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Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

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  • Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

    2011 thread here;

    Fever was the young man's life
    Jan 19, 10:29 pm

    Bugrasi (Bulandshahr): Mohalla tank with town residents young man died of fever. Anis Ansari's relatives said the 21-year-old son Wasim had a fever for almost a week ago.
    At the nearby hospital to treat fever. Wednesday night after a sudden chest pain Wasim was vomiting. Wasim physicians are taken before the died. Wasim's death in the family mourning the very chaos is rampant throughout the town.

    Ro's note - an outbreak of unidentified disease killed dozens of chickens in Bulandshahar on Jan 11th. See Post #6
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    Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

    The death of old with diarrhea, fever and diarrhea, many patients admitted
    Apr 07, 07:15 pm

    Unnao, City News: Weather fluctuations and spreading of infectious diseases as well as the heat is rising. Diarrhea and fever has begun to rise in the number of patients. District Hospital in the last twenty-four hours later the fever and diarrhea which were made over a dozen patient died of an elderly suffering diarrhea. The other is being treated.
    OPD of district hospital an average of four hundred patients a day has come. Forty percent of patients in infectious diseases, diarrhea and fever of colds are coming. High fever and diarrhea within the last twenty-four hours, twelve patients admitted to district hospital were made. Recruitment of patients suffering from diarrhea Chandramul TI (80) son of the late Raja Krovn died. Sandeep other patients (4) Son Shining Light Bangrmu, limit (30) wife of Puran Nagar Ram, Anoop (17) Lokiya Khera, Deepak (30) ideal city diarrhea and Gauri (10), Mahadev (65) is suffering from Bukr which he is being treated seriously. Infectious disease physician Dr. Alok Pandey said most of the contaminated water and food are rancid. To drink boiled water after cooling.
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      Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

      The brunt of meningitis in children
      Apr 13, 11:52 pm

      Agra, Times reporter:
      Frequent changes in the coming season is taking a heavy toll on children. Meningitis is breaking upon thee. SN 16 children are admitted in the hospital ward of the child. While so far this month, five children have died from fever. Condition that the two children lying on a bed in the ward.
      Indeed, brain infection and meningitis in the membrane is Meninjij. The number of patients is extremely low in the summer, but this is just the opposite. Case came last month, two to three weeks. But now their number is ten to 14. The doctors also come as a surprise. SN hospital baby ward resident Shahganj Baby Geeta, Baby Meena Baluganj than resident queen, and 16 children are admitted to the Ganges. Five children have died so far this month. The eight children have been referred to other hospitals.
      Condition of the ward all beds are full. The two children lay on a bed has to go. According to doctors meningitis in children are quick to faint. Why is it that doctors do not know. Principal Dr. NC Prajapati said half a dozen children in the pediatrics ward of Agra district are admitted. While Mathura, Firojabad, Mainpuri, Gwalior and other districts, children are admitted.

      Two animals died of unknown illness
      Apr 13, 10:44 pm

      Bibinagr (Bulandshahr): legs spread rapidly in the area of ​​the village Ludpura unknown illness claimed the lives of two animals, while many others it is vulnerable. Ludpura the cattlemen and farmers have felt threatened.
      Animals suffering from the disease and the mother is having difficulty in getting out is the sound of wheezing. However, doctors are told it is pneumonia. Ram Singh of village residents have the animal is the victim. While its a buffalo, Surendra, Gangadas, and Raje Harirama animal is vulnerable to disease.
      Posted in animal hospital vet Bibinagr Dhirendra Tomar told the disease is pneumonia. He said the private physician's treatment of the animals died. Examination and treatment of animals are suffering. He's like an epidemic, a disease outbreak is denied. The vaccination of animals has long been made. Animals do not have to worry to parents.

      Fever grandfather - grandson's death, including three
      Apr 14, 12:18 am

      Jinjana (Prabuddhnagr).
      Fever in the grandfather - grandson died, including three. Within a few hours of death in the family there is chaos. The Health Department is unaware of deaths from fever.
      Area residents Chausana Jaffer (50 years) were suffering from fever for several days. The son of Jaffer Shakir (12 years) was in the grip of the fever. Both were treated at the local family physicians. After the treatment, the condition has not improved. Jaffer died on Friday evening. Shakir also died a few hours later. The death of two members from the same family chaos. The bat died of fever in a village in the matter.
      The Village Bdhi Jinjana area, Mustafabad, Jijula, Chausana, Gdhihsnpur, Ptanpura, Dthedha, wool, including dozens of villages, destruction of fever every year hundreds of people have died. Department of Health to prevent deaths from the fever is failing. Last year, after the death from fever in the area of ​​Lucknow Chausana Health Department team went to Lucknow for the mosquito was investigated in order to know the real cause of fever. There are three deaths from fever after they got stiff. The fever knocked them every year to this year is showing fear.
      The primary health center doctor, Dr. Ashok Kumar of wool from the fever of death is denied.

      Half a dozen sick from drinking contaminated water
      Apr 13, 11:04 pm

      Bdayan, cleaning personnel, despite the growing army of poor sanitation, which is suffering the brunt of the villagers. Collect contaminated water from hand pumps around the water is contaminated. As a result, half a dozen people became ill. BDO is the complaint of the villagers.
      The case is the growth segment of the Munha town. At present where dirt has been inundated. Cleaning staff is appointed, but his vision never - are rare, the villagers complained several times to the ADO Panchayat. Munha town two hand pumps in front of the house is Mrs. tender eyed goddess. Dozens of homes that people drink. Jlbrav contaminated water from hand pumps have been around. The drinking Awadhesh Pandey, Chandu, Devendra Kumar, Gnesh Dubey, Santram many people fell ill. While this matter on April nine villagers complained to the Block Development Officer, but to no avail. BDO promptly wrote to the people of the correct cleaning system is sought to be made.

      Cholera spread from dirt, woman's death
      Apr 13, 10:06 pm

      (Siddharth): Great dirt villages spread across the various outbreaks of infectious diseases led to fears of spreading awareness. Jimmedaron remain unconcerned about their obligations, the brunt of the outbreak of cholera had to pay a woman to death.
      Local development block in the famous village on Thursday last night twenty-five-year-old wife Guddu Bartbari laundry became the first victim of cholera. Sick day when the family took him Benwa Community Health Center, where doctors found no spot. Forced to seek treatment at a private doctor, where at night he died during treatment. Bibian and Shyam Sunder of the Avdharam and Oruni nine-year-old daughter are living dolls. Sudden outbreak of cholera in the village on the village atmosphere of panic. News written by the health department did not have any responsible person in the village. Dr. Kiran Srivastava said that information about the CMO has not yet been sent in the village have immediate health care team.

      Child deaths from fever, five critical
      Apr 13, 11:19 pm

      Rmasbai city, our representatives: climate change, with vomiting - diarrhea and fever outbreak has begun. Children suffering from fever, died on Friday, while five were admitted to district hospital in serious condition.
      Suffering from fever and vomiting, diarrhea, a large number of patients are reaching hospital. Akbarpur block Tigai vomiting in the village - is an outbreak of diarrhea and fever. On Friday in a private hospital for treatment died during the three-year-old Omkar. Akhilesh said the father of two days vomiting - diarrhea and high fever and severe was the condition of Omkar. The village, Mukesh Ambani's wife Geeta (35) due to high fever were admitted to district hospital. Suffering from fever and vomiting, diarrhea admitted to the district hospital Akbarpur Murari Chandra, Shorty to Krka (8) son Ram shelter, Ulrapur worship (10) daughter, Ram Narayan, Lngdepurwa Bhognipur Ram's brother is being treated. Dr SP Tripathy said the hospital fever, vomiting - diarrhea, abdominal pain patients have been suffering from serious patients are being admitted.

      High fever and death of teenager
      Apr 14, 08:28 pm

      Kargdh, personal representative: many homes in the area extends fever and chickenpox. Saturday morning due to a teenager suffering from high fever died during treatment. Regional resident 12-year-old daughter of Shiva Tirath complained of fever from 10-12 days to Nightingale. To show the doctors told her typhoid. Firojabad her family on Friday admitted to a private hospital where she died on Saturday. Fever and chickenpox has been spread in many houses, the dirt is also tremendous Alam. No arrangements have been made here by the administration
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        Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

        Kasturba Gandhi, many children suffering from fever
        Apr 30, 11:13 pm

        Report atrauli: the disease has begun to change the weather. Kasturba Gandhi Residential School, a dozen children were in the grip of viral fever. CHC has been made in treating these children.
        Mdhuli Ram Ghat Road, Kasturba Gandhi residential school near the village. More than a hundred children are Shicshart. They remain in school. Due to climate change Monday, many children come in the grip of viral fever. CHC staff brought in to treat these children. Dr. Dinesh Yadav of the children tested. The blood slides were made and drugs. Bayrl die of fever in children, doll (13), Babli (13), Mansi (12), Caterpillar (12), Mithlesh (14), Manju (12) and so on. Sangeeta said that only two children of school warden fever. Their treatment is being offered. When the drug is administered to the common cold. CHC in charge are Dr. Dinesh Yadav said that the weather changes in the child suffering from fever have Bayrl school. Kasturba Gandhi residential school children to sick call on information obtained from SDM Dr. Spring Agarwal warden.

        Diarrhea claimed the lives of youth
        Apr 30, 11:10 pm

        Atrauli: as soon as summer diarrhea has started showing its colors. It came in the grip of a young man died on Monday.
        Bulapur village Mohalla Awadhesh Sharma Ktreepadha live with the family. The house known as St. Mark's School. Came home on Sunday his cousin Prakash Bhardwaj (30) and vomiting - diarrhea reported. They were taken to a doctor for treatment. Taking the drug after she came home. Died during the night. The family took the body to get information to their village. Was the funeral.

        Diarrhea of ​​the expanded foot, 56 admitted
        Apr 30, 10:47 pm

        Bahraich, a district hospital on Monday after Sunday's leisure not hold open the patient paused. Surge of patients in the hospital all the doctors had gathered in the cells. Diarrhea and fever on the complaints of 56 children admitted for treatment. For the treatment of the infectious diseases physician in full swing throughout the day to see patients.
        District Hospital Children's ward pediatrician Dolkelkel Verma, diarrhea, fever patients were on view. He says that 56 children were admitted for treatment of serious complaints.

        Heat and humidity are increased cases of diarrhea
        Apr 21, 08:04 pm

        Orai, our representative: heat up the havoc Brpana started with the diarrhea. City and rural areas are undergoing treatment, many people come in its grip. Physicians with vomiting, diarrhea, number of patients is increasing every day.
        The effect of scorching heat and humidity is now exposed as diarrhea. Suckling kids that have the highest risk. Yet vulnerable youngsters have the highest number of visitors. OPD of district hospital with diarrhea and vomiting in the morning, the crowd seems to be victims. About 150 diarrhea sufferers come to government hospital for treatment. Ditto the private practitioners.

        Half a dozen children suffering
        Apr 27, 09:55 pm

        Sravasti, the climate change has intensified with the influx of communicable diseases in the valley. With measles outbreaks of diarrhea in the district has begun. The number of patients not receiving proper treatment of the day - every day is increasing. Bbnck outbreak of diarrhea in three days is more than half a dozen people are suffering under the grip.

        Suffering from diarrhea
        Apr 25, 10:58 pm

        Barabanki: An outbreak of diarrhea as well as the increasing heat of mercury is rising. On Wednesday, two children suffering from diarrhea was admitted to district hospital.
        Village resident Ramesh Showpur witness his daughter eight months admitted to the district hospital. He showed the witness was of no benefit to the local doctor. Condition was much worse then brought to the district hospital. Similarly, Sanjeev Kumar Verma, a resident of Park City's Dussehra Harsh Sharma in his 12-year-old son admitted in the afternoon. Sanjeev said that due to vomiting and diarrhea than were happy to hospital.
        Girls suffering from meningitis: Village Jata Bruli nine-year-old resident Jgdu his daughter suffered from meningitis in a state of light is admitted. He lit several days suffering from fever. His head gets so hot that he forgets everything. Found no benefit of treatment at village level and brought here.

        Diarrhea of ​​the expanded foot, ward full of patients
        Apr 29, 11:27 pm

        Rampur. With Mercury in the city to climb the dangerous infectious diseases have the legs. District Hospital has been an increasing number of diarrhea patients. Ward full of patients had diarrhea on Sunday. Patients had to lie on the bench, etc..
        The rapid spread of infectious diseases are coming summer. Vomiting, diarrhea, diseases such as food Pwaijning people were affected. Number of patients in public hospitals for diseases like diarrhea began to grow. District hospital day 30 to 40 diarrhea patients are admitted. By noon on Sunday rose to 35 the number of diarrhea patients. Ward left the place. Some patients were forced to lie on the bench, etc.. Meanwhile, three days before the infectious disease die Mohammad Azam Khan, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development in charge of the media Fsaht Ali Khan district Sanu still hospitalized. Samajwadi Party leader Arshad Ali Khan on Sunday at Guddu district also complained of diarrhea were hospitalized.

        Vomiting - diarrhea outbreak, the death of the aged
        Apr 30, 11:20 pm

        Ramabai Nagar, Office News: summer due to the increasing incidence of vomiting, diarrhea, patients are beginning to grow. District Hospital on Monday suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhea old died while being treated dozens of patients. Doctors advice is to drink more water than heat.
        Emergency ward of District Hospital on Monday suffering from vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, Abdul Nasir (80) died during the treatment. Dr. Pankaj Srivastava said that Nasser was admitted to the Sunday night, before his condition was serious. The district hospital with vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever cases are growing.
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          Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

          Is not the first infectious disease
          May 10, 10:20 pm

          Bahraich, infectious diseases are increasing. Since diarrhea is an increase in the number of children ill with measles. Children dying groan with complaints of abdominal pain are coming into the ward to treat children.
          District hospital pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma said two children suffering from severe form of measles have been admitted for treatment. The situation is quite bad. The complaints of abdominal pain in children have increased. Due to the use of new wheat have been complaints of abdominal pain in children. The more children are affected five to 15 years. Dr Verma said Thursday 210 children were seen to be suffering from various diseases in OPD. The Nanhu suffering from diarrhea, Ramesh, Faiz, including 10 children were admitted. Problem in the treatment of children in the hospital is holding Bedon.

          Expanded foot infectious disease, 32 patients admitted
          May 11, 10:08 pm

          Bahraich, patients suffering from infectious disease process continues to be enrolled. Diarrhea, measles, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea treatment for children suffering from district hospitals are coming. Due to warming conditions are becoming worse. If resources are short in the hospital for treatment.
          District hospital on Friday suffering from diarrhea alone 17 children were admitted in critical condition. Shrine of the city police's son Kiran Chandpura resident satisfaction (1), Aman son Adam Malik (4 mA), Nagrur native son Ranjit development (2), Bundi station area residents Molhe Hemnapur son Parashuram (2), a resident of King Shivaji Rehuwa son, brother (1), Bundi fraction of native son, Pawan Kumar (6 months) Biseshwarganj Kancr village police station area resident shoots black teen son (4 months), Ranipur Bar of police Subhash native son Babloo Singh (1), the police Hujurpur Ghnapur native son Arvind Putti Lal (2), son Shadab Hujurpur resident Faiz (2), Hrdi station area residents Mdhavapur Birbal daughter Poonam (2), the police station to turn Bnjari pa native son Aftab Ali (2), the city's Civil Lines Shipra son Nand Lal (9 months), son Nitin Joshiapura resident Anoop Kumar (4), the Tajpur resident Nanpara Cintaram daughter Vandana (2), Sravasti Bruwwa Hargun resident of the district police Sonwa the daughter Lakshmi Singh (20 days), Gonda district Pandeypurwa native daughter of the owner Nath Gupta (5 months) admitted that the condition is serious. With measles, the other children complained of abdominal pain were recruited. District hospital pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma said that the temperature rise due to the disease in children are increasing. Children admitted with severe special attention is being paid.
          Ranibagh relief team arrived
          Mahsi: Mahsi Tehsil Ranibagh measles reported in the village on the ANM Basanti Devi and Ramesh Singh, the village health workers and victims injected and distributed free medicines. Measles sufferers A. Singh, Shorty Singh, Prinsi, Anup Singh, Anuj Singh, Risu, she was treated, including a dozen children.

          Animal deaths from malnutrition are
          May 09, 09:23 pm

          2010-11 due to malnutrition in 554 villages of Tehsil area where dozens of animals have died. There are over 200 malnourished animals are dying.
          Malnutrition is also growing due to infertility in animals. Up to 1000 the number of animals suffering from infertility. Due to ill health in dairy cattle has significantly reduced the amount of milk. Animal parents had to take the financial loss. However, the Department of Animal Health and Medicine has been unable to take any effective steps.

          Including a young woman killed by snake bite
          May 11, 07:40 pm

          Ghazipur: individually in two with a young woman died of snakebite on Friday.
          According to the police station representative Suhvl Mlsa Ddhni Banml opinion farmer Lalji Yadav (40) taking the straw from the barn in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the snake bites him. Noise around people arrived at the scene and killed the snake with a staff. Was Lalji seriously. Was brought to the district hospital for treatment where he died. Devkli representative pout-ing the Divine (20) was the daughter of Mahendra Ram Sivan at dawn. Meanwhile, the snake bites him. Sati took my place in the Amwa Jadhfuk family. There she died.

          Increased numbers of children suffering from diarrhea
          May 11, 05:51 pm

          Jaunpur: heat rising number of victims has increased as well as diarrhea. Number of children in various nursing homes is high. Although the district hospital system in these patients claimed to have been smooth.
          The effect of heat and hot sun is beginning to show. Young people and adults, while children are also victims of the disease in the majority. The whole system is being claimed in the district hospital but patients are rarely reached. Because even though there are many medications but Timardaron have to buy from outside.
          Senior pediatrician Dr. Vinod Singh says that patients who are approaching the 80 percent of diarrhea. He is due to the ignorance of parents to children. Dr. Singh said that children should drink plenty of water. Feed several times Kulakr with whole milk. Keep them away from sunlight. Sure way to protect them from heat. Requires the use of ORS. Diarrhea as soon as the doctor's consultation, the treatment should start.
          District hospital in different wards
          Jaunpur: Shahid Umanath Singh District Hospital, the Acting Chief Medical Superintendent, Dr RP Maurya and skin specialist said that the hospital has separate wards for patients with diarrhea. The hospital has all the necessary medicines.

          Spread diarrhea, increased patient
          May 11, 07:21 pm

          Surir: Summer in the field of infectious diseases outbreaks as soon as it has started to knock. Out of the roasting heat of fire and heat, people vomiting - diarrhea, etc. have been left unprotected. Private physicians, clinics is constantly increasing number of patients suffer. Department of Health for disease prevention and treatment have not yet arranged.
          Summer season as well as infectious diseases in Surir've started to stretch his legs. Drop out of the fire and the heat of the sun to heat the vomiting - diarrhea, etc. are in the grip of diseases. This week the number of patients suffering from diarrhea and vomiting in Surir has increased. Private physicians and clinics in town on Friday suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, brought dozens of patient treatment. Bhiduni village boundary and the wife of Jawahar Ramesh Chanda wife came in the grip of summer diarrhea. Town resident Jmmn suddenly vomiting - diarrhea have started. Brick kiln workers in the worst case, the cloak of the sky from the brick kilns of fire and the fire while the works are the victims of these diseases.
          Health Department has no system at the local health center. Center due to a feature of treatment patients are forced to resort to private and private practitioners.

          Can not account for the family unconscious
          May 11, 11:02 pm

          Saharanpur: Mandi police station after the old Klsia road can not eat the family's condition worsened. All were admitted to the district hospital. Three are still in serious condition.
          Mandi police station is the oldest family of Mukhtar Klsia road. Zeeshan is the home of her brother. Reshma's sister, wife, Zeeshan Mukhtar Friday afternoon by the whole family can not be served. This too can not eat it. After not eating Intkhar Mukhtar son, his sister Ruby, Reshma and Gulshana mother, niece, daughter smile, Zeeshan and Sajid madrassa student's condition worsened. Vomiting after eating all that was not looking. All family members at home began to fall unconscious. When people found out there in the neighborhood stirred. Mukhtar reached everyone in the neighborhood of the house. Quick - all unconscious hurriedly tractor trolley was brought to hospital in the theater district. Seeing the condition of all family members stirred up in the hospital. Quick - all the treatments were hurriedly. After treatment Gulshana, Reshma and Ruby broke fainting. Three family members are still unconscious. Gulshana Reshma said that her daughter by making her the only food served. Salad or not one is said to be the likely poisonous. SP City said police have not taken the sample.

          Do not stop an outbreak of measles, many vulnerable
          May 10, 09:52 pm

          Badr, local development section Mocwa measles outbreak in the village. Among children, women are also vulnerable. Village health workers - the village and the drugs are delivered. This is the eye doctor.
          Outbreak of measles in the village's local development Mocwa section. Mocwa village, Rakesh Chaurasia son Arjun, daughter Munni Suresh, Jitendra Mnojdutt son, daughter, Saliha Mahmood Amit son Shiv Lal, son of the sun, Radhey Shyam, Ruby Husila daughter, son Nanku ramkishore etc. In addition to dozens of children hoped wife Radhey Shyam, poetry, and many women Radha measles are vulnerable to. Be aware that many days is the outbreak of measles in the village. Shivkumari the ANM and other health workers are keeping an eye on patients. Superintendent Dr. Akhtar Hussain Badr CHC respect of the departmental team of Health is monitoring in the village. If children are being vaccinated patients medicines are also being distributed. The emphasis is on rural health system. AP Tripathi Bdayan about it that shabby ANM in charge of medical information centers. The matter has been conveyed to senior officials.

          The death of innocent children with diarrhea
          May 11, 10:19 pm

          Bighapur, Apr: Bihar police in the village Sanjamu many children are sick with diarrhea. The disease on Friday morning killed a child.
          According to information received from villagers half a dozen houses of the village children started vomiting, diarrhea, whose treatment has been made. Vidyadhar Laxman in children suffering from diarrhea, a year-old son died.

          Mdnagra spread measles, 50 ill
          May 10, 10:55 pm

          Sirsia (Sravasti), terminal block area Mdnagra measles outbreak continues in the village. 50 people to be vulnerable to measles ill. Affected people were admitted for treatment of CHC Sirsia. Measles outbreaks reported to the health departmental team reached the spot treatments are reading. The village is an outbreak of measles in a week.
          Area Mdnagra Measles is spread from a week in the village. Measles in the whole village is hit. Affected by measles Saroj Kumar (9), Dilip (7) Putrgn Rajesh, limit (11) daughter, Shiv Prasad, Dinesh (16) son Virendra Kumar, Mamta (11) daughter, Virendra Kumar, Manju (15) daughter Misrilal, Rudrasen (16 ) son Ram Kumar, Pradeep Kumar (7) son Munseelal, Meera Devi (17), including daughter Munseelal 50 people are suffering under the grip of measles disease. Health layoffs came to know when the measles measles CHC Sirsia dozen people were admitted for treatment. Villagers say that the village is lying in the dirt cause infectious diseases. Cleaning personnel and officials to ignore the arbitrary result of the continuing outbreaks of measles in the village for seven days. Drop curtain drains in the village took place - took place on infectious diseases have been promoting garbage dumps. Sharad Yadav said the superintendent of Community Health Centers Sirsia affected village doctors and health workers for treatment and rescue team has been sent. He said the village clean - cleaning systems are impoverished due to the spread of infectious diseases. The villagers need to be aware.

          Brain child deaths from measles
          May 12, 01:49 am

          Moradabad: measles infections in the city, killing eight-year-old child. Surprisingly, however, that the innocent victim of measles was the son of an employee of the district hospital, who lived in the district hospital campus. Still sick child could not be saved. Doctors say her family was admitted to hospital late.

          Killed by eating poisoned
          May 10, 09:39 pm

          Anbedkrnagr, under Akbarpur police station in the village, women and young woman died of food poisoning. He was admitted to district hospital for treatment. Krishnakumar 35-year-old resident of the village police station Kodra wife Rekha ate the poisonous substance. Situation in her district were admitted to hospital where he died in order to treat. Tigra is the second event of the police. Kamlesh 20-year-old daughter of the village residents struggle to eat the poisonous substance was admitted to district hospital where he died in order to treat. According to police, civil strife due to the woman and girl has eaten the poison. The case is being investigated.

          Two dozen victims killed by a mad dog
          May 11, 10:27 pm

          Fatehpur Sikri: Mad Dog lives of citizens - a - remain organically. Friday evening, two dozen people bitten by a rabid dog. So there was confusion.
          Friday evening around 4 pm by a rabid dog about two dozen women - men were created out of chaos. Rawat said that the rural village Jutana and ternary Ram, Kamla Devi, Sheila, Dinesh, Sunil, Deepak, Sanjay, Sukdevi, Pinky, Nekram, Rajvir, Preeti, several villagers were injured by the dog off. PSC is being made on each treatment. The villagers besieged mad dog killed.

          The knock of measles, ten people sick
          May 10, 06:00 pm

          - Rampur Mathura area measles
          - An end to drug peddling team
          Rampur Mathura (Sitapur), 10 May (Jaka): The district has once again hit by scarlet fever. Local area under the grip of measles in the village Nbabpurwa ten people including children are sick. Department of Health team arrived at the scene on Wednesday night and was moving the drug to share.
          Sadu Village resident Nbabpurwa fifteen days before the house all the children were sick. Sadu the CHC Rampur Mathura was then the information on the drug charge was given to the village but did not bother anyone. The result of measles in the past seven days, including ten children, ten people were hit. Among those who are sick, Dilip 17 years, the 18 year ulfat, Nisar Ahmed, 17 years, Smimunisha 18, director 23 years, the sun 8 months, 9 years of peace, Nandrani 8 years, expressed 15 years and includes suhayl 15 years. Told that the officer before the villagers do not watch out, which led to it. On Wednesday the team had gone to distribute the drug.

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          The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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            Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

            The team of doctors in Dugrwala Phuchi
            May 18, 10:33 pm

            Keragdh: Village outbreak of diarrhea in Dugrwala. Home - Home Charpaiyan littered. On Friday, the team of doctors reached the village, house to house to check patients' medications were delivered.
            Tell the same village on May 13, suffering from diarrhea caused by the negligence of quacks Ramcrn Dinesh son's death. At present, more than a dozen villages are vulnerable to diarrhea. The complaint from Friday Keragdh CHC team of doctors arrived in the village. Home - Hall of patients to go home. Delivery of drugs to be tested. The 20 villagers were suffering from diarrhea.
            The CHC SP Umesh Tripathy said the water in the village of Taka have line breaks. Because the village is flooded. With tap water is dirty pile line, which are vulnerable rural diarrhea. The village has an eye on. The list has been the quacks. Which one - two days will be sent to CMO office. The team of doctors, including Superintendent Dr. VK Soni, Lokesh Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Jai Prakash Yadav, Sushma, Jagdish, Thoran Singh said.


            Children badly hit by diarrhea ..
            May 19, 01:08 am

            Office News, Aligarh: the fierce heat of the past three days have increased the number of patients have diarrhea. Children are most affected. Vomiting, diarrhea, children are badly off. Patients in public hospitals and private hospitals, the line is engaged. District Hospital in the day close to four thousand patients have been reached.
            At three and a half times the patient
            Malkhan Singh District Hospital ward's child is full. Capacity of more than 48 children were admitted here on Friday. Place of the 35 children enrolled. Talking about the past three days, May 16, 46, 17 on May 43 and May 18, 48 children were admitted. May 13, the number 39, 14 and 37 and 15 May was 32.
            Cold water crisis
            The rapidly increasing number of patients, while Lale are hitting the water. Pandit Deendayal Hospital District Hospital and spending millions to maintain R o plants are closed. If the patient depends on the water cooler. All patients not getting cold water. Women alone in the hospital district is R o plant, the cooling water are those of the market.
            In the eyes from sun allergies
            Is allergic to the sun and dust in the eye. District Hospital in the Department of the eye disease are reaching the same day, 63 per cent of patients. Of silt dust lying along the groove, making the eyes the patient. Eye itching, pain, water flow, are the major symptoms of allergies to red.
            Be careful that
            - Chopped fruit, avoid eating Chant
            - Protect children from the sun, take special care in cleaning
            - Saccharin containing ice, etc., do not let children
            - To prevent water loss in children, ORS solution at home, keep
            They say
            Heat over the affected children are diarrhea and chicken pox. Do not necessarily negligent in treating the disease, a doctor on the show.
            - Dr. Pradeep Bansal, a pediatrician,


            28 children admitted with suspected fever
            May 18, 10:57 pm

            Bahraich district are being admitted to hospital complaining of fever in children is to harass the doctor. Season has increased the heat added to the problems of children. Despite the reduction in the number of diarrhea patients admitted to ward beds for children are lower.
            The children in the district hospital ward diarrhea, measles, are coming to treat children suffering from high fever. On Friday, 28 children suffering from these diseases was admitted for treatment. The mithilesh, Suresh, gentleman, Ravi, Ramesh, Nnku, Pankaj, Farhan, Sanjay, Pinky, Monica, Manju, Gulnaj and other children are involved. Pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma says it has reduced the number of patients suffering from diarrhea. But complaints of fever remains constant.


            Diarrhea with fever spreading legs
            May 18, 06:45 pm

            Orai, our reporter: with diarrhea - fever now is to take the children into custody. District on Friday complaining of fever and was hospitalized several youngsters.
            Attitude of nurses to patients admitted to district hospital in Timardaron resentment. Indira Nagar, Anand, Rajendra Kumar and conch real city Malkhan said the children remove the bottle will not drip on the end of the nurses arrived. Negligence in causing the blood to drip from Brtti comes off.
            'Take rounds of the hospital doctor specializing in all wards. Would be prudent if a health worker's negligence to his complaint. After warning will be taken. "
            - Dr. Kemchandra, Chief Medical Superintendent


            Diseases from contaminated water are
            May 18, 11:59 pm

            Mirzapur: City Development section of the seminar and quiz competition held on Friday at Rajpur village people and prevention of diseases caused by contaminated water provided.
            Varanasi, organized under the aegis of Directorate of Field Publicity Unit of the villagers, especially women in the program reported that many diseases are consumption of contaminated water. To avoid them clean water and drinking water must be used Hijab. In addition, vaccination and prevention of iodine deficiency diseases and about the information provided. In addition to the opportunity of Field Publicity Officer, Dr Lalji Durgawati Devi, Mnni Devi, Deepa Pandey, Sushma Creator, Manju Devi, Ranjita, Indrkla Creator and others.


            The death of two children suffering from measles
            May 16, 09:46 pm

            Llia (Balrampur), the region of two children suffering from measles in the village Murihwa died Tuesday night. The number of children dying from measles have been four. In addition, two dozen children in serious condition suffering from measles. Department of Health's team has begun to treat children suffering.
            The Mjra Murihwa Llia a Pkware is vulnerable to the measles. Tuesday night, four-year-old daughter Seml Cotku and two-year-old daughter, Jagdish died happy. Fragrance, Neeraj, Mandvi, Brijesh, Pune, Rama Rajan, gentle, romance, Kusuma, Ftebhadur, mascara, Omji, woman, Hema, image, Nnkni, small, Manoj, Manisha, Pinto, Anju, Raju and Manoj etc. in critical condition is. Suffering among children age one to seven years. Children are left on the body rash. All have a high fever. CMO Dr Tiwari hn vaccination and treatment of children suffering in the village has been started.
            People in superstition Mkdjal
            After that limits the scope of belief in superstition changes. Engaging in superstition Mkdjal waste of time and money with a man - with occasionally sits lives lost. The measles epidemic of people trapped in my live to worship as you pleased. The disease has a Pkware the four innocent children to swallow. Hanging between life and death, are two dozen innocent.
            Murihwa gram panchayat with a population of nearly two thousand Llia is Mjra. Jagdish is a well near the house cleaning that was a decade ago. Disposing of the water-thirsty than two dozen family are well. Mess around and have Jlbrav. Fitted with hand pumps out of five Indian brands. ANM center raises goats. Bhusali, Jagdish Cotku and the children are sick, they cure the morning - evening worship is a village in Mali. Jagdish, Mewalal and pleased to live my values ​​are the Ptiram measles. He and my treatment will be offended. Hn CMO Dr Tiwari said that the superstition is very difficult to treat. Most families give children s medicine.

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            The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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              Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

              Death from measles
              May 25, 10:10 pm

              Gajadharpur (Bahraich), 25 May (Jaka) Panditpurwa a week suffering from outbreaks of measles in the village, a child died. Dozens of children are sick. The team visited the village after the Department of Health and medicines are distributed.
              G is the growth segment Fakhrpur Panditpurwa measles outbreaks in the past several days. The health authorities were informed. However, the distribution of pharmaceuticals in the village were not. Thursday night suffering from measles hit son Rahul Kashyap (7) were killed. Measles in the village of Ram Kumar (10), Nanbabu (5), elaborate (4), Govind (5), Durga (3), Wind (7), Shivani (3), Monu (10), Sony (3), composition (6) are seriously ill. The villagers reported the deaths of children from measles Fakhrpur health center officials said. After the incident ANM Durga Pandey, Ramesh Kumar reached the village of measles victims free treatment to deliver drugs. Villagers clean up the medical team - is said to keep clean.


              Death from infectious disease, 12 ill
              May 23, 07:30 pm

              Vjirganj (Gonda), May 23: Area of ​​Village Panchayat Cduwa Mjre Dobhinpurwa infectious disease outbreaks, killing a child. There are a dozen people sick. Department of Health's team reached the village.
              Heat the mercury climbs rapidly as infectious diseases are beginning to stretch the legs. Department of Health in dealing with these diseases are bulls. Area of ​​the Gram Panchayat Cduwa Mjre Dobhinpurwa infectious disease spread in the village on Tuesday. Asha Ram infectious disease, killing the three-year-old son while another son Kanhaiya Sun is a mess. Dev Anand in the village, light, peace, Sushila, Sunaina, siren, Rakesh Kumar, Gayatri and Shiva are said to be ill. Are told that these people are out of the body red rash and high fever. Charge Medical Officer Dr. RK Dev said the child's death from fever. Has directed the team to camp in the village. The team has arrived and medicines are being distributed.


              Woman's death from snakebite
              May 25, 06:45 pm

              Farah, News Reporter: Shazadpur police on Friday in the village, a woman died of snakebite.
              Village resident Shazadpur Jayvir Singh's wife Pinky Nauhre day was removed from the fuel. Meanwhile, bitten by a snake. Family members took him to Baygiron. If it does not improve he was taken to a hospital in Agra. The doctor declared her dead.


              Increase the woman's death from heat stroke
              May 25, 10:18 pm

              Siddharth: Hdhwa cluster of local police in the village Jmhiria vegetable farm, a 75-year-old Aarti Aarti one break to look spouse has died from heat stroke. The event is Friday at 2 Apranh. Police occupied the body is sent for autopsy.


              Four suspected cases of polio occurred
              May 23, 11:29 pm

              Not a case of polio in the past several months, where the health department was relieved and was able to claim to be polio-free district in the area after a total of four suspected cases of polio in the department to meet stirred has been seen that the citizens Dsht polio polio drops campaign to air in the region is deteriorating.
              Details three days before the 18 month check Pipra Ram Lal Maurya son of Chandrika came to complain of polio in left leg, the Department has not confirmed. Stool examination was in order. Just in case it was not cold to the Sekhui Govardhan suspected polio cases reported came to light, residents here remember Ram Yadav, Dilip Yadav, two 8-year-old boy complains of being lacerated leg.
              On Wednesday two new suspected case of polio in Parsa Kancnpur and queen came. 8 year old son, Sanjay Prajapati sky Kancnpur residents complain of polio in both legs being told, in order to treat her family moved to Lucknow. Mirage three-year-old daughter Parsa Queen Farida Ahmed, at the foot of a complaint brought to light. This treatment is reported to be made by the township.
              Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kiran Srivastava said about anywhere has never had a case of polio. The complaints did not come until the stool test, and the check comes, would be premature to say anything.


              Death of young man eating Slfas
              May 24, 10:49 pm

              Purnderpur, Anand Nagar, Mhrajagnj:
              Ketola Rajmndir Khurd village residents to police Purnderpur Brgdhi Slfas a young man died from eating. The police took possession of the body sent for autopsy.
              Are told that on Wednesday night due to family disruption Ramrekha son Lallan Yadav Yadav (40) the Slfas ate. Face in the family hurriedly brought him Bnkti community health center for treatment. It has been referred to the Medical College. Thursday morning Ramrekha Medical College, died during the treatment. Thanadhyksh MP Chaturvedi note is that the case is under investigation by the police.


              Vomiting - diarrhea and fever are innocent of the pant
              May 25, 10:34 pm

              Pratapgarh: fever with vomiting or diarrhea due to summer people are battered. It is too much havoc on the children. District hospital ward vomiting in children - the number of children suffering from diarrhea has been steadily increasing. Increased number of children suffering from fever. Getting these diseases due to heat stress is the people.
              Ward vomiting in children - is an increase in the number of children suffering from diarrhea. Nine patients were admitted on Friday that while the 25 patients already enrolled. Four-month-old son suffering from diarrhea
              There is no extra caution
              Pratapgarh: District vomiting - diarrhea who are battered. Every day dozens are hiring, but remains oblivious to the Department of Health.
              The infectious diseases department at the district hospital claims are being broken. There is a separate ward for patients with diarrhea and vomiting.
              The department says the district hospital is not affected by infectious diseases in community and primary health centers to recruit patients from different wards have been provided. There are many beds and specialized team is made. Now it's up to the district hospital on its own showing is a picture of rural hospitals. Infectious patient is admitted in general ward, other patients like them become infected. There is no concern to the Department. Rules of the summer for four months from the infectious patient ward system should be different, but here the control system itself is sick. CMS in this regard due to lack of space and resources explains.


              Jaundice of the havoc, the young man's death
              May 25, 08:54 pm

              Hundreds of JD, the panic disorder --- Krasr
              Bharwari, Kaushambi: JD has taken his local town jaundice. Polluted water, house to house hundreds of people suffering from the disease are being supplied. A young man died during treatment in Pijiai the disease on people's fear of arrest. Before the death of a woman's. Governance arrangements are not conducive to the great anger against the people, too.
              Bharwari Cirunji town residents only son of Red Keshrwani Rajababu Keshrwani (35) week before the disease had jaundice. Freaked out in the King's clerk was admitted for treatment Pijiai. On Friday Rajababu died during treatment. Shows the road to have died of jaundice before that of the queen regent. Hundreds of people are still susceptible to the disease.
              Journalists observed the mourning
              Kaushambi: Cirunji red Keshrwani bharwari town residents have a Hindi daily newspaper reporter. Jaundice is a disease of the death of his son Rajababu condolences to journalists. Heartbreak House Pawan Shukla, ideal Srivastava, Kisormani Tripathi, Rncor Singh, Pradeep Singh, Umashankar Bhatt, Yogendra Singh, Vimlesh Shukla, etc. are.


              Mercury 46, across the old woman died of heat stroke
              May 25, 07:13 pm

              Friday was the most heated Doaba --- Krasr
              Kaushambi: Friday across the mercury reached 46. Lu had been smoldering all day long and people. Forced out of homes when people are mean to avoid sun and wind. Kaushambi on Friday was most heated. Heat is deadly. Lu died of old age to be a hit. So far two people have been killed by heat stroke. Lu is also in the grip of an innocent.
              A 70-year-old village of Tehsil Mnjnpur Dhana died of heat stroke. Old was alone. So the villagers together was cremated. State Secretary Shashi Bhushan Dwivedi aka Maharaj Balam your team to get help for the funeral.
              Summer has started to show their rage. People are hesitant to get out of homes on Friday. In a compelling reason people out of homes. To the streets wore a deserted look throughout the day. Hot winds are fatal. People are coming increasingly vulnerable to heat stroke. Just a little mistake that weighs heavily on health. Soft drink to escape the heat all day long, Bell's syrup, cold Dirnk and cold snacks are going to effect. Despite so much by the district administration did not find anywhere Piaui. The villagers own effort is put at intersections Piaui.
              Lu vulnerable innocent
              Stunning, Kaushambi: Indra Nagar resident of the local Nagar Panchayat image Sharma Pankaj Sharma's two-year-old daughter Friday afternoon, there were more vulnerable to heat stroke. It made her sick. Condition of the image was zapped by the family. Her face - hurriedly admitted to local hospital for treatment. Where is being treated.


              Clerk found dead in diet
              May 25, 08:12 pm

              Police sent the body for autopsy
              Chibramu, awareness of Representatives: District Institute of Education and Training in the junior clerk's body found in a residential complex. Diet administration says that he died from excessive drinking and had been sick the past few days. Punchnama police throughout the body sent for autopsy.
              Narendra Kumar Malhotra junior clerk in the diet (55) on Friday, not long enough to reach the office. Co-workers on the diet the principal accommodation on campus and see if he was lying dead. Akhand Pratap Singh and all the principal spokesperson for the diet information arrived at the scene. Diet given to the town police station in charge of administration, Virendra Kumar Yadav reached the spot to inspect the site. The body was brought to the community health center where doctors confirmed the death authorized. Principal clerk told the police that the deceased was addicted to drink and was sick for the past few days.

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                Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                Doctor killed in suspicious circumstances
                Jun 01, 10:03 pm

                Mtera (Bahraich), Community Health Center Risia posted Thursday night by a doctor, died in suspicious circumstances. Causes of death could not be located.
                Community Health Center Risia many years working as a medical officer at the New Hyderabad Lucknow resident Dr. Raghavendra Pratap Singh (58) dealt with the work of the hospital Thursday evening and went to sleep in a nearby public housing. Friday morning when he wakes up the people around suspicious. Do not open the door at 8 in the case of class IV employees of the hospital personnel referred to in Rafiq Fndwakr the back wall, where Dr Singh was found dead on the bed. On receipt of the hospital they were shocked. Dr. Himanshu Chaturvedi face hurriedly Cikitsadhikshk Risia police were notified of the incident. Thanadhyksh DK Mishra investigation began. Dr. Singh, who lived alone. Rohit Singh, his wife and two children, Rajul Singh live at home in Lucknow. His family was informed of the incident.
                Lost were: Dr. Raghavendra Singh to the cause of death could not know yet. According to nearby residents to stay away from the family he had lost. According to health workers were accustomed to drinking it every day. Knowing the cause of death to the police await autopsy report.


                Infectious diseases and death of two girls
                May 31, 09:35 pm

                Kasrganj (Bahraich), the rural town in the grip of infectious diseases has become a strident position. Tehsil area of ​​Gram Panchayat Mnjara Tukli Mjre Lonianpurwa come in the grip of infection in two children died from measles. Mjre village and surrounding villages more than a dozen children suffering from measles. Where diarrheal disease in urban population is less than the number of victims.
                In the past, the last four days of Tukli Mnjara Mjre Lonianpurwa children of families suffering from measles are. Local people reported a measles outbreak on the local health center, but the village was not a team of doctors. Meanwhile, Manju (2) and Sugri (4) daughter, died today of Narayana. These last two days and was suffering from measles. The village Kalka, MP Chander son, Pradeep, Shishupal, Ajay, anxiety, Manish etc. are suffering from measles. Full Mjra is in the grip of measles. Community welcome. Dr. AK Verma in charge of the center were interviewed by health visitors, he said Nnku, NMA Brijesh Singh, SB Prajapati and ANM Purnima Srivastava, etc. By creating a team of employees have been sent Lonianpurwa.
                Seven is the number of deaths
                Bahraich: the scourge of infectious disease
                Is increasing. Measles disease in the villages vulnerable to infection are small children are going to be serious. Necessary arrangements in view of the spread of infection has not been charged are rural. Necessary medical treatment team of physicians in the affected villages have not been able to reach innocent children have to suffer the consequences. On Wednesday, the day after the death of two children, two girls were killed on Thursday. The death toll from infectious diseases have been seven. In the village there's a cry from the horrors of measles disease.


                And two children die from measles
                Jun 01, 10:01 pm

                Kasrganj (Bahraich), in the grip of measles deaths from the hectic getting there is chaos. The second consecutive day on Friday, killing two more children came from villages in the grip of infection have been bitten by weeds. Measles in the past two days in a span of Lille took the lives of four children. An outbreak of measles in the area of ​​Tehsil Grampanchayt Mjara Tunkli is spreading rapidly. Half a dozen outbreaks of measles in Mjron continues. Nishad's son Akhilesh in Tunkli Mjara Mjre Dyalpurwa Ramu (1) and Rampal Nishad a week of new-born daughter died of measles. In a span of two days, four children have died of measles so far.
                Thursday in the Mjra Lonianpurwa Tukli Mjara of two daughters, died from measles. On Friday Dyalpurwa son Akhilesh Ramu (1) and Nishad Rampal's baby daughter were killed. Continuing deaths rocked the entire village has been created. Mjara of Tunkli Mjre Bbra, Dindornpurwa, Jagtrampurwa, Bajnathpurwa, Bbnnpurwa etc. measles outbreak has spread to the villages. Community health center in charge of Dr. AK Verma said teams from the district visited the village to come and deliver drugs is required. Themselves with a team of health workers have been camping in the village. Vaksineshn being. Mjara Tunkli Radhey Shyam Yadav said the former Panchayat member in more than a dozen outbreaks of measles in Mjron continues. CMO has also been exposed to it.


                Food poisoning from eating five family sick
                May 29, 11:04 pm

                Kiritaun (Kheri), in town Monday night, when a home-made food in the pan lizard fell. Lizards to cooking and the food was poisoned by eating the family were five people get sick. He was admitted to district hospital for treatment. Tuesday morning they were sent back home.
                Joshi is the locality of Kheri town parish event. Raja Ram Singh, son of the resident's home on Monday night as potato vegetable was peas. Vegetables and vegetable with a lizard when the lizard fell too sick. The family members had dinner and began to relax. Jitendra came home late, he was eating his dinner plate with vegetables served in the lizard saw the show at the plaza and the entire family. Jitendra it after a while, his mother Gita Devi, Santosh brother, sister Holly and his wife's condition was deteriorating. Mindy's got the sound turned off. Vegetables were eaten by these lizards were poisoned by the fall. Some kind of home made an appeal to help others reach their house in the neighborhood. Ill with food poisoning five people in the neighborhood, the family members admitted to district hospital for treatment where they were treated overnight. After treatment, all these people has improved. Tuesday morning, the doctors sent home after testing Jitendra and his Priwarijnon.


                Dodhamafi found in 22 children suffering from [chickenpox]
                May 26, 09:12 pm

                Manikpur (Chitrakoot): Manikpur block Dodhamafi Village over a weekend outbreak of [chickenpox]. It came in the grip of a child were killed. News reports today on the major issue was published. News after taking cognizance of the Department of Health Community Health Center Manikpur posted on Saturday led by Dr. Aslam received a five-member team. When the investigation team found that the total 22 children in the village is vulnerable to [chickenpox]. In addition, 16 women and 20 men are suffering from measles. The team Panhuckr all victims in the village of measles vaccinated.


                Due to the heat death of two passengers
                Jun 01, 08:59 pm

                Tundla, personal representative: Friday evening line up visit Parasnath Express 68-year-old son Suki Grbhudas native village police station Warisliganj Daulatpur Nbada Bihar due to the heat of the sick in the way of the train died. Tundla post mortem on the body off is sent to the district hospital.
                Friday afternoon 65-year-old son, Ahmed, Majid Sharif, a resident of the village Jmalpura Mau district in the mail while traveling down the storm died of a sudden deterioration in his health. Tundla police station off the body for post mortem is sent to the district hospital.

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                  Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                  Symptoms of meningitis in two children
                  Jun 04, 11:06 pm

                  Bahraich: Brain fever has started to spread his legs. District Hospital's children's ward for the treatment of the victims are children. They were found to have symptoms of meningitis. Doctors are taking preventive measures in the treatment significantly.
                  The heat increases the risk of meningitis. Symptoms have been found in children admitted to district hospital. However, in two children have symptoms. On Monday 28 children affected by infectious diseases with the disease have been admitted for treatment. The Afsad, Anis, Manish, Shakeel, Rajab, morning, Akram, Tufail, Junaid, Anil, Subhash and other children are involved. KK Verma district hospital pediatrician, says that the symptoms of meningitis in children have been found. Their treatment is being given special attention.


                  Convicted prisoner's death
                  Jun 02, 10:05 pm

                  Settlements: Saturday afternoon in the hospital during treatment OPEC Kelly convicted prisoners detained in the district jail died Ramcrn. Jail authorities said he was sick a long time.
                  31-year-old resident of the village police Purana Waltrganj Baijnath Ramcrn son in a murder case in March 2006 the district was detained in prison. Fast Track Court in the January 12 was sentenced to life imprisonment sentence. According to jail authorities Ramcrn was sick the last four years. Saturday morning, his health suddenly deteriorated. So the prison physician, Dr. Hari Vijay Arya, who was referred to Kelly the morning at half past nine. Kelly worked in the hospital one afternoon about two o'clock his breath.

                  900 cases of diarrhea and vomiting throughout the week
                  Jun 03, 08:43 pm

                  Orai, our news: the brunt of infectious diseases continues. Vomiting and diarrhea in the past week, 900 patients came to hospitals. 44 The situation was very serious.
                  Infectious disease control, Dr. Nishant Gaurav Bhardwaj said all 48 units in the district in which the report is sent in 894 cases of diarrhea and vomiting. Said the 44 people admitted due to severe conditions. Among the patients were admitted to district hospital. Happiness (10 months) Tufalpurwa, Himanshi (18 months), Patel Nagar, Rohit (18 months), Patel Nagar, Yogesh (2 years) Ayr, mascara (10 years) Umrarkedha, D (10 years) Ganesh Ganj, Savitri (4 years) Kukrganv, Ramdevi (55 years), ABC, Vijay (10 months) Ramnagar, Relief Fatima (5 months), Janaki (42 years) than Mdora Ajay Verma, Sunil Raikwar, rain Vishwakarma, Tue Singh, Anshu, Devendra sacrificially admitted The. Dr. Nishant Gaurav Bhardwaj said food contaminated with the infectious disease is growing. Complained of vomiting due to lack of water leads to diarrhea. To accomplish this, the salt, sugar and lime slurry of water to start immediately. Out in the sun to avoid heat stroke to avoid. To cool before eating plenty of fruits. Do not use cut fruits and other foods.


                  Teenager's death from brain fever
                  Jun 05, 11:23 pm

                  Bhoganv (Mainpuri): g Mhuahar resident Rajendra Prasad Yadav's daughter Preeti previous day complaining of severe meningitis, the family took her to the clinic for treatment. Take it if it does not improve the Mainpuri, where he died.


                  GRP death of young
                  Jun 05, 07:03 pm

                  Mjwan (Mirzapur): Monday night unexplored area in the village at Tiwaripur Prakash Dubey (50) were killed. Am aware of that chaos in the family. The police took possession of the body sent for autopsy.
                  Satya Prakash and Prakash, son of local resident in GRP was young. Madho Singh, Sant Ravidas Nagar in his deployment was at the railway station. Family said May 30 he came home from vacation. These days she was sick. Then after dinner Monday night, he slept not. In this case - like the kind being discussed.


                  Unknown disease killed
                  Jun 02, 09:35 pm

                  Tati Lakshmipur block built in the village of some unknown disease has been reported to have killed two people. This is the panic-stricken countryside.
                  Scribe the death of the king's son Mustafa. Last May 25 in his whole body began to spasm and shock began to arrive. With her immediate family were off to Gorakhpur Medical College. But the doctor could not understand the disease. Then moved to a private nursing home. Where he died shortly after.
                  Shankar Mistry on May 29 in the symptoms began to appear. Gajrha that time he was at the intersection on your bicycle repairing shop. He also admitted Mondikl go to college. He died Saturday morning in charge of the medical Lakshmipur SK Shahi, the above symptoms similar to meningitis - but just right can not be said to resemble his reeling from the deaths.


                  Death from diarrhea
                  Jun 03, 10:47 pm

                  Singha: Nebua - Naurngia police overturned the Village Sirsia art Purwa in Patna on Sunday, a ten-year-old boy died from diarrhea. Reported outbreak of diarrhea in the village after the complaint department is sitting slack.
                  According to Ram resident of the village beauty Dharmendra's son was suffering from diarrhea in the last few days, Sunday afternoon watching the deteriorating health of her family suddenly got nervous. Facial - hurriedly moved her near Community Health Center. Where he died. Are told that other children in the village are suffering from the disease.


                  Ramgdhi spread diarrhea, a dozen sick
                  Jun 02, 09:44 pm

                  Lcshmnnagr (Sravasti), development of Gilula Nevria Mjra Ramgdhi GP in more than a dozen people suffer from diarrhea. Despite public health personnel at the scene of the information has not arrived. Diarrhea Girwar son Rajesh, Duiji Sumirn son, daughter Anita Nkced, Jagdish favorite son, the son Sktu little trouble Khusnur son, Chowdhury D, including the son of a dozen people have been suffering from a week. Villagers said that in addition to vomiting, diarrhea, fever affected people are suffering. Diarrhea outbreak was reported on the news written by Gilula PHC health departmental team had visited on the spot. With temperatures rising in the foothills of communicable diseases has DANKA started to ring. Consider data from the Department of Health during the two months, more than two hundred patients suffering from diarrhea have been found. Dr. GC CMO, says the red team is being sent to physicians in the affected village.


                  Diarrhea did not stop, 28 people suffering
                  Jun 05, 09:26 pm

                  Krasr - On Tuesday, five new cases were found
                  Tedhimod, Kaushambi: primary health center area Sibpur Sujatpur Brp these days is the scourge of diarrhea in the village. More than two dozen people have come in its grip. Information on the medical team arrived on Tuesday in the trial of five new patients were suffering from diarrhea.
                  Gram Panchayat Sibpur diarrhea is spread in several days. It has 23 people in its grip. This news was published in major newspapers on Tuesday. It's a community health center physician, Dr. AB Katiyar and Sujatpur Sirathu hospital health care team led by Dr. Neeraj on Tuesday reached the village, five new cases were found. In Ajai, Rinke, Fulkli, banners etc.. Health team arrived at the scene to treat people suffering from disease and bleaching powder and threw it into drains. Physicians believe that the use of contaminated water spread from the diarrhea. Given that people drink boiled water and do not use contaminated foods.


                  Eight ill with diarrhea
                  Jun 05, 10:21 pm

                  Skldiha (Lucknow): the weather is not to be less intense flavor. The intensity of heat due to humidity in the villages came to the day people are going to fall prey to diarrhea. Open drains and polluted drinking water in diseased mangy it is working. Local community health centers in the days of diarrhea is an increase in the number of patients. Town residents on Tuesday, Arjun (70) and Jagrani (65), Bhojapur the Renu (18) Acquisition of Jusi (55), of Grcit Amit (20), Poonam's turret (34), of Pasai Sunita (22), and Ranepur The Dilip (23) came in the grip of diarrhea. He was admitted to a community health center.

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                    Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                    By diarrhea, fever, legs spread out, killed, many hiring
                    Jun 10, 09:40 pm

                    Banda, the press office: scorching heat has to accelerate the fever and diarrhea. The death of two people to come and bite fever became vulnerable. While many serious victims were admitted to the district hospital. Patients came for treatment in public and private hospitals is looking crowd.
                    Diarrhea and fever are bent on taking lives. Patients in hospitals are looking long lines. Ramvishal die of fever (75) son family Kotwali Gopal Countryside Village resident was admitted to hospital Samra district on Friday. Died during treatment at night. Similarly, residents of Village Chitara Krishna Devi (55) Vishweshwar wife was admitted to hospital on Saturday evening. She died during treatment. Woman to be suffering from meningitis has been reported in the investigation. The event has caused mayhem in the family. Also resident of fever die Kailaspuri Fun (30), Jamalpur satisfaction (18) were admitted to the district hospital. Saif, the son of suffering from diarrhea, while four-month resident of Mohalla Rasul Sycamore stone barrier and his mother (23), sardine (55) wife of the giant native Lake hamlet, Savitri (65) wife Bhairav ​​Prasad Mohalla Mardan Naka, Krishna (17) daughter Kailash Nraini, Tue Singh (8 months) son Kamal Kumar Pchulla rural police station, MS (2 years) son Raju Plhri, Abbey (24) son Shambhu Nagar Anand Shukla, Alok (2) son was admitted to Khaipar Mohalla Laxmi Prasad. Minor dozens die every day in public and private hospitals are undergoing treatment.
                    How to Rescue
                    The doctors say that the weather in the wake of Khan - Pan need to take preventive measures. Stale food should be avoided. Eat plenty of fresh food and clean water. Bastard teak towel to avoid the sun came up.

                    After delivery the woman's death
                    Jun 14, 11:01 pm

                    Deoria: Bluani station area residents of the Village Bnuadih Govind Chauhan's wife Mira (25) of semi-nocturnal, died on Wednesday after delivery. Mira gave birth to healthy children in the district hospital. If the bleeding began shortly be referred to medical college.
                    Mira was pregnant, her labor began on Wednesday evening, family members took the District Women's Hospital. About eight o'clock at night, Mira gave birth to a child. Gder dialogue about nine o'clock, according to the formula it started bleeding. Looking worse for women's doctor referred her to the medical college, but not been provided by the Department ambulance. Private vehicles used by family book, but it was too late. Unconsciousness at night around the vehicle left the Medical College. Mira died on the road around 1:30 pm.

                    Two dozen children vulnerable to unknown illness
                    Jun 14, 08:05 pm

                    Snwadsutr, Aryangr: area of ​​Jetpurwa Mjra Pshcimpurwa two dozen kids were vulnerable to the disease are unknown. The village health team has been sent.
                    Primary health centers under Rupidih Jetpurwa Mjra west of the hamlet of the unknown disease outbreaks Sunil Singh, jhabbar, flame, Bitta, Matadin, lamps, Maya Devi, Bachchan, JA, DJ, Hanif, Ramdin, tot, including two dozen children were struck are. Account is the rest of medicine. The fever is back. Dr. Suresh Chandra said medical officer in charge of village health team has been sent. After conducting blood tests will be known about the disease.

                    Suffering from measles, two dozen in Cushion
                    Jun 10, 10:20 pm

                    Sravasti Sirsia border Sirsia pillow blocks, two dozen children suffering from outbreaks of measles in the village. After the village has not affected the health departmental team to treat their children jholachap the suffering doctors are forced to make.
                    Development of Sirsia Lalpur Kushmahwa spread of measles in the pillow. JD measles Mahendra Kumar (11 months), Rohit (1), Shivam (9 months), Aarti (1), installment (2), Rampal (6), Vijay (9 months), Sapphire (6), meditation ( 4), Om (2), Shivakumar (6), Rajni Devi (2), Ashish Kumar (two months), Sakir Hussain (2 months), Wasim (3 months), Pltu (3), Kiran Devi (4), Devi range (5), Mukesh (8), including two dozen children are suffering. Sheru Yadav said dozens of villagers in the village children are suffering from high fever. The time they were not treated so they can come into compliance with the measles. The Community Health Center Sirsia times the measles outbreak was reported. Nonetheless, the village health team has not. Children suffering from Priwarijnon are treated by quacks. The day someone comes in is vulnerable to infectious disease. The CMO said Dr. GC red measles outbreaks reported in the village do not have them.

                    The scourge of infectious diseases, many sick
                    Jun 15, 02:17 am

                    Chandingr, (Baghpat) Rtul field of infectious diseases in the village began to take shape, which a dozen people, including children, are vulnerable to malaria and Ciknpaks. Do not sit on the doctor's fitness center and the problem is growing. Is to ask villagers in the village health camps for the stamping.
                    Rtul Adikash the village people are vulnerable to malaria and zoster. Rtul resident JA, Shahzad, Habib Khan, etc. The doctor at the center to meet the health center. Private physicians have had to resort to the distress. Beloved daughter of Gov. Rakesh, Rakesh Acl daughter, are vulnerable to Ciknpaks.
                    In addition, Sabia daughter Khaled, love Dharam daughter, Pushpa, Rakhi, interest, Reshma, Danish, Frin, Aves, Nargis, pay, Veerpal, Ramsingh, panorama, sir, etc. Dozens of people are vulnerable to malaria and fever. Rural Arif, Matu, etc. that employees engaged in cleaning the village, but they do not have to clean. The villagers have sought health camps.
                    He said ..
                    The village had a health check up camp will be sent to the team. Village health center in the presence of regular doctor will be sure.
                    - Dr. RK Sroha, PHC charge

                    The number of patients in hospitals are not less

                    Jun 14, 11:17 pm

                    Auraiya, City Press: On the one hand a blazing sun and intense heat waves due to record-breaking number of patients in rural and urban areas has increased. Condition the patient to patient in hospitals since the dawn appear. The number of patients at private clinics has increased.
                    Starting Monday, the week number of patients is increasing day by day. Number of patients are over 500 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the bottom of the figure reached 500, but by evening OPD patients, despite the closure is made traffic.
                    Dominated by chaos: with increasing number of patients - as well as hospital systems also have been overturned. Despite the condition that the District Hospital for patients to sit two wooden benches have been placed in the new hospital, the old hospital exists between the two benches. So little furniture because patients are forced to sit on the ground. Condition that the new female patients of the hospital all day sitting on the stairs can be seen.
                    The only hand pumps for drinking water: drinking water in the hospital for the patients and the only means Timardaron hospital campus is the only hand pumps, which quenched the thirst of all, though patients freezer has been engaged to provide cooling water But it does not get cold water, cold water to Mjburivs patients have to rely on outside shops.
                    For the drug fight: Form building, after seeing the doctor has to fight the drug to patients. Drug delivery for such a large hospital room with two windows to determine which drugs are made available to both women and men. Due to less space Relmpel patients remain here all day.
                    Clinics also full: public hospitals, private clinics as well as on the number of patients is increasing day by day. Many clinics offer treatment to the patient over a dozen can be seen. Doctors say that as soon as diarrhea and dehydration Shalg have grown in the cases.

                    Hiring a half dozen cases of heat stroke and diarrhea
                    Jun 10, 09:40 pm

                    Fatehpur, Staff Reporter: strong sunlight and heat illness continues havoc Neka. District hospital day fever, vomiting, diarrhea and heat stroke (sunstroke) of the patients are on the rise. Heat stroke in the last twenty-four hours of two and a half dozen cases of diarrhea and vomiting and fever have been admitted.
                    Diseases in the summer people have their hands on. Bera from heat stroke, the 22-year-old Satyendra Gdhiwa of Chandiana Vinod Kashyap and Verma (45) has been admitted to the hospital. Similarly, the 25-year-old Pinto Mnjupur suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, Ahmed Raza (17) Supa Snganv, joyful (6), abdominal pain, Sudha Devi (35) new hamlet, eight-year-old Shorty 8 Adhavl, Shivani (4) Beti Sadat, Devendra (12) Jhanpur, Vinoba Nagar, ten-year-old Jesus, Bina Anduli fever, Ramrti Glakedha, Bkandha native fragrance, Shigufta Chauglia, Indian court has admitted being treated. Increasing number of patients in three wards of the hospital. Physicians Dr. KL Pandey said that this season is a great need to avoid sunlight. To be cautious could be healthy. Cucumber with yogurt, cucumber, watermelon, sweet seasonal fruits such use is necessary.
                    Provide notification of infectious disease
                    Fatehpur: CMO Dr. KL Verma protect from the sun in the summer. Do not leave the house empty stomach at all. There are no reports of outbreaks of infectious diseases that now. However, infectious disease control team has been formed. The people at the phone number 9236103345 and 9454455143 outbreak on the information sought.

                    Tuberculosis is spreading rapidly
                    Jun 11, 10:11 pm

                    Amroha (JP Nagar): Tuberculosis is spreading rapidly. New patients are exposed to two hundred per month. District is twenty-four hundred patients treated. MDR patients, including five per cent, of which TB is common drug proved to be ineffective.
                    Takes the form of TB disease is fatal. Every year about two million people in India suffer from it. Every three minutes, two people have died from TB. Not taking the treatment of choice, the lung of a patient's TB disease each year 10 to 15 individuals may gift. District, twenty-four hundred people are suffering from the disease, which is being treated. The MDR and Aksdiar including patient. Aksdiar these patients is in hospital in Delhi Lala Rameshwar. They tell the MDR-TB patients on which the drug is ineffective. Such patients with normal medication. District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Ashok Kumar said the district Aksdiar six patients whose treatment is going on in Delhi.
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                      Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                      Children admitted with high fever and a half dozen
                      Jun 19, 11:09 pm

                      Bahraich: There is no loss of heat due to infectious diseases. Increasing the number of children suffering from high fever. Due to lack of resources, doctors are worried.
                      Four days of hospital children's wards in the district has no leg space. Litakr children are treated on the floor. Shortage of beds in the scorching sun Timardar are being forced to undergo treatment under the open sky. Increasing number of children suffering from high fever. On Tuesday, the victim Ramesh, Sumit, Parveen, Juner, Arif, Ahshan, man, Ali, Ramadan, retrospect, Idrish, Altaf, Nadeem and other children are. District hospital pediatrician Dr. KK Verma said that after rain will decrease the number of patients who suffer from it.

                      Knock monsoon with increased patient
                      Jun 22, 10:18 pm

                      Unnao, City News: Monsoon is extended by the clatter of humidity and heat. At the same time the number of patients has risen even faster. District Hospital has been an increasing number of patients suffering from seasonal diseases. The doctor then comes the big problem is lack of Bedon to enroll patients, the deal has been arranged for extra beds.
                      Two days ago was a slight drizzle as well as the humidity is increased. Causing diarrhea, viral fever and infectious diseases has increased the number of patients. OP D per day on average four to five hundred patients fall 70 per cent of these patients are suffering from seasonal diseases. District hospital has 26 doctors. The biggest problem is not lack of doctors and staff shortages have Bedon. Patients suffering from diarrhea and high fever to recruit are often out of bed. Given the lack of Bedon has been arranged to put extra folding beds. Two doctors in the emergency doctor on call around the clock to stay on and live another. CMS said Dr. LD Shukla Alawan of additional beds needed in cardiology patients are given beds. He said there is no shortage of drugs. The proportion of patients there is less staff. Dr. Mr. Shukla said that the use is considered necessary, the cardiology ward.
                      Hospitals in rural areas have the worst case. Who says the night the day is too often doctors do not. Doctors denied the drug to patients by health workers would have to leave. The common complaints are tightening the screws on each day after health officials is the same condition. Chief Medical Officer Dr DP Mishra said twenty-four hours a doctor living in rural hospitals, the order is placed. From time to time I'll be checking themselves and Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the doctors do not need emergency action will be taken against them. He Told of seasonal diseases, drugs used in sufficient quantity is available in every hospital.

                      Child deaths from scorpion bites
                      Jun 21, 09:46 pm

                      Itwa: the local police of the village's six-year-old son Abrar Kmda Lalpur resident Mohammad Faizan bitten by a scorpion last Wednesday night. Died during treatment. Deteriorating condition of his family brought him Itwa community health center where doctors referred Benwa to her aid. Her family rushed to the hospital where doctors Bewan denied brought her back home. As - As time was passing her condition was deteriorating. About one o'clock the night he died, his family was cremated.

                      Up to 13 wounded by a mad dog
                      Jun 21, 09:47 pm

                      Bansi: Golhura Tiwaripur to police Thursday afternoon at the intersection of a mad dog is a female, including 13 people injured. Anti-rabies injections of primary health center injured Bansi is banned. Bansi - Itwa Tiwaripur road at the intersection of a mad dog suddenly went shopping Rajendra, Pateshwari, Dnurdhari, Sivakumar, Kallu, Kislawati, Ramdin, including 4 children ran to the village Pchr bitten. The defense was cut to 2 persons.

                      Woman's death from diarrhea, many sick
                      Jun 22, 09:46 pm

                      Sravasti: an outbreak of diarrhea in the district is becoming fierce. Judpania Sirsia block area east of the spread of diarrhea on Thursday night, killing a woman while many are ailing. Diarrhea in the village is spread over six days. On Friday, more than half a dozen new patients were admitted for treatment of CHC. Drugs and lack of resources, patients are very unwelcome.
                      An outbreak of diarrhea in the village in the eastern Judpania six days running. Decorated affected by diarrhea (60) janitor's wife died during treatment, while at night, Neetu (35) wife Seshram, Malthi (20) wife Anand Kumar, Sonam Singh (25) wife, Dhananjay Singh, Shazram (50) son of Ram, the sun (12) son just entered, including more than half of people are affected by diarrhea. They were admitted for treatment at CHC Sirsia. Lilavati (40) wife Lekharam, Ram agreed (50) RAM beloved wife, Brka (48) wife Paras Nath, the sun (13) son Bgelu, Gita (9) daughter Fulkarn, Golu (5), Sonu (3) daughter Cinku, minnie (5) daughter Seshram, Gunjan (14) son Sanjay Singh and two dozen people are already sick. The villagers say that diarrhea has an ugly side of the health department just putting wells in the bleaching powder is assumed to be an end to his duties. Proper treatment of victims is neither the doctors nor the team has yet reached. Just come to the village health workers are going away. Absence of concrete measures to prevent the number of patients is increasing day by day in the village. They say that drugs are not available. He said the woman's personal physician deaths during the treatment.

                      Diarrhea in two villages spread, 18 ill
                      Jun 20, 11:15 pm

                      Sonwa Sravasti, in the district is not to stop communicable diseases. Gilula's Development Cotki grass and Keshwapur diarrhea is spread over 15 days. Vomiting, diarrhea, fever came in the grip of a half dozen children are sick. Department of Health's team has not yet in the village. The villagers are suffering the brunt of the negligence of health layoffs. Their children are undergoing treatment with private physicians.
                      Preetha Cotki grass area in the village of diarrhea (4) daughter, Ram Gopal, Archana (1) daughter RAM speed, while offering his son Anil Kumar, Kusum (1), Alan Mackintosh, including the son of a half a dozen children are vulnerable to diarrhea. The nine-month-old boy two months ago, Budi's opinion of death from measles. However, the health department in the village spread infectious disease remains unknown. Cotki grass next to the continuing outbreaks of diarrhea in the village Keshwapur. The Gemini (2) son Ranvijay, Shivam (6 months) son Manohar Lal, including half a dozen children are sick. Budi Ram village that no more than a year has come to the village health worker. Cleaning systems is in a shambles. Private physicians to treat their children to the village is constrained. He said that to avoid infectious diseases, children, clean up - should focus on.

                      Snakebite deaths of two real brothers
                      Jun 21, 11:03 pm

                      Balrampur: Dalit family slept on the floor of the two real brothers died of snakebite. Incident to police Sadullahnagr Gokulabujurg is Wednesday night in the village.
                      Gokulabujurg thatched house in the village is inhabited by a family of Dalits Nand Gopal. The running costs of the family living wage is in Delhi. At night his wife and five children were sleeping on the ground, spread sheet. About one o'clock at night, his son Munnalal (11) and Shorty (eight) and has poisonous snake bites. Munnalal of the snake bite was his mother. Munna Lal on condition deteriorated was taken to a private doctor. Shorty was asleep. He could not be aware of snake bite. Family members also could not be determined. Munnalal seriously by the doctor refused to treat. Munnalal his mother brought home However little the situation turned sour. Munnalal and Shorty doctor advised to take both the Gonda district hospital. Munnalal Shorty's feet and cheeks and at the foot of snake bite marks were found. Morning - were both killed. Village head Dayaram Bharti said the two children have died but their Priwarijn chandeliers - Fook took the Azamgarh district. This event may have come into the village people.

                      Sweet sick by eating half a dozen women
                      Jun 22, 08:19 pm

                      Jinjk, Anpr: Snkta dinner in town to attend a half-dozen women in ritual vomiting after eating sweets - were suffering from diarrhea. Three of the CHC and other private practitioners have been admitted here. Doctors have talked about food Pwaijning.
                      The neighborhood's wife Sushila Sharma, Suresh Sarala wife, Rani Manoj's wife, Sushila wife Radhey Shyam and two women had called home. Women vomit after dinner dessert was served - has met with diarrhea. Deteriorating condition of the family took him for treatment. These Sushila, Suman and Sarala with the CHC and others were taken to private doctors. CHC Pwaijning Dr. Shivam Tiwari said that all victims of food. Perhaps his condition deteriorated from bad to eat sweets.
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                        Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                        High fever, the child's death
                        Jun 28, 09:51 pm

                        Bahraich, a series of deaths from infectious diseases has not subsided. During treatment, a two-year-old boy died on Thursday. Children that other children have been admitted to Ward 11.
                        Are told that the police Risia Hrman of Gulbria Smiulla son (two years) complaining of high fever at the district hospital for treatment children were admitted to the ward. During the treatment, died on Thursday. Also Sheru, Mohammed Ahad, Gufran, D Pandey, Munni Devi, Mohammad Anas, Sharda Devi, Salma, Sehwag, Shivmgn have been admitted to the ward to treat children. Pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma says that seriously focus on the treatment of children being recruited.
                        - Ashish Saxena

                        Two children died of fever
                        Jun 29, 09:32 pm

                        Bahraich: infectious disease in the district is out of control. There are ways to overcome this failure. Suffering from high fever on Friday, killing two more children. In June alone, it found two dozen children have died. 12 children suffering from infectious disease ward to treat children have been admitted.
                        The scorching heat reduction in the number of children suffering from infectious disease is not. District Hospital for treatment of hundreds of children every day children are admitted to wards. Dargah Sharif police station area on Friday suffering from high fever Slarganj native son Anas Mohammad Aslam (5) and Sravasti Jmunha resident of the district police Mlhipur Nsrulla Afzal son (7) were killed. Priwarijn dahade took the bodies of children killed and crying. Infectious disease seriously ill pa Nagaon police station residents younger son Shakeel, a resident Rngeelalpurwa baby daughter Diamond Red (3 days), Shashank Mahsi native son Sandeep Dikshit (2 days), resident Nitesh reader Kanungopura son Virendra Nagar police station (9), Big Hot resident Niaz Mohammad Ali son (7 months), Dargah Sharif, son Pritesh resident Meena Jaiswal (7 days), Kasrganj native son of the sun, red fruit (4), Ramganv police Bukha resident Pradeep (8 months), the shrine of police Charda bheemaraaj native son and White (2 months), the police Dnrajpur Fakhrpur native son Saurabh Satgur (6 months), a resident of Kotwali pa Amraya daughter Geeta Sobha Ram (5 months) and Pyagpur station resident son Anurag Dwivedi Red Honor (6 months) to have been admitted for treatment.

                        A family of four sick from food poisoning, a death
                        Jun 29, 09:06 pm

                        Hrraya Thanakshetr Thursday night in the village under the same Prsudha Ddwa
                        Taking food poisoning in a family of four members of the family who face deteriorating health - Tiwariganj near the intersection of villagers hurriedly took a private clinic where all the critical condition see District Hospital has been sent. During treatment, one died in hospital while undergoing treatment is three. Which is said to be out of danger.
                        Chaudhary Ram Gnesh Pdsudha village bread and okra at home late at night and Kraile was made ​​of mixed vegetables like family every day when
                        The food was a strange feeling the taste of the vegetable family of four people still have very little food. Chand of the same family feel better than the taste of vegetables eaten bread and milk. Saved by the family meal fed to cattle. If an ox does not eat vegetables but ate bread and two vegetables. Later turned sour bread, vegetable-eating family's health. On receipt of a private doctor at the rural intersection Tiwariganj they take the situation where all were admitted to the district hospital. District hospital treatment during the 65-year-old elder brother of Rama Gnesh Suki died Ch. While Ram Gnesh and his wife and daughter Kiran Rajpti is treated in the hospital district. The vegetable-eating bulls bread at home, also later died. And he is out of danger. There is panic in the event the entire village. Nat on Ramgnesh event information at home - has been gathering of relatives. While his family is not present.

                        Young man killed by eating poisonous substances
                        Jun 30, 09:50 pm
                        (Deoria): Violence in the procession of the angry young man twenty-five-year-old given life by consuming poisonous substance on Friday evening. Relatives face - hurriedly Druli Siwan district was cremated on the pier.
                        Residents of the village park police Khampar Rmashankr offering twenty-five-year-old son on June 27 Chaurngick Hridayanand procession was a resident Budn offerings. Procession carrying the ball and put the uproar caused by her side. During this period, was beaten. There were many people injured and many vehicles, even broken glass. Marriage is in some way. Hridayanand was depressed after the event. Rmashankr his father speaking about this on Friday - Tol ate the poisonous substance from which he died.

                        Jnwase Pwaijning eating food, 50 baraati sick
                        Jun 28, 06:45 pm

                        Mohammadabad, Anpr: Rsulpur Mohammadabad police entered the village in a procession of more than 50 people fell ill due to food Pwaijning. Confusion between the ill-Bration Bhoganv in the night and were admitted to hospitals.
                        In the village the night of July 27 Rsulpur procession of the daughter of Raja Varma Bhoganv Mainpuri district police station in the village came from Digora. Karan Singh, son Ratnesh approximately 9 pm ten cars and tractors from the procession arrived Rsulpur. The warm reception and a Bration Bration Janation the potato, dumplings and breakfast Lunj made of gourd. After breakfast the procession was ready to climb to about 50 Bration abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea began. Did get some foam from the mouth of Bration. Bration to be sick in Jnwase Chaotic - rampage. The groom's family cars to Bration ill-treatment took Bhoganv and Mainpuri. Laugh - there was silence in an atmosphere of joy. The wedding ceremony was held peacefully. Bration to breakfast as well as come to the wedding hall and Pttlon Dhirpur resident Anil Tkipur residents to clean up the lamp (12), large (13) and Order (14) also have vomiting or diarrhea after a day of stalls unconscious met. Information on the family rushed him admitted to private nursing homes. Depart at 9 am the procession. The groom, the bride was only 5 people left.
                        Dayal said the groom's brother Bismbr Dilleelal my uncle, first cousin naive, Chandulal Baba, Nana King, brother Ranvir, including Usha niece sent back to about 75 Bration. Bhoganv treat Bration, running in Mainpuri and Etah. The wedding guests were all sick with breakfast. Someone did not eat.


                        Poisonous liquor death of youth
                        Jun 29, 10:22 pm

                        Unnao, City News: Indira Nagar locality of the city on Friday of a young man who died from drinking poison. The outcry there was tragedy in the family.
                        Udal resident of Indira Nagar locality of the city (35) son Ram started drinking early in the morning on Friday. Afternoon around 2 pm when he came home drunk and then fell unconscious. Udn died during first aid. Kin of the deceased's expressed fear of being killed by the poisonous alcohol. People close to home, he drank from the wine contracts. While he was still drinking.
                        Drinking from the condition improves
                        Unnao: achalganj Pchodda resident of the village police Janmohammd (42) son of Dulla drunk then it got bad. He noted the roadside unconscious soldier admitted to the district hospital.

                        Snakebite death of the aged
                        Jun 30, 07:00 pm
                        Muhammadabad Gohna (Mou): the local police station area on Saturday morning Sryan village 75-year-old bitten by a snake. It died. Rampti Yadav placed on the ground to feed the animals that were taking the bait in their hands bitten by a snake hidden in the meantime. Jand relatives - be burned but could not be saved.

                        Is not the first outbreak of diarrhea
                        Jun 28, 11:18 pm

                        Sravasti, the changing seasons in the valley between the outbreak of diarrhea has been increasing. One day the village is in compliance with diarrhea. Health department seems helpless to prevent outbreaks of diarrhea increased. A dozen people are suffering from diarrhea, which is being treated in private physicians. Department of Health to treat people say that the name is just a formality.
                        Cotki Gilula development of grass, after Keshwapur Judpania Sirsia block area east of the village, killing a woman over the diarrhea. Dozens of people are ill with diarrhea for several days. Mdargdh village in the border villages after the diarrhea has started to take shape. Outbreak of diarrhea in the village there are about a dozen people sick. Health department is aware of this. Mahmoud village, trouble, Nimi Khan, Ram fixed, Siraj and Nisar a dozen people, including four days of diarrhea is vulnerable.

                        Teen killed by snake bite
                        Jun 25, 09:25 pm

                        Sirsia Sravasti: Srra of police in the village on Monday, a teenager died from snake bite.
                        Srra village resident Gomti Prasad (14) son Ram Feran morning at half nine in the house was no lift. Meanwhile, he was bitten by a poisonous snake. To treat seriously the Priwarijn Sirsia were brought to CHC. In the same way he died.

                        Child deaths from snake bite
                        Jun 24, 10:49 pm

                        Barabanki: Safdarjung station area on Sunday, the 12-year-old son Kandipur resident Aqeel Ahmed, Shamim Ahmed on Sunday morning took the snake bites.
                        While families are burned off in a critical condition. But recovery was not brought in the district hospital. Died during the treatment. Shamim's father, said the morning the house was looking for the ball dropped in a bamboo house. She was a poisonous snake that bites.

                        Woman's death from diarrhea
                        Jun 30, 08:09 pm

                        Kaushambi: diarrhea and jaundice in the Doaba has become deadly. District hospital on Saturday suffering from diarrhea during treatment, a woman was killed.
                        Major towns and rural areas of the district Brp jaundice and diarrhea is a killer. Newari rampratap resident Sony's wife Devi was arrested three days of vomiting, diarrhea. Treatment in hospital, but doctors did not improve. A woman was killed at about noon. Death in the family chaos. Earlier Jaundice in Nagar Panchayat bharwari three people were killed. In addition, three deaths from diarrhea in Knali. Doaba is a deadly infectious disease. This disease is the Jnpdwasi Dhsdjda.
                        What are the CMO
                        Chief Medical Officer Dr. PB Singh said that the contaminated mine - infectious disease caused by drinking, taking people into custody. Disease is fully prepared to deal with the health department. On receiving information concerning the village health team is reaching disease prevention measures. In addition, the mine - will pay attention to eating.

                        Tundla: Snake bites woman's death
                        Jun 30, 08:29 pm

                        Tundla: Saturday morning the old woman bitten by a serpent to Kande. Family members took him to Agra for treatment but died of old age there to move.
                        60-year-old wife, late Mrs. Darshan Upadhyay Devkedha village resident. Gopal Upadhyay, 11 am, the room was close to Kande. When he was picking Kande, when bitten by a snake. The treatment of snakebite given to the families of the surrounding village called Baygiron. Baygir long time been trying to save old. Family members took him to Agra for the treatment of the old was pronounced dead.

                        Died miserably in front of the child health center
                        Jun 30, 08:59 pm

                        Jamalpur (Mirzapur): Primary health center in Jamalpur struggle died late Saturday evening, the child is not treated.
                        While there are five medical exist. Are told that the pharmacist is on vacation. That poor woman has been charged linger for treatment but not to treat the child died.

                        Scorpions bite the death of teenager
                        Jun 25, 07:17 pm

                        Mudha, Apr: come to attend the wedding of a relative of the scorpion stings kill 6-year-old daughter died, family members crying - crying is Burahal.
                        Residents of the small Bandhur Biwanr station Nisha (6), daughter of the police station Hrishankr Artra Mudha with the families with relatives in the village were to attend the wedding ceremony. Nisha was sleeping Sunday night when the scorpion stung him. His condition deteriorated to treat the family members were bringing in CHC Mudha where Nisha died on the way. After his death in family happiness and wedding weeds turned into chaos.
                        Sorrow into happiness in marriage
                        0 sharp abdominal pain from the young man's death
                        Mudha: Shyam Sunder Nagar Residents Hadria Pinto aka Ram's elder brother's daughter's wedding on Sunday was worship. Shyamsunder sudden sharp pain in the stomach. CHC brought her for treatment, where doctors referred to the district hospital. Do not interfere with the wedding ceremony led by Shyamsunder not direct the Hamirpur took place at night. On Monday morning, was being taken to Delhi for treatment, then died on the way. Facial hurriedly left the procession.

                        Poisoned by eating the woman's death
                        Jun 30, 08:28 pm

                        Mhuli (Sonebhadra): Vindmganj Jorukhad of police on Saturday in the village woman died from eating poisonous substances.
                        According to family Jirmtia (38 years) ate poisonous substance in the morning. At this point the wind stirred up the family. But seriously, when her family fled the Duddhi Renukut referred by the physicians. Renukut move died in his way. Event information received by the actions of police Punchnama Duddhi the community health center sent for autopsy.
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                          Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                          More on the fever outbreak in Bahraich - brings the toll to at least 26 children in the past month. - Ro;

                          Two children died of fever
                          Jul 01, 09:35 pm

                          Bahraich: high fever in the district is not less atrocities. In the hundreds of children are suffering from severe heat. The data should include rural areas, the situation is quite frightening. On Sunday, killing two children suffering from high fever.
                          Sravasti, a resident of the district police Lekhraj Gilula (3 months) complained of high fever last June 28 at the District Hospital for treatment of the children had been admitted to the ward. On Sunday, she died during treatment. On the other hand the Bundi police Biswa resident Kamlesh daughter Shivani (7 days) were admitted to district hospital for treatment. On Sunday she also died during treatment. In addition, a dozen baby diarrhea, measles, diarrhea and vomiting, when suffering from fever have been admitted for treatment. Lack of resources to treatment among children in the ward are facing problems to physicians. Pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma said special attention to children suffering from severe being placed.
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                            Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                            High fever, the child's death
                            Jul 03, 02:27 am

                            Bahraich: scorching heat and humidity due to severe reduction in the number of children suffering from infectious diseases is not. Killing a child suffering from fever. After more than a dozen children suffering from infectious disease to treat children have been admitted to the ward.
                            Resident reported that Balrampur Triyugi Dudnath son (6 months) on the last day for the treatment complained of high fever District Hospital Children's ward was admitted for treatment. On Monday, she died during treatment. Diarrhea, rash, high fever, vomiting - diarrhea treatment for children suffering from a dozen children have been admitted to the ward. The Asia, Nafees, Nazir, Shailu, Priyanka, Rowley, held, Anshuman and other children are involved. Pediatric specialist Dr. KK Verma says that the rains will be contained on the disease.

                            Two dozen poor food Pwaijning
                            Jul 04, 12:12 am

                            Ugati: Snkta Devi Prasad in Udyapan Pwaijning food by eating more than two dozen people were the victims. Kitura all sick people are being treated at private clinics. In the village there is chaos. Department of Health and the team late in the evening in the village recently seen patients.
                            Village resident of Lahore on Tuesday, mother Kamala Devi, wife of Rjendra Snkta Udyapan lent to the Goddess. Rajendra Prasad, the distribution of the nearby village Nagla Musia got bought milk solids. The distribution of offerings made it sweet. Around 11 pm as devotees of the sweet offerings broken down. Kamala Devi sweet after dinner while her daughter, Hope (32), queen regent (36), Dewata Anshul (5), brother of the village, including Hrves Kunti Devi (51), Sushila (21), Omen (1), Govind ( 7), Omwati (55), light (9), lamps (8), Kiran (42), Gayatri (4), Rajendra (65), Vimlesh (35), Virma (13), Mohit (15), Omkar ( 65), dream (22), peace (65), Narendra (6), menu (17), Geeta (30), Rambp (35), Merry (35), Gujnn many others who were victims of food Pwaijning. People started vomiting and was freaked out. Seeing the chaos in the village. Kitura the victims family is admitted to private clinics. Dr. Verma said Moaisi Jagvir Department team arrived in the village saw the victims and medicines were distributed. The condition is fine now.

                            Dairy animals likely to poison him to death, probe ordered
                            Jul 03, 10:37 pm

                            Adult (Bulandshahr): Waiter Ferozepur village accidental death of 20 villagers in dairy cattle is widespread panic. Upjiladikari consisting of villagers feared to be poisoned animals and necessary action is sought.
                            Tuesday morning Waiter Upjiladikari Ferozepur villagers in the village in a memo exposed by Mahavir Singh Tyagi, Prakash Chand, Satya Prakash Tyagi, Satish Chand Tyagi, Prem Chand Jatav, knowledgeable Jatav etc. least twenty milch animals of several animal's sudden death has. Upjiladikari Kunwar Bahadur Singh of Kotwali police investigations have been directed. Anuj Tyagi those representations, Mahavir Singh, Sanjeev Tyagi, Subodh Tyagi, Satya Prakash Tyagi, etc. are.

                            Fever death of teenager
                            Jul 03, 07:19 pm

                            Bicwan (Mainpuri): heat due to outbreaks of infectious diseases to spread their legs. Has begun to increase in the number of patients. A teenager has died due to meningitis. The collector demanded that the villagers in the area of ​​the team sent to the Department of Health.
                            Suresh Pal, 15, daughter of the village residents Jasru she complained of fever was two to three days. He took medication at the village primary health center but to no avail. Then he brought the drug to the district hospital but her condition is steadily deteriorating due to high fever, died last night. If the villagers Kshubd health department in the village of DM
                            The team sought to send.

                            Food poisoning Racing teenager and young man
                            Jul 03, 07:13 pm

                            Mirzapur: eating poisonous substances under mysterious circumstances on Tuesday was a teenager and young man unconscious. Family is aware of them admitted to district hospital where his condition is said to be serious.
                            Free teen princess (15) Countryside Dutteeptty village police station area resident. When his condition worsened, so did the incident to family members. He was admitted to hospital immediately.
                            Funny man Sanjay (40) Hlia area residents Naudihwan Ram Karan is the son of the village. Recently, it was incomprehensible drinking poisonous substance. Aware of it when she was admitted to the hospital. The two doctors were in serious condition.
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                              Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                              Another child death in Bahraich brings the total to at least 28 since the beginning of June. - Ro

                              Teen killed by high fever
                              Jul 04, 11:20 pm

                              Bahraich, outbreaks of infectious diseases in the district has not subsided. Suffering from high fever for several days, a child died during treatment.
                              Bukhara residents of Block Panchayat Risia son Brijlal Dharmaraj (16) a Pkware was suffering from high fever. Priwarijn with the local physicians were undergoing treatment, but there was no improvement in his condition. In the past four days, his condition worsened. Teen who died on Wednesday afternoon.
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