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India - "The reason why services are cracking is because too many health workers, including doctors, nurses, ward boys and lab technicians are falling sick." - April 20, 2021

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  • India - "The reason why services are cracking is because too many health workers, including doctors, nurses, ward boys and lab technicians are falling sick." - April 20, 2021

    Covid in Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus overwhelms India's most populous state

    Published2 days ago


    Anshuman Rai, director of Heritage Hospitals - a private group that runs medical collages and hospitals in the state - describes the situation as "extraordinary".

    "The reason why services are cracking is because too many health workers, including doctors, nurses, ward boys and lab technicians are falling sick.

    "At a time when we should be working 200%, we are not even able to do 100% because the health sector is totally manpower dependent."



    Okieman Comment: This article came out two days ago. It is a heartbreaking article in it's description of the situation in Uttar Pradesh and much of India. But I wanted to post it because of the description in the text up above. Please note that in the previous article I posted by Scientific American they describe a situation in India where it is believed that a very large portion of the country had already been exposed to the virus last year. And you would think that the health care workers there would have had an inordinate amount of exposure in the previous wave. But as you can see in the article about Uttar Pradesh the health care workers are being very strongly effected by this current wave. Read into that what you will, but those of us who have been involved in pandemic awareness and planning have always paid very close attention to circumstances where the healthcare workers begin to fall ill in large numbers.

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    it seems to me that it is first a disease of the caregivers then a nosocomial disease.

    When will the description of the nosocomial disease rate by hospital and by region be produced?

    The postponement of all non-essential interventions is the first of all management measures to be implemented ...


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      COVID-19 surge | Hundreds of medical staff at Patna?s hospitals test positive
      Amarnath Tewary
      PATNA, APRIL 22, 2021 11:58 IST
      UPDATED: APRIL 22, 2021 20:12 IST

      COVID-19 patients are not receiving required emergency medical attention in the State capital.

      Over 700 doctors, nurses and paramedic staff in Patna-based hospitals have been infected in the COVID-19 surge in the State capital. With severe staff shortages and a rising number of patients, both government and private hospitals are unable to provide COVID-19 patients with beds or the required emergency medical attention.

      Nearly 600 medical personnel from four leading government hospitals in the State capital ? the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital (NMCH), the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) ? have tested positive for the coronavirus.

      The AIIMS-Patna Medical Superintendent C.M. Singh has said that 384 doctors, nurses, paramedic staff and other Grade 4 employees have been infected with the virus at the facility. Similarly, 70 doctors from the PMCH and 55 nurses have fallen sick, said the hospital?s Superintendent Dr. Indu Shekhar Thakur. ?Not less than 100 doctors, nurses and other staff from the NMCH and IGIMS, too, have tested positive,? said a senior doctor of the NMCH on condition of anonymity.

      ?Three-four private hospitals in Patna are on the verge of closure as most of their doctors, nurses and staff have been infected. Those who are somehow managing to treat patients are full to their capacity and short of doctors. It?s a scary situation everywhere,? said Dr. Atul Verma of Hajipur, near Patna.



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        Doctors at Hyderabad Govt. Chest Hospital threaten to boycott duties
        HYDERABAD, APRIL 23, 2021 14:26 IST
        UPDATED: APRIL 23, 2021 14:26 IS

        Senior resident doctors are demanding safe protective gear and accommodation and transport for COVID-19 warriors, among other things.

        Senior resident doctors, treating at the Government General and Chest Hospital in Hyderabad have threatened to boycott duties from Saturday if their demands for safe protective gear and quarantine leave, among others, are not met.

        The doctors served the boycott notice to the hospital?s superintendent on Friday.

        They have demanded adequate and safe protective gear at work, as the usage of Personal Protective Equipment provided is leading to extreme exhaustion. They added that it is uncomfortable to work in harsh conditions, especially in the high summer temperatures.

        The second demand is to allow for a quarantine period after work as a couple of doctors have already tested positive for coronavirus, leading to drop in work force.



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          'May be last good morning': COVID positive doctor writes on Facebook, 36 hours before death
          Mumbai News
          Updated Apr 21, 2021 | 15:41 IST

          A doctor under treatment for COVID-19 in Mumbai took to Facebook and 36 hours before her death and posted a message.

          : Struggling with COVID-19, a doctor from Mumbai took to her Facebook account and posted a heart-wrenching message. The woman posted the message on her social media account around 36 hours before she breathed her last. The 51-year-old was admitted to the ICU for treatment.

          The deceased was identified as Dr Manisha Jadhav. Jadhav was a senior medical officer from Sewri TB Hospital. She is the first doctor working in the civic hospital who died of COVID-19.



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            New worry? Doctors getting reinfected even after taking two shots of COVID-19 vaccine

            With reports of Covid-19 infecting doctors who have been vaccinated, the Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that the government will collect data on those testing.
            Published: 08th April 2021 02:57 AM | Last Updated: 09th April 2021 08:51 PM

            LUCKNOW/PATNA: With reports of Covid-19 infecting doctors who have been vaccinated, the Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that the government will collect data on those testing Covid-19 positive even after getting vaccinated. Here?s looking at two states Uttar Pradesh and Bihar:

            In Lucknow, about 40 doctors have tested positive in the last few days. Of the 40 doctors, around half of them belong to the general surgery department, nine of the urology department and three doctors of the department of medicine.


            Dr Sandeep Tiwari of the medical university confirmed that KGMU medical superintendent Dr Himanshu is among those tested Covid positive. Ironically, most of these doctors had taken both the doses of the vaccine.




            Okieman Comment: Please note this article is 15 days old. But I thought it worth posting.


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              Covid Positive Madhya Pradesh Doctor Airlifted To Hyderabad, Critical: Doctors

              Shivraj Singh Chouhan had asked officials to arrange for an air ambulance to send Dr Satyendra Mishra to Hyderabad after his condition deteriorated.

              Updated: April 20, 2021 10:46 pm IST

              A 40-year-old Covid infected pulmonologist, who was airlifted to Hyderabad from Bhopal, has extensive damage to his lungs due to the infection and is critical, a senior doctor at Hyderabad's Yashoda Hospitals said on Tuesday.

              Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had asked officials to arrange for an air ambulance to send Dr Satyendra Mishra, working at a state-run medical college, to Hyderabad after his condition deteriorated at a city hospital.

              The doctor had developed a severe lung infection after testing positive for COVID-19, the doctor treating him said.




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                Goa: Government doctors await isolation facility as 11 test Covid positive



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                  KERALA - 26 doctors of Kottayam MCH test positive in a month
                  KOTTAYAM, APRIL 19, 2021 20:50 IST
                  UPDATED: APRIL 19, 2021 20:50 IST


                  With 26 doctors at the Government Medical College Hospital (MCH) testing positive for the virus this month, the functioning of the hospital has been hit to a great extent. Apart from 26 doctors, 22 nurses, eight medical students and 20 employees of other departments have tested positive for the virus infection.

                  Taking a serious note of the situation, the medical college authorities have convened a meeting of various department heads on Tuesday to chalk out plans for countering the emergency situation.

                  According to hospital sources, the pulmonary medicine and surgery departments were most hit by the current wave of pandemic outbreak. In view of the situation, the services at the MCH are likely to be cut short to emergency services and COVID-19 treatment only.




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                    ?This Is a Catastrophe.? In India, Illness Is Everywhere.

                    As India suffers the world?s worst coronavirus crisis, our New Delhi bureau chief describes the fear of living amid a disease spreading at such scale and speed.


                    A new variant known here as ?the double mutant? may be doing a lot of the damage. The science is still early but from what we know, this variant contains one mutation that may make the virus more contagious and another that may make it partially resistant to vaccines. Doctors are pretty scared. Some we have spoken to said they had been vaccinated twice and still got seriously ill, a very bad sign.




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                      India Blames a Virus Variant as Its Covid-19 Crisis Deepens

                      By Jeffrey Gettleman, Shalini Venugopal and Apoorva Mandavilli

                      Photographs by Atul Loke
                      • April 28, 2021Updated 12:10 p.m. ET
                      Doctors, the public and the media point to anecdotal evidence of infections even among the vaccinated. Scientists say the data is too thin and cite other reasons behind the country?s second wave.

                      NEW DELHI ? At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, a huge facility in the middle of India?s capital, 37 fully vaccinated doctors came down with Covid-19 earlier this month.

                      The infections left most with mild symptoms, but it added to their growing fears that the virus behind India?s catastrophic second wave is different. They wonder if a more contagious variant that dodges the immune system could be fueling the epidemic inside the world?s hardest-hit nation.

                      So far the evidence is inconclusive, and researchers caution that other factors could explain the viciousness of the outbreak, which has overwhelmed India?s capital so quickly that hospitals are entirely overrun and crematories burn nonstop. Still, the presence of the variant could complicate the taming of India?s Covid-19 disaster.




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                        Also from the NY Times immediately above:

                        ?The current wave of Covid has a different clinical behavior,? said Dr. Sujay Shad, a senior cardiac surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where two of the doctors needed supplemental oxygen to recover. ?It?s affecting young adults. It?s affecting families. It?s a new thing altogether. Two-month-old babies are getting infected.?


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