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Luwu Timur, South Sulawesi ::: Health Service forms special point for avian influenza treatment

Posted by Ida on September 16, 2010

Malili ? Health Service of Kabupaten (municipal) Luwu Timur formed special point of avian influenza control following to recent outbreak in this area.

This point is specialized for treating of transmitted virus from animal to human. This issue was raised during meeting of Komisi I representatives (DPRD) of Luwu Timur with Health service and Livestock Service, Wednesday (15/9).

?Beside of controlling points in each sub-districts and health centers, Health Service also formed a special unit for avian influenza treatment of human,? mentioned Head of Komisi I DPRD Luwu Timur, A Hikmad.

The special treatment point is located in Batara Guru regional hospital, Luwu Timur.

Thousands of bird had suddenly died in Luwu Timur and tested positive Influenza A H5N1, recently. To anticipate further spreading, officials had culled all birds in eight sub-districts: Tomoni, Mangkutana, Tomoni Timur, kalaena, Wotu, Burau, Malili and Angkona.

Hikmad also mentioned they had requested the executives for issuinng compensation of loss to be given to poultry farmers.

Head of Livestock Service Luwu Timur, Bahrun Abidin until now have not confirmed total loss of farmers. However, Bahrun mentioned medicine stock is still sufficient. After the outbreak, meat chicken consumption had decreased in Luwu Timur.

Current bird flu spreading in Luwu Timur showed different pattern to the previous outbreak. In this outbreak, the virus could not be controlled only by standard procedure. Disinfection spraying was not only ineffective to kill virus but caused new endemic in other area, Bahrun added.

Source: Indonesia local newspaper, Tribun timur.