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Indonesia: `Mystery Illness’ Kills 56 Children In Papua - November 24, 2015 - multiple etiologies suspected - pneumococcal disease and JE confirmed so far

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  • Indonesia: `Mystery Illness’ Kills 56 Children In Papua - November 24, 2015 - multiple etiologies suspected - pneumococcal disease and JE confirmed so far

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Indonesia: `Mystery Illness’ Kills 56 Children In Papua

    Papua (red) Indonesia

    ProMed Mail has picked up a report (see 25 Nov 2015 Undiagnosed illness - Indonesia: (PA) fatal, children, RFI) in the Jakarta Post, dated yesterday, indicating there has been sudden and unexplained rash of child deaths in Indonesia’s easternmost province; Papua.
    As of yesterday’s report, 41 children had died, along with some number of local pigs and chickens.
    As we’ve discussed often in the past, `Mystery’ diseases usually turn out to be far less mysterious once medical teams arrive and can begin testing. Additionally, child mortality remains very high in Papua (see media reportUnicef: Child Mortality Papua Three Times Higher than Jakarta), from a variety of non-exotic causes.
    But given the sudden onset, the apparent high mortality among children under 7, and the (possibly coincidental) die off of livestock, this is certainly worth keeping an eye on.
    Three reports. First, this from the Jakarta Post via ReliefWeb.

    41 kids die from mystery disease in Papua
    from Jakarta Post
    Published on 24 Nov 2015 — View Original
    • Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Headlines | Tue, November 24 2015, 6:27 PM
    A large number of children, many below the age of seven, have died of an unexplained disease in Mbuwa district, Nduga regency, Papua, following the start of the rainy season in early November.
    A medical team consisting of health workers from Nduga, Wamena and Jayawijaya regencies arrived at the location but have yet to ascertain the cause of the deaths.
    “As many as 41 children have died, as of today. They present with a slight illness at first but die shortly after these initial signs. The medical team from Nduga Health Office, assisted by the Wamena Health Office may have returned home, but the cause of these deaths remains uncertain,” said Mbuwa district chief Erias Gwijangge, during a call to The Jakarta Post on Monday.
    Erias said Nduga and surrounding areas had experienced drought and were exposed to haze from forest fires. Rain only fell in the past month. When the rain began, a number of livestock, such as pigs and poultry, also died abruptly.
    (Continue . . . )
    I find no mention of this outbreak on theIndonesian Ministry of Healthwebsites, but the Indonesian press and twitter (Hashtag `Kematian anak papua’ or `Papua Child Deaths’) is driving a lot of traffic on the story. Symptoms appear to be primarily fever and respiratory distress.

    Today, at least based on one local media report, the number of fatalities has grown to 56. This from Berita
    Rabu, 25 November 2015 | 12:07

    Died children in Papua Increases So 56

    Papua Provincial Health Director, Aloysius Giyai. (SP / Robert Vanwi)
    Jayapura - The number of children who died from a mysterious disease in the District Mbuwa, nduga regency, Papua Province, increasing from 41 to 56 people. It was announced by the Chief District Mbuwa, Erias Gwijangga, Wednesday (25/11).
    "Children who die under the age of seven years. Drugs gone. Medics at Mbuwa today seven people from the Department of Health Nduga," he said.
    In such cases, the Provincial Health Director Papua, Aloysius Giyai, said he only heard of the incident three days ago.
    "There was no report at all, even regents Nduga confirmation that we are also claimed to have received the report. But from the reports we have, there are 31 children who died, "said Giyai after the opening of a working meeting regional health Papua Province and the launch of his book Against Storm Extinction breakthrough-breakthrough Papua Healthy Towards Papua Risen, Mandiri Sejahtera at the Auditorium of Cendrawasih University, city of Jayapura , Papua, on Tuesday (24/11) afternoon.
    Papua Provincial Health Office, he added, has deployed a team to the area. The team led by Section Chief and Disaster Outbreak Papua Provincial Health Office, Yamamoto Sasarari, joint head of PMK, a doctor Wopari Berry, who assisted the general practitioner, a pediatrician, nurses, laboratory personnel, and personnel survailance.
    "The team will find out what the causes of child mortality and also to find a solution. Therefore, we can not tell the cause of death of children. There must be a field, looking for the cause, "he said.
    (Continue . . . )

    And lastly this report from the Suara Pembaruan, which describes the lack of medical care available in the Papau, and also mentions the updated number of 56 deaths.
    There's No Drugs, No Health Officer, Children's Papua It Even Died Mysterious
    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 | 7:48
    Papuan children in Biak. [SP / Jeis Montesori Kafiar]
    [JAYAPURA] Pathetic. A total of 41 children under the age of seven years meninnggal the mysterious world throughout November 2015 in the District Mbuwa, nduga regency, Papua.
    No medical help to save their lives. The local Health Department reasoned geographical problems and understaffed making them difficult to reach Papuans who mostly live in the interior.
    Ironically, Chief Medical Officer of the Province of Papua, Aloysius Giyai admitted three days ago received a report related to the incident.
    "There was no report at all, even Regent Nduga confirmation that we are also claimed to have received the report. But from the reports we have, there are 31 children who died, "said Giyai after opening Working Meeting of the Regional Health Papua Province and the launch of his book titled" Against the Storm Extinction breakthrough-breakthrough Papua Healthy Towards Papua Risen, Mandiri Sejahtera "at the auditorium of the University of Cendrawasih, Jayapura, Papua, on Tuesday (24/11) afternoon.
    (Continue . . .)
    Posted by Michael Coston at 12:58 PM

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    Please see:

    Indonesia - Zika Virus Confirmed For The First Time - November 16, 2015


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      Investigate Mysterious Death 32 Children in Papua, the Ministry of Health Inquiry Team to Location

      Thursday, 26/11/2015

      Jakarta, Ministry of Health has received reports about the mysterious death of 32 children in the District Mbuwa, Ndunga regency, Papua. The team of experts has been sent to uncover the cause of the incident. "My team and DHO Papua were at the scene to conduct an investigation," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Dr HM Subuh, MPH detikHealth when contacted on Thursday (26 / 11/2015). About the latest developments in the field investigation results, Subuh claimed to have not received a report.

      Limited access to communication at the site became an obstacle for the latest information quickly. Clearly, Dawn submit corrections that the number of victims is not 41 as reported so far, but 31 cases. Meanwhile, head of the Papua Health Office Dr. Aloysius Giyai, as reported previously detikHealth MKes calls since October 2015 until today the number of victims reached 32 children. See also: About the Mysterious Death of Child in District 32 Ndunga, this explanation Papua Health Office

      Most of the victims are children children under the age of 2 years. The reported symptoms include high fever, convulsions and diarrhea. Both the Ministry of Health and the Papua Health Office is still awaiting the results of the examination of samples in the laboratory to determine the cause of death of the boys. Although the symptoms are similar to malaria, tests have been conducted by the officer showed negative results. Another suggestion that developing pneumonia (pneumonia) and ARI (Acute Respiratory Infections). "The important thing now is no reduction of the province and center," said Dawn.
      “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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        Given the now more restrictive age range (most cases under 2 years old) and addition of convulsions as a symptom, perhaps HFMD, caused by EV71 should be suspected? A similar such outbreak killed 60 children in Cambodia last year.

        What none of the articles have reported yet is a denominator - how many non-fatal cases have there been? In the Camobdian outbreak, there were almost no non-fatal cases reported because only those with the more severe syndrome were reported, which was nearly almost fatal.

        Another important clue might be the pig deaths. Many of the Cambodian cases were co-infected with S. suis bacteria, which might also be involved here.


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          Remote mountainous region ("Kabupaten Nduga") apparently:

          "From Wamena 4-5 hours by road, until Lake Habema. This last point is no communication. From here still have to walk six hours. That's for the Papuans, our team might need eight hours," said Subuh.

          Extreme geographical conditions such as these make the flying doctor or physician program was initiated by the Health Ministry to fly difficult to reach. Head of the Papua Health Office, Dr. Aloysius Giyai, Kes when met some time ago in Noemfoor Biak, Papua, claiming to have another approach to the mountain area.

          "For the mountain region, we have a service system bare feet. A team of doctors and other health workers walk to a location that can not be reached by plane or boat," said Dr. Aloysius.

          Locations of Papua Province and Nduga Region
          “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
          Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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            In 2 Months, Inland Residents in Papua Dozens Reported Dead

            Thursday, November 26, 2015 | 12:04 pm

            JAYAPURA, - Upon receiving reports of the death of dozens of residents, including children, in the District Mbuwa, nduga regency, in the last two months, Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Paul Waterpauw said it will soon hold a health charity. Today, he added, Chief Jayawijaya AKBP Semmy and his team has been to the site to see first hand the situation in the areas classified interior of Papua and find the cause. "Chief Jayawijaya also brought doctors and paramedics to see directly the condition of the people especially in the distri Mbuwa who reportedly attacked phenomia due to changes climate, "said Paul in Jayapura on Thursday (11/26/2015). According to him, the conditions experienced by the people in Nduga very concerned that it planned to hold social work health. He considered necessary cross-sectoral participation in order to handle the case with the community moreover has caused dozens of casualties both adults and children. Meanwhile, Head of the Papua Police Commissioner Dokkes dr.Ramon separately claimed to have been instructed to prepare medical doctors and health to be involved in social service. "Medical personnel are ready but we still waiting for the report team joined the entourage of Jayawijaya Police Chief Superintendent Semmy, "said Ramon. nduga regency can be reached about a five-hour journey by road from Wamena. The area of the unfortunate among other Mbuwa District and District Bumul Liama.


            machine translation


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              Apparently people have been eating sick and dead animals.

              Residents Nduga Papua: Famine, Sick and the Dead Animal Eating

              FRIDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 2015 | 09:03 PM

              TEMPO.CO, Wamena- Deaths that occurred in the District Mbua, nduga regency, Papua, with data on the number of victims that pretty much makes the district government and the Police Jayawijaya down directly to these locations to ensure data the death toll. In addition to digging up information about casualties, the medical team of the Police and the Division of Medicine and Health (Biddokkes) Papua Police assisted medical teams from District Mbua, a medical examination communities in three districts, namely Mbua, Mbuyalma, and District Ndal. Reporters Jubi who had the opportunity to join the entourage Jayawijaya and District Chief Mbua by road from Wamena to Mbua since Wednesday afternoon, November 25 2015, the journey is approximately five hours, to see first hand the conditions that occurred in the district Mbua. Thursday, November 26, 2015, from 07.00, while Papua, data checking and inspection of public health begins by involving approximately seven medical workers, from both the Police and the Papua Police and medical teams from District Mbua itself. Beginning with a meeting between Chief Jayawijaya , District Chief Mbua, along with community and church leaders, the truth of the data emerging from various parties conducted jointly compatibility. From that meeting, according to information from church leaders or Klasis chairman, that the deaths were delivered from the public and as many as 44 people known to both children and adults. However, according the data collection conducted in the district health team Mbua, Nduga, new fatalities recorded as many as 32 ​​people. But it still will be checked again the truth. The result of that meeting, the chairman Klasis mention the onset of death in the District Mbua people from hunger and climate change to disease. In addition, the results of a community garden that is not successful, the number of livestock, such as pigs and chickens that died. Residents also eat the flesh of animals that are already dead. "So it's not just the deaths of Mbua District alone, but from the other two districts, namely the division Mbua Mbuyalma district and Ndal. But the number of fatalities circulating out, our society and the church was also surprised, "said one community leader in the district Mbua, in a meeting held at the airfield Mbua District, Thursday, November 26, 2015. Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Jayawijaya Semmy Big Ronny Thabaa explained, to follow up the events death of dozens of residents in the District Mbua, the results of the investigation while the combination of Jayawijaya and nduga regency government, in this case the health care team in District Mbua, that the initial data obtained while the 32 people who had died. But admittedly Semmy, this data can still be changed, the team will still be working for clarification and cross-check the data obtained at the crime scene in this district. Semmy said, the death toll has not been clear why.However, preliminary data from the results of the meeting noted that due to the long drought that cause community gardens do not work, so the livestock, such as pigs and chickens that died was consumed by the public.


              machine translation


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                Investigate Toddler Death in Papua, Tim Kemenkes Not to Find Outbreak

                Sunday, 29/11/2015

                Jakarta, Tim surveillance of the Ministry of Health have reached the location of the death of 32 children in Nduga regency, Papua. So far it has not found indications of outbreaks. In a release sent to reporters, Public Communication Centre (Puskomblik) The Ministry of Health said that a team of 6 people have visited four villages namely Opmo, Digilmo, Ottolama, and Jerusalem.Overland journey taken for 8 hours across the hills with extreme weather temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. The team must be accompanied by a translator because local residents can not speak Indonesian discovered the existence of under-five deaths.

                However, there is no official data regarding the number of cases and the record time. Estimated mortality rates mentioned are compiling since June 2015. "When the data is confirmed by the pastor to the homes of patients, it turns out that the toddler had died years ago," so as dikitip of Puskomblik release on Sunday (11/29/2015). See also: Location Death 32 Children in Papua, Sanitation Poor and Lacking Health Services mentioned in the release, Ministry of Health teams have not seen any correlation between the incidence of cases with one another with the peculiarities of outbreaks that an increase in cases of above normal suddenly in a community. But the symptoms are almost the same recognized include cough, shortness, is accompanied by fever and diarrhea.

                The samples and specimens from people and the environment have been taken for examination in health laboratory in Jayapura. Specimens come from people who are sick and a contact person in the form of a blood specimen, swab anal swabs of the nose, throat swabs and sputum.The Ministry will again send a team to conduct health checks and immunization on Monday (30/11/2015). The team will carry medicine and complementary feeding (breast milk), and will ask for the help of the military to penetrate the rough terrain. Read also: Reveals Mysterious Death 32 Children in Papua, Kementan team also comes down to location(up / up)
                “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                  Problem Nduga Infant Mortality in Papua, This is the Ministry of Health Tim Search Results

                  Posted On: Monday, November 30

                  Health Ministry assigned a team exploring the truth of the death of toddler in the district. Nduga been visiting and collecting facts in District Mbuwa nduga regency, Papua. A joint team of as many as six people coming from team crisis center PHO Papua, the Regional Health Laboratory Papua and the Center for Research and Development of Health Biomedical Ministry of Health visited four villages namely Opmo, Digilmo, Ottolama, and Jerusalem.

                  The situation terrain at the site is quite heavy to extreme weather, foggy, rain with temperatures can reach 6C. Traveling from village to village taken 8 hours to walk up and down the hill. Society can not speak Indonesian, an interpreter for the team and Task Force team Barefoot Papua Province. Tim Ministry of Health were down on the ground discovered there Toddler death, although no official data recorded mortality both the amount and timing of his death. Toddlers mortality data news circulated in the media comes from information minister who feel citizens had long been present in the church.It is estimated that the death rate is a compilation of the death of the month June 2015 until now.

                  However, when the data of the reverend confirmed by visiting the patient's home turned out to toddlers had passed away years ago. There is a health center in the district Mbuwa, but has not been functioning properly since the location is quite far from the residence of the population, in addition to the public awareness towards health facilities is still very low , The number of health workers in health centers by 4 people, consisting of 1 midwife, 1 pharmacy staff, 1 head of health centers and 1 doctor PTT. Health workers reach toward the houses are very limited with regard to rugged terrain and society closed to outsiders. According to doctors PTT duty for him there (6 months) delivery by health personnel rarely done. The team also discovered yet seen no relationship incidence of cases among the patients with other patients with the peculiarities of outbreaks is increasing incidence of cases of above normal suddenly in a community.

                  Yet there is almost the same symptoms such as cough, tightness, fever and is accompanied by diarrhea. Population in the district stay home Mbuwa honay that some accompanied pigsty in it. Honay room in the house has a less good air circulation. Only a child can stand upright inside honay. In general, the population does not use footwear. Water sources are contaminated with manure and water never cooked when consumed. Team Ministry of Health has taken a specimen comes from people and the environment for research in medical laboratories in Jayapura. Specimens come from people who are sick and a contact person in the form of a blood specimen, anal swabs, nasal swabs, throat swabs and sputum.

                  On Monday (30/11), the Ministry of Health again will send a medical team to conduct medical examinations and immunizations and health education , Besides, the Ministry of Health will carry medicine and complementary feeding. MoH will request military assistance in order to penetrate the location of the state of rough terrain and difficult to access. This information is published by Center for Public Communication Secretariat General of the Ministry of Health.

                  thanks to Mike Coston for the link
                  soal-kematian-balita-di-nduga-papua-inilah-hasil-telusur-tim-kemenkes,kemenkes,depkes,departemen kesehatan,kementerian kesehatan
                  “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                  Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                    This article raises the possibility that the death tolls reported are actually the total due to all causes:


                    Death mystery Tens Toddlers in Papua, Tim MoH: Population Living One with Pig and Drinking Water Contaminated Raw

                    JAKARTA - The Ministry of Health has sent a team to track and gather facts related to the mysterious death of 32 children in the district Mbuwa, nduga regency, Papua.Health Minister Nila F Moeloek said it had received reports related to the fact that collected the team.


                    "From our team found 15 children died and there were 3 adults. If it dies at the same time it does not. If in a moment that plague most likely, but it is not, so this is a cumulative figure," said Health Minister Nila.


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                      Infant Mortality in Papua Investigated, Lab Test Done estimated Tuesday Afternoon

                      Tuesday, 1/12/2015

                      Jakarta, Team of the Ministry of Health has conducted a review of epidemiology-related death of 32 children in nduga regency, Papua. Ministry of Health teams taking blood samples to investigate the cause of this mysterious death.

                      "The team we have taken a blood sample, sample of sputum, swab the throat there is also swab the anus. Sample complementary including land and water were also taken to investigate the exact cause of what," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Kemenekes, Dr. HM Subuh, met at the Hotel Bidakara, Jl Gatot Subroto, Jewel, South Jakarta, Monday (11/30/2015) night.

                      "the samples first arrived at 3 pm. The fastest 24 hours we know so maybe tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday afternoon) we can know the result," he added.

                      "We are confident it is a virus just what virus we do not know yet. It could be that attack the digestive enteroviruses, retroviruses or pneumonia. We are waiting for lab results to be sure," he said again.

                      Dr. Subuh also doubted the claim saying an epidemic or outbreak of disease. Ministry of Health of the team's findings, there is no mass death suddenly that becomes a marker epidemic or outbreak of disease.

                      "There's no data there, people rarely go to health centers for treatment because he considered it if you have severe pain. His account is crisscrossing also a matter of how the victim," he said.

                      "Someone died in June last year, no one died four months ago, some say the death of October. So still we find out. So there is no outbreak and not sudden death many children in a short time," he concluded.
                      “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                        Results Lab test: Pneumococcus Virus and Japanese Encephalitis

                        Underlying problems: very weak monitoring system in this region and weak or no response to health problems.

                        Weak Monitoring System Diseases

                        Friday, December 4th, 2015

                        Jakarta - The case of the death of dozens of children under five years of age or under five in Papua reflecting weak monitoring systems and response to health problems in the region, especially in remote areas. Therefore, regions need to intensify monitoring of disease with fast response over a wide range of cases.

                        Professor of Public Health Sciences University of Gadjah Mada Laksono Trisnantoro, when contacted from Jakarta, Thursday (4/12), said each city / county should have a system surveillance and response. In that system, monitoring the area of ​​death and disease with rapid response to the case.

                        "Ideally, there epidemiologist in each city or county, but the limited number of experts," said Laksono. Many areas with weak surveillance systems and response, not only in Papua. In fact, in some areas in Java, surveillance and response to health concerns weak.


                        When contacted separately, health specialists Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) in Papua, Dr. Michael Bantung, explained, data collection and reporting become a problem in Papua.

                        "The issue of data reporting related to the difficulty of access. The coastal area is more affordable than the mountains. In some areas, the data entering the district health centers after collected 6 months or a year ahead," he said.

                        Nduga regency, where dozens of deaths of children under five, only reachable by plane. WVI target areas of weak data collection and reporting among Jayawijaya, Tolikara, and Lanny Jaya triggering doubts the validity of the data collected in the province.

                        Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health of the Ministry of Health M Dawn explained, PHC Mbuwa, nduga regency, Papua, no recorded deaths of children under five. As a result, the Ministry of Health difficult team to investigate the truth of the information 31 deaths of children under five in the region.

                        "It should record the health center. It is a failure and must be addressed. The range of the government's control to health centers Mbuwa far away," he said, in Yogyakarta yesterday.

                        Mbuwa at the health center, there are four health workers, consists of 1 doctor, 2 nurses and 1 midwife. However, they did not play optimally because the distances between villages far and geographical conditions intolerable. On the other hand, some residents Mbuwa assume the symptoms not the disease because it has not been severe.

                        It led to the recording of deaths of children under five do not run, including reporting from the village to the clinic. Therefore, the Ministry of Health team difficult to get valid data. Deaths of children under five are known to the team that was the case last year and 4 months ago.

                        While the second team of the Ministry of Health arrived in the area and will serve the basic health and take another specimen. Results of laboratory tests on specimens discovered pneumococcus virus and Japanese encephalitis.

                        According to the Head of the Center for Biomedical and Health Basic Technology Research and Development Agency of Health Ministry of Health Pretty Multihartina, all specimens of Mbuwa checked in Balitbangkes.
                        Kasus kematian puluhan anak berusia di bawah lima tahun atau balita di Papua mencerminkan lemahnya sistem pemantauan dan respons terhadap masalah kesehatan di daerah.
                        “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                        Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                          Tuesday, December 8, 2015

                          74 Papua Children Killed, Attacked By Deadly Diseases

                          PAPUA - The number of children in Papua were killed by a mysterious disease continues to grow. If last week approximately 34 children who died, now the number has reached 74 children in the district of District Mbua, nduga regency, Papua, Irian Jaya.

                          Recent data collected refers to a description of a young intellectual leader in Papua, Marinus Young who called in the District Mbua, nduga regency, as many as 74 children in the region died of the disease is not yet clear.

                          "The number of data we get to this day there are 74 children who died in the District Mbua. Whereas in other districts such as in Keneyam, Nduga regency there are 28 children in a state of dying, "said Marinus to MNC Media, Tuesday (08/12/2015).

                          Marinus said the deadly and mysterious disease is already afflict tens of children in nduga regency, Papua since two weeks ago. Where victims continue to fall and there is no cure.

                          Issues arising in the deaths of dozens of children in nduga regency, Papua preceded by the death of a pet citizens and suspected the children were stricken with the disease from their pets.

                          "The disease also spreads the impact of climate and weather factors that cause disease transmission from animals to humans very quickly," he explained.

                          So far the Papua Health Office is not sure what the disease has caused many children in Papua were killed. However, the Health Department tried to take blood samples from children who are victims of the mysterious disease.

                          "We have extended medical team to the area, but until now we have not been able to stop this deadly disease," said Chief Medical Officer of Papua Province, Alosyus Giay.
                          Jumlah anak di tanah Papua yang tewas akibat penyakit misterius terus meningkat menjadi 74 anak dari sebelumnya 34 anak - Nusantara - okezone news
                          “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                          Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                            Press release MOH

                            Results Investigation Team Nduga

                            dec 11, 20105

                            A total of 38 people died in 7 villages in nduga regency, Papua during the period October to December 2015. They consist of 35 toddlers and 3 adults. Results of the investigation team is second down on November 30 to December 3 35 Toddler found the cause of death was due to complications Penumonia pertussis disease.

                            The team found that the risk factors kerjadian pertussis increased in nduga regency partly because the air temperature in the area is cooler than in previous years. As a result, residents living in the house honai that do not have ventilation.Meanwhile, to cope with the cold, the people make a fire in it.

                            In general, these conditions trigger respiratory disorders including pertussis disease.

                            In conducting the investigation team down is a combination of several elements, namely from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense, Army, Police, Health Department Proviinsi and DHO, as well as the Task Force Bare Feet.

                            During the investigation, the joint team of health center staff and the Task Force Bare Feet treatment, providing immunization services and supplementary food. From the results of the unknown 90% of the population suffering from respiratory infection.

                            To control this, the Ministry of Health has conducted rapid response prevention of pertussis in the district and sub-district Mbuwa Bulmiyalma, Kab. Nduga.

                            Besides preparing the flying program in nduga regency health care, encourage supplementary feeding (PMT) for toddlers, pregnant women and breastfeeding PMT, and put health workers through the program Healthy archipelago. Ministry of Health is also coordinating with the relevant sectors to be able mmbangun decent housing, water supply, the independence of farming and animal husbandry, as well as education.

                            This information is published by Center for Public Communication Secretariat General of the Ministry of Health. For further information please contact Halo MoH via hotline 1500-567; 081281562620 SMS, facsimile: (021) 52921669 and email address
                            Sehat Negeriku adalah kanal berbagi informasi tentang kegiatan Kementerian Kesehatan, baik berupa rilis yang dikeluarkan Kemenkes, dokumentasi foto dan video, maupun tulisan ringan seputar info-info kesehatan.
                            “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                            Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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