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Indonesia - MOH Purba Says Bird Flu Still a Threat

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  • Indonesia - MOH Purba Says Bird Flu Still a Threat

    Bird Flu Threat Still Be - Thursday, July 22, 2010 13:15 AM
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    -Burung.jpg-flu outbreak

    Journalists Reports Tribun Pekanbaru

    TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Pekanbaru - Pandemic bird flu (avian influenza) since first discovered in 2003 in Hong Kong, was still considered a serious threat to Indonesia 's. Mnenunjukkan data from 166 cases from 2005 to 2010 the number of victims who died from the H5N1 virus (the virus causing bird flu) in Indonesia reached 136 people.

    Data from the Directorate General of P2PL (Disease Control and Environmental Control), Ministry of Health Indonesia and even recorded the actual amount is still higher. This was revealed in the Workshop on Avian Influenza Control Team Riau province Riau MOH in 2010, held at the Hotel Furaya, Thursday (22/07/2010).

    Drh Wilfied Purba, Director General of Disease Control Zoonosis Kasubdis Sourced Animals Disease Health Department, in the material mentioned, cases of avian influenza from year to year did show a significant figure. However, the government according to him, has done enough preventive measures and adequate prevention.

    Since 2005, according to Wilfried, deaths from bird flu tends to fall until June 2010. If in 2006 there were 55 cases with a mortality of 45 people, then in 2007 the number of cases and deaths decreased ie 42 cases with 37 fatalities.

    This figure tends to fall in 2008 only 24 / 20, the year 2009 to 21 / 19 and last until June 2010 was to stay four cases with three casualties died. "However, despite the bird flu pandemic is no longer considered since discovered in 2003 and then, we remain must be alert and prevent it, "said Wilfried. (*)