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India Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever 2018 & 2019

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  • Ronan Kelly
    started a topic India Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever 2018 & 2019

    India Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever 2018 & 2019

    Link to 2017 thread:

    Rajkot woman suspected to be infected with Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever
    TNN | Updated: Mar 31, 2018, 12:29 IST

    RAJKOT: A 45-year-old woman suspected of suffering from Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), commonly known as Congo fever, was shifted to isolation ward in Rajkot Civil Hospital on Friday. Her blood samples are sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, for testing. The report is expected in the next five days.
    According to civil hospital sources, the woman belongs to Khijadia village in Rajkot district. Rajkot’s chief district health officer (CDHO) Dr Mitesh Bhanderi said, “She was suffering from fever and had red spots on her skin. Our PHC (primary health centre) team visited her house and referred her to civil hospital, where she was admitted to the dermatology department since last 12 days. The doctors suspecting infection of CCHF virus took advice from medicine department and have shifted her to isolation ward.” The woman’s condition is stated to be stable.

    Rajkot: Young man's death in Sukhpal, civilian suspect of Congo Fever

    April 16, 2018 at 11:18 am

    After being admitted to Rajkot Civil, suspected to be a Congo Fever of the small weavers of Gondal taluka, the young man has been rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke in the hospital.
    According to information received from the police about the incident, the weavers named Bhupatbhai Jagabhai Makwana, 35, who worked as farmer in Gondal taluka, were shifted to Gondal's private hospital last week.
    On Saturday, the youth who reported that the young man being a Congress fever was admitted to Rajkot Civil Hospital for further treatment, Bhupatbhai's report was filed at Swinefle's Ward at the time of the report and before the report of the youngest being a Congressman, it was only today morning that the youth was stunned at the hospital. Went wide. Further, it is learned that the deceased Bhupat Makwana has been found to have a son and a daughter in the offspring

  • Ronan Kelly
    GJ/BVN/2019/21/0541 Gujarat Botal CCHF 01 case 01 fatality 17-05-19 23-05-19 Under Surveillance
    A suspected case of CCHF was admitted at Sir
    Takhtsingh General Hospital reported from
    Village/SC Ningala, PHC Khopala, Block
    Gadhada. The case presented symptoms of fever
    with rigor, body ache and headache since 08th May
    2019. Serum samples collected and tested at NIV,
    Pune was positive for Crimean Congo
    Hemorrhagic Fever on 17th May 2019. The case
    expired on 18th May 2019. District RRT visited &
    investigated outbreak. Active search of cases done.
    Lime dusting done in village. IEC regarding CCHF
    done. Health education given

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  • Ronan Kelly
    GJ/BVN/2019/12/0304 Gujarat Bhavnagar CCHF 01 01 11-03-19 Under
    Cases reported from Village/SC Dharwala, PHC Ranghola,
    Block Umrala. District RRT investigated the outbreak. House
    to house survey done. 10 Serum samples taken sent to NIV
    Pune, 01 positive for CCHF. 28 Animal samples collected
    sent to NIV Pune, result awaited. 25 Tick sample taken and
    sent NIV Pune. MC RRT & DRRT visited affected area. All
    houses in the area were sprayed with insecticide and 133
    animals were treated with insecticide spraying and treatment.
    Patient had history of tick bite 22 days prior to onset of illness
    and was also suffering from lung and kidney disease. He was
    farmer and had exposure to cattle and other animals

    GJ/BVN/2019/12/0304 Gujrat Bhavnagar CCHF 01 00 26-03-19 Under
    A Shepard by occupation presented symptoms with fever,
    headache, myalgia from Village Reva, SC Dharuka, PHC
    Ranghola, Block Umrala. District RRT investigated the
    outbreak. Active search of cases done. The index case blood
    sample was sent to NIV, Pune and was positive for CCHF (Ig
    M ELISA). Out of 30 human close contacts samples were
    collected and sent to NIV, Pune; 1 sample of lab technician
    was positive for CCHF (IgG ELISA). 40 animal, 37 tick
    samples were collected and sent to NIV Pune; result awaited.
    Contacts were traced and were monitored. All cases treated
    symptomatically. Anti-tick measures were carried out.
    Malathion and Lime dusting done in affected areas. Health
    education given.

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  • Ronan Kelly
    Week 46 IDSP report:

    KL/TRC/2018/46/1475 Kerala Thrissur CCHF 01 00 13-11-18 01-12-18 Under
    A 31yr old male native of Mallapurum working
    as butcher in Abu Dhabi, UAE returned to
    Cochin on 29th November 2018. On his journey
    he presented symptoms with headache and was
    admitted in Private Hospital in Cochin. District
    RRT investigated the outbreak.
     On 15th November 2018 the case was
    admitted in a hospital in Abu Dhabi,
    UAE with symptoms of high grade
    fever, headache, body pain, myalgia
    and vomiting.
     Blood sample was positive for CCHF
    (by PCR).
     He was treated in a hospital at Abu
    Dhabi, UAE. On 25th November 2018,
    the blood sample was negative for
    CCHF and was discharged from the
     3 more cases were reported from the
    affected area and were treated in
    locally in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    Active search of cases done and contacts were
    traced. 2 blood samples were collected and sent
    to MCVR, Manipal were negative for CCHF.
    Infection control measures were undertaken in
    the hospital. No new cases were reported.
    Health education given.

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  • Ronan Kelly

    One CCH fever case reported from MPM: (Maranchery, Admitted in JMMC Hospital TSR)

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  • Ronan Kelly
    Week 36 IDSP report:

    GJ/ARL/36/1229 Gujarat Amreli CCHF 01 case 01 fatality
    30-08-18 04-09-18 Under Surveillance
    Cases reported from Village Kidi, SC / PHC
    Khambhala, Block Babara. District RRT
    investigated the outbreak. House to house
    survey done. Serum sample of the affected was
    taken and sent to NIV Pune and tested positive
    for CCHF. District RRT and Block RRT
    visited the affected area and active case search
    was done in the affected area to find out new
    cases & tick density. Tick control activities

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  • Ronan Kelly
    Gujarat (google translated)

    Death of a young man from Cogh Fever in Gujarat, panic in Amarali district

    Publish Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 12:47 PM (IST)

    The doctors took necessary samples and sent them to the laboratory of Pune for investigation.
    Ahmedabad. In the Amarli district of Gujarat, once again Cogs Fever has knocked. The death of the 28-year-old man from this disease caused a stir in the administration. Five years ago in the city of Amarli, which means that 9 people were killed due to Cog Fever in 2013. Once again, there is a panic in the people due to the death of a young man from Cogh Fever in the district.

    According to the information, Vishal Jhaparia (28) resident of Kidi village of Babra tehsil was admitted to Sir-T Hospital in Bhavnagar on August 29 after coming to Bhukhar. Where he died on September 1, during treatment. On the basis of doubt that the death of the youth was due to Cog Fever, the doctors took necessary samples and sent it to the laboratory of Pune for investigation.

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  • Pathfinder

    Animals test positive for Congo fever antibodies

    Syed Intishab Ali | TNN | Updated: May 8, 2018, 06:56 IST
    “Since cattle such as sheep, goats and also bovines in the state tested positive for CCHF antibodies. Cases of CCHF have not been reported much in the state. Last case that was reported from Jodhpur was three years ago. But, NIV had conducted a serosurvey of animals and in which they found antibodies of CCHF, which is why, the NIV officials have reached Jaipur to conduct a workshop of doctors covering different aspect of CCHF. In CCHF, there is high risk of death,” said Dr Bharti Malhotra, senior professor (microbiology), Sawai Man Singh medical college.

    In 2015, a patient with Congo fever was admitted to a private hospital, in the same hospital, some nurses also fell ill with the same symptoms. In Congo fever, there are high chances of its nosocomial spread.

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