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Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected/Confirmed

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  • Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected/Confirmed

    Bantul is a district in Yogyakarta Province, Central Java

    "More virulent than (normal) H5N1" says head of the Animal Health Department.


    Dozens of poultry in Sanden died suddenly- Bird flu suspected

    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    BANTUL - Dozens of birds ducks in the District of Sanden and Jetis known died suddenly since last two months. Allegedly, the mass death of birds due to virus attack Avian Influenza (AI).

    According to the Head of Animal Health Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Dispertahut) Bantul, Agus Riyadmadi, so far it only received reports from a number of farmers in the village of Srigading, Sanden, and Village Trimulyo, Jetis.

    "Data while, there were about 50 ducks that died suddenly. Symptoms are almost the same, lame duck walk, giddy, and finally seizures. It is similar to the symptoms of H5N1 (bird flu). However, this is not the bird flu, "said Agus, Thursday (29/11).

    Agus explained, the virus that causes the death of dozens of ducks this time more virulent than H5N1. Therefore, the H5N1 virus is not known to cause death in ducks. To ascertain the cause of death, Center for Veterinary Wates Yogyakarta has taken samples about two months ago.

    It takes about two to three months for the Center for Veterinary publish the results of the study. Kasi Animal Health Services Dispertahut Bantul, Subeno added, duck deaths with symptoms of paralysis and seizures can also be due to environmental factors.

    Harian Jogja
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    Re: Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected


    Home » Yogya » Bantul
    Virus AI Kembali Mengintai Peternak Unggas Bantul
    Tribun Jogja - Kamis, 29 November 2012 21:19 WIB

    Laporan Reporter Tribun Jogja, Yudha Kristiawan

    Google translation:

    Home »Yogyakarta» Bantul
    Virus AI Back Staking Bantul Poultry Farmers
    Tribun Jogja - Thursday, November 29, 2012 21:19 PM

    Tribune Reporter reports Jogja, Yudha Kristiawan

    TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, BANTUL - Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu, infectious disease influenza in poultry caused by avian influenza viruses, again spread terror poultry farmers in Bantul.

    Recently discovered case of ducks that die from the virus that had horrendous world news, as well as attacking human destructiveness.

    According to the Head of Animal Health (Keswan) Department of Agriculture and Forestry Bantul, Agus Riyadmadi, within a period of two months, at least about 50 birds ducks that died with symptoms similar to H5N1 virus.

    "There are two areas that have been reported to us that is. Breeders Cembing area, Trimulyo Jetis and Srigading, Sanden, Pandak," he said when met at his office, Thursday (29/11/2012).

    The case is also made him wonder, because so far belong exclusively for ducks poultry that are resistant to attack the deadly virus (H5N1) is.

    "The cause of death is indeed the AI ​​virus, however, the type of virus is not H5N1. Virus that causes dead duck, we expect more virulent than H5N1 since been living side by side with the duck H5N1 virus and does not cause dead duck," he said.

    Current sample of dead ducks in the process of laboratory testing at the Veterinary Center for Wates Yogyakarta. "It's taken samplenya to investigate what the cause of death of the ducks. Still we wait for the results. Takes approximately two to three months to see results," he said.

    He added that a similar incident had occurred in some areas outside the Bantul as in Central Java is Sukoharjo, Wonosobo and Klaten.

    "Ducks died with symptoms similar to the AI ​​virus was originally a limp, giddy, giddy and seizures as well then soon will die," he added.

    In the meantime, Head of Animal Health Services, Subeno also added, duck deaths syarafi begins with symptoms such as paralysis, seizures, allegedly due to environmental factors, but also due to the development of a virus or a genetic mutation of H5N1.

    "We're not sure what kind, it all depends on the results of lab tests Center for Veterinary" he said.

    He also urged poultry farmers, both ducks and chickens in particular, to report to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Dispertahut) Keswan field if there are cases of birds died suddenly.

    "Quick report when there are cases of birds died suddenly. Do not get thrown into the river. Because it can spread the virus. Better to be buried to a depth of approximately one meter," he said.

    From the data Dispertahut Keswan field, for now duck population reached 174,950 in Bantul tail, spread over 17 districts. Meanwhile, the center of duck are recorded in the District Jetis and Bantul and in the southern Bantul.

    A breeder ducks, Totok (49) resident Bogoran, Trirenggo, Bantul admitted that he had heard of cases of AI virus that attacks some duck farmers like him.

    "I have three cages all there are 350 individuals. During the 12 years of raising safe. Per two months in anticipation of my ducks injectable antibiotics," he said when met at his duck cage, Thursday (29/11/2012). (*)

    Author: Yudha Kristiawan | | Editor: Joko Widiyarso


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      Re: Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected


      Masih Ada Unggas Mati Akibat Flu Burung
      Senin, 17 Desember 2012, 14:50 WIB

      Google translation:

      There's Still Dead Poultry Bird Flu
      Monday, December 17, 2012, 14:50 pm

      REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Unit Coordinator for Disease Control Avian Influenza (bird flu), or the Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC) Agricultural Office of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Tri Wahono sure there are dead birds for avian influenza but not reported.

      '' I believe in Sleman regency there are still cases of Avian Influenza. I will not cover up if there are cases of bird flu. Instead of exploding even if it is covered, then control will be difficult,'' he said.

      If there are cases of infectious diseases in both animals and humans, Tri Village will use communications networks to Quickly OBTAIN information. Networks were established since 2007.

      Currently, Tri said, there are about 2700 members desa.Mereka communication networks that get information about infectious diseases by contacting PDSR (Distric Participatory Surveillance Response).

      Network members is voluntary and there is no funding for them. '' So they are community members who care about the region. So that if there are cases of infectious diseases could soon be anticipated and controlled,'' said Tri told Reuters on Monday (17/12).

      Sleman Regent Sri Purnomo still reluctant to assign a status condition Sleman Extraordinary Events. Because the patient from bird flu winner!, In Prambanan four months ago has not been established where the infection site.

      '' So when do the investigation on the site of a positive patient no dead birds. Cook we will issue a Bird Flu outbreak,'' said Sri Purnomo told Reuters, in Kepatihan Yogyakarta, on Monday (17/12).

      However, it always gives guidance to the public if there are dead birds. '' We always provide assistance and outreach to the community,'' Explained the Regent. Steps to control the AI ​​will use during this procedure done.

      Editor: A.Syalaby Ichsan
      Reporter: Neni Ridarineni


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        Re: Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected/Confirmed


        Kota Yogyakarta
        4.700 Unggas di DIY Mati Akibat Flu Burung
        Danar Widiyanto | Rabu, 26 Desember 2012 | 13:21 WIB

        Google translation:

        4700 Poultry in Bird Flu Death DIY

        Danar Widiyanto | Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | 13:21 PM

        YOGYA ( - A total of 4700 birds (ducks and chickens) from three districts in the province since September to December 2012, have died from the virus of Avian Influenza (AI) H5N1/Flu Bird. Poultry deaths occurred in mass Bantul, Sleman and Kulonprogo with a total population of 721,400 poultry birds.

        Head of the Veterinary Information, Center for Veterinary Wates Yogyakarta, drh. Putut Djoko Purnomo said, the death of poultry in the region occurred in the district Bantul Jetis, Plered, Sewon, Srandakan and Sanden. In the region that is in the district Kulonprogo strains, Brosot and Trisik and Move in Sleman district (kecamatan Jetis, Plered, Sewon, Srandakan dan Sanden. Di wilayah Kulon Progo yakni di kecamatan Galur, Brosot dan Trisik serta di Sleman di kecamatan Minggir.).

        "The possibility of the first transmission of the virus in poultry is from East Java because suply eggs in Yogyakarta is from Blitar and Kediri. Far is well known poultry deaths in East Java, some 45,000 individuals in 20 counties and 64,000 in Central Java in 23 districts," he said when met at the College of Veterinary Medicine UGM, Wednesday (26/12).

        He said that until now could not be ascertained what kind of AI outbreak clade birds. Especially with the new findings clade on AI virus is endemic in many regions. "We can not confirm whether the death was due to poultry infected with clade new AI. However clearly they contracted H5N1," he said.

        Professor of the Faculty of Forestry, Prof. drh. Widya Asmara, S.U., Ph. D added that to date has reported the incidence of human beings died from H5N1. That death in children in the Bogor. But also could not be determined whether the case is due to infected clade 2.1 or

        "To report the death of a man in Sleman is also suspected of contracting bird flu was already dead before admission to the hospital. Sardjito. Currently the samples are being sent to the Research and Development and there are no reports. Including human deaths in Semarang who also can not be identified for sure," he said .

        AI-related new clade, he added, is not a determinant of the level of malignancy of a virus. However, a new clade into a single indicator that vaccinated poultry AI clade 2.1 does not anymore immune to AI clade

        "If you want to say malignant clade, clade can be categorized as malignant because it makes the already vaccinated birds become immune anymore. We alone can not ensure the transmission of AI's new clade in humans. To be sure, the absolute clade vaccine to be made," he said. (AIE)


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          Re: Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected/Confirmed

          The reference to dead children is probably to this case:

          Indonesia, West Java - 4-year-old boy died of bird flu H5N1 - December 14

          The fact that they do not know which H5N1 clade he died from indicates that the government does not have test probes. If this is the case then a negative test result obtained using a clade 2.1 test probe may still be positive for clade
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            Re: Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Poultry Deaths - (Virulent) Bird Flu Suspected/Confirmed


            home > Berita Aktual >> Suara Kedu & DIY
            20 Januari 2013 | 12:19 wib
            Virus AI Menyebar ke Seluruh Jogja

            Google translation:

            home> Latest news & DIY >> Sounds Kedu
            January 20, 2013 | 12:19 pm
            AI virus spread to the whole Jogja

            YOGYAKARTA, - The disease can affect anyone, because basically the disease does not choose who gets attacked, be it rich or poor. So is the case Afian Influenza (AI) in ducks also not picky location.

            If the original AI case in ducks found only in three districts / municipalities in the province, but now it is found in the four districts and cities in the province. That is, the case of AI has spread throughout the area in Yogyakarta.

            Originally in Gunungkidul, unknown no cases of AI in ducks, because of mistaken location away from the rest of the existing cases of AI in ducks. But the reality in the region in January 1424 Gunungkidul found as many ducks died from AI.

            According to the Coordinator of the Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC) Yogyakarta Tri Wahana AW, 1300 ducks as much detail of the entire population at risk in Ponjong Gunungkidul and 124 of 175 ducks tail Karangmojo threatened populations.

            "Actually, it's the death of ducks in Gunungkidul, has started since the beginning of January, but farmers say anything," said Tri Wahana AW told reporters this afternoon (20/1).

            "We have reports of people Gunungkidul and our direct search. Incidentally there are still remnants of the surviving ducks or illness. Following the rapid test result was positive AI," he added.

            Once traced, he added, there was a duck breeders who originally bought the ducks from Bantul likely already infected AI. Thus resulting in the other ducks stricken AI.

            "Ducks are dead in the Ponjong, is owned by a community group made a special enclosure where ducks are close to each other," explains Tri.

            Meanwhile, Head of Economy and Natural Resources DIY, Retno Setijowati ask, DIY people who have fixed routine disinfecting ducks in cages of ducks and ducks are kept environment.

            But, he added, the issue until today the availability of a disinfectant is thinning. However, some employees Petertanian Office, is currently attending the meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta.

            Expected return from a meeting in Jakarta, they could also bring home disinfectants. So what is feared could be resolved soon.
            (Sugiarto / CN33 / JBSM)