After outbreak in poultry in Wonosobo extra attention on possible human cases. Free Tamiflu in the local Health Centres.

Guard against Bird Flu

The official of the health continued to be ready alert, although the case of bird flu that spread in Wonosobo not yet until attacked humankind.

Vigilance was towards the illness of Avian Influenza carried out in the region that his poultry was positive infecrted by this virus.

Because of the person with suspect bird flu usually has the story of contact with the poultry that was attacked by this virus.

We alerted the official of the good health in the health polyclinic of the village and community health centres. Was prepared by 100 courses of medicine tamiflu in each community health centre.

This medicine was given free, said Kasubdin Pengamatan of the Prevention of the Dinas Kesehatan Illness and Sosial Welfare (DKKS) Wonosobo, Junaedi to KR, recently.

This medicine, said Junaedi, only effective worked for 48 first hours.
So, the sufferer who was indicated suspect bird flu must be handled as quickly as possible.

Signs suspect bird flu almost was the same as common flu, like the hot body on 38 levels celcius, bones pain, the cough, flu, breathless, the headache was increased once contact with the positive poultry was affected by this virus.

According to him, the matter that most was worried was the possibility of the occurrence of the spread of the poultry to humankind and humankind to humankind.

For Wonosobo, now this the spread of the deadly virus just was limited by the poultry to the poultry. However if that was not anticipated, so his spread could develop from the poultry to humankind.