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Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Hundreds of dead crows, avian influenza suspected

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  • Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Hundreds of dead crows, avian influenza suspected


    UP crows.PNG
    Agra, Toimes reporter: the central and state government, the bird flu (highly Pathojenik Aviens Influenza) has issued an alert about the last days, he is hit in Tajnagri. Mehtab Bagh became a graveyard of the Crows on Saturday. Evening in the park, dead crows found in the hundreds. The death of the Crows is the feared avian flu.

    The sound of the serious illness before the central government has recently issued an alert. The Durgashankr Mishra, Principal Secretary Urban Development sent a letter to all districts to be instructed to take precautions. But a department comes into action, before crossing the river on Saturday at Mehtab Bagh and its surroundings in the deaths of hundreds of ravens flutter.

    Mehtab tour tourists arrived under the trees were dead crows. Each side that is. In the vicinity of the Crows died in large numbers. Information on the Forest Department team reached the spot. The team behind the death of the Crows did not rule out the possibility of bird flu. To confirm that the bodies of the Crows is being inquired into. Dead Crows Do not let people near the regional authorities and has also been instructed to keep the animals away.

    The unnatural death of the Crows could be a highly Pathojenik avian influenza disease. It is the sample probe. If the birds are dying in unnatural that people will immediately report to the Forest Department.

    NK Honey, DFO

    Post-mortem at the local level will not be

    Autopsy at the local level may not be dead ravens. Principal Secretary to the Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory will be below the official autopsy.

    Take these precautions

    - Wild birds and poultry species, Veterinary Institute of the death or immediately adjacent to the Forest Department.

    - Do not touch dead birds with open arms. Hand in glove to carry them. Then thoroughly wash hands.

    - Dead birds should be either burned or buried.
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    Re: Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Hundreds of dead crows, avian influenza suspected

    Bird flu panic in the city of sound Mar 04, 11:22 pm Agra, Times reporter: the city is thrown into turmoil by the sound of bird flu. One after the death of a large number of ravens team Sanpil sent to Bhopal.

    Mehtab Bagh and around the crows suddenly began to die suddenly on Saturday. Tourists and regional residents witnessed a sensation when it was spread. Sitting - sitting ravens dead of night series continued. Sunday morning, the situation looked somewhat similar. Some were lying dead in the woods, some crows on the verge of death. Many crows the young - were trying to get out of small holes. Similarly, breaking a few people saw him die. Forest Department team reached the spot and check for Sanpil sent to the lab in Bhopal. Forest monitoring in the alert was issued. The ravens forest to learn the cause of death is waiting for lab reports. Experts believe that the way the death continues to ravens. दे रही है। Given the fears of bird flu is visible. Pat is expected that a foreign tourist, it may spread the virus ravens. If it was not taken seriously can lead to the transition area can be dangerous for people.

    Sur Sarovar special look at

    Western Uttar Pradesh is considered the most important in the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary since monitoring began on Sunday morning. Come spend the winter birds of more than fifty thousand to twenty thousand currently camping here. Century, according to the Forest Officer RB Best by now all the birds are fully protected. The evening came into the house special look at several thousand ravens and coal will remain constant.

    ------------ ------------

    Virus for the weather
    According to experts, 20 from Word flu virus can survive in 30 degree weather. The temperature is too close to the city. So the virus likely to spread.

    Unnatural way of the Crows
    Death from bird flu - like symptoms are similar. It needs to be cautious. Because the virus is spreading in humans can be so dangerous.

    - Dr. BM Agarwal, Former Head, Department of Microbiology, (SN Medical College)

    Check out the will
    Died on Saturday after some crows ravens had come to suffer. One of them was sent to the lab for examination. Cause of death will be clear from the report. The bird flu cause of death is too early to tell. Tyre caution in the lake and Chambal Century staff has been alerted.

    N Honey, divisional director of the Forest Department
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    The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.