Kebumen : A total of 118 laying hens in the village of Arab Kebadongan, District Klirong, Kebumen, positive Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu. Certainty can be achieved from a team of Marine Fisheries and Livestock Service (Peperla) conducted a rapid test on two samples of chicken carcasses laying Arab.

The case was revealed when the Department received a report from Peni Peperla residents Rt 02 RW 01 which mentions 118 laying hens arab population of 500 fish of his sudden death. After receiving the report, a team from the Office Peperla do tapid tests on two samples of the carcass."The results show a positive AI," says Head of Peperla Ir A Trie Prodjo to Suara Merdeka, Tuesday (23/11).

As a follow-up, the Office Peperla burn and bury dead birds at the scene. Spraying the cage and the environment with a disinfectant independently also performed. "We are also improving traffic control livestock and poultry products in the region," he added.

Follow-up of others, namely to increase communication, information and education Avian Influenza disease and monitoring, evaluation is also reporting the incident.