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Mystery fevers in Uttar Pradesh - Inadequate Surveillance

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  • Mystery fevers in Uttar Pradesh - Inadequate Surveillance

    Post taken from this thread; Uttar Pradesh: Mystery fever grips Moradabad, over 26,000 sick

    Testing in UP is notoriously incomplete. A recent damning paper - .
    On top of that is the fact that officials only count positive tests from Government hospitals. Government hospitals tend to be overcrowded, understaffed and short of equipment and treatment rather than testing is a priority. Doctors recognize Dengue and treat it as such, but it does not get recorded as such. In the midst of these outbreaks, District Chief Medical Officers issue reports of tiny numbers of Dengue cases to show how effective their prevention measures have been. Disease identification and reporting have become political tools.

    I just completed a roundup of disease reports in UP here . The bigger cities like Lucknow tend to report more positives probably due to more testing, but there is evidence for widespread Dengue activity in UP at the moment. I would expect that for each confirmed case there are several hundred or more unconfirmed cases.

    In addition, UP confirms 50-60,000 new malaria cases each year - these mostly occur after the monsoon. Again, this is likely an under-representation of the true picture. To July 31st this year, the number reported is around 14,000. So tens of thousands of malaria patients are out there right now that just have not been officially acknowledged yet.

    There are also a whole bunch of waterborne diseases some of which, like leptospirosis have higher cfr's than Dengue. Studies have shown that lepto is present in a significant percentage of PUO cases in UP Frequency of leptospirosis in patients of acute febrile illness in Uttar Pradesh. and may well be on the rise across Northern India Increasing Trends of Leptospirosis in Northern India: A Clinico-Epidemiological Study A recent report suggests that Leptospirosis infection is responsible for 33% of Acute Renal Failure cases in India Leptospirosis as a Still Unknown and Underappreciated Disease (PDF)

    Throw in the recent monsoon flooding and you've got thousands more sick with hepatitis, gastro, typhoid, dysentery and cholera. No one knows what respiratory diseases are currently circulating because there is no surveillance mechanism. An annual disaster that the State and National governments fail to deal with.
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    Re: Mystery fevers in Uttar Pradesh - Inadequate Surveillance

    Comment - For anyone new to the story (and I may be oversimplifying here) - rioting between Hindus & Muslims in September/ October led to the deaths of 50 and the displacement of around 40,000, predominantly Muslim, people. 24,000 were still in temporary tent camps a month later. A recent fact finding report, quoted below, found that Officials would only pay compensation to the refugees if they undertook to never return to their previous homes. Conditions in the camps were appalling as winter temperatures set in. At least 34 children died between September and December. The ruling body at first denied this, but eventually, given the mounting evidence, acknowledged the statistic. The latest comment by minister Narad Rai (see below) amounts to "so what?" The callous indifference of the rulers of Uttar Pradesh is completely overt and, to someone who tracks disease outbreaks in Uttar Pradesh, not at all surprising. This same body sentences thousands to death each year with that same level of indifference - whether from encephalitis in Gorakhpur, "mystery fever" in Bahraich, Diarrhoea in Kanpur, or cold and exposure in Muzaffarnagar. It's business as usual in UP. - Ro

    Fact Finding Report: Independent Inquiry into Muzaffarnagar “Riots”
    Vol - XLIX No. 2, January 11, 2014 | Mohan Rao, Ish Mishra, Pragya Singh, and Vikas Bajpai


    Role of the agencies of the State

    The fact that India is constitutionally mandated as ‘Secular’ State makes it obligatory on the agencies of the State to uphold secular values. However, the communal incidents in Muzaffarnagar, its aftermath and the continuing tragedy of the riot affected persons have been the undoing of the Indian State in this regard. Regrettably, this has been the outcome of deliberate and calculated decisions at different levels as is evident from the findngs:
    The affidavits riot victims were made to sign for availing monetary compensation
    The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has made the riot affected Muslim families in relief camps to sign an affidavit that enforced following conditions on the signatories in order to avail of financial relief:

     “That myself and members of my family have come leaving our village and home being terrorized due to violent incidents in ……… village and we will not now return to our original village and home under any circumstances”.
     “That the lumpsum financial help being given for my family by the government will only be used by me to rehabilitate my family. By this money I will live with my family voluntarily arranging for residence at appropriate place elsewhere”.
     “That in the condition of receiving lumpsum financial help amount, myself or members of my family will not demand compensation relating to any damage to any immovable property in my village or elsewhere”.

    The State thus sought to impose a demographic change in the riot affect villages through a legal instrument. The monetary relief being disbursed was not to rebuild the damaged property or lost means of livelihood. This has served to reinforce the terror of communal violence in the minds of affected families besides driving a schism in the composite culture of the area which mars the possibilities of gradual healing. Muslims are now being ghettoized in towns and localities dominated by them.

    These aspects were pointed out by the team members to the district administration, The officials however denied that the government was preventing people from going back to the villages and told of an order stating that those who wanted to return to their villages were free to do so. But a copy of the said order could not be provided by the administration.

    People die in palaces too, says UP minister on Muzaffarnagar deaths
    PTI Lucknow, January 11, 2014
    First Published: 22:43 IST(11/1/2014) | Last Updated: 23:05 IST(11/1/2014)

    Uttar Pradesh minister Narad Rai on Saturday stoked a potential controversy over deaths in relief camps for riot-hit victims in Muzaffarnagar, saying deaths occur everywhere and in palaces too.

    "Deaths of children, adults and elderly are inevitable. It isn't necessary that only those living in camps are dying.

    People die in palaces too. It isn't that children in our homes don't die. Deaths occur everywhere
    ," Rai, who holds the Sports portfolio, said.

    The controversial comments came just days after the the Akhilesh Yadav government had accepted that 34 children living in relief camps have died in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar and Shamli.

    For other reports on FluTrackers about Uttar Pradesh - See Uttar Pradesh - disease outbreaks 2013 - Dengue, Malaria, Measles, Rabies, Diarrhoea, Chickenpox
    Uttar Pradesh Disease outbreaks 2014 - Unidentified Fever, Diarrhoea
    India Encephalitis 2013; 1,143 fatalities
    Cold Deaths India - Winter 2013-2014; 70+ fatalities
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      Re: Mystery fevers in Uttar Pradesh - Inadequate Surveillance

      India: Stop Forced Evictions of Riot Victims
      Ensure Aid, Safe Return or Resettlement, and Justice for Abuses

      JANUARY 17, 2014

      (New York, January 17, 2014) – Indian authorities in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh should immediately stop evicting people from camps who fled communal violence in September 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. State authorities should conclude their investigations into riot-related crimes, including alleged sexual violence, and initiate appropriate prosecutions.

      The state government has forcibly closed camps housing thousands of people displaced four months ago by communal violence between Hindus and Muslims in Muzaffarnagar and surrounding districts that resulted in more than 60 deaths. Instead of displacing these people again, the Uttar Pradesh government should provide needed relief, and ensure the safe, voluntary return or resettlement for all those displaced.

      “The Uttar Pradesh government responded to reports of relief shortages and rising children’s death toll by evicting riot victims from camps,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director. “Instead of protecting those in need, it is using coercion to keep their plight hidden.”
      Read the full piece at
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      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.