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Indonesia; 2013 Dengue cases in No. Sulawesi

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  • Indonesia; 2013 Dengue cases in No. Sulawesi


    50 Kasus DBD di Manado Hingga Januari 2013
    Kamis, 24 Januari 2013 18:03 WIB
    Laporan wartawan Tribun Manado Fransisca


    50 cases of dengue in Manado until January 2013
    Thursday, January 24, 2013 18:03 PM
    Reports the Tribune Manado Fransisca Noel

    TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, MANADO-As predicted earlier, entered the month of January 2013 an increase in the spread of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

    For the city of Manado, the spread of disease through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes aegypty has increased to 50 cases by the end of January 2013.

    Chief Medical Officer of the city of Manado, Dr. Robby Motoh, told Tribune Manado, Thursday (24/1) said the spread of dengue is the case in almost all districts in Manado, but the highest region is sub Malalayang case that includes Malalayang I and II.

    "Malalayang the highest cases of all districts in Manado," he explained.

    Of the total 50 cases, there is one case of dengue fever that resulted in death. "A 10-year-old patient in the District Tikala died from dengue," he said.

    As the anticipation of deployment, recognized the health office Robby Manado has activated 15 health centers in the city of Manado to participate in the management of DHF.

    "Each clinic has equipped each with two fogging equipment plus the medicine, so to epidemic areas periodically conducted fogging," he said.

    In addition, public health epidemic is also conducting research to assess which areas are included epidemic areas. "It includes the incentive to disseminate to citizens related to 3M + and how to maintain a healthy environment," said Robby.

    Add Robby, the results of the study found that the mosquito Aedes mosquitoes aegypty belonged love to live in clean water. "So people need to know that mosquitoes prefer to live in clean water that silenced more than a week," he said.

    With this information it is Robby called for more active residents maintain a healthy environment, including diligent tub drain water, shut the water catchment, including cleaning goods that could potentially accommodate rainwater.

    "Even the cemetery was also specific to the area once a week routine fumigation because many flower vases filled with water used to carry people as a pilgrimage and then left alone and potentially become nesting places of dengue mosquitoes," said Robby.

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    Re: Indonesia; 2013 Dengue cases in No. Sulawesi


    Rabu, 06 Maret 2013 , 07:26:00
    Seluruh Kecamatan Endemik DBD
    80 Persen Rumah Penderita Terdapat Genangan Air

    Google translation:

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 07:26:00
    The entire district Endemic dengue
    80 Percent of People There Puddle house

    MANADO-whole districts in the city of Manado is endemic spread of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). This is evidenced by the case of the ten sub-intervals from January to February which reached 189 cases.

    Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robby Jasen Mottoh revealed high dengue cases can not be separated from the five-year cycle and weather effects of rain that occurred from October to the end of this Fabruari. "Pascahujan stagnant water everywhere like in cans, flower pots, guttering, rainwater can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes," he said.

    He explained that, based on research conducted 80 percent of patients who develop fever at his home there was water. "So in retrospect the dengue patients are stagnant water in the yard of their home. This condition is not good, because it gives space for mosquito breeding. Therefore, the application of 3M should continue to be made even in March will be a decline in dengue cases, "said Mottoh.

    "Maintaining a regular diet with four of five perfectly healthy menu also need to be considered and applied to every member of the family at home. This pattern should also be coupled with regular exercise, "he advised.

    Moreover, people are also advised abate powder can get at the health center are provided free of charge, for later use in the tub. "In addition, people should also drain the water twice a week in the bath and other water reservoirs. Because according to the theory of the four days can breed mosquitoes, "he said.

    Meanwhile, according to the Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health Dr Joy MA Zeekeon Mkes, cemetery locations in Desembar visited by many pilgrims carrying flowers life is filled with water in the bottle also a growing location-carrying mosquitoes. "Going into January and February, the people are no longer to the grave and discard the water. Well, so the container where mosquitoes breed, "he added. (Ctr-02/lee)


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      Re: Indonesia; 2013 Dengue cases in No. Sulawesi


      Senin, 11 Maret 2013, 3:26 PM
      Dinkes Siaga DBD
      Febuari Penderita DBD Capai 40 Orang

      Google translation:

      Monday, March 11, 2013, 3:26 PM
      Standby PHO DBD
      Patients with DHF February Reaches 40 People, Kotamobagu - Although already had his warning to the citizens of the City Kotamobagu to alert themselves against the spread of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), unfortunately not addressed.

      The reason, according to the Health Office (PHO) has recorded approximately 61 cases of interval January to the first week of March. Although there are no reports that died from the bite of Aedes mosquito agepty, but the Department of Health (PHO) has recorded approximately 61 cases of interval January to first week of March.

      Of the 61 cases of dengue, the most widely encountered cases in February to 40 cases. Fantastic amount are spread across all districts in Kotamobagu. This makes PHO DBD set Kotamobagu standby.

      "We've set the alert status, but not to the Extraordinary Incident (KLB). We still see growth in the future hope there is no more increase in the case, which is obviously the number of cases in Kotamobagu smaller than in Manado. Health Centers spread across the district are also ready to provide the service, "said Chief Health Office, Dr. Salmon Helweldery, MA.

      Continued, now being aggressively disseminating PHO mosquito nest eradication program (PSN) through 3M motion plus (Drain, cover, stockpiling and avoid mosquito bites, red), abatisasi and fumigation (fogging). "However, the overall program if people do not participate directly, then there is no point. 3M plus the most important and it should be made public, "said Salmon.

      Separately, Head of Section (Kasie) SE Kawuwung Vonny Disease Control, said since entering the rainy season the intensity began to rise in February, the number of dengue cases is also rising. Mentioned, in January only approximately 17 cases, then immediately increased dramatically in February approximately 40 cases.

      "As of March 8 was a new carrying approximately 4 cases. So the total cases in Kotamobagu approximately 61 cases, "said Vonny.

      Admittedly, there was a significant increase in cases over the same period in 2012 ago. Today's entry in the transition seasons change. So not only are faced Kotamobagu dengue situation, but almost all regions.

      "It's just the smart Kotamobagu already knew early on DBD, so that direct treatment if it is to feel the symptoms of dengue. However, it is possible there are also people who are less concerned, "said Vonny.

      The increase in this case the mayor helped get attention Kotamobagu Drs Djelantik Mokodompit ME. He also invites the public to diligently maintain cleanliness. "This is one reason Moposad Meet importance, in order to minimize or even eradicate dengue mosquito breeding. The program will be further enhanced, "said Papa Rasky-Djelantik-familiar greeting. (Man / cep)


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        Re: Indonesia; 2013 Dengue cases in No. Sulawesi


        300 Warga Manado Terserang Demam Berdarah, Satu Meninggal
        Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013 | 7:18

        Google translation:

        300 Residents Suffer Dengue Manado, One Dies
        Saturday, March 16, 2013 | 7:18

        [MANADO] About 300 residents of Manado, especially children, develop dengue fever (DB) from January to March. Until now, it was one person died.

        Chief Medical Officer of the city of Manado, Robby Motto told reporters on Friday (15/3) in Manado, said the number of people who develop dengue fever, because of the change of the rainy season to kemusim heat.

        Other factors as well as neighborhoods that are not clean, and the many places of stagnant water, which caused the number of mosquitoes.

        Meanwhile, City Council members Manado, Frangklin SH MH to SP Singal expressed concern with dengue fever in height in the region.

        He considered the government later spraying the locations prone to dengue fever.

        "We ask the city government should work hard, do not be slow, because of this deadly disease," said Singal of Golkat Party Manado. [136]