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Indonesia Minister of Health encourages the US to establish research collaborations on the bird flu virus

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  • Indonesia Minister of Health encourages the US to establish research collaborations on the bird flu virus

    U.S. Invites MoH Elaborate Bird Flu
    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2012 12:47 pm

    MINISTRY of Health (MoH) invites researchers United States (U.S.) to establish research collaborations bird flu virus. The effort required for public health in countries affected by bird flu outbreaks.

    Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health Tjandra Yoga Aditama said the role of the developed countries is very important to deal with the outbreak. "When developed countries to study bird flu virus from Asian countries, it is important to work together," he said during a conversation Yoga Aditama relationship health between Indonesia and the U.S., particularly on health research as well as some aspects of bird flu in Indonesia, yesterday.

    He explained that there are at least three reasons for the importance of cooperation between the research conducted in both countries related to the study of bird flu virus. First, cooperation can expand horizons and research capabilities. Second, the study not only can be used for scientific purposes, but can also be used for public health in countries experiencing outbreaks of the virus. different reasons, so that those in the origin of the virus to obtain clear information about the study results.

    Meanwhile, Health Minister (Menkes) Nafsiah Mboi called for more people to increase alertness if found birds that died suddenly in large numbers. He even advised to avoid direct contact with dead birds, especially for children or parents with weak endurance. "People need to increase alertness and attention to correct if there are a lot of dead birds, to stay away," he said. According to him, people do not need to hesitate to report to a health worker if it is known there are children or elderly people experiencing symptoms of fever accompanied by stone, especially if you have previously had a history of direct contact with poultry. Thus, health care workers can be immediately brought to the hospital and give Tamiflu. "We've trained the health workers so that if there is a suspicious incident of bird flu in the clinic or in the village, to immediately send to the referral hospital," he said.
    It was announced Nafsiah following a bird flu case in a child aged 4 years in Bogor. Furthermore, he explained that a new type of bird flu variant or clade 2.3.2 is endemic in Central Java, East Java and West Java recently discovered in ducks that were previously classified as resistant poultry. Mutation of the bird flu virus from clade 2.1 to 2.3.2. has led to thousands of ducks in Java sudden death. "Previous ducks considered invulnerable, but the clade that is deadly for these birds, "cucapnya.

    Menkes confirmed, until now have not found a new type of bird flu virus or clade 2.3.2. in humans. Cases of bird flu was discovered in an old type virus. Throughout 2012, the Ministry of Health noted the incidence of bird flu in humans have left nine people dead. That figure is relatively down compared to the previous year. In 2006 there were 55 cases, 2007 (42) 2008 (24) 2009 (21), 2010 (9), and 2011 (12).

    Members of the Working Committee of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Bill Nabiel Al Musawa Parliament urged people not to worry and keep alert. He asked the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and do not make direct contact with poultry that died suddenly.
    He also urged the government to be aware of the conspiracy developed countries, like the U.S. and the World Health Organization (WHO), the developing countries and the third world health project. assumption is not without foundation, started as many countries, including Indonesia hit by bird flu disaster , 2005.
    WHO require countries suffering from bird flu virus to deliver the virus into their labs. "absence of vaccine available, even forced to buy bird flu vaccines from U.S. pharmaceutical companies one at a great price. Bird flu vaccine sold American company, allegedly obtained from samples of bird flu virus in Vietnam and Indonesia, "he said. (tty)