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Old Bird Flu Vaccine Can Be Used for Ducks??

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  • Old Bird Flu Vaccine Can Be Used for Ducks??

    REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, experts have produced masterseed or prickly anti-virus to make a vaccine for AI clade 2.3.2. Pathogenicity test results and test cross-reaction also shows similarities with the character of the new vaccine clade 2.1.3 vaccine, which is used in the case of bird flu earlier. means that the old vaccine can still be used to tackle bird flu that attacked ducks today. "The vaccine is still available at a variety of long and numerous provinces," said Director General of Livestock and Animal Health, Gratitude Iwantoro,
    Friday (04/01) in Jakarta. vaccine manufacturing process is expected to last for 35 days. During the waiting process is complete, farmers are encouraged to perform a previous vaccination with the vaccine. giving booster vaccines done by the method, ie by repeating 2-5 times. The circular has been deployed since yesterday, (03/01).

    Feeding and management of good maintenance should also be improved. Several local farm said duck Thanksgiving began stopping shipments of the affected cases of bird flu. Livestock include in Lampung, Kalimantan and some Sulawe "There freeze while minimizing the risk of spreading," he told Reuters. Breeders are encouraged to gradually abandon nomadic maintenance system that allows ducks to move when looking for food. Patterns intensive maintenance is costly which led farmers are reluctant to switch.