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Hunger, 92 Killed in Yahukimo, Papua

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  • Hunger, 92 Killed in Yahukimo, Papua


    Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 06:51:00
    Hunger, 92 Killed in Yahukimo

    FAILURE HARVEST: Citizens District Langda, Yahukimo, Papua shows that sweet potato plants damaged by drought. This condition causes the drought. Until yesterday recorded 92 tewas.Cenderawasih Post

    JAKARTA - The victim died of starvation in Yahukimo, Papua, was quite large. Until now, the death toll reached 92 people. To anticipate the spread of food disasters, in the near future as soon supplied food to the vulnerable points. Famine victims who died this year came from different districts in the case of Yahukimo Ones Pahabol 2005.Bupati said, making parsnip crop failure among 26 districts in 51 area food shortages. "Prolonged rain in the districts that make the sweet potatoes are planted seven to eight months ago could not be harvested as expected," said Ones after attending a coordination meeting at the office of Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, Jalan Medan Merdeka, Jakarta, yesterday (14 / 9).

    Ones to add, sweet potatoes are still grown in the region traditionally. That way, new result can be harvested in seven months to nine months after planting. Sweet potato is the only food crops traditionally cultivated by the people in the region. "Not like Java. Because planted with cultivation system is good, the results can be harvested in four months, "he said. Therefore, failure of crops to make them have no food. "Districts that failed harvest this year that have not received any assistance cassava cultivation techniques four years ago," tambahnya.Kegagalan harvest tubers in the 26 districts are making the tribes who lived in rural areas can not eat for several days. As a result, they are vulnerable to diseases that often lead to death. "There are some districts that have not helped in 2005 due to crop failures have not," he said.

    At the end of 2005, in seven districts of Yahukimo District famine that resulted in 55 people died and 112 others critically. Currently there are four tribes who live in these food-insecure areas. Namely, subsuku Una Ukam, subsuku Mek, subsuku Yali, and subsuku Kimyal.Ones confirmed, the team from the district had come down directly to the district that could be reached. Until now there has been no residents were evacuated from the area. According to him, all these districts are constrained geographic and weather conditions. Area is 5000 meters altitude above sea level. "About 80 percent of the population living in the mountains," sub-district Yahukimo jelasnya.Kepala Balingga Wiklif states, not merely the victim died from the amoeba. The reason, among others, contracted upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, and malaria.
    Special Staff of the Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare Rizal Mallarangeng said that the team will verify the problem and victims of famine. Handling the Yahukimo district, said Rizal, the great cost of transportation, based side. Therefore, the team will come and bring help to it. "Especially the milk for the babies in there," jelasnya.Bantuan to be taken, among others, 100 tons of rice, 1,100 boxes of instant noodles, soy sauce, canned fish, and cooking utensils. Based on the experience of previous cases, people do not just need a sweet potato as their staple food. They also want to feel the instant noodles and other foods. "It is a shameful thing. Therefore, we will not play games with the issue of hunger in parts of Indonesia, "he stated. (zul / oki)

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    Re: Hunger, 92 Killed in Yahukimo, Papua


    Google translation:
    [Tuesday, 08 September 2009]
    Victims of Famine in Yahukimo Hundreds Achieve
    NGO reports only 92 people, 222 people Pemkab Data Collection

    SUHOMAI - Government Yahukimo, Papua, not simply believe in the data submitted by NGOs of people died of starvation. To ensure this, dropping the team to the district government districts in the area of Yahukimo.

    The result, the number of people died of starvation reported more pemkab. If NGOs only 92 people called the number, the data obtained by the team reach the hundreds of people.

    Yahukimo Regent Ones Pahabol led his own team during a survey in the District Bomela and Suntamon. When the visit, Ones to hear complaints directly related famine. Report''citizens, famine occurred because of crop failure,''said Ones told reporters.

    Tubers are planted in the field they look lush with dense leaves. But when harvested, the fruit is empty. If there is, small fruit and eat worms again.

    From citizens, Ones also get the data that in the two districts alone recorded 222 people died of starvation. In Bomela, residents who died reached 160 people.

    The findings were derived from data from January until August 2009. From Suntamon District, reported 62 people died of starvation.

    There are funny dialogue that occurs between the regents and local residents. When the magistrate asked, if someone died because of starvation? Residents said no. ''Just because a lack of food, continued abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea, and then died,''said chief presidential primary Sundamon Nabiel Judas.

    While in Bolema, expressed amazement Ones. Because when it visited the district last month, he was not getting reports of people who died of starvation. Kok''Now there are reports like that. Where did this?''He said.

    He promised to examine the truth of the news. Because, so far there are no reports residents died after a few days without eating. There, they lack food, continued diarrhea and died. Medically''have us examine whether because of lack of food and diarrhea or other diseases that cause diarrhea,''he said.

    To be sure, according to the Ones, it takes several days. There are several criteria about the famine. For example, people eat but was not satisfied that a sign that the lack of food. (don / FUD / JPNN / bad)