 2,500 individuals in three villages, namely Batangsaren Kauman District, Kendal Gondang District and District Pakisaji Kalidawir. "The number is not counting deaths in other areas," said Mulyanto, Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

        The death rate, according Mulyanto quite high. In the village the population Pakisaji duck tails 10 750 1,300's a dead duck. Something similar happened in the village with a population of 1450 Batangsaren tail tail as many as 400 dead and 750 Village Kendal going dead duck duck population of 3,750.

        Currently local Animal Husbandry Department has made efforts to spraying disinfectant infected a number of locations. Estimated coverage of the spread of this virus continues to spread because the spread very quickly among birds. The government has not been able to identify the types of the virus as it is awaiting the results of laboratory tests.

        Mulyanto reminded all duck farmers report immediately in case of death with the characteristics of white eyes like cataracts, paralysis, loss of appetite, and head tengler. He also asked the farmers to separate the ducks infected with duck healthy to suppress transmission. "Carcass also burnt as much as possible, do not be buried," he said.

        It is unfortunate that the warning can not fully be done by the breeder. Some of them just remove and bury the carcasses of ducks pain around the cage. They are also difficult to separate the sick ducks given the rapid spread of the virus.

        Suradi, one of the farmers, said the virus was highly lethal attack poultry. She was surprised with this disease because ducks normally strong enough to attack the disease. "In a matter of hours could soon die," he said.

        Of the 500 ducks his own, the disease has killed 150 tail in just four days. If the condition is left she worried the entire poultry will vanish. Government asked to quickly identify the type of virus that attacks and give the medicine.

        DAY TRI Wasono


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          Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected


          Flu Burung Muncul lagi di Jatim, Satgas Dimaksimalkan
          Penulis : Faishol Taselan
          Kamis, 13 Desember 2012 18:04 WIB

          Google translation:
          Bird Flu Reappears in East Java, the Task Force is maximized
          Author: Faishol Taselan
          Thursday, December 13, 2012 18:04 PM

          SURABAYA - MICOM: Department of Animal Husbandry East Java (East Java) Task Force to maximize Responsive Participatory Disease Surveillance (PDSR) having known some areas back bird flu.

          "So far the unit has worked well in the case of death of poultry breeders., But now more is maximized," said Head of the Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Health DVM Emmylia in Surabaya East Java, on Thursday (13/12).

          PDSR officers has also increased the participation of all stakeholders, including citizens, to care for the bird flu cases reported findings. Unit is now deployed to the affected areas of bird flu. They will report quickly so they can be addressed.

          The emergence of bird flu cases in three districts in East Java Husbandry Department has declared the province is still a new endemic bird flu, despite subsides in 2011. "The emergence of bird flu cases is staggering and makes Java must be vigilant. This means Java is a new endemic bird flu," he said.

          Three regions in East Java that bird flu is back Tulungagung, Kediri and Blitar. Hundreds of ducks in the three areas that died suddenly. (FL/OL-01)


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            Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected


            Serangan Flu Burung Kali Ini lebih Ganas
            Penulis : Faishol Taselan
            Minggu, 16 Desember 2012 19:31 WIB

            Google translation:

            This time the AI attacks more malignant
            Author: Faishol Taselan
            Sunday, December 16, 2012 19:31 PM

            SURABAYA - MICOM: East Java Livestock Office admitted since last October thousands dead duck.

            The cause is largely due to the H5N1 virus, the stream is more virulent than the H5N1 virus that attacks chickens.

            "This time H5NI more vicious attacks, ducks were initially exposed to the virus have immunity now take hit as well," said Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department DVM Emilia in Surabaya East Java, Sunday (16/12).

            Ducks are found dead in Blitar, Tulungagung, and Kediri. Three area said Emilia positive for H5N1 virus.

            About 8,000 ducks are still investigated the cause of death. On Thursday (20/12) future, will know the exact cause of death of thousands of ducks.

            East Java Animal Husbandry Department said late deal to dodge the death of thousands of birds.

            He asserted, it had mengerahan team to control, surveylance and rapid response teams.

            Breeders can directly report to the Department of Animal Husbandry closest encounter when cattle died suddenly in large numbers.

            Ranchers may sell Itiknya performed 2 weeks after the eradication of ducks infected with H5N1.

            Emilia expect people not to panic, because eggs and duck meat are safe from the H5N1 virus circulating.

            In 2006 the H5N1 virus has been found to make tens of thousands of chickens died.

            Now with a more virulent stream, the same virus that causes tens of thousands of dead ducks. (OL-10)


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              Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected


              Itik di Kediri Positif Terjangkit Flu Burung
              Senin, 17 Desember 2012 | 23:24

              Google translation:

              Ducks in Kediri Positive Bird Flu
              Monday, December 17, 2012 | 23:24

              Ducks in Kediri, East Java, who died suddenly a few days, confirmed positive for the bird flu virus by laboratory test results.

              "We have to send a sample of two ducks that died for inspection at Unit Animal Health Center in Malang, East Java province on November 17 last and the current results are already there, the ducks that died of bird flu," said Head of Livestock and Fisheries Kediri Regency, Sri Suparmi, in Kediri, Monday (17/12).

              Sri argued that laboratory test results are known if the dead duck positive for bird flu, which has undergone mutation. The virus attacks the nervous system and digestive ducks, so it does not want to eat as well as blindness and paralysis.

              In addition to be harmful to livestock ducks, Sri mention is also dangerous because the virus can be transmitted to humans. Symptoms of this disease are similar to bird flu in chickens. "The symptoms are generally similar to bird flu in chickens. However, for the gene mutation, is still in the research," he said.

              Sri Admittedly, reports of the death of ducks in Kediri big enough. At least 11,200 ducks are positive bird flu died in the attack. Thousands of ducks were scattered in 31 cages in nine districts, including Kandat, Kepung, Purwoasri, Ngadiluwih, Ringinrejo, Wates, Semen, Ngancar, and Ngasem.
              He said he had asked that all the officers alert and monitor the condition of the bird flu attack. In addition to its own data, also sent to the center.

              In addition to monitoring, while also continuing efforts to prevent the spread of the virus by spraying disinfectant and biosecurity. It is expected, can suppress the virus infected cattle.

              Sri hope, people do not panic with the bird flu seen in ducks. The government will do all it can to handle the incident.

              Hopefully, people also pay more attention to the condition of their livestock. If you want to eat meat, it is expected to be thoroughly cooked and in sufficient time, the disease or the virus is in the body of dead cattle.
              Author: Reuters / Vishnu Cipto


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                Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                Ribuan Bebek di Jombang Mati Mendadak
                18 Desember 2012 10:38:29 WIB
                Reporter : Yusuf Wibisono

                Google translation:

                Jombang thousands of ducks in Sudden Death
                December 18, 2012 10:38:29 PM
                Reporter: Yusuf Wibisono

                Jombang ( - About 6 thousand ducks in the Village District Puloerejo Tembelang, Jombang died suddenly. Thousands of ducks belonged to the group of cattle 'Meri Barokah'.

                Not known for certain causes of death of the animal kind of birds. Section, Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) local still awaiting the results of laboratory tests.
                "Agency has taken samples for lab test performed. Yet until now we do not know the outcome," said Suyono, Pulorejo village chief who is also patron farmer groups 'Meri Barokah', Tuesday (18/12/2012).

                Suyono explained, he raised ducks since 2006. Since then there has never been a serious problem. But since the last two weeks of this animal in his yard that died suddenly.

                The numbers are quite large, about 6 thousand tails. In a day of dead ducks are the hundreds. Symptoms, duck the first seizure. "Symptoms such as chickens exposed to Newcastle disease. Originally convulsions, and death," he said while showing the hole that used to bury the duck carcass.

                He said the fact the animals 'Meri Barokah' has 12 thousand ducks. But the number was down to 50 percent, namely six thousand head. As for the rest, died due to a strange plague. In fact, Suyono and other farmers are spraying disinvektan regularly. But the effort was not much help.

                Due to the strange disease, ranchers suffered losses of between Rp 60 to Rp 70 million. In addition to planting, animal kind of dead birds were also burned that the outbreak from spreading. [suf / bug]


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                  Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                  Selasa, 18 Desember 2012 10:37 WIB
                  Ratusan Bebek di Mojokerto Mati Mendadak
                  Laporan dari Imam Hidayat wartawan surya

                  Google translation:

                  Tuesday, December 18, 2012 10:37 PM
                  Hundreds of ducks in Mojokerto Sudden Death
                  Reports of Imam Hidayat solar reporter

                  TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MOJOKERTO - Hundreds of ducks belonging to several breeders in Mojokerto sudden death. Breeders do not know the exact cause of death of the duck. Only, decreased appetite ducks and duck blue eyes.

                  Matsawi, one duck farmer said, it had been two weeks, hundreds of ducks suddenly died suddenly.

                  "For the first time, hundreds of ducks mine died suddenly from the disease," he said while stating that the disease among farmers diseases termed 'blue eyes'.

                  Sambikerep Hamlet, Village Pekukuhan, Mojosari District, Mojokerto said, signs will be dead ducks, begins with a decreased eating, neck swelling, and blue eyes.

                  "People called blue eye disease, because it looks like a duck dead blue eyes," he said.

                  To avoid all the other ducks, he said, he gave a mixed feed banana.

                  "In order not to spread, my news feed mixed with banana. Goal is to eliminate toxins because until now no officer of the Animal Husbandry Department who came to check, whether because of the bird flu virus or not," he said.

                  Same thing was said Maulana, duck breeders of Hamlet / Village Pugeran, District Gondang, Mojokerto.

                  "How come hundreds of ducks died suddenly me, even though we gave food and drink very carefully," he said.

                  But in anticipation of this outbreak, the man who also served as the village chief admits Pugeran already coordinated with the DVO Mojokerto. Unfortunately, there was no response.

                  "I spray enclosure itself," he said.

                  According to the Maulana, Mojokerto DVO only provide for an appeal to the duck farmers spraying with disinfectant.


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                    Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed

                    Thursday, 12/20/2012

                    Dozens Dead Duck in Malang Also Suffer Suspected Bird Flu

                    M. Aminuddin - detiksurabaya

                    Malang - Lamongan and Blitar addition, dozens of ducks owned by ranchers in the area of Malang Regency sudden death with characteristics similar to the H5N1 virus or so-called bird flu. recorded 60 ducks from farmers in the village cage Mangliawa District Pakis and 30 ducks from the Village District Mangunrejo Kepanjen, Malang regency. "There are scores of up to 90 head of Ferns and Kepanjen," said Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Malang Sujono confirmed via cell phone on Thursday (20/12/2012).

                    Sujono said it had sent samples of duck deaths two districts who allegedly died from bird flu to the Laboratory Unit of Animal Health Center of East Java. "result is tomorrow, having shipped. goal us to ascertain whether the bird flu," he said. Sujono said, according to the death of dozens of ducks characteristics that are very similar to the condition of livestock the H5N1 virus, the oral mucous membranes and white eyes.

                    "The health condition of livestock weakened," he said. he revealed, ducks in the village that no one died Mangliawan 20 birds per day, while those in the village Mangunrejo, died 10 birds per day. "We continue to look for information a duck that died in other regions," he beber.

                    Himself said, the duck population was only 166,000 individuals per year spread over several districts. As Pakisaji, Turen, Kepanjen, ferns, and other areas. Given this incident, he added, he is hoping for more attention to cleanliness breeder cage.

                    Moreover, a vaccine for bird flu to duck yet. "virus has mutated so that the vaccine is different from the previous ones. Unfortunately, the vaccine is also not there," said Sujono. temporarily Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Malang provide disinfectant to be given to farmers.
                    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                      Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                      Flu Burung Meluas, 26.000 Itik Terinfeksi
                      Petugas Dinas Peternakan menyemprotkan cairan desinfektan pada kandang ayam di Pasar Wonokromo, Surabaya, kemarin.

                      Google translation:

                      Bird Flu Spreads, 26,000 Ducks Infected
                      Animal Husbandry Department officials spray disinfectant on chicken cages Wonokromo Market, Surabaya, yesterday.

                      SURABAYA-virus bird flu or Avian Influenza (IA) that attacked ducks in East Java (East Java) continues to expand.

                      There are at least 26,000 ducks from six infected area AI.Padahal few days ago the number of newly infected ducks around 8,200 birds. Six regions are indicated AI attack Tulungagung, Blitar, Probolinggo, Kediri, Jombang and Lamongan. To avoid the spread of AI virus to other areas, East Java Livestock Office closes traffic ducks out of the region for the oversight.

                      Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Emylia East Java, said: "We prohibit the sale and purchase of poultry in a state hospital, including closing traffic in the infected poultry AI virus. This also menghindarivirus AImenyerang steps to humans, "he said. Chairman of the quick reaction team of bird flu in East Java Provincial Livestock Office, said the virus that attacks Iswahyudi ducks are H5N1.Namun type of this disease have differences with a virus that attacks chickens. "From the research we do, the type of virus that attacks the ducks clade 2.3.

                      While that attack type chickens 2.1, "he said. Outside the region, the poultry farmers in Bojonegoro start worrying impact of bird flu. Moreover, this area is a transit birds from Central Java. "Currently, most poultry farmers choose to stop first breed free-range chicken," said Fuad Ardianto, 30 poultry farmers in the village of Banjarsari, KecamatanTrucuk, Bojonegoro.

                      East Java Governor Soekarwo suspicious deaths of thousands of ducks in the area of ​​East Java transmitted ducks imported from China and Australia. To overcome this, East Java provincial government has deployed 270 officers rapid reaction unit (URC) bird flu. "It's not a category Extraordinary Events (KLB)," said Governor Soekarwo on the sidelines of Memorial Day archipelago in Psychology.


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                        Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                        Kena Flu Burung, Peternak Adu Ayam Resah
                        Kamis, 27 Desember 2012 | 02:48 WIB

                        Google translation:

                        Got Bird Flu, Chicken Farmers Adu Restless
                        Thursday, December 27, 2012 | 2:48 pm

                        Sidoarjo (Surabaya Morning) - Outbreaks of bird flu not only making frenzy poultry farmers, but farmers cockfighting. Already three weeks Patience residents Flag Siwalan RT 12 RW 3 Buduran and Suparto brother (Sabar warga Siwalan Panji RT 12 RW 3 Buduran dan Suparto) in the village of Sidoarjo fidgety with pecan chicken deaths suspected bird flu.

                        Dozens of chickens died interchangeably in recent days. Characteristics chickens before death, blue comb, his snoring, tiluen and others.

                        That sad event for chickens that died suddenly it was kind of cock bangkok complaints that values ​​above Rp 1 million. "Initially my bangkok rooster tail numbered 18, now only 11 tails," he said, Wednesday (26/12).

                        Described the fighting cock breeder, dead rooster fariatif price. There are at Rp 1 million to Rp 1.5 million. "If calculated for the dead chickens masters, worth about Rp 5 million," he admits.

                        Patience also noted her brother cock too. Chickens died suddenly. Initially four tails, two tails and so on up to more than 10 cows. "All I have roasted chicken carcass," he said claiming not to know for sure if the chicken is bird flu. Jt / sg


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                          Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                          Jumat, 28 Desember 2012 03:28 WIB
                          Malang Mulai Terjangkit Virus Flu Burung Jenis Baru

                          Google translation:

                          Friday, December 28, 2012 03:28 PM
                          Malang From Bird Flu Virus Infected New Types

                          TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Malang - Malang The breeder should begin to be alert to bird flu. A number of ducks that died in the village of Mangunrejo, District and Village Kepanjen Mangliawan, Malang District Pakis eventually tested positive for bird flu.

                          Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Malang, Sujono said sample Malingawan two ducks in the village of the dead have been sent in the Faculty Airlangga University. And the result, positive ducks died in the attack, avian influenza (AI).

                          "The characteristics of a dead duck in the duck Mangunrejo equally in Mangliawan. Thus I believe equally positive bird flu, "he said in Manchester, England on Thursday (27/12/2012).

                          With the entry of bird flu in ducks, duck he expects more farmers keep livestock sanitary cages and diligent cleaning with disinfectant.

                          "Today, we distribute 100 liters of disinfectant to the poultry farmers. Due to limited numbers, we expect the farmers to make a disinfectant independently. Namely with soapy water and lime water, "he said.

                          It is said Sujono, if there is a dead duck with characteristics indicative of bird flu, farmers must be burned. It also asked poultry farmers come to anticipate the spread of bird flu, with no buying poultry from outside the area or sell the birds to other areas.

                          "However, the ban is difficult because extensive Malang. The anticipation is better than farmers so that the virus does not spread to other ducks, "he explained.

                          Duck population in Malang around 166,000 head, which scattered in District Pakisaji, Turen, Kepanjen, and the District of Pakis. Average ducks run around the house.


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                            Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                            Awas Flu Burung! 50 Ekor Ayam di Kota Madiun Mati Mendadak
                            Jumat, 28 Desember 2012 13:40 WIB

                            Google translation:

                            Bird Flu Caution! 50 Rooster Tails in the City of Madiun Sudden Death
                            Friday, December 28, 2012 13:40 PM

                            50 chickens died suddenly at home reportedly owned Sumono, Rejomulyo Village residents, Kartoharjo District, the City of Madiun. Residents suspect that the death of birds due to disease.

                            Head of Division (Head) of Livestock and Fisheries, Department of Agriculture Madiun drh Sulistyorini states, the spread of disease in East Java is not just AI virus subtype H5N1 or avian flu, but the type of duck flu.

                            "We received reports of chicken deaths in the district owned by Mr. Sumono Kartoharjo it. We declare the death of 50 chickens due to disease, "he said, Friday (12/28/2012).

                            Sulistyorini revealed, every turn of the dry season to wet or vice versa, often encountered the Newcastle disease or Newcastle Disease (ND) in poultry. Each animal affected tetelo not die suddenly. But there is a process. While the bird flu is characterized by sudden death

                            Kedati so, continued Sulistyorini, in checking its jajaranya Rini in the field, there was no finding of bird flu, Newcastle disease or but. So, strictly speaking, fears of bird flu virus unbroken, aka negatively.

                            "It's time we check, clean the cage less likely because the rainy season, so it becomes moist. In addition there is also the location of the chicken carcasses, should be buried or burned, so as not to cause the disease, â €? he said.

                            As anticipated, it gives droping by giving the vaccine desivektan destan types as much as 3 liters by spraying. Sulistyorini explained, the characteristics of Newcastle Disease is a chicken or fowl had turned blue in the cloaca swelling, mucus, feces greenish gray, and lack of appetite. It causes the animal's body becomes limp. "It could also cause death," he explained.

                            From the observation of disease-prone areas, especially in weather conditions like today (rain), is located in Madiun, precisely in the Village Tawangrejo.
                            "The population of chickens in the city of Madiun now reached 51 thousand more," he said.

                            Sulistyorini appealed to the public to anticipate the presence of the virus in animals. Anticipation can be done by improving sanitation or cleanliness of the environment and the provision of vaccines to enhance the immune system of animals. @ Arso


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                              Re: Indonesia: Dead ducks and chickens in East Java- AI suspected/confirmed


                              3 Daerah Positif Flu Itik
                              28 Desember 2012, 15:23 WIB

                              Google translation:

                              3 Regional Flu Positive Ducks
                              December 28, 2012, 15:23 PM EDT, Social 0 Comments

                              Velocity spread of the bird flu virus that attacked ducks in East Java beyond expectations. Now the 13 districts (counties / cities) in the province of East Java (East Java) in the positive status 'cold duck'.

                              Not only that alert the public health sector, duck farmers began to scream because Itiknya market declined. Unfortunately, in this case the Provincial Livestock Office Java assessed slowly overcome.

                              "Should outbreaks of bird flu virus in ducks used as early warning, including the threatened food security. The origin of this virus was not from East Java and Indonesia, but abroad, "Bird Flu Research kataKepala Universitas Airlangga (Airlangga University), Chairul A. Nidom, Friday (28/12).

                              According to records, in East Java alone, the number of duck population reached 3.18 million head. Total deaths ducks tested positive for AI clade 2.3 sub-clade 2.3.2 (type of bird flu virus in ducks, Red) estimated that more than 10,380 individuals.

                              This case occurred in Blitar, Tulungagung, Kediri, Probolinggo, Lamongan, and Psychology. Also detected in the Jombang, Malang, Ngawi, Sidoarjo, Nganjuk, Pasuruan and Mojokerto.

                              Learning from the experience of the bird flu virus in 2003, she called on all parties to participate in thinking about this problem. Because there are concerns can be directly 'jump' to humans. "Now all that needs to be kept in mind is whether this new virus could jump to humans or to animals other birds," he said.

                              Separately, Head of the Animal Husbandry Department of East Java, Maskur said it had done with the bio-security epidemic, such as isolating poultry (fence enclosure, ducks sick, and new home), watched the traffic for vehicles transporting workers and ducks, as well as cleaning and disinfection to the equipment enclosure.

                              "Supervision ducks trading system is also done with a tight, well that traffic between regions or provinces. Must include a complete animal health certificate (SKKH) from local veterinarian authorized by the negative results of Avian Influenza (AI), "he said. As for the insert and mengelurkan ducks from areas that have been affected by the outbreak control activities will be prohibited during lasted until the provisions of the Animal Husbandry Department.

                              He adds, means prepared in 2013 to prevent further outbreaks of AI in ducks, namely 5900 bottles / liter disinfectant, 1.8 million doses of AI vaccine poultry, and two units of equipment PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) in the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT ) animal health laboratories (Labkeswan) Malang and Tuban.

                              Council members urged the handling of Java do more serious. Because the spread of the virus very quickly and patterned massively. "I think in addition to handling should be done as soon as possible of the health aspect also requires close coordination with the intelligence elements," said commission member E East Java parliament Rosyadi Riyadh.

                              He was worried, the bird flu virus outbreak adalah'serangan 'planned to foreigners to undermine the local livestock industry. On one hand, the flu virus that will facilitate the entry of duck duck imports to Indonesia or East Java. In addition, later if the virus was spread in East Java, Indonesia or the interest to obtain signatures vaccine. "Usually after symptoms symptoms appear it will enter the foreign studies which will end with a quote vaccines that have been prepared by them," he stated.

                              Ducks Java Denied
                              Previously stated Kediri DVO product sales Ducks to a standstill outside the region. In fact, until now the promised disaster relief funds the provincial government also reportedly unclear.

                              Sub Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Kediri, Apriati Dwiwin, said nearly every day he had received complaints from ranchers who suffered extraordinary losses. They no longer duck products sold outside of the region. "All the ducks from East Java no longer for sale behavior," said Dwiwin.

                              Dwiwin said the fate of the duck farmers in this region have fallen like a stricken household. In the midst of their efforts to tackle bird flu outbreak in self due to limited government funding, the business is now threatened with bankruptcy. The entire shipment duck out of the area stopped completely due to bird flu coverage is so intense.

                              The farmers, according Dwiwin, has struggled mightily to save his business. Amid the thousands of deaths that plagued the tail pet, they must be willing to spend to buy disinfectants and drugs to fight bird flu virus. Purchase this independently forced to do due to the unavailability of free disinfectant of government.

                              East Java Governor Soekarwo promise to allocate disaster funds as a consequence of the application of exceptional status hitherto obscure tip base. As a result of bird flu outbreak response was left entirely to the farmers. Department of Animal Husbandry only be providing information about the standard of bird flu, such as sterilization of cages and workers spraying disinfectant, to the burning carcasses of infected birds.

                              Appeal the government to destroy the infected ducks did not do in the absence of compensation / compensation to farmers for the destruction of it as in the case of bird flu chicken some time ago. As a result, farmers could only isolate and segregate the sick ducks even though it was far from effective.

                              This condition is justified Tamaji, one duck farmers in the village of moor, District Kandat, Kediri which are endemic areas of bird flu. He stated his business devastated by the rejection of ducks from Kediri. "We can only sell to local residents," he said.

                              Separately, Chairman of the Association of Local Poultry Farmers in East Java, Mujiono said inaction Disnak Disnak Java and district / city is seen by the presence of ducks that died suddenly every day. Disnak, he said, only an appeal and coordination, without any help of vaccines to farmers. As a result, these duck deaths are still happening.

                              "We ask Disnak quickly take concrete steps and distribute vaccines to all poultry, especially ducks," said Mujiono. Duck deaths that continue to occur, the duck population has reduced to 30 percent in East Java. It is, of course, is very detrimental Breeders. M18, sty

                              DISTRICT / CITY OF POSITIVE FLU DUCK
                              District Ngawi