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600 chickens die in Doaba

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  • 600 chickens die in Doaba

    600 chickens died concern in Doaba
    Updated on: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 04:46 PM (IST)

    Kaushambi: Almchand Village Animal Hospital Murtganj area within 12 hours in the field, scattering six hundred chickens have died. What has caused the death of chickens. Department of Animal Husbandry has even bothered to learn the reason why. People of the area that has seen death before the symptoms of bird flu in chickens.

    Almchand Murtganj area is a poultry farm outside the village. Nearly six hundred chicks were reared. That manage large poultry that die of disease chicken from Sunday night. Before dying the water was coming out of the mouth of chickens. See box fell on the ground and began thrashing in a while - there was a death by chickens. All poultry and poultry farms died overnight. Report Almchand Livestock Husbandry Department officials and physicians was spreading. Information on the Animal Husbandry Department has been engaged in an effort to learn illness. The health department also has serious deaths of six hundred chickens. Health establishment fears that bird flu is not so much the disease. If the bird flu were confirmed in the field who catch the disease can be fatal. Chief Veterinary Medical Officer Dr SP Pandey says that chickens which died from the disease. Confirmation is being provided.
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