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Indonesia - Be Wary of Avian Zoonosis

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  • Indonesia - Be Wary of Avian Zoonosis

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    Discourse - 26 Januari 2013

    Wary of Avian Zoonosis

    By Harjuli Hatmono

    Starting from the sudden death of tens of thousands of ducks in Brebes [Central Java FT link], until earlier this year that figure reached 51 thousand heads. In Java, the death of the birds reached 61 thousand, 150 thousand nationwide. This is not a small number considering the epidemiological phenomenon known iceberg charts. The appearance of the symptoms of mortality and morbidity only a small part of the prevalence (picture) really is.

    Duck deaths caused by bird flu or Avian Influenza (AI) in Indonesia is a novelty. In 2004, an outbreak occurred in chickens. The ducks and other waterfowl are theorized as a reservoir, the source of animal infections without developing the disease himself.

    No one related to avian influenza when attacking ducks understood as part of the process of mutation of the virus. Officers shocked farm field in a situation'' weird'' because it considers the status of reservoir ducks remains. Logical when it comes to the death of tens of thousands of cattle, they still expressed'' expected'' and will be confirmed through a series of lab tests.

    Things like this often result in treatment delays. Actually, if the diagnosis is made clinically then immediately AI can be stated with clinically positive or negative.

    While the Ministry of Agriculture said the bird flu virus attacks that cause sudden death in ducks that spread to six provinces, namely Central Java, West Java, East Java, Banten, Lampung, and West Sulawesi (SM, 12.23.2012). Still based on conjecture, derived from duck virus importation.

    Wary of the bird flu virus attacks means related to the interests of duck rescue effort which incidentally economy, and prevent the outbreak of bird flu in humans. Currently, the structure of the bird flu virus mutate so that the original duck reservoir turned into a susceptible animal. So, two opinions whether the virus came from importation (version Kementan) or mutated (version MoH) had the same justification, and people do not need to debate.

    Anticipation Readiness

    The important thing is we have to deal with two aspects of animal health (keswan) and veterinary public health (Veterinary Public Health). From the aspect of animal health, there are still procedures which include sanitation, vaccinations, and medications. Sanitation is an act of murder germs before it infects cattle [poultry].

    Difficulties encountered in extensive farms. Chicken dipiara by almost every household in the village. Chickens roam everywhere, sleeping on the railings, eaves, byre, trees, even in the kitchen. More extreme patterns of duck: superekstensif for grazing throughout the rice fields or along the river, some even outside of the region.

    Human involvement in the production and trade of poultry are transmission gaps, entrypoints.Therefore, the implementation of operational standards should include preproduction, production and postproduction. Workers in lab vaccines, breeding farm, chicken coop, cutting, and traders who consume chicken to a family, have the same risk of contracting.
    Need to improve the oversight and implementation in the field related to the provision of hygiene assurance meat and eggs. But people do not have to worry about consuming poultry processed products, such as salted eggs, chicken soup, and fried duck. Anyone worried contracted while driving behind the pickup carrier chickens.

    Feather and dirt particles is quite possible carry germs. Transportation in the form of fresh or frozen meat may further ensure safety. The peak occurs when fears of bird flu virus has mutated to spread between humans. Alert means prepared for a pandemic. (10)

    - Drh Harjuli Hatmono MSi, Chairman of the Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) Jateng I, members of the 51 team Zoonotic Disease Control Central Java Province.

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