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  • Indonesia BF - 05/28 - 05/31

    toggletext-ed from Indonesian:

    The report on the Area of Flu Burung

    The Citizen of the Land Karo not Want Dievakuasi
    28/05/2006 09:20

    Photo caption: The Simbelang community of the Fortification Village, the Karo Land, North Sumatra, did not believe the spread of the bird flu virus from humankind to humankind happened. The citizen in fact was not prepared to be evacuated., the Karo Land: The Simbelang Community of the Fortification Village, the Karo Land, North Sumatra, did not trust the statement of the World of the Health Body (WHO) that the spread of the bird flu virus from humankind to humankind happening. They in fact not be sure that seven villagers the Simbelang Fortification that died because of bird flu. The reason, the citizen did not want to be evacuated to the other village although WHO said his village was endemic bird flu. Was like this was sent by Rutnani Tarigan (the brother-in-law's Calm older brother Ruginting), recently.

    Rutnani did not believe the spread of bird flu happened between-humankind. The woman said when quite true had the spread antarmanusia necessarily he already tertular. Because of uptil now he that treated Calm and his child. "Be sick pilek then not was available," Rutnani words [read: the Department of Health acknowledged the Possibility of the Spreading of Antarmanusia Bird Flu].

    Despite this, still had some worried citizens was infected by the deadly virus. They then memeriksakan himself to the local community health centre. However the medical team did not yet find had the citizen that terindikasi was infected by the virus H5N1 since the death seven casualties. From hundreds of citizens who are checked, generally suffered diarrhoea, the inflammation of the stomach, and the skin illness.

    Unfortunately, the increase in the number of patients who carried out the check-up was not supported with the room that was available. So also with medical equipment as well as the medicine. Therefore was worried by the control of the spreading of the bird flu virus will not go well. (DNP/Polmart Aritonang and the Rambe Good Deed),12357...148802372.html
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

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    AS and AT died Positive Flu Burung

    toggletext-ed from Indonesian:

    AS and AT died Positive Flu Burung
    Bandung, (HOMEWORK).
    May 28, 2006

    AS (18) and AT (10), the older brother was siblings the citizen Kp. Sukahayu the Cinunuk Kec Village. Cileunyi Kab. Bandung, that died, on Tuesday (23/5), in the Handsome Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, was stated positive was infected by the bird flu virus [the WHO has only confirmed one]. Therefore, the number of cases of the spread of gathering bird flu (cluster) that was treated in RSHS Bandung, to three cases.

    "Results indeed were not yet sent in writing, but Balitbangkes Jakarta has given the assurance that two patients that was treated in RSHS, PCR him (Polymerase Chain Reaction-red") positive, said the Managing Director of RSHS Bandung, Dr. Cissy B. Kartasasmita, in the press conference that was spread out, on Saturday (27/5). Be present in this agenda of the Chairman Tim the Control of RSHS Bird Flu, Dr. Hadi Jusuf, Vice Chairman Tim Penanggulangan Breakingprep Flu Burung Dr. Djatnika Setiabudi and the Head of the Room of the Poinciana Tree Block Rasmita.

    Therefore, Space of the Poinciana Tree Isolation of RSHS Bandung from September 2005 to May 27 2006, treated 40 patients who were expected [suspected] terjangkit bird flu. Eighteen including being the male patient and 22 female patients. The same number including children's 13 patients.

    "From this number, six people confirm bird flu, namely the child's three patients and three mature patients young." Four including dying, now two other was stated recovered, said Cissy.

    The patient that was stated positive and died, namely E (4) from the Cipedang Kec Village. Bongas Kab. Indramayu, Y (14) from the Village Kertajaya the Subdistrict Padalarang Kab. Bandung, as well as the AS (18) and AT (10) from the Cinunuk Kec Village. Cileunyi Kab. Bandung. While two other patients who were stated recovered, namely E (16) from Kp. Sukamantri Kec. Cimanggung Kab. Sumedang and Ch (9) from Kab. Indramayu.

    All the patient that was stated positive was infected by the bird flu virus, said Cissy, had clear contact with the poultry that was sick or died suddenly. Therefore, in the six cases was not yet suspected by the occurrence of contact antarmanusia [H2H].

    "Cluster ketiga"

    In the meantime, Dr. Hadi Jusuf, said, the case of the death of the older brother was siblings the AS and AT, increased the number of cases of the spread of gathering bird flu (cluster) that was treated in RSHS Bandung. Cluster first namely the patient E (16) from Kab. Sumedang that was treated in RSHS from November 10 to December 3 2005. The patient's older brother E, namely Y (21) and his brother D (8) died with the sign similar to bird flu on November 15 2005 in RSUD Sumedang.

    The second group, that was treated in RSHS Bandung was E (4) from Kab. Indramayu, that died on January 17 2006 after being treated for two days. Beforehand, the older brother tiri E namely Nur (13) was stated positive was infected by bird flu and died in RSUD Indramayu. RSHS could also treat the older brother tiri E other, namely I (15) and his father Kadis (54) that afterwards was stated by the bird flu negative.

    "Cluster third, the AS patient and AT that was reconciliation from RSUD Ujungberung." The patient's whole cluster this had clear contact with the poultry that was sick or died, he said.

    In the meantime, Dr. Djatnika Setiabudi, said, the existence suspicion of the spread antarmanusia like in the case cluster in the Land of Karo North Sumatra, was not yet found in the case cluster that was treated in RSHS Bandung.

    "All the patients confirm had direct contact with the poultry that died," explained Hadi.

    Cissy explained, the chicken that was cooked fully will not spread the bird flu virus. However, could the spread happened when the patient prepared pemasakan this chicken. The "origin chicken was cooked fully, not the problem." But, could the spread happened when he skinned this chicken did not make use of the mask or gloves. That was far more dangerous than ate the chicken that has been cooked, said Cissy.

    Was based on information that was assembled by "HOMEWORK", the bird flu virus will die if being cooked for one minute to the temperature 80 Celsius levels.

    Now for the chicken egg, was enough to be cooked for 15 minutes to the temperature 64 Celsius levels. As for the chicken that terjangkit this virus had the physical characteristics of the red cock's comb kebiruan, low the red eyelids kebiruan, was gotten the bleeding blank to the tibia and the chest part as well as the sudden death happened.

    This virus could remain for four days in water bersuhu 22o Celsius, approximately 35 days in the temperature of 4o Celsius and more than 30 days in the temperature 0 Celsius levels. This virus could live longer in poultry excrement or in the poultry body that was sick.
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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      Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28

      Jakarta -- MIOL: the Older Brother was siblings the citizen of the Subdistrict Cileunyi the Bandung Regency that was treated in the Handsome Hospital of Sadikin Bandung and died to last May 23 was stated positive was infected by the bird flu virus (Avian influenza/AI) and increased the number of cases of gathering bird flu (cluster) in the Motherland became seven cases.
      "Both of them RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction -- red) positive," said Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari in Jakarta, on Friday (26/5) about results of the inspection of the patient's specimen suspect bird flu in Bandung the USA (18) and his brother AT (10).
      Therefore since July 2005, when the case of bird flu to humankind spreads in Indonesia, up to now was gotten by seven cases 'cluster' bird flu that is Is (37) and his two children in the Tangerang area, Rd (36) and his nephew in Southern Jakarta, Her (21) and his nephew in Lampung, Is (19) and his brother in the Sugar Palm Hut, Tangerang, N (13) and his brother E (4) in Indramayu, the PBG family (40) in the Karo Regency as well as the USA and AT in Bandung.
      Nevertheless the Health Minister stressed till at this time did not yet have results of the research epidemologi and virology that indicated the existence of the spread of the bird flu virus between humankind although the possibility could not be set aside.
      "His virus still be the same as beforehand, still" clayde "2 that came from the animal."
      It did not yet happen the mutation and 'reassortment', said the Health Minister.
      According to him till at this time the national experts with help of the expert from the Organisation of the Health of the World (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta, still was carrying out the further research to study the case of the infection of the bird flu virus in humankind in the Karo Regency and in the other area in Indonesia.
      Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie said in order to controls the spreading of the deadly infection the government tried to intensify control efforts that were carried out by widening case investigation, intensified surveilans and the early detection as well as reinforced the co-ordination of the sector passage.
      The "status of the Extraordinary Incident or KLB not yet will be pulled out."
      Prevention efforts and the control will be intensified, he said.
      He also explained that the government would
      The status of the Extraordinary Incident or KLB not yet will be pulled out.Prevention efforts and the control will be intensified, he said.He also explained that the government will uphold the implementation of number regulations 4 in 1984 about the plague to make the implementation of the control of the infection of the bird flu virus effective.The "government also provided funding that was enough for the activities," he said.

      Aburizal added at this time the government has provided the fund as big as Rp9 billion to finance the short-term activity the control of the infection of the bird flu virus.
      Whereas the fund that was asked for from Finance Minister Rp125 billion will be used to provide equipment and the medicine, said Aburizal.


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        Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28

        Somebody (member of parliament?) in Indonesia calling for educating the public about bf -- and for some bf medical facilities in northern Sumatra...

        toggletext-ed from Indonesian:

        RSU Adam the necessary Owner of the Special Room handled Bird Flu
        May 29, 2006

        The government must immediately increase Adam's Public Hospital facilities the Medan Owner took the form of the special room to handle the bird flu illness so as complete as the only reconciliation hospital in this area.

        The member DPD-RI Parlindungan Ancient, SH that was an expert in the problem of the health and education this said these facilities were very urgent for the handling of the case avian influenza including as the room of counselling in order to anticipate this illness attack.

        "Must be recorded by the case of bird flu in North Sumatra including the biggest category in the world," he said to the press in his office, on Friday (26/5) after considered RSU Adam the Medan Owner yesterday.

        He said the government did not only increase these hospital facilities but also must be more active in this case the related agency carried out counselling to the community about the danger danbagaimana anticipated the illness that deadly that.

        "I saw the related agency apparently did not have a seriousness did counselling like for example to divide the brochure to the community into parts. His matter still many of the citizens that did not yet understand true about the bird flu danger that could spread between humankind. This needed counselling continuously," said Parlindungan that during considered RSU Adam the Owner was accompanied by Alwinsyah Abidin represented his managing director.

        He hoped the Health Service and the Livestock Breeding Service must increase the co-ordination in mensosialisasi to the community. This was very important, his matter the case that happened in this area was biggest in the world that had a wide impact including the obstacle to the entry of foreign investment.

        Precisely that we agreed one perception of the government and the community to anticipate seriously this bird flu that has claimed several casualties, said Parlindungan while stating the salute to the Managing Director of the central Health Insurance that was prepared to cover the cost medical treatment of the bird flu patient.

        Touch on about the plan of the regional regulation (Regional Regulations) the ban smoked in the place of the public and the room was closed, he stated his support for DPRD local, the originator of this Regional Regulations plan.

        With this Regional Regulations existence at least the community that did not smoke was avoided from the cigarette smoke that could endanger the health, added Parlindungan.
        ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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          Another bf suspect in Bandung / from neighboring village of last bf suspect

          toggletext-ed from Indonesian:

          Again, Suspect Bird Flu entered RSHS
          BANDUNG, (PR).
          May 29, 2006

          Handsome Sadikin space of the isolation of the Hospital Poinciana Tree (RSHS) Bandung, on Saturday afternoon (27/5) again was filled up by the patient suspect bird flu. IS (24) the citizen Cibiru Wetan was the reconciliation patient from the Cibiru Community Health Centre.

          According to the Chairman Tim the Control of RSHS Bird Flu, Dr. Hadi Jusuf to "HOMEWORK", on Sunday afternoon (28/5), although results of the inspection of the condition clinic IS was not too heavy, continued to have to be careful. IS experienced breathless and feverish. Moreover, IS lived in the contiguous village with the patient suspect bird flu that died several days ago.

          "Indeed, according to results of the inspection of the leucocytes laboratory, HB and trombosit him was normal. Even so toraks him. But we continued to have to monitor the condition for this patient every day, because of the bird flu trip initially like normal flu. Later was seen by us 2-3 days afterwards.

          "Caution must be carried out by us, because in his next village had the chicken that died", he said.

          The patient, according to him, has been given by medical treatment and was done by the inspection of blood, the throat and other. The sample of the patient's inspection will be sent to Jakarta, on Monday (29/5) and when positive results, will be given by medical treatment in the first stage. "Hopefully, his condition continued to improve. Unlike the patient suspect bird flu beforehand that died, because when being brought here his condition has been so serious. Results of the photograph toraks also showed pneumonia has crept into two rods of his lungs," he said.

          Now the older brother of the patient's brother-in-law, LK separately said, his brother-in-law [the patient] experienced crowded and feverish since last Thursday (25/5). But was not brought took medicine, because his brother-in-law normally experiences that. Moreover tomorrow him, on Friday (26/5), his brother-in-law who worked as the driver in a company, has wrought again as usual. However, on Saturday (27/5), his brother-in-law again was hot and breathless. Finally my brother-in-law was brought to the community health centre. "But from puskemas even was reconciled to RSHS Bandung," he revealed.

          It was further that LK explained, his brother's family and himself did not maintain the poultry, like the chicken or birds. However the neighbour in his house environment, indeed many that maintained the chicken. Moreover, in his area also had the poultry farm. Nevertheless, had not spread the news had the chicken that died.

          But on Saturday, last May 27 had the chicken inspection from the Livestock Breeding Service. These chickens were gathered from each RT. results of the inspection, he said had eight positive chickens was affected by bird flu and was destroyed, he said. [Are they saying there were asymptomatic chickens on the neighboring poultry farm?]

          ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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            Group protests bird flu decision

            Group protests bird flu decision
            May 29, 2006

            JAKARTA: About 50 people from North Sumatra's Karo regency living in Greater Jakarta staged a peaceful rally near the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle Saturday, protesting the government's decision to name Karo a bird flu affected area.

            "The decision is premature. It only causes material losses to our brothers who are poultry breeders and traders there," one of the protesters, Anderson Ginting, said as quoted by Tempointeraktif.

            Poultry breeders in Karo have seen their daily income drop drastically since bird flu cases were reported in the regency.

            The Health Ministry confirmed last week that a man died of bird flu in Kubu Sembelang, Karo.

            The result brought the total cases of bird flu in Indonesia to 43, with 33 fatalities, second only to Vietnam.

            North Sumatra joins Jakarta, West Java and other parts of Indonesia that have been affected by bird flu. --JP

            ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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              Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28

              Indonesia's human bird flu deaths hit 37

              Indonesia’s human bird flu death toll climbed to 37 today after the World Health Organisation confirmed that an 18-year-old boy died from the H5N1 virus, a senior health ministry official said.

              Tests for the boy, whose sister also died from bird flu, came back positive from a WHO-sanctioned laboratory in Hong Kong, Nyoman Kandun said.

              Both died on May 23 in the city of Bandung, becoming the seventh case of family members, or clusters, hit by the disease in Indonesia, he said.

              The laboratory also confirmed that a 14-year-old girl from Solok, West Sumatra, had been hit by the virus, Kandun said. Indonesia’s total number of confirmed cases now is 50, of which 37 were fatal, he said.

              Worldwide, bird flu has now killed at least 125 people since it began ravaging Asian poultry stocks in late 2003.

              Kandun said all of the victims in the seven clusters were blood relatives, not spouses or in-laws, supporting an unproved theory that some people may have a genetic susceptibility to bird flu.

              The two most recent siblings had a history of contact with dead birds, Kandun said.

              A day after they died, animal health officials in the province found four chickens with the virus and culled up to 500 poultry within one kilometre (half a mile) of the victims’ house, he said.

              Neighbours also reported that a number of chickens had suddenly died days before the victims were hospitalised.

              Most human cases of bird flu have been traced to contact with infected poultry.

              Experts are puzzled why six of seven Indonesians from a family in a North Sumatra village died from the H5N1 virus. An eighth was buried before tests could be done, but she is believed to have also been infected.

              No links to sick birds could be found, raising the possibility of human-to-human infection. However, no other cases have been reported and the virus has not mutated, officials said.

              Health officials fear that the bird flu virus could mutate into a form that is easily transmissible between humans and possibly trigger a global pandemic. </SPAN>

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                Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28

                Commentary at


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                  Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                  The link above doesn't work. Correct link and text


                  Confirmed H5N1 Bird Flu Cases Increase Across Indonesia

                  Recombinomics Commentary
                  May 29, 2006

                  One of them was an 18-year-old man from Bandung on Java island who had tested negative earlier in Hong Kong. The latest result classified him as a H5N1 case, said I Nyoman Kandun, director-general of communicable disease control.

                  He was the brother of a 10-year-old girl, who was tested positive for H5N1 by the Hong Kong laboratory last week. Both died last Tuesday.
                  Kandun said a 15-year-old girl from Solok in western Sumatra, who is fighting for her life, also tested positive, according to results from the Hong Kong laboratory.
                  The above comments add to the WHO list of confirmed H5N1 bird flu cases in Indonesia. In addition to the large cluster on North Sumatra and another case in Bekasi, which have been described in updates. Seven more confirmed cases have been announced in media reports in the past few days. Two siblings in Bandung in Western Java have been confirmed in addition to three cases in nearby Jakarta. There has also been confirmation in East Java as well as western Sumatra.

                  These new cases cover large geographical regions in Indonesia and involve at least two different versions of H5N1. The cases in West Java have a novel cleavage site RESRRKKR, which has not been reported in poultry, raising concerns of Mammalian reservoir. In contrast the large cluster in Sumatra appears to be related to the wild type H5N1 cleavage site sound in birds in Indonesia, RERRRKKR, which has bee found throughout Asia.

                  The analysis of changes in these two versions has been hampered because they are sequestered in a private WHO database and not publicly available. The recently reporting of new cases in Indonesia has led to the deployment of Tamiflu by the United States and warning to Tamiflu maker Roche. In addition, WHO has announced a revision in the definition of pandemic phases, with a distinction between human-to-human transmission within families and more casual transmission.

                  The increase in the number of cases is cause for concern, and the sequences should be released immediately.
                  "In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man (or woman, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it then costs nothing to be a patriot."- Mark TwainReason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. -Thomas Paine


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                    Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                    Sole bird flu survivor shuns treatment

                    MARGIE MASON
                    Associated Press

                    <!-- begin body-content --> MEDAN, Indonesia - The sole survivor in a cluster of Indonesian relatives infected with bird flu lies in an open-air hospital room, chickens pecking outside his door and visitors shuffling in and out without masks or protective gear.
                    The patient, Johannes Ginting, is still very weak but seems unconcerned. He even fled the hospital when he first fell ill with the H5N1 virus, and has since resisted treatment, balking at the bird flu drug Tamiflu and other medicine.
                    "We had actually given masks and gloves to the family, and we informed them how dangerous this disease is, but they didn't cooperate with us," said Nurrasyid Lubis, deputy director of Adam Malik Hospital. "We also informed him how dangerous it is, but he didn't believe us."
                    On the other side of the hospital, health workers got a briefing on the importance of infection control. Posters depicting chickens and a burning globe are on walls throughout the building warning of bird flu, which has killed at least 124 people worldwide since it began ravaging Asian poultry in late 2003.
                    A quarter of the human deaths have been Indonesia, which has been criticized for acting too slowly to stop the spread of the disease.
                    Lack of public awareness is part of the problem, health experts say, noting that many people in the sprawling countryside have never heard of bird flu. Others, like 25-year-old Ginting, deny it is a problem.
                    At least six of Ginting's relatives from tiny Kubu Simbelang village in North Sumatra have died of the virus. A seventh was buried before samples could be taken, but the World Health Organization considers her part of the cluster - the largest ever reported.
                    The case has drawn much attention because the infections have not been linked to contact with birds. Experts suspect limited human-to-human transmission may have occurred, but say no one else outside the family has fallen ill.
                    The disease remains hard for people to catch and most human cases so far have been traced to contact with infected birds. But experts fear the virus will mutate into a highly contagious form that passes easily among people, possible sparking a pandemic. They stress, however, that has not happened in Kubu Simbelang.
                    Ginting's mother, who declines to reveal her name, sits on a straw mat on a grassy patch outside her son's hospital room, at the end of a row of ground-floor rooms that open to the outside.
                    Despite losing three children and four grandchildren, she is not afraid to care for her son, who must be fed and is too weak to sit unaided since falling ill May 4.
                    She said he is slowly recovering, but still suffers a cough and struggles to speak.
                    "I'm not afraid. I don't even wear a mask or anything," she said. "If it spreads, I will be the first one to die."
                    Ginting's mother chewed on betel nut, a mild natural stimulant, as hens, roosters and chicks scratched the ground just feet away. Several cats also roamed outside her son's door.
                    "Why would I have to be afraid of chickens around here," she said. "The ones who died, they didn't eat chicken, after all."
                    The family, which has spoken to few outsiders, has been the subject of intense international interest because of the number of its members who were infected. WHO officials say it marks an important development with the H5N1 virus, which is thought to have been transmitted among people in a handful of other cases.
                    So far, scientists think, all such case have involved passing the virus between blood relatives. Some experts theorize that may mean some people have a genetic susceptibility to the disease, but there is no evidence to support that.
                    Many people in Ginting's farming village do not believe bird flu caused the deaths because no spouses or neighbors also got sick. Many, including Ginting and his family, have been uncooperative with health authorities.
                    "Johannes doesn't want to be injected, doesn't want to take Tamiflu or other antibiotics," Lubis said, although he added that the patient ha become more agreeable since first being hospitalized.
                    There is also a lack of knowledge about preventative steps, as shown by Ginting's uncovered visitors.
                    Lubis said the hospital held a seminar for the staff Monday to discuss infection control measures.
                    As he spoke, a woman outside Ginting's room picked through his garbage without gloves or other germ-protective gear. Family members of patients in the adjoining room lounged on the floor near his open door.
                    WHO guidelines call for health workers to wear masks, gloves, gowns, goggles and special boots when coming into contact with a bird flu patient, WHO spokesman Dick Thompson said.
                    Nurses and doctors who entered Ginting's room did wear protective gear, but no one interfered with the unprotected visitors.
                    Lubis said the hospital has done the best it can to isolate Ginting.
                    "For the room, we've done the maximum effort we can do," he said. "We don't know what more we can do beyond that."


                    <!-- end body-content -->


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                      Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                      Commentary at



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                        Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                        One of them was an 18-year-old man from Bandung on Java island who had tested negative earlier in Hong Kong. The latest result classified him as a H5N1 case, said I Nyoman Kandun, director-general of communicable disease control.

                        Why am i shivering.


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                          Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                          <form name="trans" action="kataku_trial.php" method="post"> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" width="100%" border="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffe4bd"> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="400" border="0"> <tbody> <tr><td valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffee">

                          Bandung -- MILE: Iwan, 24, a patient suspect bird flu was treated in RS Handsome Sadikin Bandung, late last week.
                          The man, villagers Cimekar, the Cileunyi Subdistrict, the Bandung Regency, that remained was not far from two bird flu patients who died beforehand.
                          "When coming from the Cileunyi Community Health Centre, Iwan's clinical sign like the bird flu sufferer."
                          We have carried out the maintenance, and his condition began to improve, explained the Managing Director RSHS Bandung Cissy Rachiatna, on Monday (29/5).
                          In the meantime, results of the blood inspection of the older brother were siblings Ai Tita, 10 and Ade Firman, 18, the citizen of the Cisitu Village, the Cimekar Village, Cileunyi, that died last week, it was known positive bird flu.
                          The death resulting from bird flu in one family (cluster) that was treated in RSHS to three cases, after beforehand casualties from Sumedang and Indramayu.


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                          </td></tr></tbody> </table>


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                            Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                            Bandung -- MILE: the West Javanese Health Service (West Java) still menginvestigasi the cause factor of the spread of the bird flu virus.
                            Was based on results penelitiaan now the spread of the bird flu virus in the West Javanese territory, that is from the livestock to humankind.
                            The section head Sanitation of the Environment of the Health Service West Javanese Fatimah Resmiyati to the Indonesian Media, on Monday (29/5) said to ascertain his cause, the West Javanese Health Service was still coordinating Officially West Javanese Livestock Breeding, as well as the related agency other.
                            "For the time being the spread of the bird flu virus in the West Javanese territory, that is from the livestock to humankind."
                            However, did not close the possibility of the spread from humankind to humankind.
                            So we were still coordinating officially/the related agency, said Fatimah.
                            According to Fatimah, during the last six month the positive patient was affected by the bird flu virus in the West Javanese territory reached 16 people.
                            From the number, 14 people including dying after got perawatan

                            To make the handling of the bird flu patient in several cities and the regency in West Java, effective the local Health Service distributed various medical requirements to several community health centres and the hospital, including sent tamiflu.
                            "Respectively the community health centre was given jatah

                            Around 10 stripes tamiflu, and the hospital 30 totalling stripes.
                            If not all that, the West Javanese Health Service was still having stock around 400 stripes, said Fatimah.



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                              Re: Indonesia BF - 5/28-29

                              Ok im starting to lose it here, all input apresiated, cases im missing and how to build a database wich can be searched by country.