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Sintang, W. Kalimantan Bird Flu Response

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  • Sintang, W. Kalimantan Bird Flu Response


    Kamis, 25 November 2010 , 09:36:00
    Sintang Cepat Tanggap Flu Burung

    Google translation:

    Thursday, November 25, 2010, 09:36:00
    Sintang Bird Flu Response

    SINTANG - Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Mugoyono Kalbar, Sintang rate has been very responsive to cope with bird flu transmission. "Overall I see Sintang effort to overcome the spread of bird flu has been quick and responsive, community participation is also high, "said Mugiyono, told this newspaper on Wednesday (24/11) yesterday in Sintang.Ia say, in general, especially the city of Pontianak in West Kalimantan and Sintang the spread of bird flu had occurred some time ago, when this condition is safe. "As long as there are efforts to address quickly, then the spread of this H5N1 virus can be overcome," said Mugoyono.

    Mugoyono come to Sintang to see how far the development of transmission of bird flu virus, happened within a few days of this fast moving team Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Sintang District is implementing a bio-security (spraying) cattle sheds in several villages and villages in the District Sintang. "It's an effort to overcome the spread is by spraying, and in Sintang engagement party or administrative village also has a maximum," he said.

    He asserted that if the spraying is one of effective measures in prevention, but efforts must also be repeated. "At least a week after the first spraying was repeated again, so if there are still remaining H5N1 virus is expected to disappear with repetition penyeprotan it," imbuhnya.Selain, said Mugoyono, good prevention efforts also depend on the supervision of the incoming traffic from the local poultry others, not to get people who bring poultry such as chickens from outside the area.

    "Events in West Kalimantan is clear that the initial transmission of the H5N1 virus came from chickens who entered illegally from outside West Kalimantan as events in this Sintang," ucapnya.Upaya other prevention, he said, is to enhance public awareness to protect the environment, especially their poultry cages . "If poultry cages, it's easier to eliminate the transmission of the virus to other cattle," katanya.Menurut Mugoyono, for declared free of bird flu would have to go through the surveillance process by taking blood samples, then tested in the laboratory. "The period of this study lasted 60 days, two weeks once performed rapid tests or lab tests to check, if during the 60 days it had not found anymore, then it could be expressed freely," he explained.

    According to him, in addressing the findings of transmission, diinstansi dealing with animal husbandry is no such thing Deases Participatory Surveillance Response Team (PDSR), which is specifically assigned as the team's rapid move to combat the spread of bird flu. "When there are reports of dead chickens suspicious, then the team immediately down the field to perform rapid tests and if tested positive, then the direct handling of standard procedure, at least in areas that have tested positive can be localized, "he said.

    Mugoyono again reminded, in the handling of bird flu cases, at least socialization and supervision of poultry can be increased traffic, maintain the cleanliness of the cage and also provide insight into the community for the treatment of chicken carcasses properly. "As long as there are findings of the case, then the standard procedure remain to be done until declared free of bird flu," he said. (Mus)