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Indonesia: Bird flu outbreaks in Poultry Declining Drastically

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu outbreaks in Poultry Declining Drastically


    Google translation:

    Bird flu cases in Indonesia Declining Drastically
    27/01/2016 Event

    Cases of bird flu in Indonesia in the last five years has dropped dramatically. Release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture said during 2015 there were only 123 events. In fact, since the virus of Avian Influenza (AI) in 2004, this case has taken a lot of casualties, poultry farmers to cripple the economy.

    In the release were also presented, since the outbreak of AI in poultry in Indonesia who declared in January 2004, the incidence gradually declined significantly every year ie 2007, there were 2,751 cases, in 2008 as many as 1,413 cases, in 2009 as many as 2293 events, in 2010 total 1502 incident, in 2011 as many as 1,411 cases, in 2012 as many as 546 events in 2013 as many as 470 events, as many as 346 events in 2014 and 2015 as many as 123 events.

    From the data presented visible cases of bird flu in Indonesia is declining. In fact, during December 2015, there was no incidence of avian influenza transmitted to humans.

    But the events that cause death in poultry is still going on. During kuruan December (1-31), based on a progress report AI disease incidence, through the results of Rapid Tests (Rapid Test) reported positive animal health officials respond quickly via SMS Gateway, iSIHKNAS and surveillance investigations BBV / BV up to the events of December 31 AI 2015, which is the number of events as much as 12 events in 12 villages in 8 districts / cities in 7 provinces, namely:
    Four events in West Java, precisely in Subang (Dawuan the District, District and Sub-District Dahan The Pond). Then two events in the province of South Sumatra (in OKU District, District and Sub-District East Baturaja Lubuk Trunk).

    There are two events in Bengkulu, namely in Central Bengkulu, precisely in Karang high, and the District of Ulu Bermani Kingdom. Whereas in Central Java, there is one event which is in District Godong, Grobogan.

    In Banten there is one incident, namely Kota Serang precisely in the District Cipocok Jaya. And in Yogyakarta one incident, in District Umbulharjo. Then, in the province of South Sulawesi, in the district Pancarijang.
    All of these events led to the death of as many as 7,003 head of poultry consists of 1,278 chickens, 2,440 ducks and 3,285 quails.

    "In anticipation of the extreme weather conditions of high rainfall and the incidence of flooding in several regions in Indonesia that have the potential risk of increased incidence of AI in poultry, it has issued Circular of the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Health No. 28 111 / PD.520 / F / 11/2014 dated 28 November 2014 on Poultry Disease Control Preparedness in the rainy season, "according to a release issued.

    To the people / breeders who know their poultry sick / died suddenly in order to report via SMS Rapid Response Team to the local / area nearby or via SMS and Call Center of Animal Health Directorate AI No. 08118301001