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Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases

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  • Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


    Difteri Cabut Dua Nyawa Warga Situbondo
    Ahmad Faisol | Tri Wahono | Selasa, 15 Mei 2012 | 22:23 WIB

    Google translation:

    Unplug diphtheria Two Lives Residents Situbondo
    Ahmad Faisol | Tri Wahono | Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | 22:23 pm

    SITUBONDO, - deadly disease acute infection of the respiratory tract or the so-called epidemic of diphtheria began in Situbondo, East Java.

    Data from the Health Office (DHO) the local states, from January until early May 2012, there were 60 people contracted the disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae.

    Of these patients, two patients died of diphtheria in Bondowoso district health centers because the two men refused to be referred to hospitals dr Abdoer Rahem Situbondo by reason of fear to be placed in isolation rooms.

    According to the Head of the (Head) of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) dr Khusnul Ibtidak, a disease caused by bacteria spread very fast process. Even if not immediately controlled diphtheria can cause death.

    Diseases thought to have come from outside the district, attacked the upper respiratory tract by forming a membrane of the respiratory tract, causing obstruction of the respiratory tract for the sufferer.

    "In fact, the impact of this diphtheria, as well as endotoxin can cause food poisoning bacteria can cause myocarditis, heart attack or death. Addition saluaran respiratory attack, if left unchecked, this diphtheria toxin will attack the heart muscle, kidney and nervous system," he said, Tuesday (05/15/2012).

    Khusnul added defteri disease symptoms, the illness usually begins with mild fever, which is the initial condition of pain in the throat that is accompanied by a cough, and there is a white membrane of the respiratory tract. Even if the condition started badly, then the patient will experience shortness of breath diphtheria and nosebleeds.

    Hospital public relations dr Abdoer Rahem Situbondo IIR Nadhiroh said, in this last week there were 3 patients with diphtheria who underwent hospitalization.

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    Re: Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


    Rabu, 16 Mei 2012: 19:18:18
    Home / Jatim Raya
    Balita 3 Tahun Terindikasi Suspec Difteri
    Selasa, 15 Mei 2012 15:49 WIB
    | Editor: Heru Pramono

    Google translation:

    Wednesday, May 16 2012: 19:18:18
    Home / Java Kingdom
    Toddlers 3 Years Indicated Suspec Diphtheria
    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 15:49 pm
    | Editor: Heru Pramono

    SURYA Online, SITUBONDO - An infant suspected of having diphtheria suspec. Three-year-old toddler named Nabillah known, village residents Tribungan, District Mangaran, treated in isolation hospitals Abdoer Rachem Situbondo.

    The first daughter of the couple (couples) Syamsul (37) and Novi (35) This, after his mother contracted diphtheria suspect handling training Mangaran diphtheria in the district.

    Parents Nabilla, Syamsul said he did not think her daughter will suffer from the disease.

    "The symptoms, only a cough accompanied by cold and heat," said Syamsul to Surya in hospitals Abdoer Rachem Situbondo.

    Looking at her deteriorating health condition, his wife getting suspicious because the disease characteristics similar to the symptoms of diphtheria. With the provision of experience in handling training posyandu and diphtheria, so little understood gejalan disease.

    "You know there are white patches in the throat, my child was immediately taken to the midwife and referred to the hospital," said Arifin.

    Confirmed Surya, PR Abdoer Rachem Situbondo Hospital, IIR Nadiroh said, although not yet tested positive for diphtheria, but the disease has led to suspec diphtheria. So that the hospital should be extra careful in handling the funds of patients who indicated that diphtheria.

    "To ensure diphtheria or not, the hospital has sent the mucus of patients to Surabaya," said IIR Nadiroh.

    The process of disease transmission is through the respiratory diphtheria. So as to prevent the spread of diphtheria, then the only way to do vaccinations.

    "People sometimes do not want to vaccinate children, for fear his body heat. And that, to give her immune to all kinds of viruses and bacteria, "he explained.

    Confirmed separately, Head of Disease Prevention and Eradication (P2P) Situbondo Health Department, Dr. Husnul say, from January to May 2012, the citizens who contracted diphtheria Situbondo it has reached 60 people.

    "Of the 60 patients, 2 of them died," said Dr. Khusnul.
    Two patients who died, said Khusnul, because parents do not want patients admitted to hospital.

    "The patient died of diphtheria was not Situbondo hospital, but hospital Bondowoso," he concluded. (IZI Hartono)


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      Re: Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


      Penderita Difteri Meningkat
      Rabu, 16/05/2012 | 11:32 WIB

      Google translation:

      Diphtheria Patients Rises
      Wednesday, 05.16.2012 | 11:32 pm
      Jombang - Number of patients with diphtheria in the district. Jombang increased. If in 2011 there were 7 people with, within five months of 2012 recorded 28 people have been patient. Kasi Surveilence Epidomologi and Special Health Care District Health Office. Jombang, dr. Endang Setyawati, as confirmed on Wednesday (16/5), diphtheria patients admitted to an increase in the city.

      He urged people to be ever vigilant against the disease, because it can affect anyone, especially those that condition and his endurance is weak or declining. These symptoms are fever and initially painful swallowing, and out of white spots in mouth and throat.

      To investigate this further suspect diphtheria Dinkes ingus16 Jombang send samples of patients suspected of diphtheria to the laboratory in Surabaya, and negative results are known. Health Office is now re-send suspect samples to the lab the same diphtheria in Surabaya. "We hope the results come back negative sweeb nose," he said. bass


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        Re: Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


        Warga Grobogan Terserang Penyakit Difteri
        Grobogan , Sabtu 7 Juli 2012 - 10:26

        Google translation:

        Residents Grobogan Esophageal Disease Diphtheria
        Grobogan, Saturday, July 7, 2012 - 10:26 - Some residents in Grobogan disease diphtheria. Patients had to be treated in the isolation of a General Hospital Purwodadi Grobogan tested positive for bacteria infected with a rare and deadly diphtheria.
        Usually, patients who develop diphtheria have swollen organs and if late handling will result in death. Diphtheria bacteria itself is a rare disease that attacks the respiratory system caused by toxin-producing bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae. In fact, this transmission can occur from splashing saliva of an infected person coughing and direct contact of the respiratory tract.

        In the course of this semester, the district general hospital has treated 11 patients who are diagnosed with diphtheria. While this month as many as 3 patients still being treated in isolation rooms. Though many people are exposed to diphtheria, the District Health Office has not set a status of an outbreak of this virus that has spread. (Nur Soli - Grobogan)


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          Re: Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


          Difteri Menyebar Melalui Bersin dan Ludah
          Sabtu, 7 Juli 2012 | 10:42 WIB

          Google translation:

          Diphtheria spreads through sneezing and saliva
          Saturday, July 7th, 2012 | 10:42 PM Share
          Diphtheria virus

          JEMBER - For two years, 2011 and 2012, there have been 40 cases of diphtheria, and one patient of whom died. East Java itself is in remarkable condition of diphtheria cases. At least as many as 35-45 thousand children under the age of five years in Jember, East Java, has not been immunized against DPT (Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis). They threatened the current outbreak of diphtheria.

          For that Jember Health Office of Public Relations, Jumarlis, said
          For adults, diphtheria is not too dangerous due to strong immune system. But for children, especially infants, diphtheria toxin can weaken the issue of the heart, on Friday (07.06.12). For now at least it still has reserves of 200 thousand cases of vaccine for diphtheria.

          So far, the health office is to disseminate vaccination to a number of areas, especially those with cases of diphtheria, among others Sumberbaru, Silo, Mumbulsari, and Tempurejo. "This is to break the chains of bacteria," said Jumarlis.

          Jember in the parliament building, today a member of the Board and journalists alike antidifteri injected vaccine. This mass vaccination after the outbreak of the Prosperous Justice Party chairman Yuli Prianto by this disease. Transmission can be through sneezing and saliva. Diphtheria spreads through the air.

          "Cases of diphtheria are so easily spread. If a board member got one, all the community members of the Board and the secretariat can be infected," said Jumarlis.

          So far, Yuli condition began to improve. He was still being treated in isolation rooms. "Yesterday in the RSD dr. Soebandi there are three cases, and have recovered. They quickly gained a high class level of antibiotics. Healing actually handled quickly so long as the health institutions," said Jumarlis. (bam)


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            Re: Indonesia: 2012 Diphtheria cases


            Dinkes Jember Perangi Difteri
            Rabu, 8 Agustus 2012 13:30 WIB

            Google translation:

            Diphtheria Fight Jember Health Office
            Wednesday, August 8, 2012 13:30 PM

            TRIBUNJATIM.COM, JEMBER-Jember Health Department continues to fight the diseases that attack the Jember diphtheria. The more days increased the number of people stricken with diphtheria.

            Based on data in Jember Health Office from January to August this had been found 31 cases of diphtheria. Yet until mid-June was 16 cases.

            "It's growing, now recorded 31 cases with one person died," said Head of Public Relations Yumarlis health office, Wednesday (08/08/2012).

            To prevent further spread of the disease, the health office to conduct diphtheria immunization of children, mainly aged 0 to 15 years. Immunization performed in posyandu and schools.

            Sources: Surya
            Reporter: Sri Wahyunik