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Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram

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  • Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram


    Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram

    Express News Service
    First Published : 28 Jul 2009 03:14:00 AM IST
    Last Updated : 28 Jul 2009 08:31:51 AM IST

    RAMANATHAPURAM: More than 100 persons, including women, have been afflicted with viral fever following the reported supply of unprotected drinking water in Rameswaram. Medical sources have ruled out chikungunya or other infections.

    The residents of Indira Nagar, Muthuramalinga Thevar Nagar, Karaiyur and nearby areas have been thronging the government hospital at Rameswaram for the past few weeks and many were said to be receiving treatment from private facilities as well.

    It is stated that water is being distributed through the municipal water pipes without chlorination.

    The residents said mosquito menace was another major cause for the sudden outbreak of viral fever.

    Dr Anga Reddy, medical officer of Rameswaram Government Hospital, told Express that several persons had been affected by viral fever.

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    Re: Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram


    Outbreak of chikungunya suspected in some parts of Rameswaram

    Special Correspondent

    RAMANATHAPURAM: Outbreak of chikungunya has been reported in some parts of Rameswaram.

    A team of entomologists, who visited the island a few days ago and collected blood samples from affected persons, has also confirmed the outbreak.

    V. Uma Maheswarai, Deputy Director, Health, Ramanathapuram, told ?The Hindu? on Tuesday that as many as 55 patients were screened to find out the cause and types of fever. Most of them tested positive for chikungunya. One patient tested positive for dengue fever.

    One was affected with malaria.

    Enormous breeding of mosquitoes in and around Natarajapuram area was said to be the main cause for the outbreak of chikungunya and other diseases.

    Based on the directive of the Collector T.N. Hariharan, fogging and spraying were done with the support of the Rameswaram Municipality.

    A team of doctors and health officials had been asked to closely monitor the affected areas and patients. The diseases had been brought under control.

    There were reports that patients were improving, officials said. Fogging would be undertaken in nearby localities, including Verkodu and other fishermen hamlets also, in order to prevent the spread of diseases. Health officials had been directed to take preventive steps in all vulnerable areas.

    The Deputy Director said that the mosquitoes, which were causing chikungunya disease, multiplied in pure water kept in the open for several days.

    Those storing water for many days should properly close the vessels and should not provide any opportunity for breeding of mosquitoes.


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      Re: Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram


      2 die of mysterious viral fever

      Published by: Noor Khan
      Published: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 at 17:22 IST

      Rameswaram, Aug 13 Two persons, including a nine-year -old girl, died due to a mysterious viral fever, which had also affected over 200 people in and around Rameswaram, Medical Officer Dr Anga Reddy said.

      Talking to PTI, he said patients affected with the fever complained of severe body and joint pains and high temperature. "We cannot diagnose the patients as there is no facility here. We don't know what viral fever they have," he added.

      He said the hospital was not able to manage the large number of patients coming in.

      However, the Deputy Director of health Umamaheswari had recently confirmed there were some cases of chikungunya and one case of dengue. The administration was taking steps to control the proliferation of mosquitoes in the area, she said.


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        Re: Over 100 hit by viral fever at Rameswaram


        63 persons affected with chikungunya in Tamil Nadu
        Updated on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 17:50

        Rameswaram: As many as 63 persons in Keezhakarai and surrounding villages in Ramanathapuram district have been confirmed with chikungunya, deputy director of health Uma Maheswari said on Wednesday.

        The results of blood test of the patients had been received from Virudhunagar Government Hosptial and it had been confirmed that they were having chikun gunya, she said.

        Some of the patients themselves got admitted into hospitals while several others were not willing to come even to the government hospital despite persuasion by the officials, she said.

        "As of now we cannot get the exact number of people affected by the chikun gunya", she said, adding steps were being taken to prevent the spread of chikun gunya.

        Meanwhile, patients with symptoms of dengue fever also had been admitted to some hospitals in the area, she added.

        Bureau Report