High Potential Poultry Traders Affected by Bird Flu

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 | 09:36 WIB

Where facilities and infrastructure such as poultry transport vehicles and poultry shelters and slaughterhouses also have a high potential to spread bird flu virus to consumers if transporting or selling birds infected with bird flu.
Based on the survey results from the Ministry of Health, only 11 percent of the 399 markets in 14 provinces met health requirements. While 89 percent of the market still does not meet health requirements.

Adelina Hutahuruk, from the Directorate of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health explained the behavior and awareness of the health of traders, consumers and market managers plays an important role in realizing a healthy market.
"In many markets there are still many who have not disposed of garbage precisely, wash their hands with soap, throw saliva in place, and many other health requirements. This is what causes transmission of the disease, "Adelina said in a press release received by VIVA,Wednesday , October 3, 2018.

Finally he also suggested avoiding contact with germs and disinfectant solutions during cleaning, traders and market personnel must use personal protective equipment such as masks, aprons, gloves and boots.