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Indonesia: Hundreds of Poultry Die in Bontang City Due to Bird Flu in Bontang City, East Kaalimantan

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  • Indonesia: Hundreds of Poultry Die in Bontang City Due to Bird Flu in Bontang City, East Kaalimantan


    Hundreds of Poultry Die in Bontang City Due to Bird Flu
    Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil 18 Nov 2020, 09:12 WIB, Bontang - In the midst of the busy handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Bontang City, East Kalimantan is now facing the threat of a bird flu outbreak. This is after hundreds of dead birds were found. According to data from the Food, Fisheries and Agriculture Service (DKP3) of Bontang City, from 20 October 2020 to 17 November 2020, 230 ungags died. All of them are predominantly chicken type ungags. "We started receiving the report since last October 20, of the 351 reported tail, 230 died of bird flu," said Head of the Animal Services Section of the DKP3 Bontang Riyono, Wednesday (11/18/2020). Read Also Trigger Mothers in Pekanbaru End The Life of 2 Babies and Himself The disturbance of finding the bodies of women without clothes on Parangjengger Beach, Kebumen Seconds of 4 Gold Miners in Gunung Mas Central Kalimantan Killed by Landslides The Bontang City Government immediately carried out sterilization by spraying disinfectant into the residents' cages. Spraying using complete PPE. Most of the birds that died from bird flu were in the Bontang Baru area. In total, birds were found infected with bird flu in 9 locations. DKP3 has also written to the sub-district to be forwarded to the RT Head and conveyed to the community. "It is estimated that there are still sudden deaths that occur in poultry belonging to residents, but are reluctant to report it," he added. Riyono explained, the causes of the emergence of Avian Flu are various. The cleanliness factor of the cage and the environment around the drums is the main influence. The influence of weather also has an effect because the transition season is a factor in decreasing the immunity of poultry, so that virus transmission seems massive. According to Riyono, Bontang Baru Urban Village is the location where most dead ungags are found. From the results of the swab test, not all cages found in dead chickens were positive for bird flu. "Especially for ungas deaths, most of them occurred in Pak Yadi's house behind the Amalia hospital. Of his 150 Bangkok chickens, about 90 of his birds died," said Royono. To anticipate the spread, he added, in addition to sterilizing the drums, Bontang City DKP3 has also taken samples for the PCR test for bird flu at the Keswan Laboratory of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Service, Samarinda for live birds. The PCR test samples were collected from the cages where the death of the ungags was found but did not report it. "When in contact with chickens, you must wear a mask, gloves, wash your hands afterward. Spray disinfectants regularly, ”he explained.

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      Indonesia: Bontang Health Office urges residents not to panic over bird flu


      Bontang Health Office urges residents not to panic over bird flu
      Kaltim Today November 19, 2020, 14:48 , Bontang - The Health Office (Dinkes) of Bontang , East Kalimantan has asked its residents not to panic in line with the sudden death of birds due to bird flu.
      Head of Section for Animal Health Service of Bontang Food, Fisheries, and Agriculture Security Service (DKP3) , drh Riyono emphasized, although the number of poultry deaths has increased. However, his party confirmed that the case had been handled and was successfully controlled. "Bird flu is indeed zoonotic, which comes from animals then mutates and transmits to humans, but it has been handled according to procedures such as sterilization and cage disinfection," he said. Riyono explained that his party first received a report of a poultry death case from a resident in Bontang Urban Village last October.

      After conducting clinical trials, both by rapid test and PCR, it turned out that the sudden death of native chickens was confirmed due to bird flu. Not long after, DKP3 received another number of reports from the same region. Also partly due to bird flu. The total accumulation of poultry deaths reached 333 cases from 12 location points. Regarding the causes of massive bird flu transmission in Bontang. Riyono suspects that the virus may have spread from feed or poultry imported from outside the city. In addition, it could also be due to the influence of the transition season which is a factor in decreasing the immunity of poultry.

      For this reason, chicken breeders or poultry owners should pay more attention to the cleanliness of the cage to reduce the transmission rate. Of course, by wearing a mask and gloves. "Avoid contact with bare hands," he concluded. Moreover, currently Bontang has the highest avian influenza cases after Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara with 88 cases.


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        Bontang City Health Office said there were no cases of people exposed to bird flu
        Sunday, 29 November 2020 - 15:25 | 8.94k

        TIMESINDONESIA, BONTANG - Avian flu cases have been attacking Taman City since the end of last October. Until now, the Health Office (Dinkes) of Bontang City has not received a case report of people exposed to this disease. Head of the Health Office of Bontang City, Dr. Bahauddin, said the cases that occurred were targeting poultry.

        "The cases are still limited to attacking the poultry," said Dr. Bahauddin, Sunday (29/11/2020).

        According to him, people do not need to worry. However, if there are birds that die suddenly, please contact the animal health center officer (Puskeswan). He also appealed not to bury animal carcasses with your bare hands.

        "It must be equipped with personal protective equipment such as shoes, masks and gloves. Because this virus can move to humans, "he said.

        Meanwhile, data from the Food Security, Fisheries and Agriculture Service (DKP3) of 382 birds were exposed to avian influenza. Head of Animal Health Services for Bontang DKP3, drh Riyono, said that the bird flu case targeted three sub-districts including Bontang Baru, Loktuan, and Mount Elai.

        Most cases attacked Bontang Baru Village, namely 269 native chickens and 69 dead geese. Followed by Gunung Elai 35 native chickens. And Loktuan 6 free-range chickens and three geese.

        "This week (last) there were no reports coming from residents," he said.

        However, DKP3 continues to coordinate with urban villages, the Health Office, Puskesmas, and Animal Quarantine. So that the farmer disinfects the cage independently. The ingredients are also provided by Puskeswan. Officers are still investigating within the next seven days. Ensure whether there is an increase in poultry mortality due to bird flu after control takes place. (*)