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Tests pending on Saudi who died in Indonesia; also his ambulance driver- positive H1N1

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  • Tests pending on Saudi who died in Indonesia; also his ambulance driver- positive H1N1


    Dicurigai Kena Virus Corona
    DENPASAR, NusaBali
    Selasa, 28 Januari 2014

    Google translation:

    Taxable suspected Corona Virus
    Denpasar , NusaBali
    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    Death of ANJ , 71 , a citizen of a foreign country from Saudi Arabia could make a scene Sanglah Hospital , Denpasar .
    Because the reported patients died of bird flu . Related to the case, the Secretary of the bird flu Sanglah , Dr. Ken Wirasandi Monday ( 27/1 ) , explains that from an examination of the patient's negative result is negative , aka H5N1 bird flu . However, allegations emerged that the patient died of Corona virus ( MERS - CoV ) is now attacking Saudi Arabia .

    " It is true Saturday ( 25/1 ) Sanglah accept patient referrals from one private hospital in Bali , with a situation of acute respiratory failure . Which then held an investigation after diagnosis we can do when it turns out it was envisaged acute respiratory failure because of the virus , " said Dr. Ken . Based on the results of the investigation , said Dr. Ken , the hospitals tend to perform a further search . With a turn early warning system against bird flu or some new information that is currently happening in the Middle East warm and in Vietnam namely Corona Virus . " To ensure that patients are being treated subsequently died ( ANJ , red) is in contact with cases of bird flu or MERS - CoV then we did the investigation of the diagnosis by laboratory tests . And yesterday was able results for H5N1 were negative . Yet still we do is examination variant of the bird flu virus itself, because there are several variants is a malignancy or simply dangerous . Hopefully tomorrow the results came out negative and another variant of H5N1 , " he explained . As for his own examination of MERS - CoV , the Sanglah , recognized Dr. Ken , have not been able to do because it does not have the primary . " Our human resources and facilities exist , but the primary is not so konfirmnya we send to the Ministry of Health and Development Affairs. Hopefully a quick result out , " he hoped . However, if the examination of MERS - CoV positive result for the field of science that only patients who are at risk are treated specially treated in isolation . Patients who are at risk , said Dr. Ken , is a patient who is experiencing pain or a history of heart , lung , pregnant women , people with diabetes and several other diseases . " If there is no history of heart disease , lung and others , then the patient can be treated the way , " he explained . Currently Sanglah step taken was to evaluate the people who had contact with the patient ANJ . Includes one Sanglah staff who are experiencing flu after having contact with the patient . " Indeed there are currently one of our staff had the flu . Shapes our evaluation on the appropriate standard operating staff handling of bird flu . Had there not the case , chances are handled as flu patients in general . While we consider this risk to staff other then our org Nusa Indah isolation in space , " he said . Added Dr. Ken , ANJ indications are not exposed to the virus in Bali . " Based on the information , he is a foreigner who came to Bali on 15 January. Seeing trips if the incubation period , the virus is not found in Bali . Might enter Bali has been in a state hospital . Progressive nature of bird flu if at all . Extremely fast , now taxable , if within 24 hours of anti- viral risk can not be dead . , but it's not , so we suspect this WNA contact MERS - CoV virus that can be transmitted from human to human through the air . MERS - CoV virus and it did not previously exist in Bali , so WNA is definitely not exposed to the virus in Bali , " said Dr. Ken . For information , Corona virus that became a byword of this , is MERS - CoV , the Middle East stands Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus . MERS - CoV respiratory syndrome is a disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory tract Corona from mild to severe . The symptoms are fever , cough and shortness of breath until it was acute . This virus is a new type of coronavirus group ( Novel Corona Virus ) . This virus was first reported in September 2012 in Saudi Arabia . 7 cr50

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    Google translation:

    Ambulance driver Treated Standard Bird Flu

    Date : January 28, 2014 Hours : 11:35 am ? Bali , Denpasar , Headline , Health

    Denpasar , -One Sanglah ambulance driver who had contact with suspected bird flu died tourists still in intensive care on Tuesday ( 28/1 ) . Treatment process according to the procedure of bird flu patients . Secretary Bird Flu Handling Team Sanglah , dr . Ken Wirasandhi said the ambulance driver was treated for flu symptoms after contact with the victim .

    Added , patients were treated according to the procedure of bird flu confirmation of the laboratory examination . "We are currently examining two corona virus and the virus is H7N9 , " he said Tuesday . Corona virus is the cause of MERS - CoV virus that is endemic in the Middle East , while the H7N9 type of avian influenza virus H5N1 with the same ferocity .

    If negative , the patient must no longer be treated according to the procedure of bird flu and just treated simptomatisnya . In addition to standard treatment of bird flu , the Sanglah also do prevention early by giving tamiflu . ( san / Bali Post )

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    Re: Tests pending on Saudi who died in Indonesia; also his ambulance driver


    Meninggal, Turis Arab Negatif Flu Burung
    Tanggal: 29 Januari 2014 Jam:11:44 am ? Bali, Denpasar, Headline, Kesehatan

    Google translation:

    Died , Arab Tourists Bird Flu Negative
    Date : January 29, 2014 Hours : 11:44 am ? Bali , Denpasar , Headline , Health

    Denpasar , - Puzzle death of Arab tourists , ANJ ( 71 ) , who was suspected of bird flu , began to unfold . The results of the laboratory examination showed Biomol Udayana University Faculty of H7 positive , but negative N9 . In conclusion , a tourist who was staying at the Kuta does not bring an aggressive bird flu virus , but only the common cold . " The results of the examination is positive for H H7 but not to its N N9 , " said Secretary Tim Sanglah bird flu , dr . Ken Wirasandhi , Wednesday ( 29/1 ) afternoon .

    Although negative , according to Ken , it was still awaiting confirmation of Research and Development . If the result is positive , then the bird flu patient treatment procedures against those who contact with victims died immediately. For primary prevention , surveillance teams are monitoring the development of the condition of the people who had contact with the victim .

    While the ambulance driver who admitted to Sanglah not found viruses H5 or H7 with . " Laboratory tests showed positive patients H1 . So it was not the type of virulent avian influenza virus , "
    he explained . However, the patient remained in a special room . ( san / Bali Post )


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      Re: Tests pending on Saudi who died in Indonesia; also his ambulance driver- positive H1N1


      Hasil Libangkes Warga Arab Negatif Flu Burung
      Tanggal: 2 Februari 2014 Jam:2:43 pm ? Bali, Berita, Denpasar, Headline, Nasional

      Google translation:

      egative results Arabs Libangkes Bird Flu

      Date : February 2, 2014 Time: 2:43 pm ? Bali , News , Denpasar , Headline , National
      Denpasar , - sample test results and Development of Arab citizens , ANJ ( 71 ) who died on Saturday ( 25/1 ) and then as a result of the alleged bird flu and viral infections Corona declared negative . Head of the Bali Health Office , dr . Ketut explained Suarjaya lab results have come out on Saturday ( 1/2 ) the negative and stated outcomes . " From the results of the examination , Arab tourists are H1N1 positive and negative meaning of the common cold Corona virua . Victim MERS - CoV did not suffer , " said Suarjaya.Sementara that , according to the secretary bird flu Sanglah , dr . Ken Wirasandhi with negative results for both Research and Development and the H7N9 avian influenza virus Corona , the patients who had contact with the patient and treated at room Nusa Indah allowed to go home . Although the initial examination the patient 's body flu virus different from the hospital deaths Sangkah still take care of Nusa Indah as preparedness for corona virus . " Because the virus coronanya already negative , the patient is allowed to go home, " said Ken .

      With the negative results of Research and Development by Ken Bali until now remained free of the bird flu virus H7N9 and type of corona virus . ( entrepreneurial Sanjiwani )