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Uttar Pradesh Influenza 2019; 21 fatalities

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    SWINE FLU: Another death from swine flu in capital
    Publish Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 08:03 PM (IST)

    In Lucknow, on Wednesday, one and one died from swine flu.
    Lucknow, JNN Another patient has died from swine flu in the capital. In the Balrampur hospital, three days of suspected swine flu patients were admitted. After the condition got serious, the patient went to the private hospital with the family. Where he died, the complainants complained that negligence was done in the treatment and the swine flu investigation was not done till. Soon after the death of the patient, six deaths have been reported from the swine flu in the capital. Six deaths have been reported in the capital by swine flu.

    Sushma Gupta (45), a patient patient of Ashbagh, had admitted to the Emergency of Balrampur Hospital on February 3 after having breathing trouble. From where the female patient was sent to ward number 28 Taimardar Ravi Gupta has alleged that every day a new doctor came and saw the patient and went on medicines. The condition of the female patient was getting worse instead of improving. Complaint was also made to the hospital administration but the hearing was not done. On the basis of symptoms during the three-day hospitalization, doctors did not send swine flu samples for examination. Worried, he took the patient to the private hospital on February 6. From where the sample was sent for investigation, which included Swine Lu Positive. During this time the female patient went on the ventilator. Woman patient died during treatment at a private hospital in Gomtinagar on Wednesday morning.

    Taimardar Ravi says that the patient's condition worsened due to negligence in Balrampur Hospital. The patient died due to timely detection and treatment. Timardar says that he will complain to the Chief Minister so that there is no such incident with other patients. So far, six deaths have been reported from the swine flu. According to Dr. Rajeev Lochan, director of Balrampur Hospital, the matter is not known, if the patient had any kind of problem then we should contact him.

    Posted by: Anurag Gupta
    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
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