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Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra

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  • Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


    Positif DBD, Lima Warga Lamsel Meninggal
    Written By Lampung Online on Kamis, 03 Januari 2013 | 17:15:00

    Positive DBD, Five People Died Lamsel
    Written By Lampung Online on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 | 17:15:00

    LAMPUNG SOUTH - The South Lampung regency (Lamsel), dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) casualties. In the past week, seven victims were suspected of contracting dengue died in Ketapang district, the district is the gateway yag the island of Sumatra.

    "From the existing data, in the past month in our area occurred 14 cases of dengue fever. Of these, seven victims died," said District Health Clinics KUPT Ketapang, Herwin as confirmed on Thursday (03/01/2013).

    It is said, for the victims who tested positive for dengue death five people. Meanwhile, two other victims are still checked the examination results.

    Meanwhile, the mother of Cut Khairani Asri (9) that the victim died due to a hemorrhagic fever (DHF) Sri Handayani, complained about the slow reaction of the Public Health Service (Diskes) South Lampung regency against the spread of dengue fever in the region where he lived.

    The complaint was conveyed to the District of South Lampung, Rycko Menoza conducting site visits. Sri claimed to have reported to the health personnel in the health center Ketapang, when one family contracted dengue. "But there is no concrete action on the report," he regrets.

    The health center and Diskes South Lampung regency, continued Sri, New Cut Khairani action when his daughter died in hospital Asri Kalianda. Whereas previously, several members of his family also was infected with BDB.

    "We have incident report. Yet no concrete steps. Was not until there were no fatalities died all health workers busy," said Sri disappointed. According to him, the officer should be directly related to the current action get a report, so it does not fall victim died samapai.


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    Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


    Awal Januari Sudah 5 Warga Positif DBD
    Radar Lampung - Jumat, 4 Januari 2013 | 12:48 WIB

    Google translation:

    Early January's been 5 People Positive DBD
    Radar Lampung - Friday, January 4, 2013 | 12:48 pm

    Sukadana - Disease hemorrhagic fever (DHF) continues to threaten the citizens of East Lampung. During the period January to December 2012, the local district residents were positive dengue reached 217 people, an increase of 191 people compared to 2011.

    Acting (Plt.) Kadiskes Lamtim dr. Febriswan through Kasi Eradication and Prevention of Communicable Diseases Sartono appealed to the public to raise awareness against dengue. Therefore, beginning in January 2013 already 5 Lamtim stricken citizens.

    All five are Pekalongan District residents. 4 of each village and one village residents Tulusrejo Pekalongan. Of these, 4 of them until yesterday still undergoing treatment at the General Hospital Achmad Yani Metro City. While one again declared cured.

    Furthermore Sartono states, see the current weather conditions could potentially increase the number of DHF. To prevent this, Diskes focus will conduct fogging (fumigation) in District Pekalongan. Especially around the houses affected. In addition, Diskes also urged the public to improve environmental hygiene and maintain body condition. For example, by taking vitamins and healthy foods. '' If the condition of the body fit, to minimize the chances of developing the disease include fever,'' he said.

    Reported previously, people who develop dengue Lamtim growing. Increasing the number of dengue patients from Badransari Hamlet, Village Tulusrejo, District Pekalongan, 4 and Mountain Village Pasirjaya, Sekampungudik, 3 people. With the addition, during the period October to December 2012 Lamtim stricken residents DBD has reached 60 people.

    Previous residents who develop DHF Lamtim during October to December as many as 53 people. Respectively, district Pekalongan 30 people, 12 people Pasirsakti, Wayjepara 7 people, and residents Sekampungudik 4 people. (Wid/c3/adi)


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      Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


      Hari ini Pkl. 07:35 WIB
      Dua Tewas akibat DBD di Binjai (North Sumatra)

      Google translation:

      Today Pkl. 07:35 pm
      Two killed due to dengue in Binjai

      MedanBisnis-Binjai. The high rainfall in recent Binjai city vulnerable to the spread of disease encourages Binjai City Chief Medical Officer Meliani Build appealed to all communities to keep the environment clean and cover a pool of water that can be spread of the disease, thereby conveyed to reporters, Monday (7/1) workroom.
      This is done to prevent the growth of mosquitoes aidest aigypti likely to grow rapidly in the area of ​​standing water that exist within the household. Beside that dysentery is also very vulnerable to a dirty home environment.

      He also urged people with the disease to be treated medically rapidly to health care through a clinic or health center closest aide scattered in every village in the city of Binjai and reported the incident to his side.

      Other efforts done by fogging on homes to prevent the spread of these germs. 2012, there were 2 people died from dengue fever in the city of Binjai, however that number decreased rates of as much as 150 dengue cases, while in 2012 there are 140 cases of the spread of dengue.

      With the spread of dengue fever that is endemic Mencirim Village, East Binjai by the number of dengue patients was about 19 people hit by dengue epidemic and two people died.

      "Anticipation is every month we routinely conduct outreach and foging Binjai City, to reduce infection rates," he said. Based on the distribution cycle, DHF will boom in the period of 5 years. At that time, in 2009-2010 the spread of dengue in city Binjai enormous. "He said.

      Probably in 2014-2015 will be the deployment of high fever and it will continue to be cautious with counseling and pemogingan, "he explained. Meanwhile, for the transmission of Sexual Transmission Infections (STIs) in the City of Binjai relatively small. Where the spread of diseases such as ganore (gonorrhea), or syphilis and condyloma (cock's comb) is found only 16 cases in the City Binjai.Untuk overcome it, health centers can provide STI services PustuRambung and health centers in the District of North Binjai. (Meila)


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        Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


        Ketapang Masih KLB DBD - Selasa, 8 Januari 2013 18:37 WIB

        Google translation:
        Still Ketapang dengue outbreak - Tuesday, January 8, 2013 18:37 PM

        TRIBUNNEWS.COM LAMPUNG - The number of cases of attacks dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the District of South Lampung regency Ketapang growing. We have had 17 positive cases of dengue fever are found in the district. Of these six fatalities.

        Section Head of Communicable Disease Control Department of Health South Lampung regency, Kristi Endarwati to Tribunlampung, Tuesday (01/08/2013), said that for the number of suspected cases of dengue fever contracted in the District of Ketapang reached 44 cases. And from the results of lab tests 17 patients have tested positive for dengue.

        "We are still waiting for lab test results some patients currently treated in hospitals and RSUAM Kalianda Bandar Lampung. While several other patients of his lab test results are not proven affected by dengue," he said.

        According to Kristi, for the sub Ketapan still defined as an outbreak of dengue fever. Determination of the outbreak of the date of January 2, 2013 last. And determination of outbreaks during the two incubation period until January 14, 2013.

        "Later we'll see if its spread is still high enough or not," he said.

        Told by Kristi, scheduled on Wednesday (9/1) tomorrow it will again hold a mass fogging in several areas that have been found positive for the transmission of dengue fever in the District of Ketapang.

        He added that in addition to the District of Ketapang suspected dengue cases also affects residents in the District of Tanjung Bintang. And so far there have been 10 residents who indicated contracted dengue.

        "We are still awaiting lab results from patients treated at RSUAM Bandar Lampung," he concluded. (Smith / tribunlampung)


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          Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


          Lima Kecamatan di Pringsewu Endemis DBD
          Tribun Lampung - Rabu, 9 Januari 2013 20:58 WIB

          Google translation:

          Five districts in Pringsewu Endemic dengue
          Lampung Tribune - Wednesday, January 9, 2013 20:58 PM

          TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID - District Health Pringsewu declared five districts in Pringsewu endemic dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

          According to the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Endang Budiati Pringsewu, the fifth township Pringsewu, Pagelaran, Gadingrejo, Sukoharjo, and Pardasuka.

          Meanwhile, the number of dengue cases recorded until January 2013 only 13 cases. "The case is greater today in 2012, totaling 501 cases," said Endang told reporters on Wednesday (01/09/2013).

          It is said Endang, DBD 2012 increased sharply due to a factor of five-year cycle. He said every five years dengue cases is exploding. In 2012, yesterday entered the fifth year.
          To reduce the number of DHF, Endang claims to have made ​​various efforts. Starting from a free gift abate powder to fogging (fumigation). (Students)

          Editor: muhammadazhim


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            Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


            DBD Masuk KLB, Diskes Lamsel Lakukan Fogging Massal
            Radar Lampung - Selasa, 8 Januari 2013 | 20:54 WIB

            Google translation:

            Log DHF outbreaks, Diskes Lamsel Perform Bulk Fogging
            Radar Lampung - Tuesday, January 8, 2013 | 20:54 pm

            KALIANDA - Victims attack of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in South Lampung continue to fall. The disease is caused by dengue virus and into the human bloodstream through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito was increased.

            David Kurniawan (5), villagers Jatibru, District Tanjungbintang, died on Sunday (6/1). Previously, students one kindergarten (TK) in Tanjungbintang it was undergoing treatment at the Regional General Hospital dr. Hi. Abdul Moeloek (RSUDAM).

            "The victim died from dengue fever to seven people," said Chief Medical Officer (Diskes) Armen Lamsel Patria, Kes. through the Head of Communicable Disease Control (P2M) Kristi Endarwati told reporters yesterday.

            Explained, today it still fielded a team to carry out fogging. "Officers were deployed until yesterday still perform mass fogging on six points in Ketapang District," he said.

            For the case of dengue in Ketapang already established as an extraordinary occurrence (KLB). Therefore, monitoring DBD Diskes opening post. "We also asked residents immediately call centers when there is a high fever and red spots are," said Kristi.

            Known, at the beginning of the year, recorded six deaths due to dengue in the district Ketapang. They are Wulan (4), Usnul Sakinah (7), and Destri (4), three villagers Legundi. Two more victims, Cut Naini (9) and Lulut, villagers Sripendowo, died on Tuesday (1/1).

            The latest victim, Desi Eka Lestari (13), breathed his last after being referred to RSUDAM about 01.00 pm, Friday (4/1). Previously, he was undergoing treatment at the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Bob Bazar Kalianda.

            According to Kristi, for Tanjungbintang District, in addition to the victim died, the inspection team deployed in three villages, including Desa Serdang and Jatibaru, found ten people allegedly attacked by dengue. Diskes Lamsel directly conduct fogging in the spread of the disease.

            Diskes Lamsel also outreach to the public to prevent dengue. Therefore, handling dengue fogging can not be done alone. But, also by implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBs). Including doing 3M, the drain, buried, and stockpiling shelters could be a nest of water wiggler.

            "We also lowered the nine teams to conduct fogging. The details, the three teams in District Tanjungbintang and six teams in District Ketapang. (Dur/p1/c2/ais)


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              Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


              Demam Berdarah Serang Parakbatuang
              Pelajar SD Meninggal, Diskes Janjikan Fogging
              Padang Ekspres • Jumat, 11/01/2013 11:08 WIB • FAJAR RILLAH VESKY

              Google translation:

              Dengue Attack Parakbatuang
              Elementary Student Dies, Promises Diskes Fogging
              Padang Express • Friday, 11/01/2013 11:08 pm • DAWN RILLAH VESKY •

              Payakumbuh, PADEK-Dengue outbreak or suspected outbreak of dengue fever in the Village Parakbatuang, Payakumbuh and Tanjungpati, Fifty-City District. Allegations were further strengthened, following the death of an elementary school student named Zahra al-Fitr, and nursed a number of DHF patients in hospitals suspcet Adnan WD Payakumbuh, Thursday (10/1).

              "True, early this morning, there was a suspected dengue patient died in the hospital. Patient, just one day treat. He ushered in the final phase of DSS or condition. Based Phy labor, low platelet count and hematocrit it can not be ascertained, "said Dr. Herijon, Hospital Director Adnan WD Payakumbuh to Padang Ekspres, Thursday night.

              Separately, Chief Medical Officer Dr Hj Merry Payakumbuh Yuliesday also confirmed the information. "Yes, there was a home school student who died of Urban Parakbatuang suspect dengue. We predicted, the family drove to the hospital too late, because she thought the child had a fever just amazing," said Dr. Merry.

              Until Thursday night, call the dr and dr Merry Herijon, there are patients who are treated in hospitals due to suspected dengue Adnan WD. But dr Herijon, not sure the number of patients. While Dr. Merry, mention there were 2 patients who were treated Payakumbuh origin. Meanwhile, the information obtained Padang Express, in addition to 2 patients Payakumbuh origin, there are also some patients from Tanjungpati, Fifty Cities.

              "For a number of course, tomorrow morning (today), you can bet. I also just found out that someone had died, after get from Padang Express. Due to this afternoon, I accompanied the vice mayor. But clearly, the hospital claimed the patient suspect dengue based on clinical symptoms, such as high fever and a rash. Not by platelets or hematocrit as used Diskes WHO standards, "said Dr. Herijon.

              While Dr. Merry mentions, 2 patients were still being treated in hospital for suspected suspect Adnan WD DBD, a family of Zahra al-Fitr, elementary student who died early Thursday. "The two people who were still relatives of patients who died earlier. If not mistaken, their younger brother and uncle of the deceased patients," said Dr. Merry Yuliesday.

              For anticipatory action, the Public Health Payakumbuh, Friday (11/1), will conduct fogging (fumigation) around the house student who died of suspected dengue them. "Because the house is on the border with the Urban Village Parakbatuang Parikrantang, fogging will be done in two areas," said Dr. Merry Yuliesday.

              On the other hand, the Secretary LPM Village Parakbatuang Nofiar Rudi said elementary school students who died of suspected dengue in keluarahannya suspect, already dimakamkam the family with the community. Before he died, the couple's daughter Dedi, 40, and Titi, 38, was reportedly suffered a high fever, since a week ago.

              By his parents, suffered high fever Fitria, was taken to e GP practice, thinking their daughter was only ordinary fever disease. "Probably because they do not know the disease is dengue diidapnya, parents Fitria just keep him at home with prescription drugs," said Rudi Noviar.

              A few days later, Fitria health condition worsened. In some parts of the body, especially the skin and the eyes, there are red blotches. In addition, the victim also had experienced vomiting. Seeing the condition of it, some people around, encouraging families to take victims to hospitals Adnan WD.

              "Fitria WD Adnan was taken to hospital on Wednesday (9/1), approximately at 16.00 pm. However, after overnight treatment, Fitria died. According to the doctors at the hospital, was diagnosed Fitria Stage III dengue virus," said Rudi Noviar. (*)


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                Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


                Home » Lampung » Metro
                Serangan DBD di Metro Kian Masif
                Tribun Lampung - Kamis, 24 Januari 2013 19:04 WIB

                Google translation:

                Home »Lampung» Metro
                The attack of dengue in Metro Kian Masif
                Lampung Tribune - Thursday, January 24, 2013 19:04 PM

                TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID - Circulation of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in increasingly massive Metro City. Three of the hundreds of thousands of local residents reportedly died of positive disease Denggue Dengue Fever (DHF).

                Recent data from the Department of Health (Diskes) Metro during January 2013 showed as many as 158 of its citizens suffer from dengue. Eight people have been suspected and three died. The number of people swelled threefold when compared with data from November to December 2012 which recorded 52 cases. In fact, last year recorded just 374 cases of DHF.

                Head Diskes Metro Erla Andrianti said, the latest victim of the attack, DHF who died on Thursday (01/24/2013), is Muhammad Zaidan Rifqi six-month-old baby, a resident of Mutual Assistance, Village Imopuro Metro Centre.

                Previously, attacks had already DBD killed Rita (30) residents and Karlina Yosodadi Metro East (30) citizens of Metro Center. Both victims had received treatment in hospitals Ahmad Yani before it finally died.

                Member of Commission II of Metro City Council Nasrianto Effendi admitted surprise that the DHF data massively in recent days. In fact, a few weeks ago has recorded 88 cases, six patients with suspected otherwise.

                "Once again we are asking the City Government through Diskes for more respect for this deadly disease. Dengue threatens Metro. Avoid Dengue Outbreak in Metro categorized (usual extravagant event)," he said. (senses)


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                  Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


                  Kasus DBD Pekanbaru Menurun 40 Persen
                  Senin, 04 Februari 2013 23:03 suarariau

                  Google translation:

                  Dengue Cases Decline 40 Percent Pekanbaru
                  Monday, February 4, 2013 23:03 suarariau

                  PEKANBARU.SR - Although the city of Pekanbaru declared as endemic Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), for three consecutive years there is always a case of dengue.

                  But beginning in 2013, the number of dengue somewhat decreased about 40 percent compared to the same month last year. As presented Chief Medical Officer Rini Pekanbaru, the number of dengue cases by the end of January 2013 only reached 13 cases.

                  "Data recorded the number of people afflicted by dengue until January 31 only 13 cases, while last year the same month amounted to 23 cases," he said.

                  He continued, although declining, City Government through the Department of Health will always aggressively disseminate environmental hygiene and re-invigorate his 3M team jumantik activities in the District.

                  "We expect of dengue cases this year no one died, although last year there were 2 deaths of the total cases of 157 people," he explained.

                  Continued again, the health office appealed to people to keep the environment clean re-implement closed, drain and burying objects that can hold water. (CI).


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                    Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


                    Kasus Demam Berdarah Meningkat di Sumsel

                    Google translation:

                    Dengue Cases Rise in South Sumatra

                    PALEMBANG - During the rainy season beginning in January 2013, the number of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the province of South Sumatra (Sumatra) has increased, but not yet put a category extraordinary occurrence (KLB). In Prabumulih occurred 45 cases, Banyuasin 43, Ogan Ilir 32, and Banyuasin 27 cases.

                    "In the last two months, there is an increase. To prevent outbreaks, the health department continues to monitor areas that are considered vulnerable. We continue to monitor and prevent the potential areas the increase in dengue fever," said Chief Medical Officer of South Sumatra Province, Fenty Aprina , in Palembang yesterday.

                    Besides dengue-prone districts, such cases can happen in the city of Palembang. The number of fairly dense population and the number of streams that pass the source of mosquito development. "We have also channeled funds from the budget for the city / county and urged the public to always live a healthy life by keeping the environment around the residence to keep the water tanks," he stated. PL/P-3


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                      Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


                      Sabtu, 9 Februari 2013
                      Home » Makalam
                      Dua Penderita DBD Meninggal Dunia
                      Tribun Jambi - Sabtu, 9 Februari 2013 00:10 WIB

                      Google translation:

                      Saturday, February 9, 2013
                      Home »Makalam
                      Two People Died DBD
                      Jambi Tribune - Saturday, February 9, 2013 00:10 PM

                      Tribune correspondent reports Jambi, Rida Efriani

                      TRIBUNJAMBI.COM, JAMBI-erratic weather vulnerable to the spread of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, causing Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

                      Pack It said Azmi, as Head of Data Collection infectious diseases Jambi City Health Department entered the second week of February 2013, at least, have two people died of dengue patients. While the number of patients is increasing very fast.

                      "In December the number of people with 22 people, in January rose to 38 people. This is the second week of February the number of patients has increased by 10 people," he told, Friday (8/2). (*)

                      Author: rida
                      Editor: nani


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                        Re: Indonesia: 2013 Dengue cases in Sumatra


                        Seorang Pasien DBD Di Lampura Meninggal Dunia
                        Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

                        Google translation:

                        A dengue patient dies in Lampura
                        Wednesday, March 6, 2013

                        This dengue patients Dies In Road to Hospital

                        Zahra (10), a resident of Habib Gang, Village Kotabumi Udik, North Lampung regency died of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), Saturday (02/03/2013) at 02.00 pm. The victim breathed his last on the way to a hospital in Bandar Lampung.

                        According to the story the victim's uncle, Faisal, son of oxygen (32) and Maya (28) is known to have a fever since Monday (2/25/2013). At that time her parents had brought her daughter to the doctor. Two days later, Zahra returned a high fever. Fearing something happens, the family brought Zahra to General Hospital Ryacudu (RSUR), Friday (01/03/2013).

                        After checking the blood by the RSU Ryacudu, Zahra known dengue attack, then it is suggested that the victim is hospitalized. "Around 12.00 pm platelet continued to drop. Then refer the victim to the hospital to hospital in Bandar Lampung," said Faisal, Sunday (03/03/2013).

                        However, on the way, precisely in the Village Bumi Ratu Nuban, Central Lampung, the victim breathed his last. "Then we turn around and go home," Faisal said, adding that Zahra is a third grader Aman SDN 4 Cape, South Kotabumi.