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​Bird flu rates rise again in Indonesia

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  • ​Bird flu rates rise again in Indonesia

    Bird flu rates rise again in Indonesia

    Liza YosephineLiza Yosephine
    The Jakarta Post
    Jakarta | Sun, July 31 2016 | 10:29 am

    "The number of bird flu cases has risen in seven consecutive months since January, with the highest number of cases recorded in April, which is quite alarming. It subsequently fell from May to June, only to rise again this month," Agriculture Ministry official Muhammad Azhar said on Friday.
    Azhar said as many as 92,014 poultry had died as a result of the bird flu virus in the last seven months...

    Data show that the three provinces with the highest number of the cases are West Java with 65 in total, Lampung with 28 and South Sulawesi with 23 cases.
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