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Indonesia: Bird flu in ducks has spread to six provinces

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in ducks has spread to six provinces


    23 Desember 2012
    Serangan Flu Burung Menyebar ke Enam Provinsi

    Google translation:

    December 23, 2012
    Attack Bird Flu Spread to Six Province

    Suspected Virus Derived from Ducks Import

    BREBES-attack bird flu virus or Avian influenzayang cause of sudden death in ducks has now spread to six provinces in Indonesia.

    While the Ministry of Agriculture research, the attack was a new strain of bird flu, the alleged source is derived from imported duck. "From the reports we have received, the attack has spread to six provinces. Duck bird flu attack is indicated because of the importation of imported duck or duck, "said Minister of Agriculture (Agriculture) Ir Suswono MMAsaat working visit to the Farmers Livestock Ducks (KTTI) Ayem Adem, Pakijangan Village, District Bulakamba, Brebes, Saturday afternoon (22/12).

    Minister of Agriculture Visits sudden attack was carried out following the outbreak of the bird flu virus that caused hundreds of ducks owned by ranchers in Brebes sudden death. In its activities, Minister also took direct dialogue with the breeder Kota Bawang.

    According to the Minister of Agriculture, according to reports received, the attack of bird flu began in late October. The attacks have spread across six provinces, including Central Java, West Java, East Java, Banten, Lampung, and West Sulawesi. As the results of laboratory tests, there are two possible emergence of a new strain of bird flu.

    Namely, it can be due to the importation of ducks or a mutation of the virus that attacks chickens and birds. "This is what we are doing research. However, this trend comes from viruses importation ducks. Of the state where the source, we are also still investigating, "said Suswono.

    51 915 tail Furthermore, he said, the bird flu is a new virus attacking ducks, with clade 2.3 sub clade 2.3.2. The common bird flu has clade 2.1. In order to find out the source of the virus and the way it has intensified 10 laboratories spread all over Indonesia to study.

    Hopefully within the next three weeks, the study was able to produce, especially vaccines for avian influenza in ducks. "We ask people not to panic response to bird flu.

    Efforts continue to control our conduct. In addition to intensive socialization so that people know a whole about the bird flu, we are also looking for a vaccine, "said Suswono.

    Head of Department of Animal Husbandry Ir Nono Brebes regency Setyawan said, based on the data in their agency, as a result of bird flu has killed as many as 51,915 ducks owned by farmers in the region. The amount is 45 percent of the duck population is in Brebes, as many as 115,490 ducks. (H38-85)