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India Encephalitis 2019; 1,178 fatalities

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  • Uttar Pradesh
    Things like Muzaffarpur in Gorakhpur can not be created
    Manoj Kumar Singh from
    Gorakhpur, for BBC Hindi
    6 July 2019

    Sakshi, 28, daughter of 29-year-old Santosh Sahni, living in Sudarshan Gali of Azad Chowk in Gorakhpur city, has a fever with winter on 25 January. At Santosh intersection, he brought medicine from a private doctor. Two days later, in the evening the health of the witness was slightly improved. She ate a cake and tea too P. Sakshi liked the cake and Santosh often used to bring a cake for 14 rupees for daughter.

    Santosh and his wife Ranjana were breathing relief after the daughter's health improved, but on the morning of 27th January the witness Papa ... Papa got upset saying.

    Santosh-Ranjana saw that the witness first got diarrhea and then he started getting stroke. Santosh immediately took the witness to a private hospital with the help of his elder brother, where the BRD Medical College was referred after some treatment. In the medical college it was told that the witness is encephalitis. Within 24 hours after the recruitment to the medical college, the witness died.

    Santosh is crying that he had to get up from the witness's sleep. Now runs to bite the house. Ranjana has forgotten to speak after the witness's death. It's always stupid.

    Why is it so helpless in front of your dead children?
    Image Copyrights MANOJ SINGH / BBC
    Like witnesses, 24 people have died in BRD Medical College from Encephalitis (AES / JE) in the first week of January to July this year, mostly children.

    Someone's name was Alia, Shrishti, Ragini, Shalini and someone else's Tilak, Vikas, Durgesh, Lucky, Deksh and Ankush. These children can not even see their 15th spring of life.

    These children were admitted to BRD Medical College for treatment from Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Deoria, Maharajganj, Santakbirnagar, Siddharthanagar, Basti, Azamgarh, Ghazipur and Balrampur.

    The death of children from AES / JE in BRD Medical College has been going on since 1978. More than ten thousand children have died in four decades in the Nehru Practitioner of Medical College, established under the name of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of the country's favorite uncle.

    The surface area of ​​children of encephalitis is almost identical. All are extremely poor workers. Santosh Sahni is the car driver. They have five brothers who live in a four-room house. A brother polishes paint in Bangalore and two brothers are Palmbar in Gorakhpur. A brother is a mechanic.

    Santosh tells his house that parents are sleeping at the door because of having a small house. He applied for twice the prime minister's urban housing but he could not find accommodation.

    Shrishti, a seven-year-old daughter of 39-year-old Subodh, a resident of Baroda, Gorakhpur, died on January 24 from Japanese Encephalitis.

    Subodh is a mechanic in Delhi. Their monthly income is eight thousand rupees. When the daughter fell sick she was in Delhi. His wife Jitu kept on going round about government and private hospitals from Ghagasara to Gorakhpur.

    Sricha's treatment for more than one month has not survived. He has been admitted to Medical College from 4th to 24th of January. 25-30 thousand rupees were spent due to treatment in private hospital.

    Mother's pain - Hmar Babu is not talking anything anymore
    'The body of the child had to fight for two hours'

    Son died but father could not come from Dubai
    The two-year-old part of the Mathahi village in Ramkola area was killed on 2 February by AES at the BRD Medical College. Part of father Satyanaben went to Dubai to earn two months ago Satyavan first used to work in the Aluminum factory in Ahmedabad. Some of the money went to Dubai to raise their income.

    His wife Mike (Inherhi village near Padrauna) was about two year old children and a month old child. When the country was celebrating Republic Day on January 26, the degree fell ill. He had a fever, then diarrhea and jerk. She was shown in Padrauna by a private doctor who suspected of encephalitis.

    Dakshina Nana Milk Nath Kushwaha said that we came to BRD Medical College directly about the child. Her health began to improve and it seemed that she would be 'fresh' in two or three days but suddenly the condition worsened and she died on 2 February.

    During the illness of truthful child in Dubai, and even after death, can not come home. Milk Nath says that we told them that the child's health is improving. That's why he did not come because there would be a lot of expenditure in the coming and going. After the death of the child, we told him what benefit from coming now, when his heart was not fragmented.

    Government claims of a decrease in AES / JE
    Government figures of last two years are showing the difference in the number of deaths and deaths in patients with this disease. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched a second phase of communicable disease control campaign and knock-out operation in Lucknow on July 1, saying that within one year, the number of patients of AIDS (AES / JE) in 35% and 65 deaths in the disease There is a decrease of FSI.

    Prior to this, State Health Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh also had similar claim.

    Dr. Ganesh Kumar, Principal, BRD Medical College, points out that since January 1 this year 100 patients of Encephalitis were recruited, out of which 80 were saved but 20 died.

    Dr. Pushkar Anand, Additional Director of Gorakhpur Division, said that in the last two years, the number of AES / JE cases and deaths has decreased by more than 60%.

    The Yogi Sarkar claims that effective prevention of encephalitis has been possible due to the knock-out campaign, but many such facts are emerging, which can lead to a situation like glowing fever in Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

    Knockup campaign
    Yogi Sarkar has started a campaign called "Knock" from 2018 for the prevention of AES / JE after the August 10, 2017 oxygen scandal, which is run twice a year. Under this campaign, Asha and other health workers go home from house to house, give information about AWS (AES / JE), keep house and surroundings clean, JE vaccine, use safe drinking water and get sick There is a directive to motivate the immediate government to go to the nearest hospital.

    It is also instructed that hope and health workers will provide information on each door and paste them on a sticker of the knockout campaign so that it is known that awareness campaign has been completed here.

    In second consecutive year, the knock-in campaign is being run in 18 districts of Encephalitis affected state. Apart from this, campaign to make people aware of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, black-ozar, filariaria, as well as encephalitis, under communicable disease control campaign is going on this month.

    Santosh, who lost his daughter, said in the conversation that before the daughter's death, no person from any government department came to inform him about the disease. After the daughter's death, the health department team came twice and was sprayed to kill mosquitoes around their house.

    Subodh said that there was no health worker to tell about his illness in his house too. According to Milkdan Kushwaha, the health worker came to his house after the child's death. Nobody came before her.

    These situations show that the drum is being hit by the awareness campaign, which is not very effective on the surface. A doctor attached to the Prevention of Infephalitis in the past said that the hope associated with the knock-in operation does not get any monetary relief for this work separately. They are already overwhelmed with excessive workload. Therefore it is not right to expect them to go from house to house to work for awareness.

    Treatment system
    Apart from the knock-out operation, the capacity of the Peak (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) has been increased from 10 to 15 beds in the four districts of Gorakhpur Division - Gorakhpur, Deoria, Maharajganj, Kushinagar, to repair the treatment. Apart from this, a mini-peak of three-three beds has been made in eight CHC-PHC Chauri Chaura, Gagaha, Piproli, Rudrapur, Kaptanganj, Hata, Niwalol, Ratanpur in these districts. Apart from this, according to the arrangements already done, there are two-two-bed ETC (Encephalitis Treatment Center) established in Block Level Hospitals 104.

    The number of beds has also increased in the BRD Medical College. Dr. Ganesh Kumar, the Principal of BRD, says in the voice that many medical colleges have a 500-bed hospital. There are 428 beds in our pediatric ward, 71 are ventilator.

    After the oxygen scandal, a new ward was prepared on the second floor of the 100-bed encephalitis ward. Apart from this, one ward of the eye department has been converted to the ward of the children, which is the treatment of hemophilia and malnourished children. Epidemic Ward 12 has now been converted into General Ward and the ground floor of 100-bed encephalitis ward has been converted into an emergency. Dr. Ganesh Kumar also says that the burden of patients on BRD has been much lower than before.

    Yet the lack of doctors remains a big problem. Over 30% of regular practitioners in Gorakhpur and adjoining districts are vacant with the most affected by encephalitis. Especially the severe shortage of pediatricians.

    In one of the eight hospitals, mini-picas have been made, there has been deployment of one pediatric one, but it is difficult to operate mini peak for 24 hours with the help of a chicken. Deficiency of Pediatric Diseases In the CHC-PHC, encephalitis is weakening the treatment system.

    The National Human Rights Commission dissatisfied with the report given by the UP Health Department in the ongoing hearings on this issue has sought clarification on the issue of doctors and drinking water issues. Still, the number of patients admitted in CHC-PHC is very small.

    The absence of the case of Japanese encephalitis
    In the knock-out campaign, children are also encouraged to vaccinate Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccine. However, since 2013, the vaccine of Japanese encephalitis has been included in regular vaccination, but for the vaccine vaccinated children are often campaigned for which claims of 100% success have been made.

    Regarding regular vaccines and special inoculation campaigns, the cases of JE are not decreasing. In the first six months of this year, Jeera has received 20 patients in 100 encephalitis patients and it has broken seven years old record.

    In the first year 2011, 26 cases of JE came out in six months from January to June. After this, there is no one in 2012, one in 2013 and 2014, 11 in 2015, 4 in 2017, 7 in 2017 and 4 in 2018, but this year JE's total encephalitis will be 20% in cases Worry Should be the subject but it is being ignored.

    In the year 2018, till January to September, there were 110 cases of JE in BRD Medical College in nine months. Increasing the case of JE means that there is a shortage of immunization campaign.

    Encephalitis in the urban area
    Increasing number of encephalitis patients in Gorakhpur city has raised a new concern. It was believed that this disease is more in villages but in year 2018, 25 cases of encephalitis in the urban area of ​​Gorakhpur.

    In urban areas, Humayumpur, Bakshipur, Southern Betiyaahata, Geeta Vatika, Dairy Colony, Gorakhnath, Chilampur, State Communication House, Lachipur, North Jatpur, Old Gorakhpur, TP Nagar, Amuratiya, Nizampur, Tiwarpur, Jamianagar, Shivpura Sahabarganj, Mirzapur Pachaparva, RPF Colony , Cases of encephalitis have been reported in Rajendra Nagar Western, Bhairoganj.

    These are areas where drinking water is being supplied from the pipeline. It has also been seen that the situation of dirt and irrigation in the encephalitis affected urban area is very bad.

    Malnutrition, drinking water
    Now the number of toilets has increased in the villages compared to earlier, but the problem of waterlogging, mosquito outbreaks and pure drinking water is still intact.

    The condition of water supply from the pipeline in the encephalitis affected areas is still pathetic. The main source of drinking water in the encephalitis affected villages is the native hand pump.

    India marka handpumps are less in number and are poor in number. People in many villages are forced to buy water jars to drink.

    Encephalitis is directly related to malnutrition. Children with malnourished are first infected with AES and JE infection. According to NHFS-4 figures, in UP, 46% of children below the age of five are underweight and 39.5% are underweight.

    Malaria is very high in children in Maharajganj, Kushinagar, Deoria, Gorakhpur, Santakbirnagar, Bahraich, Shravasti etc. and these districts are also most affected by encephalitis. Measures for malnutrition in these districts have proven inadequate yet.

    Figures of JE AES of BRD Medical College show that this disease has been showing its radar form every three to four years. From 2000 to 2004, 8-10 districts, including Gorakhpur, had very short cases, but suddenly in 2005, the number of deaths from this disease crossed 1500.

    After this, cases were reduced for three years but then the number of patients increased in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Since then, the deficiency started coming down again. It has also been observed that the number of its patients has been decreasing and decreasing even with less rainfall.

    Therefore, it may prove to be the only mistake to believe in the success of the decline in the figures in two years, like that in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, in the shining fever.
    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
    The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


    • Bihar
      A new patient patient recruited AES in SKMCH Muzaffarpur News
      Publish Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2019 08:20 PM (IST)

      Muzaffarpur, JNN Sunil Kumar (6), son of Bhuta Sahni, of Muttipur Morsandi, suffering from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), was admitted on Sunday at PKC of SKMCH. With this, the number of children in the PICU has become seven. The condition of the four remains serious. Hospital superintendent Dr SK Shahi said that till now this year 454 children have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. In which 302 have returned home and returned home. While 120 innocent people could not be saved.

      Delhi team returned

      On the instructions of the central government, the team of physicians who arrived from Delhi to SKMCH returned to Sunday. There were 14 doctors and six paramedical staff in this team.

      Increased responsibilities of SKMCH practitioners

      With the return of Patna and Delhi team, the responsibility of the doctors of SKMCH has now increased. They have to take special care of the children coming to the hospital along with other work as well as recruitment and treatment for PICUs. Principal of SKMC, Dr. Vinod Kumar said that the principal has given a clear order to not take any kind of work in the work.

      Posted by: Ajit Kumar

      Twitter: @RonanKelly13
      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


      • Bihar

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        Muzaffarpur:- Death Toll due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) rises to 142 (121 at Sri Krishna Medical College Hospital & 21 at Kejriwal Hospital). #Bihar

        6:23 AM - 8 Jul 2019

        Assam Japanese Encephalitis Claims One In Baihata

        By Pratidin Bureau Last updated Jul 8, 2019

        One Rahimuddin Ahmed of Baihata Chariali who was suffering from Japanese encephalitis died on Sunday.
        JE Casualties On The Rise

        By Pratidin Bureau Last updated Jul 8, 2019
        Japanese Encephalitis

        Although the state government has taken up measures to prevent Japanese Encephalitis (JE), the casualties are increasing in the state with every passing day.

        Death cases are reported from Baksa district where a girl named Ambika Tamang died of JE. The girl who belongs from Polasi in Baksa district was admitted at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and died on Sunday.

        Soap of Japanese Tapi in Assam: So far 56 patients died and health workers canceled
        Divya Marathi Web, | Update - Jul 08, 2019, 11:04 AM IST

        New Delhi : While there was a shaking of Tanka in Bihar, strange Japanese tapi is spread in Assam. So far 56 people have died due to this strange illness. In the last 3 months, 216 patients of Japanese Tapi have come up. The Assam government has canceled the health department's employees' vacations by September this year. Research has revealed that there is a difference between the heat wave in Bihar and Japanese fever in Assam. Chamchi fever spread in Gorakhpur and Muzaffarpur in Bihar is also called as encephalitis disease. This disease killed hundreds of people in Bihar. Most of the children suffering from this disease need oxygen. Researchers have differentiated between Japanese and glowing fever. There are some ideas on how to read from these diseases.

        Comment: 36 JE deaths from 140 confirmed cases were reported on July 2. An additional 53 deaths from 554 AES cases were also reported. One would presume that the number of cases & deaths due to AES of unconfirmed etiology has increased in proportion to the confirmed JE cases. - Ro

        JE, West Nile Fever in Thrissur | Kochi News

        July 8, 2019 at 4:51 am

        Thrissur: Prevention and surveillance measures were launched by health authorities following reports on Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and West Nile Fever in certain parts of the area.
        According to the district medical officers (DMO) Dr. K J Reena, two cases were reported to patients with both diseases in the area for the past two weeks. Both patients, from Cheroor and Vallachira, are currently receiving treatment in nearby hospitals. Japanese Encephalitis case was reported from Vadakkekkad about a month and a half ago. The victim, a migrant worker from Tamil Nadu, died in his hometown.

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        • Uttar Pradesh
          Fourth grade student death due to fever
          Gorakhpur BureauGorakhpur Bureau Updated Sun, 07 Jul 2019 11:36 PM IST

          Rudrapur 11-year-old girl suffering from fever died during treatment at the Medical College on Sunday morning. There is talk of being victim of encephalitis of the girl, but there is no mention of it in the records received from Medical College.
          The daughter of Sunil Sahni, a resident of Lilapur village of the Akona Thana area, was a student of Shivani class IV. She had a fever five days earlier. According to the house, he was becoming unconscious with high fever in his body. The family took him to the medical college, Gorakhpur. He died on Sunday during treatment. On the basis of symptoms, it is discussed in the village that the girl was in the grip of encephalitis. The villagers have got mixed with the different kinds of fears. On the other hand, the cause of death in the medical college records is just a fever. The father of the deceased Sunil told that the doctor did not tell anything about the fever. The dead body has been cremated.

          Twitter: @RonanKelly13
          The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


          • National
            From the latest NHM report to June (report date July 7); (+change since June 29 report)

            6,529 tests for JE (+2,297) of which 192 (+68) were positive. Assam (85 (+12) positive from 339 (+144) tests), Chandigarh (0/32 (unchanged)), Delhi (0/1 (unchanged)), Karnataka (0/25(unchanged)), Kerala (0/1(unchanged)), Madhya Pradesh (14/0 sic (+7)), Manipur (0/5 (+3)), Meghalaya (35 (+33)/76 (+57)), Nagaland (0/6 (unchanged)), Odisha (10 (+6)/30 (+20)), Tamil Nadu (2 (unchanged)/10 (unchanged)), Tripura (14 (unchanged)/298 (unchanged)), Uttar Pradesh (18 (+8)/5,368 (+2,062)), West Bengal (14 (+2)/337 (+10))

            122 (+7) AES deaths distributed as follows; Andaman and Nicobar Islands (1 (unchanged)), Andhra Pradesh ((+1)), Assam (16 (+1)), Chandigarh (32 (unchanged)), Karnataka (6 (+1)), Kerala (1(+1), Madhya Pradesh (1 (unchanged)), Maharashtra (19 (+2)), Meghalaya (2 (unchanged)), Odisha (1(unchanged)), Rajasthan (12 (unchanged)), Tamil Nadu (7 (+1)), Telangana (4 (unchanged)), West Bengal (19 (unchanged))

            171 (+7) JE deaths distributed as follows; Assam (3 (unchanged)), Chhattisgarh (8 (unchanged)), Daman & Diu (1(unchanged)), Karnataka (3 (unchanged)), Kerala (7 (+1)), Madhya Pradesh (2(unchanged)), Maharashtra (0 (unchanged)), Odisha (111(unchanged)), Rajasthan (18 (unchanged)), Uttar Pradesh (18 (+6))


            Comment: Bihar has reported 183 total AES deaths (142 in Muzaffarpur & 41 in other districts), UP has reported 24 deaths from BRD Gorakhpur alone, Assam has increased the number of JE deaths to 56 and AES to 53. Combined, this brings the number of fatalities so far this year to 575 (+89 in the past week). - Ro
            Twitter: @RonanKelly13
            The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


            • Nine killed due to Japanese Encephalitis in Assam were vaccinated: official data
              Of the nine patients that died despite the vaccination, eight were minors, said the official.
              Written by Abhishek Saha |
              Guwahati |
              Published: July 8, 2019 10:34:19 pm

              Data collected for the first 49 patients killed due to Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in Assam this year showed that nine had been vaccinated but still succumbed to the viral infection, a senior official said on Monday quoting government data. So far, 56 people have died due to the disorder in the state.

              Of the nine patients that died despite the vaccination, eight were minors, said the official.

              Overall, of the 56 people killed by the viral infection so far, 44 are adults and 12 are minors.

              Assam encephalitis toll rises to 57
              Team Democratic Accent 10:35 pm July 8, 2019 Comments Off on Assam encephalitis toll rises to 57

              A total of 57 deaths and 234 cases of Japanese encephalitis (JE) have been reported till Monday in Assam, a National Health Mission (NHM) bulletin here on Monday.

              Eight more deaths and 44 fresh JE cases have been reported since Friday in the state where the transmission season is at its peak.

              Japanese Encephalitis Deaths Climb to 57 in Assam, 26 Districts Affected
              There has been a decline in the number of cases being reported in the state in comparison to the previous two weeks, the National Health Mission said in a statement.
              Karishma Hasnat | News18.comUpdated:July 8, 2019, 8:22 PM IST
              In Dibrugarh’s Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH), 164 Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases have been registered of which 70 have tested JE positive. (to July 2, this figure was 133 total with 51 positive for JE. - Ro) Hospital authorities said, 35 people have died of AES and JE. (35 deaths (25 AES/10JE) were reported at the hospital to June 30 -Ro) A total of 218 children were admitted to AMCH of whom 61 were found to be JE positive.

              “Seven children have died of whom three were suffering from JE,” said AMCH Superintendent and senior physician, Dr Indranath Chutia. (Only 1 child fatality was reported by July 2 - Ro)
              The toll in Jorhat district has increased to 7 which also includes children. (10 deaths, all children, were reported on July 5 -Ro) “We are conducting awareness camps and fogging exercises since January. Whenever a case is detected, fogging is being carried out within 100m radius of the area. Earlier, two children aged four and seven years died of the disease,” said Dr Amrit Saikia, Joint Director of Health and Family Welfare, Jorhat.

              At the Jorhat Medical College and Hospital (JMCH), where patients are admitted from adjoining districts, 10 AES and 12 JE cases have been registered till now. One JE death was reported in the hospital between since June 1.

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              • Bihar
                6 children die of suspected AES in Bihar’s Gaya
                Six children in Bihar’s Gaya district are suspected to have died of Acute Encephalitis (AES) in a week, an official said on Tuesday

                Published: 9 Jul 2019, 3:45 PM

                Six children in Bihar's Gaya district are suspected to have died of Acute Encephalitis (AES) in a week, an official said on Tuesday.

                Of the 23 children admitted to Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital (ANMCH) from July 2 till date, six have died, a health officer said here.

                ANMCH Superintendent V.K. Prasad told IANS that the deaths were suspected to be caused by AES. "However, nothing is formed as of now as the reports are still awaited."

                Four children suspected to be suffering from AES were in critical condition, Prasad said.

                Click image for larger version

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                • Assam
                  Assam: 7 Japanese Encephalitis positive cases admitted to Diphu Civil Hospital
                  All the JE patients admitted to Diphu Civil Hospital are children aged between 1 to 3 years
                  Nongee Terang NONGEE TERANG DIPHU, , July 9, 2019 9:00 pm
                  2 min read

                  The number of suspected JE cases admitted to the Diphu Civil Hospital is 9 till Tuesday.

                  Out the 9 suspected JE cases, 7 have been detected as positive cases.

                  The JE patients admitted to the Diphu Civil Hospital are all children aged between 1 to 3 years.

                  Japanese Encephalitis Outbreak: 64 Deaths Reported, Assam On High Alert
                  T8N - July 9, 2019

                  Guwahati, July 9, 2019

                  At least 64 people have died from Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and 265 positive cases have been reported in Assam to date.

                  The death toll rose to 64 from 57 in the last 24 hours and while positive cases rose to 265 from 234.
                  Dibrugarh district
                  coordinator of the Health Department, Nabajyoti Gogoi said five people have died from JE and nine people have died from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) to date in the district. “At least 20 positive JE cases and 189 AES cases have been reported so far in the district,” Gogoi said.

                  Comment: Data from Dibrugarh indicating that confirmed JE cases are only about 10% of all AES cases in that district. The number of confirmed JE cases has risen to 265, and JE confirmed deaths have risen to 64. It is likely that there are several times this number of AES cases and 2-3 times as many AES deaths. These figures do not seem to be being provided by the state anymore. - Ro

                  162 children died of AES in Bihar, 63 in seven other states"In malnourished children, lychee triggers hypoglycaemia and leads to AES" PTI By PTI July 09, 2019 20:22 IST
                  In 2019, a total of 162 deaths of children have been reported from Bihar till July 2 due to AES. As per information received from the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), 63 deaths have been reported due to AES till June 30 from other seven states of the country—Assam (25), Jharkhand (2), Maharashtra (1), Manipur (1), Odisha (1), Uttar Pradesh (17) and West Bengal (16)," his reply stated.

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                  • Assam
                    16 AES/JE deaths in Assam in 24-hours, toll reachs 142 Sumir Karmakar, DH News Service, Guwahati, JUL 09 2019, 20:47PM IST UPDATED: JUL 09 2019, 23:47PM IST
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Read more at:
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                    • Bihar
                      8 children died in Muzaffarpur after Japanese Acefalitis in Gaya after AES
                      On Thursday, a child died due to an unknown illness in Gaya. The number of people who died from unknown disease has increased to eight.

                      Written By:
                      Zee News Desk
                      Jul 11, 2019, 05:12 PM IST

                      Gaya: After the rains in Muzaffarpur, there is a shortage of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) or children suffering from spasmodic fever due to lack of access to the hospital. At the same time, there is a possibility of Japanese encephalitis. In the past, Japanese encephalitis has been severely damaged.

                      On Thursday, a child died due to an unknown illness in Gaya. The number of people who died from unknown disease has increased to eight. This disease is being called as brain fever and spinal fever in Bihar.

                      A health official said on Thursday that 33 children have been admitted to the Anita Narayana Magadh Medical College and Hospital (ANMCH) from July 2 till now, out of which eight have died.

                      ANMCH Superintendent Dr. V.K. Prasad said that the case of AES could be done, but it can not be confirmed yet and is awaiting the report. It will be known after the report arrives. He also said that AES is a syndrome, in which there may be many causes of the disease.

                      He told that Japanese Encephalitis has been found to be in the investigation of one of the children arriving at the hospital.

                      Prasad said that at present the treatment of 18 suspected children of AES has been going on in the hospital, in which the condition of four is serious.

                      It is noteworthy that more than 160 children have died from AES in Muzaffarpur and surrounding districts of Bihar. The central team has also been investigating the causes of AES by reaching there, but the causes of the disease have not yet been ascertained.

                      The teams of Bihar government and central agencies are trying to ascertain the true causes of the death of children, but the actual reason for this has not been ascertained yet.

                      It is worth mentioning that children aged up to 15 years are getting into the grip of this disease and most of the dead children are under seven years of age.

                      (Input: IANS)
                      Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


                      • Assam
                        11 more die of Japanese Encephalitis, Acute Encephalitis in Assam

                        Published: 11th July 2019 09:59 PM | Last Updated: 11th July 2019 09:59 PM | A+A A-
                        By Express News Service
                        GUWAHATI: Eleven more people died of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Assam on Thursday, taking the number of the dead so far to 156.

                        According to official sources, eight people died of AES and three of JE on Thursday. The state has so far recorded 1,204 JE/AES positive cases.

                        The three JE deaths were reported from Dibrugarh, Sivasagar and Tinsukia districts of Upper Assam. Altogether 59 JE/AES cases were reported on Thursday.
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                        • Floods hit 8.6 lakh in Assam
                          SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT GUWAHATI , JULY 13, 2019 00:14 IST
                          UPDATED: JULY 13, 2019 00:15 IST
                          Officials of the National Health Mission said a total of 76 AES and JE cases were reported on Friday, out of which nine died at various government facilities. Three of them died of JE in Dibrugarh and Goalpara districts.

                          “There have been 1,280 AES and JE cases since January, of which 334 were JE positive. We are trying our best to minimise death, although 165 have died till date,” a health official said.

                          3 more die, Assam JE toll rises to 71
                          21:33 HRS IST

                          Guwahati, Jul 12 (PTI) With the death of three more patients, the Japanese Encephalitis in Assam rose to 71, a National Health Mission (NHM) bulletin said here Friday.

                          The number of registered positive JE cases also increased to 334 from 306 on Thursday.

                          Of the three fresh deaths reported, two were from Dibrugarh and one from Goalpara district, said the NHM bulletin.

                          Giving the cumulative figures for JE/AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome), the bulletin said there were 165 deaths and 1,280 cases reported since January.
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                          • 7 Cases of Japanese Encephalitis Detected in Arunachal, Govt Taking Extra Measures to Check Spread of Disease
                            The health department has launched a statewide drive for early detection and cure of Japanese Encephalitis, in the wake of the rising cases of the mosquito-borne disease in neighbouring Assam.
                            PTIUpdated:July 12, 2019, 7:59 PM IST facebookTwitterskype

                            Itanagar: As many as seven cases of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) have been detected in Arunachal Pradesh, health department sources said on Friday.

                            The department has launched a statewide drive for early detection and cure of Japanese Encephalitis, in the wake of the rising cases of the mosquito-borne disease in neighbouring Assam, they said.

                            "While five cases were detected on Thursday in East Siang district alone, one patient each from Upper Subansiri and Papum Pare district have also tested positive for the viral disease," epidemiologist Lobsang Jampa said.
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                            • Assam
                              Prevent Japanese Encephalitis outbreak in tea gardens: ACMS to Assam govt
                              Dibrugarh records 8 deaths due to Japanese Encephalitis; 15 people have died due to AES
                              Avik Chakraborty AVIK CHAKRABORTY DIBRUGARH , July 12, 2019 10:56 pm

                              Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha(ACMS) on Friday appealed to the state government to prevent spreading of Japanese Encephalitis in tea garden areas of Assam.

                              In the past six months from January 1 to July 12, as many as 25 confirmed cases of Japanese Encephalitis were detected in the district.

                              The number of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases was even higher at 206.

                              While there were 8 deaths from JE, the number of AES deaths stood at 15.

                              Comment: To July 9, 25 cases of JE and 189 AES had been reported in Dibrugarh. To that date, 5 JE and 9 AES deaths had been registered. An increase of 22 total cases and 9 deaths in 3 days. - Ro

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                              • Bihar
                                Two children died and two children were killed in SKMCH, PICU was in treatment, Muzaffarpur News
                                Publish Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2019 08:02 PM (IST)

                                Muzaffarpur, JNN Two more children and children died from AES on Saturday in SKMCH Both of them were undergoing treatment in PICU. The identities of the deceased have been identified as Nazma Khata of Mozammel and Motihari Chakia of Sitamarhi Betaha. Currently the treatment of 15 children of AES sufferers in the hospital is going on. Six of them are recruited in PICU. Whereas, the other nine are undergoing treatment in the normal child ward-2.

                                Hospital superintendent Dr SK Shahi said that till now this year, 457 children reached for treatment. 305 of them have returned home after being healthy. At the same time, 124 children have died. 12 children have taken the relatives of the medical consultation without A child was referred to Patna.

                                Round the clock doctor in PICU

                                In the PKC of SKMCH, the physicians still remain posted under the roster for twenty four hours. Immediate arrangements have been made to treat the child with any kind of problem. Dr JP Mandal of the children admitted in PICU examined on Saturday. Child Development Department Dr. Gopal Shankar Sahni said that with all the necessary equipment for the treatment of children, the necessary medicines have been made available to the room attendants by the hospital superintendent, Dr SK Shahi.

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                                Four more children of spinal fever recruitment, nine deaths so far
                                Publish Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 10:42 PM (IST)

                                Gaya. Four more children of spinal fever were recruited on Friday in Anugraha Narayan Magadh Medical College Hospital. At the same time, Kundan died in Gorakh, Aurangabad, on Thursday night. Thus, the total number of children who have died so far has been 9. 21 children are still here. While three children returned home after being healthy. The four children went to the family for treatment elsewhere.

                                Once the rain started, the acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) and the Japanese INSFLITSJE in the Magadha region passed out. Superintendent Dr. Vijay Krishna Prasad said that during the course of treatment, the death of nine children is cookie. There is a child in Jharkhand. Sample children of seven children have been sent to Patna for examination. The report has not been reported yet. At the same time, JE positive was found in the death of Shiv Kumar, son of Karu Manjhi, a resident of Fatehpur in Gaya district. In addition to outside doctors, doctors and health workers of the hospital were imposed duty in three shifts for the treatment of children. At present, new patients are undergoing treatment at the ICU Ward of the new building of Emergency.

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