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Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Basarang, Central Kalimantan

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  • Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Basarang, Central Kalimantan


    Positif Flu Burung, Ratusan Ekor Itik di Basarang Mati Mendadak
    Rabu, 28 Desember 2016 19:41

    Google translation:

    Positive Bird Flu, Hundreds Tailed Ducks in Basarang Sudden Death
    Wednesday, December 28, 2016 19:41

    BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, KUALAKAPUAS - Already running about 10 days ago, a number of ducks types Alabio owned by Abdul Salam, in the village of Basarang km 2.5, Sub Basarang Kapuas Kalteng died suddenly.

    The number of ducks that died already more than a hundred. Duck death was confirmed positive of bird flu or H5N1.

    Ramnah, wife of Abdul Salam told BPost Group via phone connection, on Wednesday (12/28/2016), said the death of the duck-Itiknya starting from December 19 last.

    She and her husband had reported the deaths of the ducks to the Kapuas District Veterinary Office.

    She told him, the first day initially only three ducks were dead. The next few days later following a longer tail dozens dead and up to now of about 500 ducks were dipeliharanya, already more than 100 were dead.

    "As time began to weaken yesterday, as many as 100 birds could we sell. The duck carcasses of dead we dump into the river and partly buried," said Ramnah.

    Head of Animal Health vet Kapuas District Veterinary Office Rudjito justify their hundreds of ducks belonging to village residents Basarang who died allegedly due to bird flu.

    After that, it took a sample of the dead ducks to do further tests to Labaratorium Hall Veterinier Banjarbaru Kalsel. (*)