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Mayor Threatens Shut Shelter and Cutting Chicken

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  • Mayor Threatens Shut Shelter and Cutting Chicken

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    Sunday, January 10, 2010
    Kalideres (Pos Kota) - Shelter and Cutting Chicken (TPA) on December Jl.20 Pegadungan RT 008/03 Sub-District, District Kalideres, West Jakarta, which has caused the bird flu and killing people, in the near future will be closed.

    "The mayor has sent a second warning and the third to the owner / manager of the landfill to close their business activities not later than 3 x 24 hours. If not ignored will be closed forcibly Penertib Integrated Team, "he said. Livestock and fisheries Sudin West Jakarta, drh. Accompanied Kusdiana Ka. Sudin Kominfo, Drs. H. Yusuf Mansur.

    He explained the process of four months more, since the outbreak of the people and events to a dead world: Ny.Fitriani. For children Nabila (1.5), and nephew Edo (3) successfully rescued.

    All three victims could be treated at Hospital Puri Indah, Kembangan and referred to Sulianti Saroso Hospital because suspect bird flu. Mrs Fitriani not managed to salvage his soul. Were children and nephews, successfully cured.

    "Not because of stalling for time, but requires a process, ranging from preventive measures to warnings," he said.
    Steps undertaken include laboratory test in place after cutting chicken and have proved the bird flu virus in that location given the first warning and make disinfection.

    But the warning was ignored that warning was given first and second tg.17 June 2009 and July 3, 2009, then the landfill owner was invited to the West Jakarta Mayor Office through a letter of invitation from West Jakarta sekko Drs H 5043/1.823.54 Fatahillah No. dated August 7, 2009 notification about the closure on Friday tgl.14 August 2009.

    However, instead of attending the invitation, Mrs. uasaha owners. Ng provocatively shows and tore the letter in front of the officer who checked the letter to the location. "Actions are judged landfill owners breaking the law and an insult to government officials, the program was reported to the police," explained Kusdiana.

    Residents assess the steps the administration slow assessed because keberdaan where it has an annual business and has repeatedly protested that cause pollution and bad smell.

    But the protests were less ditanggapi.Padahal no reason the site was up for settlement and allotment produce about 6,000 head / day.

    "After falling victim to death, new officers down to check the landfill and promised to close it," said Nafsi, citizen. Moreover, it is clear residents, this disease is very worried, in some countries if there are infected animals AI in the region will be quarantined.

    "No clear policy of allowing the administration of this effort dragged on. Troublesome when it comes to getting back to the victim who wants the responsibility. Did the government take responsibility? "Ask the people. (Herman / dms)


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    Re: Mayor Threatens Shut Shelter and Cutting Chicken

    The patients in the previous post were reported last May and again in August 2009.
    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
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