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Positive Bird Flu, 412 Bird Tails Import Destroyed

Jakarta, (22/2). It is sad to see these beautiful birds destroyed. A total of 412 imported birds consisting of 92 peacocks and 320 birds of love birds originated from Cyprus destroyed by Soekarno Hatta Quarantine. These beautiful birds were destroyed after undergoing bird flu test, and tested
positive. Even some birds die during the quarantine period at the Animal Quarantine Installation.

"Thankful we d apat detect early, before the bird is spread in the community ", said Risma J. Silitonga, Head of Animal Quarantine BBKP Soekarno Hatta.
Risma adds inconceivable when these birds are released into the community with infected conditions, possibly even bringing a new type of bird flu. "Our government has taken pains to free Indonesia from Bird Flu, and certainly do not want the emergence of new outbreaks due to poultry importation," he explained.
Risma further declared the extermination of this bird is done with rules and SOPs in accordance with animal welfare. Quarantine parties use CO2 gas first as euthanasia material, and then burned and buried in the soil.
The extermination was witnessed by the owner, relevant agencies and local government in the Animal Quarantine Installation located in Kramat Jati East Jakarta.

In addition, 49 imported walnuts were destroyed which did not meet quarantine requirements. The quarantine officer then disinfects the entire installation of either the enclosure or other equipment in contact with the bird to prevent any viruses left behind.
Risma hopes this incident does not make people restless because the findings of this disease is still in quarantine control. In the future, it is expected that the community will comply with the correct poultry import procedure, so as not to cause financial loss and the spread of disease in Indonesian territory.
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