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India: Uttar Pradesh; Unidentified Fever 2018 - Hundreds of fatalities reported with Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Diphtheria & Influenza all active

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  • An innocent death of fever after fever
    Hindustan team, Bulandshahr
    Last updated: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 11:17 PM

    Fever in the district is not taking the name of the stoppage yet. In the Kirivali village of Bugarasi, an innocent child died from fever. In the death of innocent people, there is anger in the family. Speaking of the district, 56 deaths have been reported from fever so far, but the Health Department is claiming these deaths for another reason. According to the information, three-year-old son Lucky of Kyyavaliya Shayudan was suffering from fever for the past week. The deceased's grandfather, Shayudan Singh, told that after coming to the fever, the private physician of the area showed up. In the report the doctor said to be malaria and typhoid. The child was shown to be unwell when not in profit. Due to continuous decline in health, the hospital admitted to Bulandshahr on Thursday, But when the condition looked serious, the doctor referenced Meerut. Lucky died on the way while traveling to Meerut. This is the fourth death of fever in Kirayavali in the past few days. At the same time, the health department is claiming to be less fever, but death due to fever is opening up claims. Apart from this, the health department is still accepting death due to the other reasons. However camps are being set up towards the department. Despite this, the fever has not stopped yet. - Fury fever caused by outbreaks of mosquitoes and mosquito outbreak in the area is the main reason for the spread of fever. The mosquito-borne mosquito-borne infectious diseases are spreading in the mouths of the villages in the mouth-blowing of the cleanliness drive run by the government. Sagar Singh, Dhanpal Singh, Lokesh, Deendayal, Sudhir Adi said that there is a huge mosquito outbreak in the village. In addition to the night, the mosquito sucks blood in the day. In the village the name of the insecticide is done only by making an appointment. The fever spreading in the village is also a mosquito repellent. No substantial step has been taken from the department too. The team will be examined by sending the team to the village. Simultaneously, people will be treated with camps. - Dr. KN Tiwari, CMO

    Dengue fever, death of maiden from fever
    Publish Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 10:32 PM (IST)

    Mainpuri: The panic of dengue is spreading. Despite the rapid increase in patients' levels, no arrangements have been made from the Health Department level. A woman died of fever on Friday.

    With the malaria in the district, now the dengue fever has started to grow. Hundreds of patients are reaching the patient in the district hospital emergency. On Friday, there was a crowd of patients throughout the day. Gunjana (18) resident of the city PWD crossroads, Rajesh Kumar was suffering from fever for many days. The family was treating the personal physician. On condition of deterioration on Friday, he was brought to the district hospital emergency. Where he died only after five minutes of treatment. Dr. Aspiranchi says that the patient was in the position of gasping. Even after trying hard, he could not be saved. Unmistakably, the administration has silent muted

    Regarding the deaths due to fever, no arrangements for relief and rescue from the health department and the district administration are being made. Neither adequate facilities are available in the hospital nor medicines. Patients are required to buy medicines from outside. Private Pathology Sports

    Private pathology is playing bigger in the name of dengue investigation. Patients are being intimidated by showing platelets count less. Not only this, such patients are being referred to private practitioners after having a thick commission set.

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    • Three deaths, including two innocent people, fever in village
      News Desk, Amar Ujala, Bareli Updated Tue, 23 Oct 2018 02:20 PM

      Two innocent children died due to fever in Bijoria village. Rakesh Babu's four-year-old son Amrola was undergoing treatment with CHC. He could not be saved. Four days earlier, three months old daughter of Veerpal of this village has died due to fever. The whole village is in panic with the deaths of two innocent people.
      At the same time, Santram (55 years) resident of Bhanehganj East, Bhanpura died due to fever. The family said that on Sunday afternoon he was involved in mourning in the village. On returning from there, they had high fever. In the evening, around five people took him to a private medical practitioner in the town. Before the doctors examined them and gave them medicine, they died.

      Pharmacist giving fever medicine in Amla CHC

      The situation of the community health center is unhealthy. Due to the ignorance of officials, the pharmacists are giving medicines to the patients suffering from fever. Although there is a deployment of four doctors including a woman doctor here, but on Monday, the dentist Rajneesh Chandra and the pharmacist Akhilesh Saxena, Pradeep Kumar, treated them with treatment by explaining the crowd. It was told that the medical in-charge doctor Rajendra Kumar has gone to the meeting at the district headquarters, Dr. Medha Pandey is on leave.

      A doctor was told on medical leave. It was told that for some time a physician has been associated with ghosts, but he also went away. This situation is in place while the area is currently in the vicious cycle of infectious disease. Explain that 500 to 600 patients of viral are coming to the community health center every day for treatment.

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      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


      • Fever in Rampur, Lail Le Masoom's life
        Hindustan team, Sambhal
        Last updated: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 12:17 PM

        About 54 people have died in fever in the district. The Health Department is running on newspaper reports. In the village or village where fever is reported from fever, camp is put on the same site. On Friday, CRPF Gate No. 3 resident Pankaj Singh's two-year-old son was taken to life by fever.

        CRPF Gate Number Three Resident Pankaj Singh's two-year-old son was arrested on Thursday by fever. Upon the fever, the dynasty was shown to Dr. Chirag of Moradabad. However, if there is no improvement in the condition, the kin have reached the cosmos hospital with the child. However, the condition of the child did not improve and he died in a fever on Friday morning. The death of the child has caused chaos in the family. The child was dumped at Rampur on Friday morning.

        Brain fever and dengue fever
        Hindustan team, Baghpat
        Last updated: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 12:04 AM

        After viral fever, heart and dengue have begun to spread legs. The number of patients with dengue fever is also increasing in hospitals in the number of patients with dengue.

        At the same time, in Kankda, a child has died due to a severe fever and constant dengue patients are being found. Whose information has stirred up the health department.

        In the matter, CMO Dr. Sushma Chandra has instructed the CHC superintendents to conduct check-up of patients in the villages by imposing health camp camps. Due to the ups and downs in the weather after the monsoon, where viral fever has caused a scourge in Nirojpur village of Kotwali area, heartburn fever and dengue have also started spreading the legs slowly. At present, dengue-borne patients are being found in different areas of the district.

        Due to the increasing number of patients in the government and non-government hospitals increasing day by day. At the same time, the death of a child from fever in Khekda has left the health department sleepy. On this matter, CM Sushma Chandra took cognizance and instructed Khekda CHC to check people by placing health camp camps in the villages.

        In addition to this, other CHC superintendents have also instructed to make people aware about this serious and infectious disease. CMO said that more mosquitoes flourish during this season. Said that dengue always grows in clean water. That's why people covered things related to eating their own homes and paid more attention to cleanliness.

        At the same time, the doctors have also directed the rescue of fever. Said that the Health Department is fully capable of tightening the scourge on the disease and people have started taking steps to eliminate rescue and disease.

        Twitter: @RonanKelly13
        The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


        • Death of teacher in fever
          Hindustan team, Bulandshahr
          Last updated: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 11:29 PM

          A week-long teacher died of a fever in a hospital in Meerut. The information was received in the family as soon as the information was received. Poonam Verma, a resident of Maula Pyau, located at Bulandshahr Road in Nagar, was a teacher in 32 lakhavati inter college. Treatment with local physicians a week before fever came. After getting no benefit, he was admitted to Bulandshahr Hospital. On the advice of doctors, the family took them to Meerut, where he died on Thursday evening in a private hospital.

          Twitter: @RonanKelly13
          The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


          • Two new patients of dengue, fever death
            Amar Ujala bureau, Unnao Updated Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018 12:55 IST

            With the decline in temperature, dengue fever is increasing. Two young men suffering from fever died on Monday night. At the same time, two people of the same family of Indra Nagar in the city have confirmed dengue. The kin are treating at the private hospital.
            Idah resident in the city, son Ramashankar was having fever for many days. The family had admitted to a private hospital on Monday night. He died during late night treatment. On the other hand, Mangatkheda resident development Shukla (23) son Dayashankar succumbed to fever at the district hospital's hospital gate. On high fever, on Monday night the family was taking him to the district hospital.

            Father Dayashankar said that from one week the development was suffering from fever. Unable to treat him due to lack of financial condition. Similarly, Ganga (35), wife Hidayesh, and his sister-in-law Madhuri (21), resident of Indra Nagar, have confirmed dengue. Both of them are undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Kanpur. According to Hridayesh, he first admitted both to the district hospital. If the condition did not improve, they were taken to Kanpur. Where platelets are 60 thousand in the probe.

            Tuesday, the Health Department team reached Sarosi village to investigate the brothers who were strangled in the dengue of the dengue. Umakant and Ramakant resident of Sarosi village, got treatment for dengue at Kanpur Medical College. On Tuesday, Dr RS Mishra reached the Sarosi village with the team from the CMO office. Where medicines were given with the spraying of anti-larvae. According to the

            20 patient
            health department data received in three days, 20 patients of dengue have been found in the last three days. Of which 13 patients belong to the city. However, the number of patients with dengue has been 35 in two months.

            Three deaths due to fever and asthma diseases, dengue sufferers have been referred to four
            Publish Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:13 PM (IST)

            Mainpuri: The district is not taking the name of the fever less. On Tuesday, three people died due to fever and respiratory illness. Four patients suffering from dengue were referred to Saifei in critical condition.

            A large number of fever and diarrhea sufferers reached the OPD of the district hospital on Tuesday. Emergency was also spreading the fever patients. Guddu, a resident of Ballampur village of Aunchha police station area, 30, son Aachhelal and resident Babita, 26, wife Ranjit, were troubled by fever for many days. The family was providing treatment to the personal physicians here. On Tuesday morning the condition worsened, so personal physicians paused their hands with the treatment. The Emergency reached patients in the family of Anan-Phanan, where the doctors declared them dead.

            Also read
            Manoj cs (50) resident of Himayumpur village in Kotwali area was brought to the hospital due to respiratory illness. The doctors declared him dead too. Doctors say that the attack of dengue fever has also increased. Four patients who were in serious condition in the Emergency were referred to Saifai for better treatment. Dr Gaurang Gupta says that the number of skin related patients is also increasing. OPD decreased: Even though the number of fever sufferers is increasing but patients in OPD have started decreasing. On Tuesday only 998 patients registered themselves.

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            • Death of a young man from fever in Hasanpur area, Kohram in family
              Hindustan team, Amroha
              Last updated: Sat, 03 Nov 2018 12:23 PM IST

              27-year-old writer Writer Raj Kubrasen died due to fever in village Rakhalu of Hasanpur area. From Thursday night, he had a fever. There is no benefit from the treatment of personal physician here. On Friday night, at 2 o'clock, Rajaraj succumbed to his injuries.

              In the village of Rakhalu, the village of Rakhalu was keen on raising his wife Asha and daughter by earning wages. From Thursday night, he had a fever. The family members were treating him at the private doctor here. It is being told that the treatment did not improve his condition. He died late on Friday. Due to the death of the young man, the family has got angry. Even before this, more than a dozen people have died due to fever in the village.

              The elderly suffers from fever, many sick
              Publish Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2018 10:16 PM (IST)

              Mainpuri: Even though there has been a change in the weather, but the name of the fever decreasing is not taking the name. An elderly person died due to fever and asthma disease.

              The attack of viral and dengue is increasing the problems of patients. A large number of patients are being treated with private practitioners in other districts. However, the health department is claiming better arrangements, but they are proving to be inadequate. Fakirlal (70), resident of Lalpur, a village in Kotwali area, was suffering from fever and asthma. When the condition deteriorated, he was brought to the district hospital emergency, where the doctors declared him dead.

              Chief Medical Superintendent Dr RK Sagar says that with the change of weather, the attack of diseases becomes intensified. Children and the elderly first get into the grip of diseases. Contact the doctor directly on any type of problem.

              Twitter: @RonanKelly13
              The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


              • Dengue fever spread, youth death in city
                Hindustan team, Rampur
                Last updated: Sun, 04 Nov 2018 12:03 AM

                There have been many deaths due to spread of dengue fever, there is panic among people. Jameel Ahmed, a resident of Kotwali police station area, had fever for many days. Jameel Ahmed was shown to a private doctor. The private doctor has referred Jamil to the district hospital. From the district hospital, the patient referred to Meerut. Jamil died during treatment at Meerut.

                The number of fever patients is increasing in the district hospital. Jameel Ahmad, a resident of the Rajdhara, was told to be a dengue by the doctors. Four-fold patients are admitted in a hospital with capacity of 203 beds. Two-two four-four patients are being given one-bed.

                Doctors say that infectious diseases are spreading due to dirt spreading in the city. Arrange a separate arrangement in the house when someone has a fever and show the competent doctor, keep away from the zodiac sign. CMO says that only one patient has died from dengue in the district.


                Fact file ...................

                Daily access to OPD: 1700 patients

                New patients coming every day: 1100


                Dengue woes in the city, hundreds of people recruited in hospitals

                The city's Mohalla, the Rajdhwara, the Bagh Shanti Sahab, the Mohalla Nalapar, Kalabhar, the Great Sarai, the Lal Masjid, and the Dengue on the Jail Road, are spreading the feet on the Jail Road. In this regard, Dr. Subodh Kumar Sharma, CMO said that health camps will be installed in the city.


                Only one patient has died from dengue in the district. Investigations will be done on the Gateway and Jail Road by sending inquiry teams. Wherever there is a notification of fever, camping is done by putting a camp.

                Dr. Subodh Kumar Sharma, CMO District Hospital, Rampur

                Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


                • Youth fever death in Sedangali, Amroha
                  Hindustan team, Moradabad
                  Last updated: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 01:08 PM

                  A young man from Sedangali of Amroha died due to fever. Fever was coming for the past 7 days. There is a lot of chaos in the family.

                  Mohammed Arif's 20-year-old son Sajim, a resident of Kasba, was having fever since Thursday. The doctors of the town did not get any benefit even after getting medicines, five days ago the families admitted him to Pakbada's medical college. Prosecutor died during treatment on Wednesday morning. The relatives of the relatives said that their platelets had decreased too much. At the death of Sajim, the family got angry. She was the second number of four sister brothers. Having worked hard to wage the family's financial situation. The dead body has been buried. Failure in the area is not taking the name of the cause of death. Within three months, there has been a death of dozens of people in fever Hasanpur area.

                  Child death due to fever, accusations of negligence on zodiac signs
                  Publish Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 05:10 PM (IST)

                  Communication Sources, Kamalanganj: A five-year-old boy, who had a fever, died during treatment. The family accused of lying on negligence.

                  Jitendra Jatav's five-year-old son, Ankit, was suddenly caught in the fever due to the fever of Rampur Manzgaon village in the area's police station area. On whom the kin have taken a village near a zoalachapra for treatment. On getting relief from treatment, he was taken to a private nursing home in Razipur. At around five in the morning after the treatment, the boy was referred to Farrukhabad. The boy died on the way while carrying to Farrukhabad. The family reached the CHC regarding the child where the doctor declared him dead.

                  The father's father Jitendra and mother Dhan Devi reached the police station and charged the charge inspector Pradeep Kumar with the allegations of negligence on Zholachap while complaining about the case. In-charge Inspector asked the families to send tehsur to register a case. On which the relatives refused to refuse to do the post-mortem of the child's body. The charge inspector told that the incident has not been given to Tahrir. The matter is being investigated, the action will be taken, the action will be taken.

                  Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                  The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


                  • careful! Typhoid fever may be minor
                    Amar Ujala bureau, Kaushambi Updated Sun, 11 Nov 2018 12:00 AM IST

                    If you are suffering from cold or flu due to mood swings, do not take sickness lightly. This disease can be typhoid. Where people living in the heart of the disease, there may be a shortage of blood and there is also a fever for more days. During the fortnight of the district hospital, about 615 people who were tested during the fortnight of the test found 80 percent suffering from typhoid.
                    There is a huge difference in the temperature of day and night. This change of weather has caused people to suffer from fever. This fever is not so fast that the patient can know. He keeps taking cold medicines, but the patient keeps the fever from inside. This fever can be harmful later on. Having a fever reduces the blood of people. Often people take this kind of illness lightly. In the district hospital statistics, during the last fortnight, 615 people have been examined by the doctors about the problem of fever coming from fever for a long time. In the investigation it was found that 80 percent of people were victims of typhoid. These people were corrected by doing a course of medicine.

                    Such a disease spreads
                    Manzanpur Typhoid pollution is caused by drinking water. Apart from this, if anyone has ever been typed before, it can be effective again in this season. Those who have a fever complaint should check them. Typhoid can also be due to day-to-day fever.

                    Avoid such rescue
                    - - In the morning and evening, wear warm clothes.
                    - Children and the elderly need special caution
                    - Avoid asthma and breathing patients on the morning walk.
                    - Eat light and well-cooked meals.
                    - It may be harmful to visualize the sight of winter.

                    They say the
                    typhoid spreads through mouth. It is not necessary that anyone has an immediate typhoid. The disease spreads in the body due to decrease in disease resistance. Typhoid is being confirmed in the blood test of the fever victims these days.
                    Dr. Deepak Seth, CMS District Hospital

                    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                    The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


                    • Due to the treatment of diarrhea, the death of the fever
                      Hindustan team, Sambhal
                      Last updated: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 12:25 AM IST

                      In the Sambhal district, due to poor pedestrians, the process of death has not stopped. People were unable to forget the death of two newborns after delivery at Jhalachap Clinic in Rajpura Thana area, now that the case of BA student death has been reported in Assamoli area. Accusing the negligence of the treatment, the families ransomed the clinic, leaving Jhalakshat run away. The police investigated the investigation. Afterwards the efforts of the agreement started.

                      Jahydin Shaheen Memorial College, Manota, was the first year student of the sixteen year old son of Akhbar Hussain, a resident of Shahbazar village of Asamoli Thanakshakre. The student was having fever for three days. The family admitted him to a clinic. Despite the treatment the student did not make a difference. There was also a case of dengue positive in the investigation. On Sunday morning, the student was displaced from the clinic on several occasions. The family started carrying Moradabad but he died on the way. After this the kin got burnt. The relatives who arrived at the clinic started the ruckus. The family alleged that Jhalakshap had a student's death because of negligence in treatment. Zolachap did not spare the student even after saying it. In the meantime, Jhalacha ran away from the spot. The crowd of villagers got involved The police also reached the notice when the information was received. Later on the police and some people said, they reached Jhalachapra. Jhalachappa apologized. After this agreement

                      Fever again uncontrollable, swallowed three people
                      Publish Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 11:53 PM (IST)

                      Kuvarngaon: Recently, the fever that provokes a panic in the district seems to be uncontrollable again. Now the block has taken Wazirganj to its grasp. The fever spread in village Kaiser of the same block swallowed two people. Apart from this, two days ago, a young man's life was taken by the fever, even in the block of Banarai village of Salarpur. Right now, dengue is also spreading rapidly. More than two dozen people are suspected patients, who are taking treatment in all hospitals.

                      Fever has again deposited its roots in village Kager in Wazirganj for the past few days. Noni Ram son Kanhai of the village was undergoing treatment for several days due to fever. He died on Saturday in the afternoon. At the same time, Nikhil, a five-month old son of Tilak, from Kair village, was having fever. She had diarrhea too. Badaun was admitted to a private hospital. Where he died on Saturday morning during treatment. On the other hand, Rajesh, 25, son of Tikaram, a resident of Banai, village of Block Salarpur, died two days ago. The casual fever is spreading rapidly in the town of Kunwaragaon. The number of suspected dengue patients is also increasing. Despite this, the health department is not going to the village. Many people in the town are treating Bareli's private hospital as being dengue.

                      Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


                      • Fever lei young man's life
                        Publish Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2018 11:42 PM (IST)

                        Hassanpur: The fever of a young man, who lives in the town's main town of Ayodhya, has died.

                        Varuna Kumar Bansal, 24, son of Premdev Bansal, a resident of Mohalla, was having fever for the past four to five days. He was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Moradabad. He died on Thursday during treatment. As soon as the news of the death reached the house on Thursday, the family got angry. In an impassable atmosphere, the relatives of the deceased have cremated the dead. His death was a bad thing for his family to cry.

                        Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                        The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.