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Indonesia: Cases of Bird Flu in Poultry and Swine, Found in Bangka Barat - October 12, 2016+ H5N1

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  • Indonesia: Cases of Bird Flu in Poultry and Swine, Found in Bangka Barat - October 12, 2016+ H5N1


    Kasus Flu Burung pada Unggas dan Babi, Ditemukan di Bangka Barat
    Rabu, 12 Oktober 2016 | 16:37 WIB | Kesehatan

    Google translation:

    Cases of Bird Flu in Poultry and Swine, Found in Bangka Barat
    Wednesday, October 12, 2016 | 16:37 pm | Health

    Muntok, NETRALNEWS.COM - positive cases with suspected bird flu was found DHO West Bangka, Bangka Belitung province, in the district of Muntok and Kelapa. In Sub Muntok, bird flu was found in chickens, while in District Kelapa, bird flu affecting chickens, ducks and pigs.

    "Officer of Health with the Department of Agriculture Farm and Ranch West Bangka Regency has checked using RDP to ensure the findings of the case and found the dead birds positive suspect bird flu," said Head of Programme Development DHO West Bangka, Yudi Widyansa in Muntok Wednesday.

    He explained that the examination was conducted in District Muntok in two locations: in Gang Sukun RT 03 RW I and in Puput precisely behind the Company, discovered the case of chickens.

    "While in the District Kelapa Village Sinarsari examination found positive cases affecting chickens, ducks and pigs," he said.

    He explained that the dangerous new viruses found in animals, while from an examination of the man has not been found or negative, but it continues to supervise the residents around the scene.

    From the results of the examination, the entire poultry tested positive for everything immediately destroyed by burning.

    "We hope people do not say if there are birds died suddenly, on the other hand do not sell chicken in sickness because if chickens have been infected will be dangerous if consumed by humans," he said.

    People are expected to be proactive if you suspect any signs of avian cases of sudden death to be immediately reported to the local district Tanbunak Office or the nearest health center.

    "If there is fever with heat more than 38.5 degrees after contact with birds immediately take it to the nearest health center," he said.

    People are expected to always be alert and do not mess with the bird flu could be fatal for humans.
    Editor: Lince Eppang
    Source: Antara

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    Ternak Warga Positif Terjangkit Flu Burung
    Kamis, 20 Oktober 2016 00:48 WIB |

    Google translation:

    Residents of cattle Positive Bird Flu
    Thursday, October 20, 2016 00:48 pm | 31 Views

    Muntok - Plantation Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Distanbunnak) West Bangka (Babar) spraying disinfecting cages, burning and burial of dead birds belonging to residents in the District Muntok, Tuesday (18/10) yesterday. This is done Distanbunnak following the discovery of a number of cases of transmission of avian influenza virus (H5N1) in Babar, especially in the city Muntok.

    The findings of the H5N1 virus has flared after the Distanbunnak conduct testing using a rapid test specifically avian influenza virus some time ago. "Of the three sites that do rapid tests obtained three regions in Sub Muntok, where the rapid test results The result is a number of poultry, especially chickens tested positive for avian influenza A," said Head of livestock Distanbunak Babar SM Basuki when met at his office, on Tuesday (18/10).

    Based on the results of macroscopic observation patalogis the carcasses of dead chickens, found their endema head, haemoragik and congestion on wattle, comb and legs are a sign of clinical deaths from avian influenza. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the diagnosis, the clerk of Distanbunak Pamda Babar also perform virus isolation using cloacal swab, and took specimens of lung and trachea to see perubhan histopathologic the dead chickens.

    "All three specimens have been sent to veterinary centers in Lampung for laboratory tests, the results of the chickens tested positive for avian influenza type H5N1," he explained.

    he added, as for the transmission of avian influenza virus in poultry can occur, if there is direct contact between the sick chickens with chicken sensitive. To increase public awareness, he urges if they find dead birds suddenly immediately report to Distanbunnak.

    Then, not to throw the chicken or poultry that died and did not consume the sick chickens or chickens remaining in the location of the poultry death and destroy the rest of the birds that are still alive. For birds that are still alive buffer into a carrier or carriers that can transmit the H5N1 virus to other birds and spraying disinfectant on the cage and lingkingan around. "For the citizens who find his birds died suddenly quickly report to us. Otherwise the birds buried or burned," he concluded. (Ray)


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      Unggas Mati Terjangkit FLu Burung, Warga Bangka Barat Diminta Waspada
      Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016 | 18:02 WIB | Kesehatan

      Google translation:
      Dead poultry infected with bird flu, West Bangka Requested Vigilant Citizen
      Friday, October 21, 2016 | 18:02 pm | Health

      PANGKALPINANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Provincial Health Office of Bangka Belitung wary of avian influenza virus transmission from poultry to people in West Bangka Regency, as was found dead birds tested positive for the virus because of it.

      "We urged keeping the environment clean and avoid contact with birds positive for bird flu," said Head of Health Office in Pangkalpinang Mulyono Babel Islands, Friday (10/21/2016).

      He explains the results of laboratory tests conducted on samples Lampung Veterinary Institute of dead birds in the District of West Bangka Muntok tested positive for avian influenza type H5N1.

      "We have coordinated with the West Bangka health office to alert health centers, increasing socialization of virus transmission prevention and health checks of residents in areas infected with bird flu," he said.

      He said the transmission of the virus from poultry to humans positive for bird flu could happen, if awareness of clean and healthy lifestyle are less residents and farmers are still in contact with a pet bird flu positive.

      "The danger of this virus needs to watch out, because it can endanger the health and lives of citizens," he said.

      According to him have been no reports of contracting the bird flu virus, however, prevention efforts must continue to be improved.

      Mulyono request lest the virus transmitted to people, because of the lack of vigilance of local government.

      "As long as there are poultry infected with the virus, the potential risk of humans contracting the virus is high," he said.

      He hoped the Animal Husbandry Department also mengencarkan socialization of the cage poultry to people, because the virus and these diseases arise due to a dirty environment.

      "We expect people to always check the health of all hospitals and health centers, for early detection and anticipation of this avian virus," he hoped.


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        Ratusan Ayam di Pemali Mati Mendadak
        raposOctober 25th, 2016, 3:36 am

        Google translation:

        Hundreds of Chickens in Pemali Sudden Death
        Rapos October 25th, 2016, 3:36 am
        Positive Bird Flu Virus
        Residents Advised Alert

        Pemali - Since the past one week, hundreds of chickens owned by residents in the village of Karya Makmur subdistrict Pemali Bangka reportedly died mysteriously.
        The results of the examination of the Agriculture and Livestock Bangka, that chickens that died suddenly positive for bird flu virus (H5N1).
        Anticipate that the virus did not spread and infect humans, Monday morning (10/24/2016) yesterday, the local Dispertan through the village Pemali back spraying the home village residents Karya Makmur subdistrict Pemali especially for those who have a chicken farm for bird flu suspected , Even this pest spraying was done in every home residents who keep poultry.
        Of chickens belonging to residents gradually died suddenly, but according to residents fowl previously in good health.
        "It happened one week ago, every day 2 to 3 chickens died suddenly and kejadainnya was not a house, but a few homes at a time when previously, the condition chicken still healthy, we suspect ayajm was attacked by Bird Flu, but the department of agriculture and the farm had sent a veterinarian, if for my own chickens around 10 cows and this morning there is also a dead one, "I'm one of the village residents Karya Makmur subdistrict Pemali to wartwan Monday morning (24.10.2016).
        Meanwhile, the village head Karya Makmur subdistrict Pemali Yusni Tamrin which also accompany residents spraying Pest Bird flu home residents have said that hundreds of chickens belonging to residents who died suddenly this has happened since the meinggu ago, but up until now it tersbeut continues happen.
        "This incident in the estimate had been a week ago, when for the number of birds that died up until now has reached hundreds, if for the number of chickens residents affected by scattered RT 06 so about 10 to 15 houses, so residents of the maintenance of the chicken was indeed not much they memlihara chicken 10 till 20 birds per house, "said Yusni Tamrin told reporters.
        He said, according to the results of the examination that the chickens belonging to residents who died suddenly has been positive of bird flu.
        "The actions we take from this kejadin yesterday had come from the Agriculture and Livestock Bangka they do some sort of prevention and taking samples, and it turned out after the check positive with Avian Flu," he added.
        Yusni Tamrin also added that until now the parties continue spraying against homes where raising chickens or poultry.
        "Today (Monday-red) we take action spraying across RT 06 especially in places affected by bird flu," he continued.
        Parties village also has socialized kejadin against citizens on this, because it is feared may have an impact.
        "Yesterday by Mr. RT we've been socialized to be vigilant so that citizens are not infected with bird flu, through socialization urged residents to maintain cleanliness especially the environment," he concluded. (2nd / 6th)