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Banda Aceh - 14 Districts with Bird Flu

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    Re: Banda Aceh - 14 Districts with Bird Flu

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    Friday, 18 June 2010 08:43

    Two bird flu cases found during the 2010
    News - Aceh
    ONLINE caution

    BANDA ACEH - Livestock Office in Banda Aceh found two cases of bird flu (avian influenza) is caused by the H5N1 virus in poultry owned by local residents until mid-2010.

    "Cases of bird deaths due to bird flu virus occurred in February," said Kasi Animal Husbandry Department, Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine (P3K) in Banda Aceh, Mustafa in Banda Aceh this morning.

    Both cases occurred in the village of Ie Masen Kayee Adang and Pango, Ulee Kareng district, each found in 30 birds died on Ie Masen and 18 tails in Pango.

    Mustafa said the case was known after people reported dead poultry in her village to the related department so quickly handled and is not contagious to other birds.

    "In accordance with the provisions of the FAO that if there were 20 dead birds, other poultry should be protected, we immediately signed if there was a report from the community," he added.

    For any dead birds, the City of Banda Aceh provides indemnity of Rp15.000.

    Meanwhile, until November 2009, recorded 14 cases of bird flu in the city of Banda Aceh are seven cases in the District Kutaraja, two in District Meuraxa, two in the District of New Jaya.

    Cases of bird flu in the capital of Aceh province in 2009 increased compared to 2008 that occurred as many as four cases. Banda Aceh is one of 10 regional districts in Aceh, which found cases of bird flu in 2008.

    However, has not been found in human bird flu case in Aceh. Bird flu caused by H5N1 virus in Indonesia had time to bloom in 2007 even to cause death in humans.

    Mustafa said the community needs to pay attention to hygiene of poultry cages and immediately wash your hands after direct contact with the animal. In addition, poultry cages necessary sprayed with disinfectant to kill disease virus

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  • kiwibird
    started a topic Banda Aceh - 14 Districts with Bird Flu

    Banda Aceh - 14 Districts with Bird Flu

    In Four Years; 14 District / Town Having Bird Flu Print Email
    Banda Aceh, (Analisa) Banda Aceh, (Analysis)

    . Recorded 14 of the 23 districts / cities in Aceh has been attacked by the bird flu virus (Avian Influenza), a deadly least 24,315 birds.
    This alarming condition, making the Aceh provincial government endeavored to suppress the spread of bird flu virus by applying a nine-step strategic.

    According to Vice Governor Muhammad Nazar, the 14 districts / cities that have been attacked by the bird flu virus include 62 districts and 125 villages. Therefore, need quick and precise handling, before spreading to the districts / cities.
    "4-year span of time, bird flu has spread in most counties and cities in Aceh," said Muhammad Nazar in Banda Aceh, Thursday (18 / 2) night.

    . Expressed, from 2005 to 2009, total poultry deaths in Aceh reached as many as 24,315 have tails and didepopulasi (turned off) 2770 tail.
    Nine-step strategic control of bird flu include strict implementation of biosecurity, culling through the selective depopulation of poultry in infected areas, the implementation of vaccination and control traffic.

    Further surveillance and tracking, increased public awareness, replenishment poultry, culling of birds as a whole as well as monitoring, reporting and evaluation.
    In addition to this strategic step nine, also made a breakthrough in controlling bird flu in Aceh to conduct cooperation with related institutions such as the Directorate General of Livestock and the World Food Agency (FAO).
    To Aceh, has been formed "Local Disease Control Center (LDCC), which has been working since April 2008. LDCC Banda Aceh has 46 teams consisting of 92 people as the "Participatory Disease Surveillance And Response (PDSR) are scattered throughout the district and the city.

    "FAO is also providing assistance in the form of training and operational PSDR team to track the bird flu virus presence in Aceh," said Nazar. (IRN)