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Indonesia: Bird flu in poultry in North Jakarta

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in poultry in North Jakarta


    Google translation:

    Bird Flu Outbreak haunt residents of North Jakarta
    Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - 20:42 pm

    TANJUNG PRIOK (Pos Kota) - An outbreak of bird flu haunts and threatens residents of North Jakarta. It setelaht 23 chickens in the area of ​​RT 09/04, Village Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, died suddenly.

    The poultry deaths after examination in the laboratory proved to bird flu. Dadi Hasan, 47, a resident. acknowledges on its territory there are 23 birds died suddenly and examination results are positive for bird flu. According to him, before the dead birds are free to roam in the settlements that exist in the region.

    "Initially the chickens look healthy and wandering in the settlements. But when brunch suddenly died and we do not know the cause. From the results of the examination it turns out that chicken menidap bird flu, "said Hasan, Wednesday (6/4).

    Recognized by community leaders Kamal Muara, Penjaringan oddly enough, shortly after the first chickens died suddenly the other chickens also come up to the total expected to reach as much as 23 chickens. On the condition it was immediately reported to the local RT hereinafter by RT reported to the village to do the checking.

    "The results pengecakan conducted by the village and Sub-Marine, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) North Jakarta this chicken tested positive for flu virus the birds" he added.

    Hasan Dadi also added, on the findings of the administrative and personnel Sub-Marine, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) North Jakarta direct bury and burn the whole chicken coop existing presence in the region surrounding the death of chickens.

    Make Sweeping

    Meanwhile Lurah Kamal Muara, Dwi Panji Forkiantoro said follow up the report it immediately coordinate with the officer that afternoon Sub KPKP straight sweep for mengankan around that location. This is done aim that the bird flu outbreak will not spread everywhere.

    "Currently, to determine whether chickens that died suddenly positive for bird flu virus or not as many as five dead chickens we do the checking. And from the results of laboratory tests KPKP Sudin turned out positive for the bird flu virus, "said Dwi.

    On this discovery so chickens that died suddenly immediately buried. While as many as 10 chicken coop so coop chickens that died suddenly were also burned.

    Separately, Head Sunter Jaya, Een Hermawan, along with residents held swepping against the poultry in the region. A total of three RT, RT 9.9 and 13/06, Sunter Jaya were subjected. This was done because the area ditiga many people who raise chickens.

    "In this swepping many as 15 chickens that we suspect of having contracted bird flu disebelih directly by the owner. In addition, as many as 10 chicken coops also destroyed because of fears of spread of avian influenza, "said Hermawan Een. (Wandi / win)