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Indonesia: Bird flu found in poultry in Kobar, Central Kalimantan

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu found in poultry in Kobar, Central Kalimantan


    Unggas di Kobar Positif Terpapar Flu Burung
    Penulis : Surya Sriyanti
    Senin, 30 Januari 2012 22:21 WIB

    Google translation:

    Poultry in Kobar Positive Bird Flu Exposed
    Authors: Surya Sriyanti
    Monday, January 30, 2012 22:21 pm

    Palangkaraya - MICOM: Results of the test results of Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dispertanak) Central Kalimantan against the poultry that died suddenly in West Kotawaringin Kabupten (Kobar) showed positive bird flu.

    Head of Central Kalimantan Dispertanak tute Lelo through Supriyono Head of Animal Health said on Monday (30 / 1). According Supriyono found despite positive poultry bird flu, the institute together with the Veterinary Investigation Center (BPPV) Region 5 Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan will re-do the test again.

    "Retest we do to know in detail whether positive bird flu. For the test itself will be conducted by five Banjarbaru BPPV region," he said.

    Described indications of outbreaks of bird flu is not just happening in Kobar, remains also in Kapuas and Home Knives(Pulang Pisau). Because the two regions already found chickens died suddenly but not yet certain whether or not the bird flu positive.

    "The target of this Banjarbaru BPPV five regions, will be sampling in the District Seruyan, Kotawaringin East, West Kotawaringin, Kapuas and Home A knife to see if there is a positive birds," he said. (SS/OL-04)

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    Re: Indonesia: Bird flu found in poultry in Kobar, Central Kalimantan


    Sebanyak 500 Ayam Mati Mendadak di Kobar
    Rabu, 1 Februari 2012 15:55 WIB

    Palangka Raya,(tvOne)

    Google translation:

    A total of 500 chickens died suddenly in Kobar
    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 15:55 pm

    Palangkaraya (Reuters).

    A total of 500 chickens in West Kotawaringin (Kobar) died suddenly in January 2012 seama period.

    Information data on the number of chickens that died suddenly in Kobar was delivered by Head of Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dispertanak) Central Kalimantan, tute Lelo in his office in Palangkaraya, Wednesday (1 / 2).

    According tute, of the 500 chickens that died suddenly was until now not known whether positive or not due to bird flu virus.

    Dispertanak Kalteng with the Veterinary Investigation Center (BPPV) V region in Banjarmasin currently still conducting laboratory tests repeated on these allegations.

    However, the results of rapid tests or rapid tests against avian species chickens that died suddenly in Kobar known positive bird flu virus, and a team of Dispertanak will perform a retest to be sure.

    He explained that chicken deaths to 10 thousand heads in Kobar as reported by one local print media Kalteng Wednesday edition (1 / 2), may be accumulated number of dead birds from the previous year.

    Previously, Dispertanak Kalteng also stated, will tighten poultry into and out of Central Kalimantan, and must be equipped animal health certificate (SKKH) from the relevant authorities.

    Separately, Head of Section Veterinary Health Distanak Kobar, Lilis Masliga who was contacted via mobile phone to convey, deaths sudden chicken poultry species in Kobar continues to grow.

    This occurs in chickens belonging to one citizen Kobar Sajimin, citizens Bull Gang, Village Sidorejo, District of South Arut, when the team checks in his chicken coop.

    "The team handling bird flu from Distanak Kobar currently still doing checks on the ground. Of the 25 populations examined chickens owned by residents, three of whom died suddenly," he said.

    While based on rapid test results conducted officer, was found dead chickens that have similar signs of bird flu, but has not been established in the laboratory.

    To anticipate the spread of bird flu virus suspected, Distanak Kobar act immediately in accordance with procedures established, by spraying disinfectant on chicken cages owned by citizens. (Ant)


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      Re: Indonesia: Bird flu found in poultry in Kobar& Mentaren, Central Kalimantan



      Google translation:

      Chickens died suddenly MENTAREN POSITIVE IN BIRD FLU

      PULANG PISAU (click HL) - Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Office Return Knives(Pulang Pisau), Central Kalimantan, said the results of laboratory tests on specimens of chickens that died suddenly positive of bird flu.
      "Based on the rapid test results and laboratory test results of the Veterinary Investigation Center of Banjar, South Kalimantan, positive bird flu," said Chief District Distanak Return Knives, Ir Juman, Wednesday (8/2). The statement was made Juman linked to dozens of villagers chicken Mentaren II, District Kahayan Downstream, died suddenly, a few days ago.
      Therefore, the officer Distanak Return knife will do the spraying desifektan simultaneously from village to village Mintin Mentaren as a precautionary measure the spread of the virus.
      Comprising officers from drh M Taufik, the Secretary of the District Distanak Return Knives(Pulang Pisau), and some staff have visited the village of Mentaren II to recheck chickens found dead suddenly in the village.
      "I was with the animal health workers have been blade Distanak Return to the field to check the problem. According to local residents found no more chickens died suddenly," he said, as reported by Reuters.
      Although there are no chickens that died suddenly, but officials remain wary of the spread of the virus to prepare officers, equipment and desifektan.
      He expects the participation of the community to not throw dead chickens that died suddenly, but annihilated by buried or burned, although the chickens that died suddenly was not attacked by bird flu.
      He also expects the village officials to immediately report to the District Distanak Knives Return (Pulang Pisau) if found chickens that died suddenly as a precaution.
      Distanak also has sent a letter to the Association of Poultry Farmers in the district of Knives Return (Pulang Pisau) to alert of bird flu and follow technical instructions that were given. (KlikHeadline)