May 11, 2019, Denpasar - Denpasar City seems still not free from bird flu cases. Findings from the Agriculture Office of the City of Denpasar, on April 18, 2019 there were about 60 chickens that suddenly died suddenly. These fighting chickens are raised by residents and are supported to die one by one.

"In fact, around April 2019, there was one community that was not a rancher, a lover of fighting chickens. About 60 animals gradually died, "said the Head of Animal Husbandry and Health, IB Sugiri, Friday (10/5) night.

After receiving the report, the Agriculture Service brought one sample of sick chicken and one dead chicken. After being tested in the laboratory it was indeed positive for bird flu. After that, it no longer receives reports of chickens or poultry that suddenly died or had bird flu.

"After we checked, our lab was positive for bird flu. We have overcome it so that it does not spread. Now there are no more reports. It is still sporadic and if there are no humans here it does not need to be ferocious, "he said.