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Indonesia: 2017/2018 Diphtheria

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  • Indonesia: 2017/2018 Diphtheria


    Atasi KLB Difteri, Kemenkes Lakukan Imunisasi TD di Tiga Provinsi
    Reporter: Antara
    Editor: Ninis Chairunnisa
    Rabu, 6 Desember 2017 14:44 WIB

    Google translation:

    Overcome Disease Outbreak, Ministry of Health Conducts TD Immunization in Three Provinces
    Reporter: Between
    Editor: Ninis Chairunnisa
    Wednesday, December 6, 2017 14:44 WIB

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta- The Health Ministry is scheduled to schedule TD (tetanus-diphtheria) vaccine immunization to cope with the extraordinary incidence of diphtheria in West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten provinces. The acute disease that attacks the respiratory tract has spread in 95 districts in Indonesia throughout 2017.

    Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of Ministry of Health Muhammad Subuh said immunization to respond to outbreak response immunization was conducted from December 11, 2017 simultaneously in 12 districts in three provinces. "We will do in the near future," he said at the office of Ministry of Health on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

    These districts and cities include West Jakarta Municipality, North Jakarta Municipality, Purwakarta, Karawang, Bekasi, Bekasi City, Depok City, Tangerang, Serang, Tangerang City, Serang City, and South Tangerang City.

    Immunization of the diphtheria outbreak will use TD vaccine given to a one-year-old child plus an expansion until age below 19 years. "It means that until high school age we do outbreak response immunization," said Father.

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    Immunization is done three times with the scheme 016. That is, immunization done on December 11, 2017, then performed one month after that is January 11, 2018, and last done again six months later. Entirely implemented within a period of 8 months.

    Subuh said the reason for immunization in West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten provinces was due to the heaviest cases of diphtheria outbreaks in the area after East Java. While East Java has already done immunization impact of outbreak in initiative without waiting for instruction from central government.

    All vaccines for immunization are prepared by the central government with operational funds financed by the local government. Based on data from the Ministry of Health mentioned as many as 593 cases of diphtheria found in 95 districts in 20 provinces from January to November 2017. Of the total number of 32 cases led to death, with the percentage of deaths to 54% of cases.

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    Indonesia fights 'extraordinary' diphtheria outbreak that has killed 32
    December 7, 2017 | 2:36 PM
    by Reuters

    Jakarta: Indonesian health authorities will launch an immunisation drive next week to contain a sharp rise in cases of diphtheria, which has killed at least 32 people, including many children, in the world's fourth most populous country this year.

    The health ministry said at least 591 cases had been reported since January, a 42 percent increase from last year, and called the outbreak an "extraordinary event".

    "We have seen an acceleration in cases compared to last year ... We are implementing an immunisation programme to prevent a pandemic," said Dr Mohamad Subuh, director general of disease prevention and control, at the ministry.

    The ministry recorded 415 cases and 24 deaths last year...


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      Eight isolated at Jakarta hospital over suspected diphtheria
      The Jakarta Post
      Jakarta | Sat, December 9, 2017 | 02:55 pm

      Five children and three adults are isolated over suspected diphtheria at Sulianti Saroso Hospital in North Jakarta.

      The patients are waiting for their medical assessment to find out if they are infected with the disease.

      Dedet Hidayati, a pediatrician at the hospital, said some of the patients were not from Jakarta but from West Java.

      “They came to the hospital in a severe condition. Some of them have complications as well, and they have not been vaccinated,” said Dedet on Friday, as quoted by


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        Monday, 11 December, 2017 | 09:14 WIB
        8 Tangerang Sub-Districts Affected by Diphtheria Outbreak

        TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The diphtheria outbreak in Tangerang District has spread from six to eight sub-districts, with increasing number of diphtheria cases during the past week.

        “[It increased] from 23 to 26 cases,” said Head of Tangerang District Health Agency Desiriana Dinardianti today.

        Desiriana hopes that the outbreak response immunization (ORI) program that is held today on Monday, December 11, will persuade the public to visit health clinics (Puskesmas and Posyandu) to undergo immunization or receive diphtheria vaccine that is free of charge...


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          Diphtheria patients increase, more isolation rooms needed
          The Jakarta Post
          Jakarta | Tue, December 19, 2017 | 02:58 pm

          The number of diphtheria patients at Sulianti Saroso Hospital in North Jakarta has continued to increase this week. As of Monday, the hospital had recorded a total of 98 patients, increasing from 25 patients last Friday.

          Patients have come from across the Greater Jakarta area and Banten. Sixty-five of the 98 patients are children.

          Director of Sulianti Saroso Hospital, Rita Rogayah, said that in the last week the hospital had accepted eight to 11 new patients every day. “Even though the total number of patients has increased, the number of patients brought to the hospital per week has decreased,” she said as quoted by


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            Adults encouraged to get diphtheria vaccinations
            The Jakarta Post
            Jakarta | Wed, December 27, 2017 | 07:30 pm

            The majority of diphtheria cases nationwide show children as the infected party. However, adults should also be concerned following a recent outbreak, doctor associations have said.

            The Health Ministry recently reported that the number of cases had risen from 591 in November this year to 903 as of Dec. 24, with adults accounting for 18 percent of the infected persons. The ministry has also found that the infected persons in 80 percent of the cases had not completed the series of diphtheria vaccinations.

            “Adults, such as parents, relatives, peers or medical workers, who have direct contact with those who have contracted diphtheria must be vaccinated for preventative reasons,” Soedjatmiko from the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) said on Wednesday...


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              Diphtheria spike in Indonesia linked to religious beliefs
              Speed read

              Cases of diphtheria rose 42 per cent in Indonesia in 2017
              Rise in diphtheria cases linked to religious orthodoxy opposition to vaccination
              Indonesia has launched ‘outbreak response immunisation’ against diphtheria

              By: Dyna Rochmyaningsih

              [JAKARTA] A spurt in diphtheria cases in Indonesia in 2017 is being attributed by doctors to an anti-vaccination movement mounted by religious orthodoxy.

              More than 600 people in predominantly Muslim Indonesia were infected with the causative bacterium (Corynebacterium diphtheria) this year, with at least 32 deaths, mostly children. The bulk of the cases are in the densely populated capital, Jakarta. Health officials say the number of diphtheria cases represents a 42 per cent hike over figures for 2016 and over 30 times about a decade ago.

              Agustina Kadaristiana, paediatrician and founder of Doctormums, a website which supports maternal and child health, says campaigns by hard-line religious leaders are undermining government drives against vaccination-preventable diseases...


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                North Jakarta hospital sees increasing number of diptheria patients
                The Jakarta Post
                Jakarta | Wed, January 3, 2018 | 03:29 pm

                The number of patients suspected to be suffering from diptheria have continued to increase at Sulianti Saroso Hospital in North Jakarta, amid efforts from the government to combat the infectious disease.

                Since Dec, 3 last year until Wednesday, the number of patients has risen to 117, most of whom are children. Of this number, however, 86 have been allowed to leave the hospital...


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                  Researchers Discover 21 New Diphtheria Cases
                  Monday, 15 January 2018 | 17:17 WIB

                  JAKARTA, NNC - A total of 21 new cases of diphtheria occurred in five provinces in the period January 1-13, 2018, said Director of Health Surveillance and Quarantine of the Ministry of Health Elizabeth Jane Soepardi.

                  Jane said additional provinces with new cases are Lampung and Aceh, while the remaining three still occur in Jakarta, West Java and Banten. "The new cases in Lampung are in Bandar Lampung City, North Aceh, East Aceh, and Pidie District for Aceh region."

                  Shee explained that new diphtheria cases have been reported throughout Jakarta. Meanwhile for the province of Banten the cases occurred in Serang District, South Tangerang City, and the first case in the City of Cilegon...


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                    Google translation:

                    Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | 10:30
                    Diphtheria Still Hantui Pasuruan City, Two Positive Children Infected

                    Pasuruan ( - Pasuruan City Health Office noted, beginning of 2018 until today, there are 2 positive children diphtheria. Pasuruan City then set outbreaks (extraordinary events) diphtheria.

                    Dr Bambang Pramono, Head of District Health Office of Pasuruan explained, two positive children suspect diteri is a resident Purworejo District. Currently undergoing intensive medical treatment, with sufficient fluid requirements, applying a diet in accordance with the doctor's instructions, and keep the breath free.

                    "Patients will also be given antitoxin anti-diphtheria serum (ADS) given immediately after proven infected. Steroids are given when there are symptoms of shortness of the airways, "said Bambang on the sidelines of ORI socialization (outbreak respond immunization) at Gradhika Bhakti Praja Building Pemkot Pasuruan, Tuesday (20/02/2018).

                    In addition, to treat a patient with diphtheria positive, patients are advised not to be treated at home in order not to infect others. Only then, after being declared recovered, the step should be done according to Bambang is to conduct a diphtheria vaccine in full to prevent recurrence.

                    "Having had diphtheria, does not guarantee you will have lifelong immunity. You may experience diphtheria more than once if you do not get complete immunization. Therefore I urge that the parents have to give complete immunization complete, "he added.

                    Furthermore, Bambang added that his party is currently intensively conducting ORI socialization to all target targets, ranging from OPD, sub-districts to urban villages to involving 1600 health cadres to convey to the public the importance of diphtheria immunization.

                    "We carry out simultaneous immunization in 3 rounds. The first round of February for 1 full month, the second round in July and last November, 'he explained to WartaBromo.

                    Furthermore, there are a total of 63,876 targets and has now reached 57.61%. His party plunged into posyandu, puskesmas to the school to implement diphtheria immunization. (mi / ono)


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                      One Positive Diphther Student, MIN Student in Banda Aceh is vaccinated
                      Agus Setyadi - detikHealth
                      Tuesday, 20/02/2018 17:15 WIB

                      Banda Aceh, After one student was tested positive for diphtheria, all students of State Elementary School Madrasah (MIN) 5 Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh, were vaccinated. This is done to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

                      The vaccine process was conducted by Ulee Kareng Community Health Center (Puskesmas Ulee Kareng), Banda Aceh. All students from grade 1 to grade 6 are summoned one by one. These students are accompanied by their respective parents when injected. Some of the students were seen trying to avoid hiding under the table.

                      Plt Head of Banda Aceh City Health Office, Warqah Helmi, said the vaccination that was held by Banda Aceh Health Office was done after a student of MIN 5 Ulee Kareng tested positive for diphtheria. Today's vaccine syringes are devoted to the school alone.

                      "Especially for MIN 5 Ulee Kareng, we find one case of diphtheria, a student currently undergoing treatment at the Zainoel Abidin General Hospital (RSUZA) due to positive diphtheria," Warqah told reporters on Tuesday (20/2/2018).

                      Also read: Fear Immunized Diphtheria, SLB Students at Trenggalek Run to Bathroom

                      According to him, in general cases of diphtheria in Banda Aceh for 2017 about 17 cases and one of them positive. For 2018 there are six cases of diphtheria and 2 of them are positive.

                      "As for MIN Ulee Kareng students who are currently undergoing treatment we have not found the results of the tests, but two positive ones are already there and one is recovered and one is still being treated, while the two are currently undergoing hospital treatment," he explained.

                      One Positive Diphid Student, MIN Student in Banda Aceh is vaccinated Photo: Agus Setyadi

                      Up to now, the Health Department has conducted Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI) seven times in various locations. Currently, diphtheria cases have been declared as Extraordinary Events (KLB).

                      "In general, this ORI is a health office response to a number of diphtheria cases, it is our shared responsibility to the community," said Warqah, adding that vaccination is one way to prevent the spread of diphtheria virus.


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                        57 Warga Aceh Terserang Difteri
                        Senin, 5 Maret 2018 09:38

                        Google translation:

                        57 Acehnese suffer from Diphtheria
                        Monday, March 5, 2018 09:38

                        * January - March 2, 2018

                        BANDA ACEH - January to March 2, 2018, as many as 57 Acehnese were attacked by diphtheria. January-February 53 people, so that if averaged in two months that number reached 27 people per month. Added four others until Friday, March 2, 2018. For a while this number increased compared to during 2017 that in a year 104 people affected by this disease, so if averaged per month when it's nine people affected diphtheria.

                        Head of Health Office (Kadisekes) Aceh, dr Hanif convey this when replying Serambi, Sunday (4/3). According to him, the data is in accordance with the latest report of the Dipteri Monitoring Team from Dinkes Aceh who was relegated to the district / city, although no one has died, even even mentioned there are currently six patients treated in five Regional General Hospital (RSUD), ie two at Home Zainoel Abidin General Hospital (RSUZA), Banda Aceh and one person each at Tgk Chik Di Tiro Hospital, Pidie, Aceh Tamiang Hospital, Cut Meutia Lhokseumawe Hospital, and Datu Beru Takengon Hospital, Central Aceh.

                        "The age of diphtheria patients being treated in five hospitals today, 6-15 years more. This indicates that there is no connection with the implementation of the DPT immunization program, ie diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. DPT immunization, should be given to infants from the age of two months until the age of six-year-old children, "said Hanif.

                        Kadiskes added the parents or the family of the patient to acknowledge their child affected by the disease, his childhood is not immunized DPT and other types or exist, but not complete. Whereas since 2004 - 2014, DPT and other immunization programs have been implemented in Aceh. Mentioned this is estimated because in the countryside there are a number of scholars claim illegal immunization because the liquid material is suspected to contain substances not kosher. As a result, residents were hesitant to immunize DPT to posyandu, puskesmas, and RSUD to their children aged two months to six.

                        Due to the increasing number of diphtheria patients in various regions, especially during this transition season, Hanif appealed to the DHO to be more active and intensively implement DPT immunization program and provide diphtheria vaccinant to children aged 1-17 years in rural and urban areas.

                        Confirmed separately, Deputy Director of RSUZA, Dr Azharuddin diphtheria patients treated at RSUZA generally referral from district hospitals. He explains, actually diphtheria disease is, indeed enter the class of infectious and dangerous. One person affected, already in the category of extraordinary circumstances (KLB). But the danger is not as bad as bird flu disease.

                        "People affected by diphtheria can be cured in district / city hospitals. The way to do inpatient in a special room in incentives. God willing the patient will recover, "said Azharuddin. But for children who have fully recovered, Azharuddin said no need to be kept away from other children because it can make him inferior and sick back, but still join as usual with other children, especially diphtheria is not as dangerous or directly contagious as the flu bird. Meanwhile, to prevent this disease, it must be immunized from the age of two months to six years.

                        Azharuddin ensure DPT immunization fluid material, does not contain substances haram or guaranteed halal. Therefore, religious leaders and religious leaders are encouraged to assist the government by inviting DPT immunization and the like to posyandu, puskesmas and RSUD by convincing the community that the immunization fluid material is guaranteed to be halal. (her)