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Indonesia: Bird flu in poultry in Tuban, East Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in poultry in Tuban, East Java


    Kamis, 23/02/2012 16:15 WIB
    Ratusan Ayam di Tuban Mati Terserang Flu Burung
    TB Utama - detikSurabaya

    Google translation:

    Thursday, 02/23/2012 16:15 pm
    Hundreds of Chicken in Tuban Esophageal Dead Bird Flu
    Primary TB - detiksurabaya

    Tuban - About 700 chickens belonging Slamet Haryadi (30), Tuban District residents died suddenly. Suspected bird species that quail bird flu virus.

    This chicken deaths from bird flu virus known since last week. Now the dead chickens that died suddenly were burned and buried the owner, for fear of infecting chickens owned by other breeders.

    The data collected from the field on Thursday (2/23/2012) mentions, virus attacks began to be felt Rengel chicken farmers in the region since the beginning of the month. Slowly but can be treated by giving drugs and disinfectant sprays.

    But in the past 2 weeks getting a virus attack. Tragically attack instead hit a chicken farm complex owned by Slamet Haryadi.

    "We were also surprised, why virus attack so sudden, hundreds of chickens died suddenly of Mr. Slamet," said Robani, in addition to several other people when found in the village of Rengel.

    Chicken coop owners know a lot of chickens died suddenly, instantly burn and others are buried. See a change startled, he immediately reported the incident to the Department of Fisheries and Livestock Tuban.

    The officer went straight to the location of the chicken coop. They detect the death of hundreds of chickens. Various samples and the results of tests performed lead to the conclusion, if the death of chickens due to bird flu virus.

    "At first only a few are dead, but within one week of the death more and more. Even the dive two weeks has reached hundreds of animals," said Basoeki, Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Agriculture and Animal Husbandry confirmed Tuban when reporters.

    Appropriate findings in the field, Slamet Haryadi, a new 5 months have the quail poultry business. He bought seeds from farmers in the village of Soko Bangunrejo District, Tuban.

    Officers are also direct services to the location where the purchase of poultry. However, from the purchase of the seed after the study found no bird flu virus.

    "So the virus that only attacks the cock belongs to Slamet, could be the cause for erratic season, as now," added Basoeki.

    To anticipate the spread of the virus, it has asked owners to localize chicken chicken. As well as treatment of infected chickens. It is feared that the virus will spread if the chicken is already in the cage is removed.

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    Re: Indonesia: Bird flu in poultry in Tuban, East Java


    Flu Burung, Ratusan Unggas Mati
    Jumat, 24/02/2012 | 10:17 WIB

    Google translation:

    Bird Flu, Hundreds Dead Poultry
    Friday, 24/02/2012 | 10:17 PM
    Reuters / Musyawir

    TUBAN - The owners of poultry in Tuban district must be vigilant. Therefore, the Department of agriculture and local farms have consistently found that cattle infected with bird flu. Diseases that attack the bird flu was discovered in the village / district Rengel, Tuban regency. At least, 700 quail died of bird flu attack.

    Data obtained Surabaya Post said, hundreds of birds that died belonged to Slamet Hariyadi (30), a resident of the Village / District Rengel. In fact, quail which was originally used for bird petelor bought it five months ago.

    Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Tuban, Basoeki said, earlier this week it received reports from livestock owners in the district Rengel quail. "The report says there are hundreds of quail that died suddenly and in almost the same time," he told Surabaya Post Friday (24/2) morning.

    According to him, based on the report and then deploys it to the field officers. The results, obtained information that indicate if the positive quail bird flu. Furthermore, he said, it gives vaccinations to other birds in the vicinity of the quail's cattle, so that the bird flu is not contagious. "For a dead quail, the corpses were burned and there are others buried," he explained. "Fortunately, the bird flu had not spread to other birds in the vicinity, and of men," he explained.

    According to him, the death of hundreds of quail bird flu were to occur within about one week. Thus, it was hawatir if the disease can be transmitted from birds to humans had spread to other places. However, officers search results so far have not found the location or other poultry are infected with this disease.

    Because it's new quail bought for about five months ago, according to Basoeki it also had to check the location of the origin of birds. "Our move was done to anticipate if the bird flu disease was carried from the site since the beginning," he explained.

    Apparently, he continued, after checking the location of the beginning of quail in the village of Bagunrejo, Soko District, Tuban regency, was at that location would otherwise sterile. "At the beginning of quail seed was not found brung flu. Affected only Slamet's brother who was in the Village / District Rengel, "he added.

    Although so far not found a location that should be suspected as the spread of bird flu, Basoeki urged people to remain vigilant. Especially if there are birds in the surrounding neighborhood who died suddenly. Moreover, if the dead birds were in large numbers.

    According to the, the findings of a case of bird flu in the village / district Rengel is the first in Tuban district this year. Meanwhile, in 2011 and found two cases in two different locations.

    The first case of bird flu in 2011 was in the Village Perbon, Sub City, District, Tuban. Ie, bird flu has struck chicken owned by local residents. Whereas in the second place, also attacked brung flu chicken are also owned by the Village Brigin, Montong District, Tuban regency. md5