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Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java

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  • Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


    Sabtu, 18 Feb 2012 | 19:09 Wib
    Info Terbaru | Oleh ayodya |
    DBD Marak, Wali Kota Minta PSN Ditingkatkan

    Google translation:
    Saturday, February 18, 2012 | 19:09 WIB
    Latest Info | By Ayodya |
    DBD Marak, the Mayor Ask the PSN Enhanced

    Disease Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is expected to continue to rise in February and March. Especially until the middle of this month there have been about 70 dengue patients with 2 patients died of the citizens of North Menoreh Sampangan (Menoreh Utara Sampangan). While in February there were 14 patients affected by dengue.

    Related to that HS Soemarmo Mayor Ward asked for Head and along the City Health Office (DKK) Semarang to increase mosquito eradication activities (PSN) as well as checking the larvae in each region. 3M activities that drain, cover and bury the items that can hold water should be done so that dengue can be prevented.

    He said that dengue prevention is not only the responsibility of the government, but the whole community. Because it's cleanliness and environmental awareness in society so that DHF does not need to be improved more and more.

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    Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


    DBD Serang Semarang, Pemkot Siaga
    Danar Widiyanto | Kamis, 8 Maret 2012 | 16:12 WIB

    Google translation:
    DBD Attack Semarang, the City Government Alert
    Danar Widiyanto | Thursday, March 8, 2012 | 16:12 AM

    SEMARANG ( - A dengue fever patients, Bambang (42), residents Jomblang Perbalan, South Semarang, died on Wednesday (7/3) evening.

    Bambang died after undergoing treatment at the Elisabeth Hospital Semarang for three days from Sunday (4/3) evening.

    Aminah, the brother of the deceased told that people had actually taken to the hospital on Friday (2/3) then the condition improved and Sunday (4/3) morning, the patient had a family to go to Yogyakarta.

    "Once the home of Yogyakarta on Sunday night in the hospital immediately in a state of pain and the possibility has entered a critical phase," he said Thursday (8/3).

    Platelets of patients who dropped plus poor physical condition is thought to be the cause, the patient can not be saved.

    Suyati, neighbors said he was surprised people in the region have affected dengue hemorrhagic fever. Especially during these residents routinely do the eradication of mosquito larvae.

    "There is a possibility, previously deceased affected by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are not at home," he said.

    Based on data from the pages of Semarang City Health Department recorded the number of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever in the city of Semarang up to nine weeks (first week of March 2012) of 125 cases.

    While the number of deaths until week eight (February 2012) a total of three cases.

    Dengue fever is strongly influenced by weather, ie, when high rainfall increase the number of cases. Besides the weather, environmental hygiene is also a factor outbreak of dengue fever around 50-60 percent, while about 30 percent of people's behavior.

    "The higher the rainfall, the more standing water so the more the brood of mosquitoes and dengue fever are also more and more," said Acting Chief Medical Officer of the city, Widoyono.

    Mosquito eradication efforts that drain, buried, and where mosquitoes are still to be closed effective measures to suppress the spread of dengue disease. (Ant / Yan)


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      Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


      13 Kecamatan di Boyolali Rawan DBD
      Ivan Aditya | Jumat, 16 Maret 2012 | 02:13 WIB

      Google translation:

      District 13 in Boyolali Prone DBD

      Aditya Ivan | Friday, March 16, 2012 | 02:13 pm

      Boyolali ( - A total of 13 sub-districts in Boyolali prone areas mapped as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). This condition is due to extreme weather conditions and uncertain to trigger proliferation of mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus in endemic regions serangkan DBD.

      "During 2012, according to deputy regent Agus Purmanto Boyolali, had occurred about 23 cases of dengue attack and some even died so that some villages designated as endemic areas. Because of that we've done pemetakan of 53 villages declared vulnerable to dengue, "said Agus Purmanto after doing the Eradication of mosquitoes nest (PSN) in collaboration with the Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI) Boyolali in the Village District Kaligentong Ampel Boyolali, Thursday (15 / 3).

      According Wabup, mosquito eradication movement is the first step to reduce the number of cases of dengue attack in Boyolali. This activity dipriositaskan in endemic areas by involving the public directly as well as a number of organizations and professional organizations.

      "From this motion is expected to grow the culture of healthy living in the community so that all areas in Boyolali will be free from dengue endemic area status," he said.

      Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer (DHO) Boyolali said the current trend of increased cases of dengue fever occurred in Boyolali allegedly due to the development of mosquito breeding and dengue in endemic areas prone to dengue. Of the total 23 cases of dengue fever, took place from January until the first week of March 2012, whereas before in the same period only a dozen cases. (Dis)


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        Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


        10 April 2012
        Serangan Demam Berdarah Meningkat

        * Dua Meninggal

        Google translation:

        10 April 2012
        Dengue Attacks Increase

        * Two Deaths

        BREBES - Aides aigepty mosquitoes cause dengue fever, in Brebes, now experiencing a sharp increase. Evidently, the number of people with the disease has soared over the previous year. In fact, this year was recorded in two patients died from mosquito attack.

        Data Brebes Regency Health Office said the number of dengue patients from January to March 2012 there were 53 cases. Two of these patients, known to die. Whereas in 2011 over the same period, the number of sufferers is only a total of 36 cases.

        While monitoring in hospitals Brebes Suara Merdeka, the number of treated patients with dengue fever has decreased.

        During the month of March to April was recorded only as much as two people. Meanwhile, in the same month last year, the number of dengue patients as many as seven people. "If you look at the data, the number of dengue fever is currently experiencing an increase over the previous year," said Head Kesahatan Brebes regency, Dr. Sri Gunadi, Monday (9/4).

        53 Cases

        He explains, from a total of 53 case patients, the most widely spread in the region pantura. In the southern region only one, namely the District Paguyangan.

        "If the majority of patients came from Wanasari district, then district and subdistrict Jatibarang Kersana," he explained.

        He further revealed that the high factor of dengue fever that human behavior is influenced by factors that are less good. As a result, create an unhealthy environment, giving rise to dengue mosquito breeding. "In addition to Brebes Hospital, for treatment of dengue fever, we also set up 16 centers spread throughout the region." (H38-48)


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          Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


          Kasus DBD, Semarang Peringkat Atas
          Tomi Sujatmiko | Jumat, 20 April 2012 | 19:05 WIB |

          Google translation:

          Dengue cases, Semarang Top Ranking
          Tomi Sujatmiko | Friday, April 20, 2012 | 19:05 pm |

          SEMARANG ( - Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in the city of Semarang is always located at the top-ranked Central Java since 2008 until now.

          "Actually the case from 2010 to 2011 the number decreased, but compared to other areas of the city of Semarang most dengue cases since 2008 and has always ranked first as Java," said Acting Chief Medical Officer Widoyono Semarang in Semarang, on Friday (20/4 / 2012).

          In 2010 the Office of Semarang recorded 1303 dengue cases with 10 dead and declining in 2011 with 194 cases and six died.

          He explained there are four factors that led to the city of Semarang is still ranked first ever case of dengue fever which is environmental, behavioral, health, and nutrition or stamina.

          Of environmental factors, there are three types of environments ie rainfall, rainy days, and the brood of mosquitoes. Environmental factors contributing to the number of dengue cases as much as 40-50 percent.

          The next factor is the behavior of factors such as the eradication of mosquito breeding, the behavior of hanging clothes, take a nap, do not wear long pants, especially primary school students.

          "Patients with DHF many elementary and junior high students, as many mosquitoes are under the table. Once junior high school students now use long pants and long sleeves, the number of cases is reduced," he said.

          Behavior is also related to prevention efforts such as using light and using insect repellent and the contribution of behavior ranging from 30-40 percent. (Ant / Tom)


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            Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


            Suara Banyumas
            08 Mei 2012
            Ditemukan 14 Kasus DB di Ajibarang

            Google translation:

            Sound Banyumas
            May 8, 2012
            DB found 14 cases in Ajibarang

            Sub-Ajibarang BANYUMAS Residents in endemic areas of dengue fever (DB) prompted the alert. Because during the January-April 2012 has recorded 14 cases of dengue fever which attacked the residents.

            Control officer (surveillance), health center Ajibarang, Dwi Ratna Christian village noted the most common case is the Village Tiparkidul DB Ajibarang District, six cases. Followed Ajibarang Kulon, Ajibarang Wetan, Darmakradenan, and Kracak. As in previous years, areas affected by dengue fever cases is the same area.

            "Maybe this is called a cycle, after several years of not going to happen again now. Therefore we've asked people to encourage healthy behavior and clean. Not forgetting also that they encourage mosquito eradication nest. Moreover, the peak DB is expected to occur in the month of May 2012, "said Ratna.

            Ratna said, related to the incident, health officials continue to conduct investigations in areas that are suspected of causing dengue fever mosquito vector. While for the handling, some victims have been taken and treated in health centers and hospitals Ajibarang.

            "For fogging, recently implemented in the region Ajibarang Wetan, Saturday (5/5) and will be held again on Saturday (12/5). Fogging is done in stages, "he added.

            Need the fumigation

            Village Chief Tiparkidul, Handoyo justify the existence of cases of dengue fever that afflicts its citizens. He said, like previous years, cases of dengue fever occurred in RW 4 is RT 6 and RT 5. For that he hoped the government to immediately deal with the case.

            "Do not spread more widely the case. As expectations of citizens, we want to also be held as soon as possible fogging in the region. The important thing is known areas prone DB, "said Handoyo.

            Village Chief Darmakradenan, Harjono also did not deny the existence of cases of DB who attacked its citizens. However, the responsiveness of citizens, victims of the affected DB has been rushed to the hospital some time ago.

            "Residents who have been exposed to DB hospitalized. I hope they recover soon return home. We also appealed to citizens to encourage PHBs and PSN, "he explained. (K37-63)


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              Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


              30 Mei 2012
              LINTAS JATENG
              ...111 Warga Blora Terserang DBD

              Google translation:

              May 30, 2012
              CROSS CENTRAL JAVA
              Esophageal ... 111 Residents Blora DBD

              Blora - Until the end of May, there were 111 residents Blora dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). Of these, one of whom died.

              According to Head of Family Health Office Sanitation Blora, Lili Hernanto MKes SKM, the figures were given in 2012 to watch this five-year cycle dipredikasi this disease will occur until early 2013.

              '' The most important people to remain vigilant, enterprising implement mosquito eradication nest (PSN), and if you find a family member with a fever three days do not fall down immediately brought to the doctor or nearest health center,'' he said yesterday.

              Described, in Blora dengue cases had actually declined from 2008, but increased again in 2010 and in 2011 fell again. For the year 2012 is predicted five-year cycle will occur until early 2013 (January to March). '' This is what should really pay attention, need to be re-enabled PSN activities, periodic examination of larvae. Because of this as early prevention efforts are most effective. Although it is still difficult to perform optimally because it requires active community participation,'' said Lili.

              Aware of cases of dengue fever deaths is still relatively high, according to Lili, it needs to improve cooperation with hospitals, both public and private, inpatient clinic is no exception. (Ud-23)


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                Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                Kasus Demam Berdarah di Pekalongan Meningkat
                Minggu, 10 Juni 2012 19:09 WIB

                Google translation:

                Dengue Cases Increase in Pekalongan
                Sunday, June 10, 2012 19:09 pm

                PEKALONGAN - AFP: The case of dengue fever in Pekalongan regency, Central Java, is now likely to increase so that residents are encouraged guard against the spread of the disease.

                "In May 2012, dengue fever in the local area is likely to increase over the previous month," said Head of Disease Control and Eradication of Pekalongan District Health Office, Suwondo, in Pekalongan, Sunday (10/6).

                According to him, in May 2012, the number of dengue patients as many as 14 people or an increase over the previous month as many as seven people.

                "The percentage of patients with dengue fever since January to May 2012 continued to increase. Total DB patients from January to May 2012 has reached 35 cases," he said.

                He said that in order to anticipate the spread of DB, the community asked for more intensified mosquito eradication and environmental hygiene.

                Mosquito eradication activities, he said, among other closings of mosquito breeding, drain the tub, and bury or burn the goods become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

                "In addition, we urge the public not vacate the house for too long because these conditions could allow mosquitoes to breed," he said.

                He said that the government will eventually do the fumigation if there have been case reports of DB that comes with the laboratory results.

                "Smoking is not prevention. Prevention DB should be done by intensifying the eradication of mosquito breeding and keeping the environment clean," he said. (Ant/Ol-3)


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                  Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                  DB di Grobogan Meningkat
                  Yon Haryono | Senin, 9 Juli 2012 | 11:14 WIB |

                  Google translation:

                  Increase in Grobogan DB
                  Yon Haryono | Monday, July 9th, 2012 | 11:14 pm |

                  Grobogan ( - Victims of the disease Berdara Fever (DB) in the District Grobogan, meningkat.Selama five months, there have been 160 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). A total of five of them died.

                  "The number of DHF cases there is upside. Because the disease resulting from mosquito Aedes aegypti during the last 2011 years there were only 189 cases and four patients died. But the year to June 2012 there were already 160 cases, five of them died, "said Chief Medical Officer Grobogan, doctors Johari Space, Monday (9/7).

                  The number of cases of dengue fever in the area makes Grobogan ranks 7 of 35 districts in Central Java. He admitted that in 2012 it has entered a five-year cycle of dengue. Health Office urges the public to be alert to the dangers of dengue fever. Among them carry out the eradication of mosquito breeding in homes as a precaution.

                  "I want people to still give priority to the principle of 3M, which is drained, cleaned and sealed off the potential water storage sites. Health Office is also menggecarkan efforts to prevent the explosion of attacks on Grobogan DB.

                  Such as providing information to the public, conduct fogging to the existing local DB patients and in endemic areas, "said Johari. (Tas)


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                    Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                    Today is : 18:20 PM
                    Radio Kota Batik
                    Senin, 15 Oktober 2012
                    Daerah Endemis Demam Berdarah di Kota Pekalongan Bertambah

                    Google translation:

                    Today is: 18:20 PM
                    Radio City Batik
                    Monday, October 15, 2012
                    Dengue Endemic areas in Pekalongan Increase

                    Pekalongan Health Department released the latest data, the regional spread of dengue fever caused by mosquito Aides Aegepty, in the City of Batik has been increased to 11 villages.

                    To Radio City Batik, Pekalongan Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dwi Herry Authority stated, the spread increased to 11 Sub DB, an increase from the previous year only 9 wards.

                    11 of which are endemic Sub Sub Podosugih, Medono, Pasir Sari, Tegal Rejo, Landungsari, Poncol, Klego, Sugihwaras, Kandangpanjang, New Long and Kraton Lor.

                    Dwi Herry added to the present data on the number of patients achieving disease DB 8 cases. Although this number is down from previous years, but people are encouraged to always do the eradication of mosquito breeding.


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                      Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                      NUSANTARA - JATENG
                      Kamis, 15 November 2012 , 22:50:00
                      DBD Mewabah, Penderita Bertambah

                      Google translation:

                      NUSANTARA - CENTRAL JAVA
                      Thursday, November 15, 2012, 22:50:00
                      DBD Plague, People Grow

                      Banjarnegara - Case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in the Wangon Banjarnegara district, Central Java continues to expand. In addition to the four cases previously, Banjarnegara District Health Office also received new reports of the people who tested positive for dengue.

                      "There is one case of dengue fever in the office library. Addition, two more people suffer from the symptoms of heat and allegedly affected by dengue," Kasi for Disease Control and Prevention an Extraordinary DKK, Permadi as reported by Radar Banyumas (JPNN Group),

                      Even so, said Permadi, it was still awaiting confirmation from the hospital to determine whether sufferers have tested positive for dengue or not. "Only after that, we conduct epidemiology to ensure mosquito larva Aedes aegypti as a disseminator of dengue," he added.

                      To suppress the spread of dengue, DKK return to fumigation or fogging around the school and houses a dengue positive. The second cycle was carried out with the assumption that the first cycle just off adult mosquitoes. "In order for larvae that have become adult mosquitoes will die, so the development of the mosquito Aedes aegypti is no more," he continued.

                      Mentioned about the obstacles, he said, because fogging machine that is quite old, which resulted in the machine jams when used. (eva)


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                        Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                        Penderita Demam Berdarah di Grobongan Meningkat
                        Nasional / Minggu, 2 Desember 2012 05:30 WIB

                        Google translation:

                        Dengue Patients at Increased Grobongan
                        National / Sunday, December 2, 2012 05:30 PM

              , Grobongan: The number of dengue fever patients at the health center Kradenan Grobogan, Central Java, on the rise. The health center overwhelmed with the number of patients who continued to arrive.

                        Puskesmas Kradenan Grobogan have 17 wards with 34 beds. But the number was not proportional to the number of patients. Because the clinic is full, residents were forced to look for another clinic in the area.

                        Most of the patients who come in suffering from dengue fever. Citizens expect local authorities routinely conduct fumigation during the rainy season. (****)


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                          Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                          Semarang Metro
                          26 Desember 2012
                          Demam Berdarah Telah 1.084 Kasus

                          Google translation:

                          Semarang Metro
                          December 26, 2012
                          It has been 1084 cases of Dengue Fever

                          SEMARANG - In the span of 2012 to the first week in December, there have been 1084 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). The event, a peak in May, with 170 cases followed by April with 155 cases.

                          Semarang Health Department will actively carry out fumigation or fogging if discovered at a location of dengue cases. In October, there were 54 cases in November (51 cases), and the first week of December (19 cases).

                          "Target until the end of the year could go down," said Dr. Young Gauthier, head of Prevention and Eradication of Disease (P2P) Semarang Health Office.

                          Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which carry the virus that causes dengue fever, to watch out during the rainy season. Puddle of clear water found in many homes should be drained so as not to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes that media.

                          Chief Medical Officer of Semarang, Widoyono, adding that, the nature of clear rain water is the main medium for the breeding of mosquitoes that. For that, people who have a bathtub to be drained, if not used or closed. Schools that want to dismiss students are also asked to empty the tub.

                          "The water supply in the reservoirs should be given in order to abate powder mosquito larvae die," he said.

                          Kader Flick

                          Efforts to reduce dengue cases in Semarang rely cadres have become public, such as the PKK, health centers, and government agencies. Work involving cross-sectoral countermeasures DBD. Flick cadres, cadres term counseling in the field, has the task to monitor the larvae in the home community.

                          The transmitter light or flashlight directed into the tub, mosquito larvae will come to light. If excess water can be drained the tub, if given enough supplies thinned abate powder.

                          It is said, the decline in the number of dengue fever from 2010 to 2012 reached 76 percent. He detailed in 2010, dengue cases reach 5556 cases with 47 deaths soul. In 2011 occurred 1,303 cases with a death rate of 10 people.

                          This year is targeted to decline. "Do not forget reservoir-drained rain water tank so that no jentiknya," he added.

                          Separately, in RS Roemani patients showed an increase of dengue cases in the last three months. Head of Public Relations Roemani RS, Mardliyah revealed, in September there were 23 patients who were treated.

                          In October, the number of patients increased by 31 people and continues to increase in November to 40 patients. "The increasing number of cases in line with the coming rainy season." (H74-64)


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                            Re: Indonesia: 2012 Dengue outbreaks in Central Java


                            26 Desember 2012 | 17:20 wib
                            Penderita DBD di Cilacap Melonjak 40 Persen

                            Google translation:

                            December 26, 2012 | 17:20 pm
                            DHF patients in Cilacap Jumped 40 Percent

                            CILACAP, - penghunjung Until 2012, cases of disease dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Cilacap increased by 40 percent over the previous year.

                            If in 2011 there were 147 cases of dengue, then until mid-December 2012 grew to 205 cases. Two of these cases resulted in death.

                            Cases were highest in the District of North Cilacap, ie as many as 43 cases, followed by Central Cilacap South Cilacap 28 cases and 22 cases. The rest is spread in almost all districts in Cilacap. Biggest jump occurred in November and December.

                            Chief Medical Officer Cilacap, Setyono Bambang said the cause of the increase of dengue cases associated with higher intensity of rainfall this year.

                            Besides, he added, is also due to the decreasing echo mosquito nest eradication (PSN). "When the rains did cause a lot going on that makes puddles of mosquito larvae grow faster," he said, Wednesday (26/12).

                            With the rising cases of dengue, he added, Cilacap Health Office has instructed all health centers in the district in order to cope with the emergence of dengue Cilacap. As the dissemination of clean living movement, and encourage movement mosquito nest eradication (PSN).

                            "So also advised officers urging the public to be more aware of DHF by behavior and movement PSN. Specific to the region with most cases fogging has been done," he said.