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Indonesia - Bird flu outbreak in Central Kalimantan

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  • Indonesia - Bird flu outbreak in Central Kalimantan


    wednesday, May 18 2011

    Dead chickens in North Barito Bird Flu Positive

    Muara Teweh (AFP) - Hundreds of pet chickens in some places people in Muara Teweh, North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan, who died suddenly in a positive last month due to the H5N1 virus or bird flu.

    "Chickens die from bird flu is only in certain areas, so not at all the places due to viruses that are harmful to human health," said the Head of Disease Control at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry of North Barito (dressing), Anang Junaidi, in Muara Teweh Wednesday.

    According to Anand, chickens died of bird flu for the time being only found in the area of ​​Muara Karang Malay Village Java Teweh on April 12, 2011, who then conducted the clinical trial sample continued to Animal Health Laboratory in Palangkaraya.

    Read more - Antaranews

    Bird Flu, Hundreds of Chickens Died
    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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    Re: Indonesia - Bird flu outbreak in Central Kalimantan


    Jum'at, 20 Mei 2011 , 11:39:00
    Flu Burung Masih Hampiri Kalteng

    Google translation:

    NUSANTARA - Central Sulawesi
    Friday, May 20, 2011, 11:39:00
    Bird Flu Still toward Kalteng

    Sampit bird-flu outbreak is still not go away from Central Kalimantan. In the district of East Kotawarimngin, precisely in Keluarahan Sawahan Sub New Mentawa Ketapang, Sampit, local officials found some residents chicken that died suddenly.

    Head of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Distanak Kotim Ir Milky eka Ward, chickens that died suddenly it amounted to four tails, and then examined using a rapid test with positive result suspect bird flu virus (H5N1).

    "Initially we were getting reports from residents and positive chickens suspected of a kind kate and broiler chickens. Indeed, while it was still suspected, because of the chicken carcasses will be sent in advance to the Center of Investigation and Testing Veterinary (BPPV), Banjar Baru, for sure if the four chickens it's really positive for bird flu or not, "he told reporters yesterday.

    In addition, through laboratory examination was also to find out what the cause of death of chickens in order to anticipate further steps could be taken immediately. To find out the results of these tests are usually the most rapid Milky say 1 week after the chicken carcasses to the laboratory.

    As an initial precaution, said today Distanak has mengelurkan circular specifically addressed to the People's Poultry Breeders associations (APUR), brokers and the cutting of poultry and other breeders in order to perform a precaution, the related findings.

    In a circular letter to the company is requested for livestock or poultry farmers to closely watch traffic and trade in poultry products. Separating the newly purchased birds with the avian long for 2 weeks and do not sell or provide sick poultry and remove poultry manure or livestock waste from the location of disease cases.

    Also peringatakan also be given to consumers of poultry, especially chickens, in order to buy chickens that have been cut and cleaned in the market. Consumers are prohibited from buying and eating sick chickens, and also asked to wash your hands after touching poultry and eggs. Includes wash clean all equipment used to process raw meat, poultry and meat is cooked for at least 60derajat C for 30 minutes.

    "Department also requests that do disinfection and sucihamakan cage including all equipment used cages of dead or sick poultry. Man who run out contact with poultry and their droppings are also asked to wash hands with soap and clean vehicles used to transport poultry shouted. If there is a death of poultry, we also requested that report immediately, "he concluded. (Gus / fuz / jpnn)


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      Re: Indonesia - Bird flu outbreak in Central Kalimantan


      Ancaman Flu Burung
      4.000 Ekor Ayam di Kalteng Mati Mendadak
      Dwi Bayu Radius | Glori K. Wadrianto | Kamis, 26 Mei 2011 | 14:19 WIB

      Google translation:

      Bird Flu Threat
      Chicken Tails 4000 Sudden Death in Central Kalimantan
      Bayu Dwi Radius | Glori K. Wadrianto | Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 14:19 pm

      Palangkaraya, - In the last month, nearly 4,000 chickens died suddenly in Central Kalimantan. The possibility of bird flu as the cause of death of livestock is still in research stage.

      Dead chickens found in Diamond Mountain District, East Barito, Joyless Kingdom, and North Barito. Head of Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Tute Lelo in Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya, on Thursday (26/05/2011), said the indications of bird flu has been acted upon the Government of Central Kalimantan province and district governments associated with the deployed teams to the field.

      A number of experts who trained the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is also ready to be lowered. "Hopefully not contagious to humans. We try to anticipate the conduct counseling several times and spread disinfectant," said Tute.

      Therefore, people should not fret. They are also expected to report to the local health department if they find cases of dead chickens. The location of dead chickens will be isolated to prevent the possibility of infected cattle in surrounding areas. When the chicken is found dead, a safe distance to avoid other poultry infected by at least two kilometers.

      Tute admit, a minimal amount of checking points in Central Kalimantan, a weakness to avoid bird flu. Not all districts have such facilities.

      Currently there are only a point of checking in Palangkaraya and East Barito. In each border region should be built facility. Therefore, Tute asked the district government in Central Kalimantan, the district government building check point. The lack of check points to make the animal suspected of having bird flu easily escape.


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        Re: Indonesia - Bird flu outbreaks in Central Kalimantan

        Bird Flu Information Corner

        Sampit, Central Kalimantan ::: Bird flu hits chickens

        Posted by Ida on June 11, 2011

        Sampit – Agriculture and Livestock Service of Kotawaringin Timur, a municipality in Central Kalimantan, confirmed the death of dozens of chickens of bird flu H5N1 infection.

        The incident hit chickens belong to people in Kelurahan Sawangan, Kecamatan Mentaya Baru Ketapang, Kotawaringin Timur.

        The area is not stated as endemic area as no recurrent incident reported.

        In the meantime officials and locals are conducting control measure and restrict bird transport into the area. All incoming birds should have health certificate.

        Last bird flu H5N1 outbreak hit Kotawaringin Timur in 2004.

        Source: Indonesia newspaper, Kompas.
        “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
        Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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