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Covid-19: India in a 'delicate phase' of its coronavirus battle as cases surge

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  • Covid-19: India in a 'delicate phase' of its coronavirus battle as cases surge


    Covid-19: India in a 'delicate phase' of its coronavirus battle as cases surge
    Published 18 hours ago

    After reporting a significant drop in the number of Covid-19 cases for months, some Indian states have seen a sharp uptick in infections in February. The BBC's Vikas Pandey and Soutik Biswas report.

    In early February, physicians in Amravati district, some 700km (435 miles) from India's commercial capital, Mumbai, noticed a sudden surge in the number of people suffering from Covid-19.

    Life in this cotton-growing district in the western state of Maharashtra had almost returned to normal after the first wave of infections last summer. The ICUs of the 1,600-bed state-run hospital and half-a-dozen private hospitals were nearly empty.

    "But everything changed in February," says Anil Jadhav, a local journalist. "And now there's panic in the district."

    Since the beginning of February, Amravati has recorded more than 10,000 cases and over 66 deaths from Covid. More than 1,000 were receiving treatment for the disease this week. The positivity rate is in frightful double digits. Amravati and a few other districts in Maharashtra have been again locked down.

    The hotspots in a district of 2.5 million people are mainly congested urban areas, say locals.

    "We really don't know what the cause of the surge is. What is worrying is that entire families are getting infected. This is a completely new trend," Dr Shyamsunder Nikam, civil surgeon of the district, says.

    A number of neighbouring districts have also seen a sharp uptick in cases and Maharashtra recorded nearly 9,000 cases on Thursday, the largest single-day spike in four months. It reported 80 deaths on the same day...

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    COVID-19: India 'will face trouble' if action not taken to stem latest coronavirus wave, PM Modi warns
    Wednesday 17 March 2021


    People have become complacent and are not following health and safety advice, meaning cases are up despite the vaccine rollout.

    India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned "we will face trouble" if immediate action is not taken to prevent a new surge of coronavirus cases from getting out of control. Mr Modi has urged all chief ministers of the country's states to take quick and decisive steps to stop the second peak of COVID-19 as the number of nationwide infections reached 11.44 million. He said: "If we do not stop the pandemic right now, then there will be a nationwide break. We have to take immediate steps to stop the emerging second peak. Or else we will face trouble."......