Already there are 8 people close relatives who had contact with the victim during her lifetime had been given anti-viral drug Tami

Suspect Allegedly Killed A Bird Flu
BERITAJAKARTA.COM - 08-01-2012 18:08

A young man named later revealed Puguh Dwi (23), a resident of New Road South Ancol, RT 10/06, Sunter Agung, Tanjungpriok, North Jakarta died of suspected bird flu suspect. Men who daily work in welding shops are known to have avian species of pigeons in the neighborhood.Sriyati (48), the victim's mother said, her son initially complained that his body was shivering and suffering from high fever up to 39 degrees centigrade after celebrating New Year on Sunday (1 / 1) then. Having given the drug, the victim had suffered heat down. However, the next morning the victim back to feel high heat until the chills. "Finally, on Monday (2 / 1) immediately rushed to the Hospital (RS) Satyanegara, Sunter. By a doctor, my child is only sentenced to suffer stomach ulcers and allowed to go home," said Sri, dikediamannya met on Sunday (8 / 1).After that, it is said Sriyati, the next day, Tuesday (3 / 1) Puguh condition improved and only cared for at home. However, on Wednesday afternoon (4 / 1) decreases to a condition could not walk, so it was taken back to hospital and treated Satyanegara to Saturday (7 / 1) afternoon to enter the ICU isolation. From the doctor's testimony, the victim was convicted of ulcer disease, shortness of breath, fever, heart, and the symptoms of bird flu.Due to limitation in the RS Satyanegara tools, advanced Sriyati, on Saturday (7 / 1) evening parties ultimately refer Puguh Satyanegara RS to RS Sulianty Saroso. However, when the victim does not get a room because it was full. The family also tried to contact the Friendship Hospital, but then again, there are no empty rooms."After that the RS Satyanegara Puguh refer to the Tangerang District Hospital. However, when arrived at the Tangerang District Hospital lives of the victims had died, and was given a pacemaker for heart Puguh fishing. But the results are worth it. The victim died on Saturday (7 / 1) at about 19:00 and immediately bathed and fed into a coffin, "he said.Puguh spouse who is the son of Sriyati (48) and Mariono (58) This was the second child of four children. Almost every afternoon, Puguh always play and deal directly with his beloved pigeons. "Puguh have some pet pigeons, but the pet bird is deposited onto a neighbor's house which is 200 meters from the house. Puguh never held a pigeon that has been in direct contact with sick and dead birds in the gutter, so that Puguh suspected suspect bird flu," said Sriyati.In addition to killing Puguh, continued Sriyati, known to the victim's sister called, Adra Soraya Ramadani (5) which is the fourth child, since Saturday (7 / 1) yesterday also admitted to the ICU special bird flu Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta with symptoms of fever, cough and colds.Section Head of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marine North Jakarta, Arifiana added, as many as 43 birds around the victim's house had been sampled. To-43 birds including dove tail 31, birds babble two tails, two tails wild duck, and chicken 8 tails. "The result will be seen 3 days in the laboratory of Animal Medical Clinic and Fish Establishments," he said.According to him, with conditions such as the current rainy season is extremely vulnerable to the health of poultry. "As soon as the condition of the body decreases, the public should not be kept poultry and poultry should not be dipemukiman.
This was the first incident occurred in Sunter, and tomorrow we will hold the team plans sweeping of poultry in this region," he said.Kasie Control Public Health Agency of North Jakarta Health Ati Sukmaningsih added, the victim alleged suspect bird flu. It is based on the examination of RI Research and Development Kemenkes sent from RS Satyanegara sempel taken from the victim to the liquid nose, throat, and blood sacrifice."Already there are 8 people close relatives who had contact with the victim during her lifetime had been given anti-viral drug Tami flu bird flu, and nasal and throat fluids taken. Next will be monitored 10 days after the victim declared bird flu," he explained.In addition, the victim's house also provided a liquid disinfectant to prevent the spread of bird flu

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