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Indonesia: "Bird Flu Virus Also Found in Healthy Poultry"

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  • Indonesia: "Bird Flu Virus Also Found in Healthy Poultry"


    Bird Flu Virus Also Found in Healthy Poultry

    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    - Chairman of the Avian Influenza - Zoonosis Research Center, Airlangga University, C. A. Nidom, said the bird flu virus (H5N1) can be found in healthy birds. The condition is due to the vaccine given to poultry.

    According to him, the bird flu vaccine in poultry makes antibodies to poultry so that birds will stay healthy and do not die when exposed to the bird flu virus. As a result, the signs are already infected with the virus, but not seen. So the lack of public awareness because they think the birds they have in good health.

    "Our research states that already vaccinated birds may still carry the bird flu virus even look healthy," he said.

    H5N1 virus will be transmitted to humans through the feces of birds. Manure will be dried so that the virus is carried by the wind. Then the virus infecting humans. That is, no one's doing any contact with poultry, it can be infected by the virus through the air.
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