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Dozens of Sudden Death Chickens

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  • Dozens of Sudden Death Chickens

    Sriwijaya Post - Monday, June 7, 2010 09:33 AM
    Prabumulih, SRIPO - Village Residents Sukajadi, Sunday (6 / 5), created an uproar with the discovery of chickens that died suddenly in one of citizen. These chickens died suddenly due to suspected bird flu (avian influenza). Even after a sample tested by the Health Department, the hen bird flu positive.

    The event is known chicken owners declined to be named admitted initially found four of his chickens died suddenly about 11:00 o'clock. "Because of fear of bird flu are reported directly to the headman's office," he said.

    Received the report, Lurah Sukajadi, Darno SIP contact the Office of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Forestry Plantation (PPKPP). Officers arrived and entered the examination to ensure that the cause of death of chickens.

    Head of Department PPKPP, Ir Soegiyono through Kasi Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health, Nora Drh Gustina admit, these chickens died from the H5N1 virus attack. Bird flu spread by newly hatched chicks.

    "We use rapid, bird flu detection equipment," he said.

    After ensuring the bird flu, it immediately took action by burning and burying dozens of chicken left over, including chicks just hatched. It is also looking for other chickens that roam the area which may be attacked by bird flu.

    "The burning of chickens suspected of bird flu should not be just anyone, there is a special team to combat," he said.

    From the results of inspection teams, for the moment the bird flu affected areas in Sub Sukajadi new course. Have not found any other point that may be endemic spread of bird flu.

    It also had found a similar case (the chicken died suddenly) in a number of other areas in Prabumulih. Among them, the District Cambai and Prabumulih. Above findings, the institute has asked the PHC to anticipate complaints of flu or fever and shortness of breath experienced by residents. Nora asked the PHC also check the patient's history of close contact with poultry. "Citizens do not need to worry because Sukajadi existing controls and the (regional Sukajadi) was freed from germs that may spread bird flu, that we do to prevent transmission," he added. (CR2)

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    Re: Dozens of Sudden Death Chickens


    Puskesmas Siaga Flu Burung
    Sriwijaya Post - Senin, 7 Juni 2010 23:08 WIB

    Google translation:
    home / Sumatera / Prabumulih

    Health Center Avian Influenza Alert
    Sriwijaya Post - Monday, June 7, 2010 23:08 AM

    Prabumulih, SRIPO - Anticipating the spread of bird flu in Prabumulih, Prabumulih City Government through the Health Service clinics in Sukajadi Prabumulih alert in anticipation of attacks against human bird flu. It came after the sudden death of some chickens, Sunday (6 / 6) in Kelurhan Sukajadi, East Prabumulih. Of the incident, a few chickens that died tested positive for bird flu.

    Head Prabumulih Health, Dr H Iwan Hasibuan, Monday (7 / 6) said it has asked the PHC Sukajadi to prepare space and equipment for treating patients affected by bird flu symptoms. "But until now there has been no report patients or patients who showed symptoms of bird flu attack," he said. Iwan said the bird flu patients than patients requiring extra penangangan common cold. Handling more stringent done so that the virus does not spread to other patients seeking treatment. In addition, medicines and medical equipment has been supplied to both the affected patient care or show any symptoms of the H1N1 virus attack.

    Separately, Head of Department of Agriculture Livestock Fisheries Forestry Plantation (DPPKPP) Prabumulih, accompanied by Kasi Soegiyono Animal Health (Animal), drh Gustina mention Nora, the H1N1 virus endemics occur only at one point. Virus attack on a chicken farm but not the pet residents. "Poultry is diliarkan. Not dikandangkan like farming," he said. It has isolated the region with a suspected infected birds destroy, burn and bury it follows the cage. Pengisoliran did not take long to remember the poultry owner's residence was far away from the residents.